Iceman (3rd series) #8

Issue Date: 
February 2018
Story Title: 

Sina Grace (writer), Robert Gill (artist) Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Mike Deodato Jr & Federico Blee (cover artists), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Darren Shan (editor), Mark Panicca (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

In Madripoor, Daken is continuing to train Zach in the use of his powers, while plotting his next move against Iceman. Iceman and his time-displaced version are battling Pyro, who is spouting off about mutants rising. Iceman tries to counsel his younger self on his relationship issues with Romeo, before asking him to join their parents for dinner, which the younger Iceman agrees to do. Later, Iceman arrives at the restaurant and meets his parents, only to discover his past self hasn't arrived yet. He texts him and learns that he is hiding in the bathroom. Iceman goes to find him and discovers that he is stuck in ice-form, nervous about meeting his parents in this time period. Bobby drags his younger self out into the restaurant, and is puzzled as to the way his parents begin doting over his younger self, making a fuss over him that they never made over Bobby. The Drakes seem very eager to try and make a good impression on the younger Bobby, and the present Bobby realizes they want to “replace” him and have a do-over. The Drakes tell Bobby that he can go off and save the world, while they raise the younger Bobby the right way. As they argue, past Bobby becomes entirely frozen. Bobby leans into his past self and tells him that their parents are ignorant, that they come from a different time, and encourages him to just be himself. This works, and past Bobby is slowly unfrozen, claiming that he didn't hear anything, but when Madeline starts to smother him, he brushes her off, and tells his parents that next time he sees them he will be in ice-form on purpose, and will bring his boyfriend and they will kiss in public. The two Bobbys leave and return to the X-Mansion, although the younger Bobby doesn't want to stay, he wants to get back to his teammates in Madripoor. Bobby gives his younger self some more encouragement regarding how to deal with his absent boyfriend. Bobby goes to his room and thinks about grading papers, sleeping and packing for his move to LA, only to discover his special friend Judah Miller has arrived out front of the mansion. Finally, Daken arrives in New York!


Full Summary: 

'Wait, and he hasn't called you in how long?' Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman asks his time-displaced younger self as they both ice-slide down a street, dodging blasts of flame which chase after them courtesy of the Pyro, who is standing on top of a car that has crashed into another car. 'What else can I do? Would it kill Romeo to text more – make me not feel like I'm super needy?' the past Iceman asks as he cools some flames with a blast of ice. 'Don't you see? The time for mutants to rise is now!' Pyro shouts as he fires another blast of flames towards the present-day Iceman's ice-sled. 'It's like, did I do something wrong? Is it cuz I wore bowling shoes unironically?' he asks. 'It isn't cuz I jokingly said Medusa's hair was “a bit much”? I could beat the Terrigen out of him if I didn't wanna kiss that stupid face!' past Bobby exclaims, while Pyro blasts another stream of fire upwards, 'You boys can silence me now, but I am just one of many mutants who will use force to bring this country – and the world – into the present!' Pyro shouts.

Present Bobby casts some cooling mist towards Pyro and suggests to his past self the best of both worlds idea – 'I beat  that star-crossed ghosting snot for making baby-me feel gloomy, and you kiss it better!' The two Bobbys meet on their ice-sleds and the past Bobby tells his present self that he is so sweet – or he is taking “self-involved” to meta levels. 'Knowing me knowing you, my guess is the latter' past Bobby remarks, to which the present Bobby points out that the two are not mutually exclusive. 'And I'm buttering you up for a favor' he admits. Present Bobby reveals that he got a text from their mom – the first since he hold her and their dad about the gay stuff, and somehow she found out about little Bobby – she wants them all to meet for dinner. 'I'm done turning the other cheek – it's time to claim our space from those who systemically keep mutants hiding in shame!' Pyro exclaims.

Both Icemans look down at him, 'Geez, you need to hog the spotlight or something? Didn't I kick your butt like a week ago?' he asks. 'Can't you see we're having a heart to heart!' past Bobby exclaims as he and his present self begin to cover Pyro in ice. Present Iceman even creates some ice-golems, which go over to Pyro and grab him, pinning him to the ground. 'Are you sure? I can say no if mom's gonna use you as a bartering tactic' present Bobby suggests. Past Bobby tells him not to worry about it, and that he is in. 'Ugh, unless they want to eat haggis or something...' he adds, before admitting that it will be trippy to see them all old and wrinkly. 'This is our Earth, and mutantkind is done playing pleasant with those who -' Pyro calls out, to which present Iceman calls back 'Seriously? No one cares what you have to say, you third-tier Australian sandbag of a bad guy!' while past Bobby adds 'You come back from the dead and this is how you choose to spend your time?'

Meanwhile, somewhere in Madripoor:

'But Daken, I don't wanna!' complains the young mutant called Zach as they walk down a rain-soaked alleyway. Daken looks at Zach and tells him that he doesn't care what he wants. 'Wanna earn your codename? Repeat my instructions' Daken tells him. Zach closes his eyes and repeats the instructions: 'Main table. Five minutes. Bring you the ring on the main guy's hand, and we can get onto the real mission. “Move swift as the wind and closely form as the wood -”' Zach replies, while Daken covers his ears, and then remarks 'Zach...remember the part where I don't care? Go get me that ring!' and he kicks Zach into the bar, where Zzach stumbles into the bar, which is empty, save for five men sitting around a table who look up at Zach. “Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak...” Zach utters, before deciding 'Whatever. Lights out' as energy radiates around his hands.

Zach then casts that energy towards one of the men, while standing on another. Outside, Daken leans against the bar wall, and reads from a book, '“Each individual can in his little circle participate in this leveling”...blach blah blah... “But it is an abstract process, and leveling is abstraction conquering individuality” Cute'. Back inside, Zach manages to topple a table, knocking it onto one of the men, as he punches another, 'Take that, loser!' Zach exclaims. Daken continues to read from the book: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced...”. One of the men is then thrown through the window, but Daken barely pays him any attention, until Zach returns outside, Daken places the book in his jacket pocket, and tells the man lying on the rain-covered alley to put his hands up. 'Yeah, hands where we can see 'em!' Zach exclaims. 'Child, shut up' Daken mutters.

'If it's money you want...' the man begins as he holds his hand up, and Daken starts to remove the ring from his finger, explaining that he has been eyeing it since he saw him on the street yesterday. 'Kind of tacky up close' Daken decides as he puts the ring on his own finger, before turning and walking back down the alley. Zach runs after him: 'What the frak? That ewasnt an ancient relic with magic elements?' he asks. 'Sweetie, you're the only thing I need for our big bang. I just wanted to see if you were ready for what's next' Daken explains, adding that they could probably use some spare goons. 'Snaaaap! You're always finding weird ways to teach me lessons! Like when you had me sleep outside for a week -' Zach calls out as he follows Daken, who puts his hands to his ears again and asks 'What did I say about talking?' Zach repeats what Daken said: “Don't speak unless spoken to – better yet, don't speak at all”. 'Solid advice. Stick to it'.

Meanwhile, the present day Bobby walks towards the restaurant where he is meeting his parents. As he walks there, he is texting Judah, who asks if there really is another Bobby out there in the world. Bobby replies that there is – and he doesn't want any smutty jokes – he has heard them all, and the other him is under age. “Ugh, fine” responds Judah, before asking if dinner will run for about three hours. “If I'm lucky” Bobby texts back, before Judah asks Bobby if he is telling his parents about the move. Bobby responds by telling Judah that if dinner goes well, he will, otherwise, it will be postcard from Venice that says “wish you were here”. Judah's next text suggests that Irish Catholic guilt seems waaay scarier than Jewish mom guilt. He wishes Bobby good luck, and sends kisses from afar.

Bobby enters the restaurant, and waves to his parents when he sees them: 'Mom! Dad! I'm over here! Hey!' he calls out. His father, William, groans, while his mother, Madeline, waves Bobby over and asks 'Wait, he's not with you?' Bobby touches his mother's shoulder and asks 'Bobby Lite's not here yet?' to which William mutters that they would have definitely seen him. Bobby offers to text his other self real quick, while a waiter approaches the table and hands some menus out, while asking the Drakes if they would like to hear the specials, and adds that water is coming momentarily. 'One more menu please, another me is coming' Bobby remarks, while texting his past self, asking “Where the duck r u?” as Madeline butters some bread, she tells Bobby that it is nice to see him. 'How have you been since -' she begins, as Bobby interrupts her: 'Went to LA. Mourned a dead friend. Fought Sentinels. That was just last Wednesday'. He then gets a response from past Bobby, who shows up as “Young Me” on Bobby's phone. The response reveals that he is in the bathroom, but that he can't see their parents yet, as something is wrong with him. Bobby looks over to the restroom and informs his parents that he has found the other him. 'Be right back' he tells them.

'No way, ice toddler. They will eat me alive if you're a no-show – oh' Bobby utters as he opens the door to the men's room and finds his younger self inside it, 'Help! I'm redefining cold feet!' young Bobby exclaims, hands raised, while present Bobby asks him why he is iced up. 'I can't change out of my ice form!' young Bobby explains, to which older Bobby grabs him and drags him out of the bathroom, remarking that he has dealt with being perma-icy before, he adds that the only way he will un-ice is by facing them. They go over to the table where their parents are sitting, 'Look who's a little embarassed by his frosted tips' present Bobby jokes, while past Bobby smiles and waves at them: 'Hi, Mom... hi, Dad... sorry for looking like... this' he remarks. The Drakes get up and rush over to him, 'Sweetie, you're just nervous is all. It's so good to see you again!' Madeline gushes. 'Do you need a coat or anything – would that warm you up?' William asks, smiling. Bobby frowns and pinches his arm, 'Nope...not a dream. Did my parents get woke?' he asks.

Madeline asks past Bobby if it was a long trip to get here from Madripoor, but he tells her that they have jets. 'Fancy! That's very nice of the x-people to fly out out...' Madeline adds, before pinching Bobby's frozen face and smiles at William, telling him that Bobby looks exactly like the old pictures. William smiles back and suggests that the kid needs some meat on his bones, but it is their boy. Present day Bobby raises an eyebrow and wonders if he is in the Mojoverse. 'Longshot, can you pop out now... please?' Bobby asks.

Shortly, food has been brought out and William tells the past Bobby 'The other Bobby tried to explain why you're here... science fiction be damned, I say you're a gift from God' William declares. “Other Bobby?” Bobby mutters, while the past Bobby smiles and asks if that makes him the time-displaced prodigal son. Bobby points his fork at his past self and tells him to watch out – if he keeps talking bible with Dad, he will never let him go. 'Could you imagine if I showed up to Sunday school like this?' young Bobby asks. 'I'd give you ten – no, fifteen dollars to do it!' present Bobby wagers. Madeline looks pleased, and tells past Bobby that he could, if he wanted – to come to church on Sunday, or come back home with them. 'Semi-estranged-mom-says-what?' past Bobby asks, wide-eyed. 'You could come back home with us. Finish high school. Pursue your dreams' Madeline suggests. William smiles at him and tells him that they have a room for him in a nice big house that he hasn't seen yet.

Bobby bursts into laughter and mutters that the bad guys were right – he is an idiot. 'What are you going on about?' William asks, frowning. 'This was a trap. I thought I was just being jealous – but you found a perfect version of your son to start over with. How are you gonna explain to everyone that I got all Benjamin Button?' Bobby asks. Madeline quickly points out that they live in a new neighborhood, so he could be their nephew that they are looking after. 'Wow. You've really thought this two are frickin' mental!' Bobby exclaims. 'Never mind that this is a smack in the face to me... do you even know what I wanted when I was his age? Cuz, truth bomb: it was never to stay in Long Island and get a job that gives you bragging rights!' Bobby declares. William grits his teeth and points out that this boy is a second chance for everyone, and calls Bobby “Robert”. 'Uh-oh, full name time -' Bobby mutters, as William tells him that he has proven his point that he is going to live life his way, so they can raise this boy right, and he can go on and save the world – it is a win-win.

'Hear me, Pops – Hank McCoy's time travel boo-boo is not a divine do-over for you. At the end of the day, this isn't my fight. It's his. What do you want, Bobby... BOBBY?' present day Bobby declares, before turning to where his past self is now even more frozen – completely covered in ice, and unmoving. 'Bobby! He's frozen himself!' Madeline gasps. 'Narrate the scene much, Mom?' Bobby asks. 'Don't talk to your mother that way, Robert!' William declares as they all look at the frozen Bobby. A waiter walks over and asks if everything is all right. 'Just peachy, thanks! I'm pretty sure I heard the table next to us say something about waiting on their syrah, though' Bobby tells him, before turning back to his past self and asking him what is going on. William asks Bobby if he can't use his powers to undo this. 'Everything's gonna be fine, son. We're on top of it!' he tells the past Bobby, while muttering at the present Bobby to fix him, as there is already more ice growing. 'Back off, Dad!' Bobby snaps, loud enough for the restaurant to go silent, and all the other patrons turn to the Drakes.

Bobby realizes what has happened and tells everyone in the restaurant to stop gawking. 'Like you've never seen a family from Long Island eating dinner' he mutters. Bobby wonders what Emma Frost would say to snap him out of this: “Weakling boy! You do not deserve the blessing of your mutant powers, vile sloth -” Bobby remarks, before realizing that tough love is not the answer here. He gets off his chair and kneels down beside his frozen past-self, 'C'mon baby Bobby...I think I know what's going on here. Mom and Dad, they can be big bad wolves, amirite. Lemme tell you something. They're paper tigers' Bobby remarks. Bobby smiles as he tells his past self that their parents have zero clue how hurtful their words are because they both come from a different generation. 'You just gotta trust me and make this a “turn the other cheek” moment. They just don't get it – who we are, what we wanna be'. Bobby adds.

Bobby leans in closer to his past self and adds 'They talk all about letting you pursue your dreams... but if they only knew what we wanted to be when I was your age – don't think for a minute I forgot, Mr pastry chef' Bobby jokes, adding that their parents will say something weird and old-school to make them feel guilty, just like he will always stick out his tongue at them and continue to do him. 'Just like Ill always be here for you' Bobby adds, before putting his hand on his past self's hand, 'Always' he assures him, as the ice begins to melt. 'Help me peel it off!' Bobby tells his parents. 'Is this safe?' Madeline asks as they begin peeling back the ice, Bobby tells his mother to pretend it is just some massive Avon skincare product. 'Note to self: research powers for skincare purposes' Bobby remarks, while deciding that they are not getting around to him switching coasts tonight.

Past Bobby smiles and continues to eat his meal, as Madeline exclaims 'Goodness! That was a scare!' while past Bobby asks what he missed. 'Yeah, right. You heard everything' present Bobby smirks. 'Now, be nice to your, uhh...younger self' Madeline tells Bobby, before she wraps her arms around the past Bobby, suggesting they just get a big bowl of spumoni and finish dinner like a civilized family. 'NO!' past Bobby exclaims. 'Excuse you?' William asks. Past Bobby gets to his feet and tells his present-day parents that they haven't changed one bit since he last saw them – except maybe they got weirder. He adds that he doesn't want to do this, and doesn't have to do this. 'You wanna spend time with a spare son? Do it on my terms!' he tells them, adding that next time, he will be in ice form on purpose – and he is bringing his boyfriend, whom he kisses in public. 'All right, all right -' present Bobby tells his past self, putting his hands on his younger self's shoulders, before leading past Bobby away, he tells his parents that he will get him to 90s-acceptable gay, while they handle the check, they can then take a family selfie and call it a night. 'You're siding with them?' past Bobby asks. 'Dude, calm down' present Bobby tells him.

Once outside, they leave two ice-sculptures of themselves outside the restaurant, and Bobby walks across the road, arm around his younger self's shoulders, he tells him that he gives it twenty minutes before their parents realize that isn't them. 'C'mon, lemme show you how to make the greatest sno-cone known to mankind. This may be my last lesson before I'm West Coast Iceman!' Bobby jokes.

Soon, at the Xavier Institute, present Bobby asks his past self if he is sure he doesn't want to come in. Past Bobby declines the offer, pointing out that it turns into a thing where he has to spend quality time with everyone, then he is there overnight, and then his team ends up on some entirely different continent without him. 'Your struggle is real' Bobby mutters, adding that he needs to have one more conversation tonight. 'If I can take Ma and Pa Drake down, I think I can handle a confrontation with Romeo' past Bobby decides, holding up his mobile phone. 'Yes! You're an omega-level mutant in the making. Use that power to scold your boyfriend' present Bobby jokes. 'Thanks. Good luck with the move. Seems like you need a change of scenery' past Bobby suggests. 'Love you, Micro Frosty' Bobby tells his past self. Bobby walks inside the mansion, but looks out as he sees past Bobby shouting down his phone: 'Romeo? This better not be a screened call – what gives? We face the end of the world together and you frickin ghost me?' Present Bobby smiles and decides that his past self will be fine.

Up in his room, Bobby lies on his bed. 'Gotta pack. Gotta grade papers. Gotta sleep' he tells himself, when suddenly, a shoe is thrown through his window, and lands on his stomach. He hears someone singing “Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today...” and looks out his window, smiling as he sees Judah standing on the front lawn, holding up a sign that reads “U UP?” 'Judah-flippin-Miller – what are you doing here?' Bobby asks. 'Freelance copywriter means I'm free to buy sneakers in the middle of the day... and work remotely while I spend time getting to know you!' Judah calls back. He starts to say that he wants to be a part of it – when suddenly, he is knocked to the ground by Colossus who lunges at him. 'Peter, no! That's my special friend!' Bobby calls out of his window.

At that moment, Daken walks through the busy night streets of New York City, singing “New York, New York...”

Characters Involved: 


Iceman (original time-displaced)


Judah Miller

Madeline & William Drake




Pyro II







Story Notes: 

Although this issue establishes Pyro as the original having returned from the dead, the storyline running parallel in X-Men Gold establishes Pyro as an unrelated character to the original.

Past Iceman has been having trouble getting hold of Romeo since X-Men Blue #2.

Iceman briefly fought Pyro at the end of Iceman (3rd series) #7.

William and Madeline Drake discovered there was a past version of Iceman in the present day last issue.

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