Iceman (3rd series) #7

Issue Date: 
January 2018
Story Title: 
Champions Reunited, part 2

Sina Grace (writer), Robert Gill (artist) Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Kevin Wada (cover artist), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Darren Shan (editor), Mark Panicca (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby


Brief Description: 

Madeline and William Drake discover that the past Iceman is currently in the present day. Their present day son is currently in Los Angeles, fighting alongside his fellow former Champions Angel, Darkstar, Ghost Rider and Hercules against several Sentinels that had been created by a woman who thought she could use them to her advantage and get investors to help her with her career. The Sentinels cause a lot of damage to West Hollywood, but the former Champions work well together, rescuing civilians, including Bobby's date, Judah, and after creating a large ice-giant, Bobby destroys the remaining Sentinels. Leti, the woman who is responsible for this mess, makes a run for it, while Judah rushes over to Bobby. Afterwards, they go to the Fairfax District for frozen yogurt, before Judah takes Bobby back to his apartment where they “Netflix n Chill”. The next morning, the Champions gather for breakfast, where Bobby finally reveals to them the first memory about the Black Widow that he has – how they were fighting harpies, and he made a comment to the Black Widow about how hot she was – which she  saw right through as a cover for who he really was. Afterwards, Bobby tracks down Leti, who is planning to get out of town, and gives her the contact details for a professor at UCLA who might be able to help her with her engineering. Bobby then meets up with Judah on the Hollywood Hills to say goodbye. Bobby and Angel arrive back at the Xavier Institute in New York, and life returns to normal for Bobby, teaching, training, fighting villains, and texting Judah, who is not proposing that they have a long-distance relationship. Bobby walks in on some of the other X-Men who are trying to decide what movie to watch, and announces that he thinks he is going to move to Los Angeles!

Full Summary: 

The Drake Residence, on Long Island, where William Drake climbs the stairs to the first floor, calling out to his wife: 'Maddie, you force me to make a friggin' quinoa something or other and you can't even come down to the table on time?' to which Madeline calls back that she will be right there. William enters an office, telling Madeline to come now. 'You know how hard it is to tell when health food goes bad -' he remarks, before looking at a mess of papers that have been printed off and fallen to the floor, he tells Maddie that this looks psychotic. Looking at the computer screen before her, Madeline tells her husband that there is so much Bobby is not telling them. 'We haven't been asking, Maddie' William points out. 'No – big things, William' Madeline announces. 'Mocking us for not making small talk...' Madeline adds. 'What are you going on about?' William asks his wife, who then holds up two photographs and declares 'William... there's two of our son'.

At that moment, on the other side of the United States, in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, the Drakes' son, the present-day version, Bobby “Iceman” Drake rides an ice-slide between several large Sentinels, covering one of their hands with ice so they cannot release any harmful blasts. 'Facts so far... these aren't legit Sentinels – more like really effective replicas' Bobby points out, adding that they are not advanced enough to adapt to their skills, so the OG Champions can handle this. Bobby fights alongside the surviving members of the original Champions team – Laynia “Darkstar” Petrovna who unleashes the Darkforce against two of the Sentinels, directly at their heads. Warren “Angel” Worthington flies two civilians to safety, while Johnny “Ghost Rider” Blaze, the Spirit of Vengeance rides his flaming motorcycle across one of the Sentinels, which falls face-first into the ground. 'We are the Champions!  These tin cans shall take but a minute to best!' Hercules exclaims.

'They're blasting indiscriminately, guys!' Angel calls out as he flies another civilian to safety, while Darkstar destroys the head of another Sentinel. Amongst the fleeing civilians, the handsome Judah looks up at the battle, 'Bobby...? Iceman?' he utters, while Bobby leaps onto the head of another Sentinel and slams an ice-axe into it. 'And that's for ruining Steve Martin's star on the Walk of Fame!' Bobby exclaims, while Judah calls out to him at the same time that a Sentinel reaches out for Ghost Rider, who speeds away on his motorcycle, while Hercules cuts the Sentinels' legs off. 'Almost done' Ghost Rider remarks. 'BOBBY!' Judah shouts, unaware that a large billboard sign had been knocked over during the battle, and is falling straight towards him! 'Judah!' Bobby gasps as he slides past another Sentinel, crushing its head with his ice-slide, Bobby slides closer to Judah, 'NO!' he shouts as the large sign continues to fall towards Judah. 'Oh God oh god oh God' Juda utters, closing his eyes. 'Huh?' he asks as he opens them and sees the sign suspended mid-air by strands of ice. 'Toldja me and my crew were super heroes' Iceman exclaims.

Iceman drops down to ground level and kisses Judah on his left cheek. 'Ow, your lips are so cold' Judah smiles. 'Whoa' Bobby exclaims as another Sentinel head falls to the ground, and Ghost Rider speeds past it. Bobby tells Judah to get back down to the Boulevard and find the most concrete, solid-looking building for cover. Bobby then slides back up into the battle, riding his ice-slide in between three of the remaining Sentinels. He instructs Angel to cover him, and asks Darkstar to block anything that comes his way, announcing that he wants to try something out. 'No more palm trees will fall on my watch' Bobby exclaims as he releases a stream of ice, creating a large Sentinel-sized ice-warrior. 'Lookit this tall drink of water!' Bobby grins as he slides in front of the ice-giant. 'Stand down. Swift and immediate -' the Sentinel begins, before the ice-giant slams its fist into the Sentinel's neck, and throws the Sentinel into another one. 'Toho, eat your heart out' Bobby smiles.

The ice-giant starts to cut its way through the other remaining Sentinels. Two of them grab the ice-giant by its arms and start to push him back, but the ice-giant responds by releasing several ice-spikes from its arms, which rip through the Sentinels. 'Just a couple more steps...' Bobby calls out as he slides alongside the ice-giant, who pushes the remaining few Sentinels towards the nearby hillside, slamming them against one another, the ice-giant shoves its large ice-fist through them all, destroying the remaining Sentinels. 'If ever there's been a warranted “Yas Kween” this is that moment. Yas Kween' Bobby smiles.

Nearby, the woman responsible for this chaos, Leti, looks forlorn, and remarks 'That fight lasted all of a minute... I could barely get a decent vine outta that'. She laments the fact that those Sentinels were all she had left, and deciding that she can't be here, she runs through the crowd, pushing past Judah.

Standing near the pile of broken Sentinels, 'Champions... detangle, or something. Problem solved' Bobby calls out to his friends. Hercules, Angel, Darkstar and Ghost Rider gather around, and Darkstar points out that at least they got to hit the Sunset Strip. 'Literally, though' Bobby adds. Hercules puts an arm around Bobby's neck and tells him that he was marvelous in the field. 'Thanks, Herc' Bobby replies, when suddenly, 'Outta my way!' Judah calls out as he rushes through the crowd towards the Champions. 'That's my date over there!' Judah adds, before throwing his arms around Iceman and exclaiming 'Amazing – you did that!' 'I know, right' Bobby replies. 'You've gotta let me show some gratitude...' Judah remarks, to which Bobby asks him what he has in mind.

Later, in the Fairfax District, Bobby and Judah walk side by side, both carrying a small cup of frozen yogurt and a spoon. 'Froyo and walking in LA – these were your grand plans for our night?' Bobby asks. 'I know for a fact you don't have avocado-flavored yogurt in your concrete jungle... and I still have one more sociology lesson to teach you' Judah replies. 'Oh. That's gonna be an inside joke now. Got it' Bobby remarks, before noticing the shops on the sidewalk and asking Judah if they are walking by these Russian shops so that he can show him how well he listened to him talk about his friend who passed away. 'You have no patience' Judah smiles, explaining that he wanted to teach Bobby a very important lesson about dating boys – but he doesn't know that he deserves it. 'Your ass got saved from certain death, like, two hours ago, and you're pulling this on me?' Bobby asks. 'Fine, call my bluff' Judah tells him, before remarking that the way Bobby talks about his life, and how all his friends basically meet their significant others in the battlefield, he doesn't know the most important aspect of modern dating. 'The suspense is killing me – what?' Bobby asks.

“Netflix 'n Chill” Judah announces as he opens the door to his apartment. 'First, you find a lumpy-yet-comfortable couch' Judah explains. 'Check' Bobby replies as they sit on the large sofa in the living area. Judah grins as he puts an arm around Bobby and picks up the television remote, adding that you put something innocuous on the TV and pretend you have been “meaning to see it for some time”. 'Okay, following' Bobby smiles. They look at each other in the eyes and Judah moves his hand to the back of Bobby's neck, telling him that after a few minutes, when you both know you don't wanna watch whatever is on the tube, you kiss. They then lock their lips together and kiss.

The next morning: 'Yup. Want that one' Blaze declares as he looks in a cabinet filled with pastries and other delicious foods. Laynia and Blaze turn and take the food back to Bobby, Herc and Angel who are waiting for them, and Laynia declares 'He comes to the best Russian bakery on this coast, and do you know what he picks? Cheese danish!' to which Blaze tells her that the heart wants what the heart wants. 'He speaks without jest!' Hercules declares, while Bobby asks if there is more food than that, as Herc is gonna need a box just for himself. 'You're the rich one, you can get the next round' Laynia tells Angel as she hands Bobby a drink, and then announces that a little Angel told her that Bobby did not end up at the suite last night. 'An Iceman never kisses and tells' Bobby declares as he sips his drink. The rest of the Champions lean in closer as Angel tells Bobby, with due respect, to dish.


Bobby frowns, then grins as he announces that he is not done processing, and that is for him. 'But you nerds are my family, and deserve more from me than some good jokes' Bobby tells them. 'What jokes?' Blaze asks. 'Go condition your leather pants' Bobby tells him, before remarking that he will tell them about his first memory of Natasha Romanoff that comes to mind. He adds that he can't quite remember why, but the Black Widow was taking down some Harpies, he had heard of her, and thought she was some 007-type femme fatale. 'Whatever, there's no excuse for what I said next' he begins.


'Lemme guess... looks to kill, power to kill – I bet you one kiss on the lips that your jukebox song is “Lovin' You” by Minnie Riperton. If not, it's certainly the song I'll be putting on for you' Bobby tells the Black Widow as he slides closer to her after she knocks out a Harpie. 'How impressive -' the Black Widow frowns, '- that a snide little boy has the gall to think a crooked smile and empty compliments can hide the mouse hiding under the bluster'.


'And I said... “worked last night”' Bobby reveals to his friends, adding that that was his first interaction with a friggin' Russian spy, Avenger, Champion and friend – all because he was trying to “get chicks” the way his Dad taught him.

Bobby creates a small ice sculpture of the Black Widow and declares 'Here's to you, Black Widow. Thanks for teaching me as much about being a decent human as you did being a hero...'

Hercules reaches over the table and takes Bobby's pastry, telling him that for such unabashed buffoonery, he must submit his cake to the gods. 'Seriously, this kid dated Polaris?' Blaze asks. 'I've heard Sabretooth pull off smoother pickup lines' Angel remarks. Laynia leans into Bobby and tells him not to mind them, and that the past may make you cringe, but only because of how hard you are working to be better tomorrow. Bobby smiles at Laynia, who then grins and exclaims 'Warren! I want more birds' milk cake – now!'

The Hollywood Hills, where Leti stands in her garage, suitcase at her side, she is speaking on her phone to Daisy and tells her that she doesn't know how long they will be out of town, but that iif the cops come and take her girl away from her, she doesn't think she could survive. Bobby suddenly appears, clinging upside down to the garage door, holding onto some ice, as Leti tells Daisy that she is going to leave Rosa with her grandmother while she finds something that pays under the table – an auto body shop or something. 'D'oh!' Bobby complains as he falls to the floor, landing on his back. 'Let me call you back' Leti tells Daisy as she turns around.

Leti goes over and helps Bobby to his feet. Bobby apologizes and explains that he sees his friend do that all the time, and thought he would give it a shot. Leti asks him if he is here to arrest her, but Bobby tells her that her wanted to talk about that disaster she called a stunt. 'Those Sentinels were definitely meant for I'm giving you a chance to tell me – what gives?' Bobby asks. Leti covers her face and declares that this turned into such a mess, and that she was just trying to be something more. She reveals that she rushed those Sentinels out because she saw him and Angel, and it seemed like the perfect chance to show everyone what she is made of and get her investors for her own props and bots studio – but now, all she has done is upgrade from low-grade henchwoman to tyical villain. Bobby frowns and asks Leti to give him a pen.


Bobby starts to write a name on the paper and tells Leti that it is pretty funny that he is her deus ex machina here, and assures her that the report they gave to the Police left out what he and Angel saw here. Bobby hands the paper to Leti and explains that it is an email for a Professor at UCLA who once hired Hercules for a guest lecture, and tells Leti that if those Sentinels were her rushing, then her brain should be on mechanical engineering, not making frivolous entertainment. Bobby adds that he guesses Leti doesn't have the teaching credentials, but explains that there are people at UC who always find loopholes to foster talent as extreme as hers. Bobby starts to slide away on an ice-slide and tells Leti that she just needs a Professor who believes she can be anything – a champion on her side. 'Thank you -' Leti begins to call out. 'Iceman!' Bobby tells her. 'I know which one you are!' Leti claims. 'Mm-hmm' Bobby replies.

Bobby then slides down to where Judah has parked his car nearby, and thanks Judah for letting him take care of that. 'Watching you do this stuff is so special' Judah replies. Bobby tells him that there is no need for his charms, and assures him they will do his thing next. 'Bobby. Even if you didn't have powers, there's still no one out there like you' Judah tells Bobby. 'Funny you should say that -' Bobby begins, but Judah interrupts him, asking if they can do the thing for him now. 'Really –  even knowing I've already done it?' Bobby asks. Judah swears that it will be different with him.

'Okay, fine. This looks and feels completely different with you here' Bobby tells Judah shortly as they sit on the Hollywood Hills and look out over the city which glows before them under a hazy purple sunset. 'Mm-hmm' Judah replies.

The Xavier Institute, New York:

'Yeesh, I know they say size doesn't matter, but...' Warren mutters inside Bobby's room. 'Oh, come on, you remember how small it was' Bobby replies. 'This room isn't even wingspan width, dude' Warren points out as he us unable to stretch his wings within the room. 'Welcome to New York' Bobby replies, to which Warren boasts that hr has closets in his co-op bigger than this. 'Correction: welcome to New York for everyone whose last name isn't “Worthington”!' Bobby exclaims. The friends put their arms around each other as Warren asks Bobby if he is good. 'Aces...' Bobby replies. Warren asks if he is too close, and reveals thjay Li'l Warren told him that he and Li'l Bobby think he is cute. 'Only when you're blue, doof' Bobby smiles.

Bobby then remarks that he is kind of excited to get back in the swing of things, teaching the future mutant leaders to blossom. Suddenly, Velocidad runs past Bobby's room, carrying a bag with Anole's name on it, Anole runs after him, shouting 'You think Sour Patch Kids magically teleport their way into the X-Mansion?' 'Sharing is caring!' Velocidad exclaims. 'Get back here, you pimple on legs!' Anole shouts. 'Err – they have tapioca for brains, but I love 'em' Bobby grins.

Soon, Velocidad throws some Sour Patch Kid sweets into his mouth while Anole frowns at him as they sit in the back of Bobby's class. Trance, Benjamin Deeds, Primal and Genesis are at the front of the class, where Bobby has created an ice-owl.

Bobby sends Judah a text message: Yo, J Judah Jameson... it's been more than a week now, and my mom is still giving me the silent treatment >:(

Later, in his room, Bobby lies on his bed and texts Judah again: I wanna talk to my friend Rogue about this stuff, but she's out w/ the Avengers Unity Squad #humblebrag

Bobby fights alongside Colossus in a Danger Room training scenario, firing ice-spears through several large bombs, before sending another text: Yo, Judahrowsky... just texting 'cuz I came up with that new nickname for you. Has anyone called you that before?'

Another Danger Room session, as Bobby fights a construct of Pyro, as Judah texts back: That's a first! Too bad I have no prize for you, except three words, eight letters: I miss you. Too soon?

Bobby sends a text back: Hey Jude-ah, it's totally okay to admit you miss me!

Another text: totally fine. In fact, I'll match that kind of missing me with a Very Much Missing you.

Bobby is holding his phone as he walks into a living room within the mansion, 'What's up, party people...' Bobby calls out.


Bobby gets another text from Judah: Not proposing LDR (long distance-relationship, not Lana Del Rey), but can we keep knowing each other?

Bobby doesn't respond, he just stares at his phone as another text comes in: At the very least, know you've got an ally here in LA.

'Feet off the couch, Quentin!' a voice orders as Quentin Quire lounges on the sofa. Bobby sees Forge, Rachel Summers, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde and Storm, all having their own conversations. All he hears is “blah blah blah” from all of them which he interprets as Jubilee telling Logan that she isn't a kid anymore – she has a kid, to which Logan declares that he is old and grouchy. 'Stop expecting things of me, Bub', and Nightcrawler teleports towards Colossus, who tells Rachel that he has no idea Kurt is about to play a prank on him, even after all these years, while he thinks Kitty is saying something to Storm about a movie choice, but in her leadership voice, and Storm trying to take Kitty's choice in movies seriously, while using her benevolent empress voice.

Bobby calls out to the X-Men and asks them if he told them about the Sentinels that he fought in Los Angeles, and tells them not to worry, as they were locally grown, organic – farm to Sunset Strip. 'Kurt!' Colossus exclaims, surprised as Nightcrawler teleports above him, reaching for the bucket of popcorn that Colossus is holding and tells him that he hogs the popcorn and the kernels at the bottom hurt his teeth. Kitty tells Bobby to come and sit down as they are about to watch something. 'Could do' Bobby replies, before Kitty tells Jubilee that she can tell she is going to sneak her kids on the Danger Room schedule board tomorrow. 'As if, Kitty!' Jubilee responds. 'Ugh... totally called me on it' Jubilee mutters.

Bobby looks at some photos of various X-Men line-ups over the years, while Rachel declares that she doesn't want to watch any disaster movies – they spend all day preventing them, she wants something light. 'I second Rachel. Give me a period drama with intense violence and partial nudity' someone calls out. 'That's actually a genre on my queue...' Jubilee admits, while Storm announces that she is going to make more popcorn while they fight over this. Storm pauses as she passes Bobby and asks him if he is joining them. Bobby smiles and tells her that he doesn't think so, as he has stuff on his mind. 'Don't need my telepathy to know what you're thinking. Two words: Fire Island' Quentin calls out. Bobby smiles and tells Quentin that, actually, given how everything is running pretty fine here, and he is not on any team roster, he thinks he is going to move to LA!

Characters Involved: 

Angel, Darkstar, Ghost Rider II, Hercules, Iceman (all former Champions)



Madeline & William Drake


Colossus, Forge, Jubilee, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Prestige, Kitty Pryde, Storm (all X-Men)

Anole, Genesis II, Morph II, Primal, Quentin Quire, Trance, Velocidad (all X-Men students)









In photographs:

Iceman (present)

Iceman (past)


In Iceman's memory:


Black Widow



Story Notes: 

The Champions previously fought Sentinels in Champions (1st series) #17.

The Black Widow was killed in the Secret Empire event.

Comments in Iceman (3rd series) #8 indicate that this is the real Pyro somehow resurrected.


Written By: