Generation X (1st series) #30

Issue Date: 
September 1997
Story Title: 
Some Things Hurt More Than Cars And Girls

James Robinson (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Al Vey, Eric Cannon (inkers), Richard Starkings and Comicraft / EM (letters), Marie Javins (colors), Digital Chameleon (separations), Mark Powers (associate editor), Bob Harras (editor, editor-in-chief

Brief Description: 

In Venice, M, Husk, Synch, Chamber, Skin, his cousin Gil and Tores emerge from the sewers and find themselves in a giant carpark, owned by an uncle of Gil. They believe to have lost the Sentinels on their trail and decide to lay low. Walking around the many cars and bikes, they are reminded of their childhoods and after some serious talk of Monet, Chamber goes over to Paige and makes up with her. Meanwhile, Tores finds a room with a window and, looking outside, she sees the Prime Sentinels gathering in front of the building, and there are even more than before. Synch gets depressed. They are in way over their heads and there are so many things he hasn’t done yet, like having a girlfriend. M offers comfort and he asks her if they could share a kiss so he would have at least that. She agrees and the experience leaves Synch mightily impressed. The romantic moment is interrupted by the Prime Sentinels launching their attack. In Florida, Banshee and Emma have an argument over Emplate’s offer. Sean is not willing to barter away Penance’s freedom, while Emma thinks sacrificing one student to learn of the others‘ whereabouts is the lesser evil. Penance is totally confused and doesn’t understand what’s going on. Suddenly, Emma lashes out with her telepathy and knocks out Banshee. She takes mental control of Penance and hands her over to Emplate, saying they have a deal. In the Headquarters of Zero Tolerance, Jubilee has again been placed in a cell. However, Daria comes to the conclusion that they are both freaks, it doesn’t matter if one gets powers by birth or through other means. She unhooks Jubilee’s restraints and tells her that she will help her escape.

Full Summary: 

Penance is confused. She doesn’t understand why she Emma and Banshee had to leave Massachusetts in a plane and why they are now in Florida where it is hot and raining all the time. Also, the two teachers are constantly arguing and, on top of it all, D.O.A., Emplate’s handyman appeared and, instead of fighting him, Sean and Emma are talking to him. Penance has no idea what is going on and cowers behind the sofa. The two teachers are still arguing about Emplate’s offer. Banshee is against it. He won’t hand over Penance to him, but Emma reminds him that in turn he would point them to the other kids‘ location. Additionally, they have no proof that Emplate will harm Penance. Banshee says that she must be mad; after all Penance has endured at his hands they know for sure that Emplate will harm the girl. Emma insists that sacrificing one for the sake of the rest of the students is the only option they have. Her whole life has been one big compromise, choosing the lesser of two evils. Sean doesn’t agree. While they are discussing, Emplate’s astral projection breaks up. D.O.A. checks his transmitting unit and finds it malfunctioning, a few wires need to be fixed.

In LA, the missing kids emerge from the sewers through a manhole. As she is nearly indestructible, M comes out first and can’t see a thing in the dark place they are in. The others come out behind her and soon the switch for the light is found. To their surprise, the teenagers are in a giant carpark. Gil explains that his uncle owns this place and he got it very cheap because of the sewer access in the middle of it. Skin enjoys looking at the many cars and Tores comments how he always had a thing for cars. Monet finds a scooter and drives a few rounds because it reminds her of the similar one she rode in St. Tropez. A ’55 Chevy reminds Husk of her father’s car. She tells Chamber that he had to sell it when things got bad at the coal mine, but Jono is very harsh on her, saying that, in London, he took the tube and is not interested in cars at all, before turning away from her.

M drives after him and honks. She tells Jono that he is an idiot to hurt Paige like he just did. Everybody looking at them knows that they both have feelings for each other. Chamber says that he saw her out with Skin the other day, but Monet explains that they are just teammates and friends. She reminds him that, in their business, nobody lives forever and they should make the best of the time they have. Chamber says that she sounds like a woman in her forties, which M takes as a compliment. He walks back towards Paige and apologizes. Jono also tries to make up for the way he acted when he and Paige were visiting her family in Kentucky and she tells him to forget it. Tores interrupts the quiet moments, telling the team that while they were busy playing with cars, she and her operative have found an office with a window to the outside. Actually, they thought they had lost the Sentinels chasing them, but they are gathering in front of the building. There are even more than before.

In New Mexico, Jubilee is once more in a cell of the headquarters of Zero Tolerance, wearing a straitjacket. She has lost track of how many days she has been in this place and wonders if it is already a month or not. In the monitor room, Daria keeps staring on the screens showing Jubilee’s image, thinking of how Jubilee helped her instead of escaping. Another operative tells Daria to get back to work.

Banshee still objects to Emma bartering away Penance’s freedom. He announces to stop Emma by any means necessary. Before he has a chance to do so, Emma unleashes her telepathic powers on Sean and knocks him out. Penance curiously looks at the unconscious Banshee who is bleeding from his nose. Emma orders her to come over and, since Penance doesn’t comply, she takes mental control of her. In the meantime, D.O.A. has fixed the transmitter and Emplate’s projection is stable again. Emma asks if Emplate realizes the amount of importance. For the sake of the other kids, she betrayed both Banshee and Penance and now wants to know if they have a deal.

In her prison cell, Jubilee is talking to a mouse, when suddenly the door slides open. It’s Daria. She says that she and Jubilee are both freaks; the difference being that Jubilee at least knows where she comes from, while she has no idea and is afraid to find out. Jubilee tells Daria that Bastion probably gave Daria her powers, and that Zero Tolerance differentiates between beings born with powers and those who acquire them through other means, that’s why they don’t hunt Spider-Man or the Avengers. Daria states that this might be the way Bastion perceives things, but not her. She unhooks Jubilee’s restraints and as Jubilee still doesn’t understand, she says she will help her escape.

In Venice, Generation X, Gil and Tores wonder what to do. Paige says she might have a plan and they definately need a good strategy as more and more Prime Sentinels gather outside. M notices that Synch is standing a little bit apart, looking depressed. She walks over to him and asks what is the matter. Everett opens up and says that they have never faced something like this before. Although he is not afraid of dying, he regrets the many things he hasn’t done yet. He never learned to drive, he never went to Paris, he never met the Black Panther and most importantly he never had a girlfriend – and now he probably never will. Synch asks M if at least she and him could kiss properly, so that he would have at least that. She hesitates, but agrees for only one kiss, admitting that she herself is not familiar with that experience. They kiss deeply and Everett is impressed. Paige calls them back to the group – the Sentinels are attacking!

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M I, Penance, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee, Emma Frost (Generation X‘s teachers and tutors)

Gil, Skin’s cousin

Prime Sentinels
Daria (Operation: Zero Tolerance)

Story Notes: 

Jono and Paige visited the Guthrie family in Kentucky in Generation X (1st series) #23.

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