Iceman (3rd series) #9

Issue Date: 
March 2018
Story Title: 
The Apocalypse Seed, part 1

Sina Grace (writer), Robert Gill, (penciler), Robert Gill & Ed Tadeo (inkers), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Kevin Wada (cover artist), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Darren Shan (associate editor), Chris Robinson (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Bobby has been showing his special friend Judah Miller around New York, when they return to the X-Mansion for Bobby's farewell party. Oya and Michaela are out shopping for clothes for the party, when they notice Daken. At the party, Bobby and Judah mingle with all the guests, and Kyle Jinadu-Beaubier tries to give Judah advice on being with a super hero. Zach, calling himself Amp, returns and convinces all of the students tro go into the Danger Room, while Northstar talks to Bobby about how always knew Bobby was gay. Bobby and Kitty talk, but Kitty is still annoyed that Bobby is leaving for Los Angeles. She learns of trouble, and manages to get all of the guests to leave to a  nearby bar, while her X-Men team remains behind to deal with the problem. As Rictor leaves, he makes a pass at Iceman, who takes Judah to his room, wanting to hide him from any danger – but they find danger on the way as Daken attacks them in the hallway, as Zach locks the students in the Danger Room and sets a Savager Land scenario against them. Daken holds Bobby down, and Judah tries to help Bobby, while outside, Kitty and her team find themselves up against fake Purifiers. Daken then has Zach use his powers on him to power up the Death Seed inside him, giving him extra powers, and making him more dangerous than usual. Daken demonstrates this when he shoves his claws through Judah. Iceman battles Daken, but Daken is relentless, while Zach returns to the Danger Room to watch his former teammates suffer.

Full Summary: 

The Xavier Institute, where Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman approaches the X-Mansion with his special  friend, Judah Miller, who asks if Bobby's friends are cool with non-mutants. 'All these teams you mention – do they get all clique-y at parties?' he enquires. Bobby smiles as he promises Judah that “normies” are more than just Red Shirts to the X-Men. 'I hope there's a dad joke jar in there...' Judah adds, to which Bobby reminds Judah that he told him he shouldn't give two figs what his friends thought, and suggests he take his own advice. 'Just... steer clear of Kitty for a while' Bobby adds, informing Judah that he and Kitty had a bit of a disagreement regarding his motives for moving – which led to words where one of them – he won't say who – compared her haircut to a '90s era John Stamos. 'Yikes' Judah remarks. Bobby assures Judah that this going away party will go smoothly. 'I swear!' he exclaims.

Meanwhile, at Midtown Goodwill:

'Here we go! Welcome to Michaela Ladak's “Design on a Dime!” Idie!' the Xavier Institute student Michaela Ladak exclaims to fellow student Oya as they enter the goodwill store. Michaela jokes that a micro allowance from a single mother will thread out for ages here. 'No way we're sending Mister Drake off in jeans or leotards!' Michaela points out. Idie tells her that this is not going to work for her. Oya looks at an old sneaker and informs Michaela that Professor Drake was so kind to her when Logan was running the school, but tells Michaela that she doesn't have her power of making an outfit from a mishmash of separates. Michaela puts on a large coat and smiles, suggesting that Oya go find a dress, as rich ladies casually drop off the nicest things here when they upgrade labels.

Oya finds two dresses and holds them up, but Michaela calls out 'Double pass on those duds!' while Oya asks Michaela if she ever thinks about stuff like that – jobs, life after being at the X-Mansion. Oya informs Michaela that she doesn't have a home to go, but that Michaela doesn't have to be a full-time mutant. 'Especially with -' Oya begins, 'My lame powers?' Michaela frowns. 'No, it's not that at all!' Oya exclaims, but Michaela tells her that she gets it – projectile spit is tiddly winks next to fire fist – and ice fist. Michaela jokingly makes fists and throws them upwards. Oya tells Michaela that she knows she doesn't mean that about her powers. 'Remember where Professor Drake started -' Oya begins, but Michaela points out that is what Professor Drake says to all the new kids who couldn't win a fight against a banana slug. 'I don't need a hug about it' she adds.

Oya tells Michaela to relax, and that she has found her perfect outfit. Oya holds up a blue outfit, but Michaela exclaims that this is a grown-up party, not a high school kickback. Oya points out that Professor Drake would want Michaela to be herself. 'Pay attention to lesson plans much?' she adds. Michaela looks at the outfit again, 'Some bangles... some exposed-shoulder action... I'm seeing it' she decides, while Oya glances past Michaela and looks out the window, 'Hmm' she remarks. 'What's up?' Michaela asks. 'See someone pawing at your perfect dress?' Michaela enquires, to which Oya tells her that she thought she saw someone familiar – in a bad way. And although she may not recognize him, Daken can be seen walking past the goodwill store window.

Party o'clock at the X-Mansion, among the guests Colossus passes Old Man Logan, while Anole stands nearby, eating some food. Nature Girl, Nightcrawler, Doop and Quentin Quire talk at the bottom of the steps, while Rogue and Jubilee talk to the time-displaced Cyclops, Beast and Iceman. Bobby and Judah approach former New Mutants Cannonball and Magma, and Cannonball asks Bobby if he doesn't want to do a road trip, as they are the best. 'Even if Judah hadn't killed his frequent flyer miles to get our seats, you'd have to put Mudding on the table, Sam' Bobby replies. 'I tell you about micro-breweries, sand dunes, cicadas... and all you hold on to about the South is -' Cannonball begins, as Bobby tells him again that he wants to go to Mudding.

Northstar and his husband Kyle Jinadu-Beaubier join the group, and Kyle tells Judah 'They go on and on about saving the world, getting out of mind traps or parallel dimensions...but pay a bill on time? It's like baby – Dormammu doesn't affect setting up autopay!' to which Bobby replies 'So true, Kyle'.

The front door opens, 'Zach! What the hell! I thought you got kidnapped by Daken! The X-Men found you?' Benjamin Deeds asks as he stands with Hindsight. '...YES. They... found me, Benji. Yeah' Zach claims. 'You know that girl – the one who dresses like Adidas did a collaboration with Skittles?' Zach asks. 'You mean Michaela?' Benjamin asks. 'Sure. She said to make sure all the students head to the Danger Room for some surprise thing for Iceman' Zach claims. Northstar approaches Bobby and tells him that now everything is out in the open, part of him thinks he knew, but lied to himself because he didn't want to project. 'Mm-hmm' Bobby replies. Northstar informs him that he and Kyle have even had a talk about it. 'Me?' Bobby asks. 'Yeah. He was threatened! X-Man crush is his ultimate fear!' Northstar explains, he and Bobby unaware that Zach is watching them. Northstar reveals that Kyle still feels insecure that he can't relate to this part of their lives. He is about to add something else, when Bobby tells him that he has to tap out of gay talk for a sec. 'We've got two more drinks before we're done!' Northstar grins, but Bobby tells him to give him a second.

Bobby approaches Kitty Pryde, they greet each other, and Bobby tells her that he is glad they remember their names. 'Thanks for doing all this' Bobby adds. 'Thank the caterer' Kitty tells him. Bobby tells Kitty that he knows she doesn't agree with him leaving, and asks her if she can't pretend to be supportive tonight. 'NO!' Kitty shouts, causing everyone in the foyer of the mansion to turn to her. 'Because I'm the only person here who's actually being honest with you. Just cuz life is easier in LA doesn't mean moving there for a guy is the right thing to do. You belong here, Bobby' Kitty adds, to which Bobby tells her that he is not moving to LA for a boy, and reminds Kitty that he is not a team and she can't lead him. 'It's not like I've been fighting to reclaim my life so I can hang around here as your gay best friend' Bobby mutters. 'Ugh' Kitty groans, before telling Bobby that his need for drama will get him into a reality series in no time. She jokes that “Iceman Takes LA” will be a hit, she is sure. Her phone beeps and she announces that she has to go, as duty calls.

Judah goes over to Bobby and tells him that his friend Forge just used his robo-leg to make him a drink. He sees Kitty and asks where the black cloud came from. 'Don't worry about it' Bobby tells Judah, while Kitty informs everyone that she has received a noise complaint, and tells them that while getting a noise complaint in Central Park is ridiculous, but they have been trying to cooperate with the city. She suggests that it is no big deal and that someone find a bar nearby and they can all head there for an early after-party! As Storm walks down the stairs, Kitty asks her if she can chat. Kitty quietly tells Storm that there is a big problem – Purifiers are surrounding the perimeter of the school. She instructs Storm to get Peter and the others ready.

As many of the guests start to leave, Rictor walks over to Bobby and tells him that he can't stick around, but wanted to tell him that he and Shatterstar have been on a break – maybe for good. 'If you're back in New York and single... hit me up' Rictor suggests. 'On a scale of one to “flattered” on the Rictor scale, I'm at an eight!' Bobby replies. 'A sense of humor. I miss that!' Rictor remarks as he carries on.

'Yo, Russian Dumpling. What's really going on?' Bobby asks as Colossus approaches him. Colossus informs Bobby that Kitty didn't want him worrying, but that there is a mild thread. He asks Bobby to stay here while they handle it. 'And Bobby? She just wants to know that she matters to you' Colossus adds. Bobby frowns, before he and Judah walk upstairs. 'We're not going with everyone to the bar?' Judah asks. Bobby tells him that they aren't just yet, as he is going to play X-Man one last time and tag along with Kitty's team. 'Sidebar: I think I just got hit on!' he adds.

Bobby and Judah walk down a corridor, as Bobby tells Judah that he wants to stash him in his room with a few makeshift ice weapons, just in case. 'It's cute watching you internally debate whether I'm a damsel or a sidekick' Judah tells Bobby, who points out that Judah has the wifi password, and he should be back within an hour. 'You're totally safe here' Bobby assures Judah, unaware that Daken us up ahead, around the corner, grinning when he sees Bobby and Judah.

Meanwhile, in the Danger Room, Doop hovers over several students who have gathered there including the Stepford Cuckoos, Nature Girl, Eye-Boy, Rockslide, Genesis, Quentin Quire, Benjamin Deeds, Anole and Glob Herman. 'I'm still confused' Genesis calls out. 'We're going to surprise Mr Drake? It's not his birthday'. Celeste Cuckoo mutters 'If this going-away party stays on theme: Iceman's greatest X-moments... complete with Tori Amos songs'. Nature Girl looks around and remarks that this doesn't feel right, while Eye-Boy asks 'When are the adults getting here'. Suddenly, the Danger Room is plunged into darkness. 'Now this isn't right!' Nature Girl exclaims. 'Seven minutes in heaven!' Eye-Boy jokes. A red light glows in the Danger Room, as the computer recording announces that a maximum-intensity scenario has been initiated. 'Aw, hell' Eye-Boy mutters, before the students find themselves in a Savage Land scenario, with Sauron flyin towards them. 'That should keep your nerds busy...' Zach grins as he watches from nearby.

Carrying on down the corridor, Bobby explains to Judah that there is a batch of Purifiers doing an encore of “storm the Mansion”. 'If for some reason you run into one, ask what their favorite psalm is to buy time -' Bobby suggests, when he is interrupted by Daken: 'Expert advice, much cunning' Daken jokes. Daken leans against the hallway wall and jokes that he is loving Bobby's idea of a party – very ABC Family. 'I suspect my invite got lost in the paperless post?' he adds. 'Daken!' Bobby exclaims, but as he raises his hands to fire some ice at Daken, he finds himself powerless. 'Oh no – your powers!' Daken grins. 'One mutant's my treasure!' Daken calls out as he slams Bobby up against the wall, pinning him down with his arm digging into Bobby's neck. 'Sup, teach' Zach smiles as he walks towards them. 'Do I look like a dead and used-up pawn to you?' Zach jokes. 'You like like a Daken clone, Zach' Bobby calls out as he tries to push Daken off of him. 'It's Amp, now' Zach announces, before telling Bobby that he can't get under his skin anymore. 'I've leveled up so much, I didn't even have to concentrate to turn down the security systems here' Amp boasts.

Bobby tells Daken and Zach that clearly he has affected them both,, even though they distracted all his friends and have him in an unfair fight. 'Real upstanding Zach' Bobby snaps. 'It's Amp!' Zach protests, when suddenly, 'Bobby – now!' Judah exclaims as he lunges towards Daken in attempt to help Bobby escape, but Daken just turns to Judah and grabs him by his neck, 'Oh, lookit. A damsel, to be sure' Daken snarls. He turns back to Bobby, who he still has pinned up against the wall and remarks 'Training wheels are barely off and you land some grade-A kosher beef, Icepop. I'm impressed'. Bobby frowns at Daken and tells him to leave Judah out of this. 'Does that ever work? “Leave him alone!” Waaaah!' Daken retorts, before asking Bobby 'Did you leave me along when I was trying to have a civil conversation with Amp a few weeks back?' Daken adds that he doesn't think Zach wants him to leave him alone. 'Isn't that right, Judah?' Daken asks, turning back to Judah, who is unable to answer as Daken holds him tightly by his neck. 'I bet you miss being touched by someone who actually knows what he's doing' Daken asks, and Judah tells him that his skin feels really good.

Outside on the campus grounds:

'Storm, status report?' Kitty asks as she phases through a tree and knocks one of the Purifiers on the head, as Nightcrawler teleports onto him, grabs his gun, and teleports away. Storm's voice can be heard over the communicator, informing Kitty that they found another batch swarming the back. Kitty asks Storm if she notices anything funny about their attack patterns. 'That there is none?' Storm replies, as she fires a bolt of lightning which takes out two of the Purifiers. Colossus' armored form protects him from a Purifier who opens fire at him. Nightcrawler then teleports onto that Purifier, grabs the weapon and telepors away, while Kitty points out that Purifiers are not this showy unless they have an audience, or the upper hand. 'Aww, #$%&' the Purifier who Colossus grabs utters, before he is thrown across the field, and slams into a tree. 'My anti-mutant religious zealot just tried to use his mutant powers on me?' Colossus asks, and Kitty announces that they have been set up.

Back inside, Daken kisses Judah, then tosses him to the floor, 'Nothing. No spark. Romance is dead' he declares, releasing Iceman as well. 'That word. “Nothing”. It defines my whole life. And afterlife. And life again' Daken remarks as he paces the corridor, stating that he has been a killer, a pawn, a “goody” guy, a “bad” guy – and this mortal coil has taught him that beyond absolute power, everything else is nothing. 'Then there' you, Bobby – the shining paragon of optimism. Took a long time to shake your dumb lessons out of Little Z... who's instrumental to my “get out of jail free” card' Daken announces.

Daken grits his teeth and declares that he has an Apocalypse-y Death Seed in him, which, if he were following the rules, means that one day he ends up being a pawn again. He adds that there is all this potential power inside him, but he doesn't get to use it unless he is servicing a demigod with blueberry fruit roll-up for skin. 'Rules are dumb'. Daken puts his hands on Amp's shoulders and asks him if he is ready to make him proud – to find the Seed's energy, amp it until he finds a chance in the air, keep the Apocalypse of it all down. 'We got this!' Zach smiles. 'Atta-boy' Daken tells Zach, before turning back to Iceman: 'Namaste. Catch you on the other side, Icedork' Daken grins, while Iceman warns Daken that he has no idea what the Death Seed will do – but too late, as Amp begins to use his powers on Daken, Bobby is knocked backwards by a surge of energy 'Oh my God...' a wide-eyed Bobby utters,, as Daken's shirt is torn off his body, revealing a dull gray colored skin, as Daken pops his claws. 'God's not here, but his powers are. Need a pop culture reference to cue being scared as #$%&, or am I enough for you?' Daken asks.


Daen turns to Amp and asks him how he is doing. Amp tells Daken that this is his first time playing tug-o-war with the power levels, the Seed wants more noise, but he can handle it. 'Good...cuz I'm feeling great!' Daken exclaims. He adds that all his research on the Death Seed has talk of previous Horsemen needing to die, or a catastrophe of some sort to start this fire. 'Hope you got a fridge big enough for him!' Daken jokes as he grabs Judah and shoves his claws through Judah's back, they protrude through his stomach. 'NO!' Bobby shouts as he rushes towards Daken and Judah. 'You want me angry? Here's payback!' Iceman exclaims as he attempts to punch Daken, who easily dodges him. Daken grabs Bobby's fists, and instructs Amp to give Iceman his powers, as he wants to test drive him before he takes on X-Men Mauve or whatever. 'Oh, and check in on Generation Forgettable. If they're not dead yet – make it so'.

Bobby growls as he ices-up, 'There's my little snowflake!' Daken mocks, while Amp boasts that he is gonna make Daken proud, and pops a pill into his mouth, remarking that he needs a little MGH boost to make sure he stays in check. Iceman creates an ice-sled and speeds along the corridor, trapping Daken in a large ice-ball, he pushes Daken down the corridor and off the mezzanine, where he falls down to the foyer. The ice-ball shatters, and Daken gets to his feet, 'Maybe let's just do this all night, then I'll kill everyone else in the morning' he suggests, before Iceman, in a large, bulky ice form, leaps towards Daken. 'Uh-oh. He swole now' Daken jokes, as Bobby punches him hard in the face. Daken smiles and asks Iceman how his friends got this power out of him. 'Fwiendship and miwacles?' he mocks. Iceman angrily tells Daken that he is a fool if he thinks he can control the Death Seed. 'Listen to me -'Iceman calls out, but Daken exclaims 'Boo, hero speech, boo' and as Iceman lunges  at him, Daken knocks him to the ground. 'Now – my turn!' Daken calls out as he stands on Iceman and puts his foot to Iceman's neck.

Amp enters the Danger Room control booth and the MGH has clearly taken effect. He laughs and tells himself that he can see it all so clearly now, as the Seed is starting to affect him, too – he knows he can't let that happen, but doesn't want to let Daken down, so he starts to release the power he has absorbed into the Danger Room, where the other students are struggling against Sauron and a horde of dinosaurs!


Characters Involved: 


Judah Miller

Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Kitty Pryde, Storm (all X-Men)



Bling, Eye-Boy, Hindsight II, Kid Omega, Morph II, Nature Girl (all Generation X)

Anole, Genesis II, Glob Herman, Michaela Ladak, Oya, Rockslide, Stepford Cuckoos (all X-Men students)

Cannonball, Magma, Rictor

Northstar & Kyle Jinadu-Beaubier


Beast, Cyclops, Iceman (all time-displaced original X-Men)



Zach / Amp



Story Notes: 

Kyle Jinadu was last seen in Amazing X-Men (2nd series) #13.

Northstar had feelings for Iceman when he first joined the X-Men, but Iceman did not return those feeling [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #415]

Rictor and Shatterstar were most recently seen in New Tian in Secret Warriors (2nd series) #3, although there was no mention of their relationship status.

Daken and Amp were last seen in Iceman (3rd series) #4.

Daken mentions Bobby having a big enough fridge for Judah, referencing “Women in Refrigerators” which is a term used to describe the way a male super hero's girlfriend is treated – usually killed – as a way of adding character development to the male super hero.

Iceman dealt with his own Death Seed in Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #62-65.

Daken quotes liberally from “The Princess Bride”.

Written By: