Iceman (3rd series) #2

Issue Date: 
August 2017
Story Title: 

Sina Grace (writer), Edgar Salazar & Ibraim Rosberson (pencilers), Ed Tadeo & Ibraim Roberson (inkers), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Kevin Wada (cover artist), Tana Ford & Rachelle Rosenberg (variant cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Panicca (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Bobby finishes with the class he is teaching then heads to the Blackbird for an assignment – only to discover that he has been partnered with Kitty Pryde, his ex-girlfriend. The plane ride is awkward, and Kitty points out that they haven't really talked since she returned from space – but Bobby doesn't want to talk to her. As they approach their destination, the controls malfunction and Bobby is forced to use his powers to prevent the Blackbird from crashing into a large store, where the mutant they are seeking has apparently taken cover. Making their way through the store, they find it in darkness, before locating the young mutant who has been surrounded by an angry mob, complaining that he is responsible for their electronics no longer working. The mutant boy, Zachary, explains that he doesn't know how to shut his powers off. Kitty tries to reason with the crowd, before she and Bobby discover that Zachary is affecting their powers as well. Bobby throws up a huge ice-wall to block the civilians from he, Kitty and Zachary, and the trio rush into a storeroom, where Kitty blames Bobby for the mission being a disaster, and reveals that she had to find out he was gay from Goldballs. Bobby apologizes for not telling Kitty himself, and explains what he has been going through. Kitty tells Bobby that she could have been there for him, and explains how she went from an angry ex to a concerned friend. Zachary interrupts their heart-to-heart, and Bobby gets an idea – he knocks Zachary unconscious, with Zachary's mutant power out of action, Bobby and Kitty can deal with the situation. Bobby creates a snow-man army to fight off the mob, while Kitty steals a delivery truck, which they use to escape with Zachary. Later, back at the school, Kitty tries to talk to Zachary about letting his mother know where he is, before assuring Bobby that she is his friend, possibly not his go-to person at the moment, but she is there for him, and suggests he try again with talking to his parents. Bobby then phones his mother about going to visit for dinner, and assures her he is not joking.

Full Summary: 

The Xavier Institute, third period. Bobby “Iceman” Drake stands up from behind the desk where he has been teaching a group of students including Nature Girl, Glob Anole and Ernst, and informs them that class is dismissed, as it is X-Men O'clock for him.

Bobby rushes down a corridor, 'Privyet, Bobby -' Piotr Rasputin a.k.a. Colossus calls out to Bobby, who runs past him. Quoting the White Rabbit, Bobby calls back 'I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!' as he removes his sweater. Bobby slides out of the mansion and past several students who are outside. 'No time to say hello, goodbye. I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!' Bobby exclaims, now wearing his red and black costume. Bobby sees Ororo “Storm” Munroe sitting on a park bench. 'Ororo-row your boat! You're not co-captaining this extraction mission?' Bobby asks. Storm waves at Bobby and informs him that she isn't on this assignment, but that she will keep an eye on the skies for a smooth trip.

Bobby climbs off the ice-slide and runs towards the Blackbird jet that is waiting nearby. 'Oh man, are they putting me in a jet with Old Man Logan? He's on every mission...' Bobby mutters.

He enters the jet and calls out 'Okay dude, first things first, no smoking in the main cabin -' but the person in the chair at the controls spins around: 'Boo' Kitty Pryde grins. Bobby frowns, 'Oh. Hey, Kitty. Four hours in a jet with my favorite ex-girlfriend. Yaaaay'. Bobby sits down next to Kitty who tells him that it should be a smooth ride. 'I keep hearing that' Bobby replies.

Soon, the Blackbird streaks through the skies, the sun glows down on the jet, as inside, Bobby tells Kitty 'So what you're trying to say is... I'm funnier, but not cuter, than Star-Lord. Cool'. Bobby and Kitty fall silent. Bobby breaks the silence by turning to Kitty and pointing out that they really haven't seen each other since she got back from space. Bobby adds that he is feeling really good about the current team formation. 'And Central Park – awrite!' he jokes. Kitty laughs, and remarks that it has been hectic out of the gate, but that she knows they are doing it right this time, she just needs the world to believe in the X-Men's optimism. She then tells Bobby that she has been hoping to have this alone time with him to talk. Bobby glances away and asks Kitty to catch him up on this kid first, and points out that they are getting closer to the All*Store where he is holed up at.

Suddenly, the jet goes out of control, it rumbles and Bobby exclaims 'What the – fine. I don't need to know'. 'This isn't me!' Kitty calls out, as she suddenly falls forward and phases into the control panel. 'I'm not phasing on purpose!' Kitty announces. Smoke billows from the jet as it free-falls to the large store below. Bobby informs Kitty that the best idea he has right now is to slide them down. 'Please, by all means' Kitty tells him. She adds that she can't tell if they are screwed on a turbine-level, or what, and all she can do is steer where they are falling. Bobby moves to the hatch, which he slides open and mutters 'Couldn't have snuck in one physics class when I was studying accounting...' before he shifts to ice-form and leaps from the jet: 'HERE WE GO!' he shouts as he free-falls, then creates a huge ice-slide. 'Dear West Covina – ice to meet you' Bobby jokes. 'I deserve to die for that one' he tells himself, as the Blackbird lands on the ice-sled and slides towards the rooftop of the All*Store, where Bobby has joined the ice-slide. 'Not exactly a fluffy pillow, but this'll do' Bobby remarks as he creates a wall of ice which the Blackbird crashes into, then comes to a stop.

'You think quicker on your feet than Star-Lord. I'll give you that' Kitty remarks as she emerges from the Blackbird. Hands on his hips, Bobby smiles and asks Kitty if she thinks anybody saw that. 'And if someone saw... did it look rad?' he adds.

Bobby and Kitty enter the darkened All*Store, and Kitty informs Bobby that she knew the mutant was able to pulsate amplifications on various wavelengths, but the reports coming in were small incidents. Kitty explains that, right now, the mutant is like steroids for machines, and the altitude should have protected them, so something must be agitating him. 'Well, from the outside looking in, he seems like he's a gifted youngster at interior design... for horror movies' Bobby jokes as he looks at a lampshade with a shattered lightbulb. Kitty tells Bobby that now is not the time to make one of those stupid jokes under his breath. 'This kid could be scared, everyone's  turned against him and he's hiding in fear -' Kitty begins, as Bobby interrupts her, pointing, he tells Kitty that, maybe just this once, she is right.

'Looks like he's getting the “Frankenstein Welcome”' Bobby tells Kitty, as they see where a mob has gathered in an open space within the large store. 'You ruined my phone!' one of them shouts, waving a golf club. 'My TV exploded right when Olivia was gonna kiss Fitz!' another exclaims. 'It's not my fault! I don't know how to turn it off!' a young man with dark hair tells the mob that have backed him up against a display of microwaves. He tells the mob that he won't bother any of them, that he can live off this store forever and won't be anyone's problem. 'Somebody hold him down!' the civilian with the golf club exclaims.

Suddenly, Kitty comes between the mob and the young mutant, 'STOP!' she shouts at them, explaining that he doesn't know how to control what is going on inside, and they are all making it worse.

'It's Zachary, right?' Kitty asks, turning to the young mutant. She informs him that they are the X-Men, and that his mutant powers are beginning to emerge. She informs Zachary that they would like to help him, and suggests they talk to his family about bringing him to the Xavier Institute.

'We're making it worse!?' one of the mob asks, revealing that Zachary caused a pileup yesterday and nearly killed his daughter. 'Are you going to pay for my car repairs? My kid's hospital bills?' he asks.

Family?” Zachary exclaims. 'My moms, my church, my friends – this is how they all treat me now' Zachary calls out, his powers causing the microwaves behind him to explode.

A woman shakes her fist and declares 'He'll destroy the entire city if we let them have their way!' Kitty begins to tell the mob that she understands how they could be feeling right now. 'Go back to your big city -' one of the mob tells her. 'Let us handle this problem on our own' another suggests. 'Okay, you're all getting a little too close for my comfort' Kitty remarks as the mob moves in closer to her, and she phases through one of them. 'Did you see that – she's going to make him ghost away!' one of the mob exclaims. 'I think it's safe to say  that everyone needs to cool down, chill out...' Bobby begins as he stands between the young mutant and the mobster waving the golf club. 'YIKES!' Bobby calls out as he suddenly unleashes a large ice-wall between himself and the mob. 'I didn't mean to do that' Bobby frowns. Kitty is nearby, phasing through some boxes, she tells Bobby that it isn't just toasters and microwaves that Zachary puts on steroids – as she can't unphase.

The mob move around the wall and march towards Bobby, Kitty and Zachary. 'He's  starting his own mutant gang!' 'Okay, so Kitty is useless -' Bobby begins. 'I can still lead' Kitty snaps. 'I will most likely kill one of these people if I so much as try to throw a slushie at them' Bobby adds, and Kitty declares that they need to run. A hanging light suddenly falls and shatters next to Bobby. 'Preferably somewhere with less junk for him to amp' Kitty suggests. The three run down an aisle, and Zachary explains that the crowd must have followed him, as he could have made this his lair. 'That's squatting...' Kitty points out. Suddenly, some electronics that Zachary runs past explode and he is knocked to the ground. 'We warned you' one of the mob declares as he stands over Zachary and raises a iron pipe – which he swings down, but he doesn't strike Zachary, as Bobby leaps between them and takes the brunt of the blow on his back. Bobby recovers, and kicks the mobster in the face.

Kitty is several feet away, and announces that the warehouse is through the door she has found. She tells Bobby to hurry up, as they are catching up to her. The mob runs after Bobby, who helps Zachary and tells him that he really hopes he doesn't turn into a bad guy after all of this. Bobby then slams himself into the door, breaking it down, and pulling Zachary through to the warehouse with him. 'Over here!' the golf club waving mobster calls out as he leads the others towards the warehouse door. Before he can reach it, though, Bobby creates a huge ice-block, which covers the door and the walls around it. 'They're coming for Z like he's the Beatles, but that slush should keep the fan club at bay' Bobby announces. He returns to his human appearance and points out that they have a minute, so they should get their power situation sorted out before Kitty starts phasing into other dimensions.

'For a guy made of ice, you really know how to make every situation a hot mess' Kitty mutters. 'She's not talking to me, bro' Zachary declares, arms folded. 'Me? He's the one making everything haywire' Iceman points out. 'You went and made the call to do the ice wall instead of waiting for me -' Kitty points out. 'How was I supposed to know he makes our powers go boom?' Bobby asks. 'Is that your excuse for everything? “I didn't know”?' Kitty shouts. Bobby frowns and asks Kitty what she is really talking about. 'You said I was better on my feet than your ex – oh' Bobby mutters. Kitty frowns and tells Bobby that she had to find out he was gay from Goldballs. 'When do you think we would discuss it? Never?' she asks him. Kitty falls silent and folds her arms, while Bobby looks at her. '“You were in space” aside, I can't really place this whole “I'm gay” thing on my terms because there's a little time-displaced version of my running around with a model boyfriend' Bobby frowns, turning away from Kitty.

Bobby continues: 'Never mind having to save the world on the reggo – I haven't even had the time to tell my parents. So, yeah... I'm sorry I opted to avoid having a hard and exhausting conversation with you' Bobby tells Kitty, who quietly tells Bobby that she could have been there for him. Kitty reveals that when they broke up, she couldn't help but blame herself, wondering what she did wrong. Kitty adds that she is trained to look at every situation – dating, leading the X-Men and assume she left something in a deficit. The minute Goldballs told her, she went “Oh! He's gay. Okay”, and that was all it took to go from being an angry ex to a concerned friend. 'But you didn't talk to me, so I just felt rejected and left out of your process all over again' Kitty points out. 'Kitty...' Bobby begins as he turns to Kitty, but before he can say anything else, Zachary steps between them: 'You're gay, she's emo. Can you fools just get back to saving me!?'

Kitty clenches her fists as she declares 'I swear, if I could smack you right now!' to which Bobby shouts 'Light bulb!' and then slams a fist into Zachary, knocking him out. 'BOBBY!' Kitty exclaims. 'Whatever' Bobby tells Kitty, before asking her how many times she had been punched in the face before turning 18. 'Plus, he's kind of a brat and deserved it' Bobby adds, before asking Kitty to touch something. Kitty goes over and hugs the surprised Bobby. She then tells him that the jet is busted but that she will sort out their escape route, and asks Bobby if he can hold off the mob. 'Ninja, please' Bobby replies, before realizing quietly 'Weird... that actually applies'.

The mob has now broken through the large block of ice covering the door to the warehouse. 'No need to find any more shovels. We're in!' one of them shouts, before telling the others to spread out and find the muties. 'Yo, West Covina. Boo' Bobby calls out, flanked by his own mob of snow men. 'Snow golems – attack!' Bobby commands his constructs as they rush forward and slam into the mob who start to run for their lives. 'Ay – it's cold!' one of the mob exclaims.

Nearby, Kitty runs through the warehouse, phasing through boxes and other objects, 'If I were a getaway vehicle, where would I be...' she wonders, before coming across several trucks parked nearby. 'All-*Store, you really do have all of the things' Kitty jokes, before shoving her phased hand into the truck, which quickly revs up. 'Let's see Forge hotwire a truck this quickly...' Kitty remarks.

At that moment, the warehouse is flooded with snow, trapping the mob. 'Hashtag, chill vibes!' Bobby exclaims as he takes a selfie with one of the mob. 'Want me to tag you?' he asks the man, but gets no response. Bobby looks over and sees the truck. 'Oh snap! My ride's here!' he declares. Kitty opens the door, and Zachary is still unconscious, propped up next to her. 'Hey there, son... need a ride?' Kitty asks. Bobby turns to the mob and tells them not to worry, as he cringed when she said that. 'Bye, folks!' he then calls out, before Kitty drives the truck through a fence. The Blackbird can be seen on the rooftop and Bobby asks Kitty if someone else is going to come back for it. Kitty just tells him to shut up.

Later, Bobby is teaching another class. Quentin Quire can be seen sleeping at the back of the class, while Bling and Genesis are paying attention. Bobby has created a mini ice-slide and large ice-balls are rolling down it. He tells the class that his mom once told him that driving was not all about putting your foot on the gas, that a brick could have a license if that was the base – she always told him he needed to be about the brakes. 'Having an understanding of your abilities is what keeps a powerful mutant from becoming a weapon' Bobby explains. The bell sounds, and as the students get up to leave the class, Bobby tells them that, for future reference, only he gets to say when they can leave the class.

Kitty is standing in the doorway, and when Zach walks towards her, she stops him and tells him that she is only giving him another day before forcing him to call his mother. 'My moms isn't gonna give two figs where I am' Zachary replies, revealing that the last thing she ever said to him was “I love you, but I have no son”. Kitty explains to Zachary that parents end up being just as scared as the kids when their powers emerge, but at the end of the day, she is the only family he has got.

Bobby collects his things and smiles at Kitty: 'Doc Samson move over...there' a new therapist in town' he tells her. 'The line between love and hate really is blurred, Bobby' Kitty replies. Kitty then tells Bobby that she wanted to check and make sure he was okay. She adds that she might not be his go-to person for these sorts of things, but that she wanted to make sure he has someone. 'Believe it or not, your friends and family want more from you than cracking wise at inopportune moments' Kitty remarks.

'Plus, maybe half your jokes actually land' Kitty adds. 'Strength in numbers, baby' Bobby smiles. Kitty tells him that she means it – to talk to people, and suggests he start with his parents. She leaves Bobby alone in the classroom. He gets out his cellphone and leaves the room: 'Hi, Mom?' Bobby asks as he speaks into his cellphone. 'Wanna have your little boy over for dinner at the new place – what? No. How could this be a prank?'

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Storm (all X-Men)

Bling, Ernst, Genesis II, Glob Herman, Kid Omega, Nature Girl, and other students




Story Notes: 

Privyet: Russian for “hello”.

Old Man Logan being on every mission is a meta way of acknowledging that like his predecessor Old Man Logan seems to be in almost every team book.

Olivia and  Fitz are two characters from the TV show Scandal.

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