Exiles (1st series) #100

Issue Date: 
February 2008
Story Title: 
Home Is Where The Heart Is

Chris Claremont (writer), Tom Grummett (penciler), Scott Hanna (inker), Wil Quintana (colorist), Simon Bowland (letterer), Tom Grummett, Terry Pallot & Wil Quintana (cover artists), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (senior editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

It’s a day off for the Exiles as Blink lounges out by the ocean in front of the Crystal Palace. She spends most of the time thinking about her time in the Exiles, all her teammates, past and present, as well as their many adventures. She’s not the only one enjoying the time as Nocturne and Thunderbird are sparring and Sabretooth and Psylocke are surfing. Not much later the gang gets together for some grub cooked up courtesy of Mystiq. After a bit they notice Sage, Rogue and Cat have yet to stop by for food. While inside the Palace Cat is busy bungee jumping into a trench with Rogue watching. When Cat gets into trouble Rogue flies her to safety. Elsewhere, Sage is having a horrible time dealing with Roma’s memories. She sees things that aren’t there and ends up battling her teammates who she believes are monsters. Blink puts an end to it by stabbing her in the chest with some teleportation shards. Later, Blink reflects on what’s happening and when Nocturne and Thunderbird approach her about a leave of absence Blink decides to go with them. After the trio breaks the news to the rest of the group they travel to Heather’s dimension. Sabretooth rallies the remaining Exiles to continue the quest to save the Omniverse.

Full Summary: 

Outside the Crystal Palace

Blink lounges out on the beach outside the Crystal Palace. Leaning back in her chair she stares out at the jutting crystal shards amidst the deep blue water. She remembers the beaches from her homeworld and how they weren’t something you’d want to visit. She also remembers Morph promised to teach her how to surf, though she’s not sure what that is.
Blink’s memories:

More memories begin flooding into her mind. Memories of the day she first landed on the beach to begin her career as an Exile. She wasn’t the first to arrive. Nocturne was already sitting down on the sand. There were six of them that fell from the sky that day, each from a different reality and somehow tied to their world’s X-Men.
A figure called the “Timebroker” charged them with fixing broken realities. She recalls that on the first mission Magnus was killed. He was replaced by Sunfire who was also killed after a while. Images of her teammates, past and current, pop in and out of her thoughts as the memories of all the worlds they saved roam through her mind.
The present:

Blink finds herself wondering where she goes from here. After all, there’re billions upon billions of dimensions. She has no idea when their quest will end. Blink is snapped out of her daze when Thunderbird comes crashing to the ground right in front of her.
Nocturne comes jogging over gloating about the smackdown she just laid down on her boyfriend. Thunderbird gets up and charges her, but she leaps out of the reach of his meat hooks. She kicks him in the face and he falls again. However, upon landing, her right leg gives out, a reminder of the stroke she suffered not long ago.
Thunderbird checks on her, obviously concerned. Nocturne voices her frustration at her stupid leg. Thunderbird tells her to follow his lead. He leaps into the air and lands on his left leg. He tells her to make her left leg the foundation while she continues to work the right.
Blink turns her attention from the battling lovebirds to her former mentor and one of the more recent Exiles who are surfing out on the ocean. Sabretooth is knocked off by the waves, his surfboard jetting forward and hitting Psylocke’s. She too falls into the cold water. When they surface they’re both laughing. Blink can’t even remember hearing Sabretooth laugh like that before.
Morph walks over to Blink in a maid’s uniform and asks her if she wants some canapés, courtesy of Mystiq. Blink asks about the ridiculous outfit. Morph tells her to never make a bet with that guy. Blink takes a bite of the canapés and remarks on his superb cooking skills. Morph continues his rounds, passing food off to the rest of the nearby crew.
Everyone heads back towards the Palace, everyone except for Blink that is. Morph asks if she’s ok. Blink says she’ll be up in a bit. Morph comes back toward her and asks if she’s thinking about Mimic. She is, though she doesn’t outwardly admit it. Morph sympathizes with her, but also reminds her life goes on. “If only it were that simple,” she responds and then kisses him on the lips.
Morph comes running back up to the Palace and finds everyone else seated around the picnic table. Mystiq, manning the grill, tells them it’s self-service and although he doesn’t know how the computer generates the food it’s delicious. Everyone digs in and enjoys the tasty food.
A bit later, the Exiles sans Blink, Rogue, Sage and Cat stare up at the nighttime sky. Morph comments about the stars in the sky. Psylocke tells him she doesn’t think they’re stars, but representations of entire dimensions, the entire Omniverse as it were.
After a moment of silence Morph asks where the kids and Sage are. Mystiq comments on how strange it is to see people who are genetic twins of people he already knows. Psylocke sarcastically remarks, “The joys and wonders of Crosstime.” An image of her world’s Mystique flashes before her eyes.
Computer appears in front of Psylocke and tells the group she has a location on Rogue and Cat, but only a general location on Sage. Somehow she’s blocking her. Sabretooth says they need to get Blink and go find them, but Blink suddenly appears having received the transmission from Computer too.
Crystal Palace

While somewhere in the Palace, Cat is busy free-falling into one of the crystal trenches. She’s enjoying every second of it, a look of ecstasy on her face. Above, Rogue stands next to the winch from which Cat’s harness is attached. She can’t see Cat any longer and it bothers her.
Cat falls further and further and sees a giant cloud of pink that she’s fast approaching. She shields her face as she enters the maelstrom, alternate versions of herself reflecting off the surface.
Rogue grabs hold of the line and follows it down after Cat. She makes her way down to Cat and tries to grab a hold of her, but she resists Rogue’s touch. Cat calls for help and Rogue tells her that’s why she’s there. She grabs Cat by the back of her harness and flies upward. Cat is amazed she can fly. Rogue says she can do a lot of things, she just prefers to keep her secrets.
The Exiles arrive and find the two girls a bit banged up. Psylocke tells Computer to lock into their location because they both are going to need medical help. Psylocke cradles Cat into her arms and asks Rogue what the devil they were doing. Rogue, quite indignantly, tells her they were exploring their new home and wasn’t aware that was forbidden.
While elsewhere, Sage is lost. She clutches the granite wall as she stumbles aimlessly through the maze of passageways. Weird creatures follow after her, but she has no perception of the world beyond her eyes because her mind is in the process of being overwhelmed by the memories thrown into her brain by Roma.
Suddenly, Jim Jaspers appears and fires an energy blast from his arm. Sage barely avoids the blast. Jaspers tells her she doesn’t belong in Roma’s memories. Sage tells him it’s her mind and he’s the intruder. She punches him in the chest and he instantly transforms into Merlyn.
Merlyn stands before Sage mocking her. He asks how she could ever think she could master all the knowledge passed down to her. Sage tells him to shut up and punches him in the face. His head shatters like an urn, dust spraying everywhere. Merlyn’s cracked face lying on the ground mocks her still. Sage tells him whatever it takes she’ll find a way to win. She asks if he has anything else to say, but in reality it’s not Merlyn lying on the ground defeated, but Morph.
Sage spots two figures fast approaching, one a giant alien monstrosity and the other a red insectoid creature. She flips the bigger one over her head, who in reality is actually Thunderbird. The insectoid, Nocturne, delivers a high flying kick to the face. The insectoid falls upon landing, its leg giving out from underneath. Sage takes advantage of the situation and rushes over to give a devastating blow. The big one jumps in the way and takes the brunt force of her kick.
Blink joins the fray, blocking all the punches Sage throws at her. She gets in a few good hits before pulling out her teleportation shards. She drives them into Sage’s chest. Sage drops to her knees, finally realizing what’s happened. She asks Blink for help before collapsing into unconsciousness.
Later, Sabretooth and Blink discuss Sage’s situation. Blink wonders if it’ll happen again. Sabretooth says their best guess lies with Mystiq since he’s actually trained as a doctor. Blink asks if he trusts him, or trusts any of them for that matter. Sabretooth says they need to start somewhere because who’s to say the newbies trust them.
Sabes changes the subject and tells Blink she did real good against Sage. Blink sarcastically replies, “Hooray for me.” Mystiq enters the room and Sabretooth asks how Rogue is doing. Mystiq pours himself some coffee and tells him his guess is as good as his. He once again discusses how weird it is to see a doppelganger of his daughter. He then takes a sip and says everyone is recovering nicely.
Blink asks after Sage. Mystiq doesn’t know how she’ll do. If one of them was a telepath it might be a different story, but there’s nothing they can do to help set her mind right. Mystiq compares her situation to literally being at war with oneself.
While later, Thunderbird and Nocturne stop by Blink’s room for some conversation. They step inside and get situated on the couch. Nocturne explains her fears that her handicap might get someone killed. She doesn’t want to put anyone else at risk. Nocturne also adds that she and John have a lot to work out, not only getting her back into fighting shape, but also emotionally. Blink tells her she deserves a happy ending.
They head to the common area where everyone else is gathered. Blink breaks the news that Nocturne and Thunderbird are going on a sabbatical. She tells everyone they’re going to Heather’s dimension where Heather will monitor their progress. Then Blink drops the bomb that she’s going with them.
Everyone is shocked. Blink says she needs a break to figure things out. Morph asks about the team. Blink hugs Morph and tells him the team will go on and maybe even get better. She figures they have enemies that know them and this might throw them a curve ball.
Blink hugs Sabretooth next. He tells her to take care. Blink tells him not to force her to come back to save his butt. Creed jokes about the lack of respect she’s showing him. Morph looks downtrodden. He tells Blink it sucks. Blink asks him to promise her one thing. Morph asks if she wants some company. Blink says she’ll be too busy. Instead, she wants him to look after Sabretooth. Morph agrees and asks if she had the same conversation with him. Blink smiles.
The three departing Exiles are then whisked away to Heather’s world. Sabretooth tells the remaining group it’s time for them to go to work and start saving the Omniverse.

Characters Involved: 

Blink, Longshot, Proteus/Morph, Mystiq, Nocturne, Psylocke, Rogue, Sabretooth, Sage, Cat, Thunderbird (all Exiles)


Blink’s memories

Beak, Blink, Longshot, Magnus, Magik, Mimic, Morph, Namora, Nocturne, Power Princess, Psylocke, Sabretooth, Sasquatch, Spider-Man, Sunfire, Thunderbird (all Exiles past and present)
Psylocke’s memories


Story Notes: 

Though Longshot was a member of the Exiles in the previous issue he left the team to be with Dazzler during the X-Men: Die by the Sword mini-series. It happened in issue #5 to be exact.
Nocturne also rejoined with the Exiles during the same mini-series to be with her lover, Thunderbird.
Nocturne suffered a stroke in New Excalibur #16.
Mystiq’s comment about genetic twins is in reference to Rogue, who in his world was his daughter who died at some point in his timeline as revealed in the previous issue.
Another note from X-Men: Die by the Sword #5: Roma, badly bleeding and with a sword stuck through her chest, grabbed an unsuspecting Sage and placing her hands on Sage’s head transferring all her memories into her. Thanks to Daytripper
Heather left the Exiles in Exiles #95 when she thought the entire team killed. When the Exiles returned and went back to find her they discovered she was pregnant.

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