Imperial Guard #2

Issue Date: 
February 1997
Story Title: 
Up from the Depths

Brian Augustyn (writer), Chuck Wojtkiewicz (penciler), Ray Snyder (inker), Brad Vancata (colorist), Graphic Color Work (separations), Phil Felix (letterer), Terry Kavanagh (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The Imperial Guard have been chained by the Underground Militia and their power are dampened by some strange radiation. Suddenly Commando develops superstrength and frees his teammates. Also he is mentally guided by a strange voice that reveals the Militia to be pink Kree posing as humans. As it turns out, the pink Kree are an unwanted Kree subrace, that were banished from Hala and did not die in the Nega Bomb explosion. Now Primus their leader is determind to bring vengeance to the Kree enemies, starting with earth. Rick Jones too is haunted by the voice in his dreams. It tells him that he will become the first human being to unlock his true potantial and suddenly Jones transforms into a being of green energy.

Full Summary: 

The Imperial Guard are chained and tied up in the secret base of the Underground Militia. Upon waking up Nightside at first believes that her greatest fear has happened, that she finally has been consumed by the dark energies that all members of her race wield, but finally she remembers that the Imperial Guard were defeated in battle (last issue). All Guardsmen are weakened caused by some stangely glowing machine; only Commando seems to be calm. Suddenly the Kree Guardsmen realizes that he hears a voice in his head, reminding him of a heritage of power. Without fgully understanding what happens to him, Commando feels stronger than before and is able to shred his bonds. Commando frees the other Guard members, and they suprise attack the unsuspecting Militia. Even though Gladiator is still weak from the energy field, the team is able to escape from the sewers before the Milita can use their radiation weapon again.
In Washington Square Park is reporter Annie Thomas broadcasting live. She tells that the audience about the earlier battle. The pro-human Underground Militia were battled by a group of aliens and neither group seemed to concerned about innocent bystanders. Ms. Thomas continues with an interview with Rick Jones, expert on superhumans. After some chatting, Rick says that he is glad that the Guard is on erath as many heroes are currently not present to defend the planet, and he is positive that their purpose is just to aid humanity and not to rule it, like the Underground Militia claims. He tries to go into further detail but Annie cuts him off, as their time is up. After the broadcasting ends she asks him why Rick doen’t write a book about his intresting life, but he replies that this would remind everybody that he only is the sidekick, although he at least for once wants to be the hero himself.
Primus and Tellis are talking about their well going recruitment drives. From their conversation it becomes clear that they are not humans but pink skinned Kree, eager to avenge the annihilation of their race. Ironically the pink skinned Kree did not perish in the Nega Bomb explosion during Operation : Galactic Storm, as they were exiled from Hala many generations ago.

The pink Kree had been sent to the mining planet Daccara, where they had to work for the blue skinned officers for many generations. Their only thought was to get home, and although the descendants never saw Hala themselves they dreamed about reclaim the planet one day. Finally they got their chance when during the war with the Shi’Ar most of the blu skinned government were recalled home. Only a few remained; not enough to stop a revolte led by Primus. He and a few of his friends took one of the reamining starships and travelled to Hala, but when they arrived they found the planet dead as the Nega-Bomb had killed most of it’s population. Robbed of their vengeance on the people that oprssed them for so long, Primus decided to defeate the Kree Empire’s enemies and rebuild it in his image. After learning that the Avengers had slain the Supreme Intelligence, he decided to start with taking over earth.

The Imperail Guard have made it back to their headquarter and a new holographic message from Lilandra comes in. The Empress narrates that the Empire is in war with the Phalanx, but still she wishes the Guard to stay on earth as she has been alerted to a threat that could consume both Shi’Ar and earth. Before she can explain more, the transmission is cut off. The Guard wonder what kind of threat could be located on earth, as suddenly Commando states that he is sure that the Underground Militia are pink Kree only posing as humans. Ther others are not familiar with Kree history and so M-Nell explains that this subrace were banished from Hala decades ago, however when asked how he uncovered their true identities, Commando can give no answer. Based on their new knowledge, the guard can easily locate the Kree Militia as their aliens wavelengths stick out. The Guard depart to fight them once more. Uptown Primus and his friends are recruiting more unspuspecting citzens as the Guardsmen show up. The Militia is taken by surprise and the Imperial Guard defeat most of them in minutes, however Primus and a few others escape. The Kree leader is angered that his plans have been crossed, if he can’t have earth he will destroy it.
Somewhere else Rick Jones awakens. He opens his eyes and finds himself floating in the Negative Zone. He panicks but then hears a calming voice, that reveals that Rick is still dreaming. The voice goes on and says that humanity is ready to realize it’s full potewntial within them. Rick Jones will be the first to do so. Suddenly Jones feels the power within him and transforms into a being of green energy. Far away, Commando explains to Gladiator that he just sensed something huge waking up.

Characters Involved: 

Commando, Earthquake, Electron, Flashfire, Gladiator II, Mentor II, Nightside, Oracle (all Imperial Guard)

Lilandra, Shia’Ar Majestrix, in a holographic transmission

Annie Thomas, reporter

Rick Jones

Primus, Tellis (both Kree Underground Militia)

Supreme Intelligence of the Kree, only as a telepathic voice

Story Notes: 

The mentioned war between the Shi’Ar and the Phalanx can be found in Uncanny X-Men #343-345.

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