Imperial Guard #3

Issue Date: 
March 1997
Story Title: 
A mad god awakens !

Brian Augustyn (writer), Chuck Wojtkiewicz (penciler), Ray Snyder (inker), Brad Vancata (colorist), Graphic Colorworks (separations), Janice Chiang (letterer), Terry Kavanagh (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The Imperial Guard search the sewers headquarter of the Underground Militia and learn that Primus is about to launch a Nega-Reactor built out of radiactive material taken from the ruins on Hala. Rick Jones follows the voice in his mind and is led to the reactor too, after being powered up to the green energy form he dreamed about. Together the Guard and Jones can contain the explosion. Mentor erects a forcefield and Rick absorbs all of it’s output into himself. The other Guard members then fuse the breached reactor containing radiactive waste shut and throw it into outer space. Believing the fight over the assembled heroes are enjoying their victory, but suddenly the energy erupts out of Rick and reforms itself into the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree. All was only a ploy to get re-assembled again and now the Intelligence plans to reside on earth to await the mutation of the few Kree survivors that did not die from the Nega bomb during Operation : Galactic Storm. Commando tries to oppose the Supreme Intelligence, but it teleports away; anyway he now is wholeheartedly accepted by his fellow gaurdsmen. Rick Jones, back to baseline human, returns home.

Full Summary: 

The Imperial Guard search for the remaining leaders of the Kree Underground Militia. Oracle’s telepathy can only confirm that they are somwhere in the sewers and the mysterious voice in Commando’s mind has gone silent, so the team decides to search for them by entering the tunnels.
In a cafe, Rick Jones talks to his wife Marlo about the dream he had last night. He is positive that it was more than a dream and that the voice spoke truth when it told him of a great power within him. Rick is eager to become a hero and earth’s new champion and he leaves although Marlo tries to talk him out of it.
In a secret location of the Militia base, Primus reveals to his followers that he has built a Nega-Reactor. He used radiactive material harvested from the ruins of Hala and now prepares to let the device explode. He believes that he himself and the other pink Kree are immune to the radiation as they have been born and raised in the mining colony and had to face radiaton for their whole lives. However not all of his followers believe Primus and some run away. Nearby the Imperial Guard is browsing the tunnels in search for their adversaries as they met one of the defectors. He quickly fills them in about Primus‘ plan, but as they get nearer to the radiation plant all but Commando are weakened again by the energy output.
Not far away, Rick Jones too has entered the sewers guided by the mysterious voice in his head. It promises that Rick await a destiny of great power, and all that he has to do is defeat the madman that is currently guarding most of that power. However the voice is able to activate the portion that is already available and Rick transforms into a green energy being like last night in his dreams.
The Imperial Guard have reached the reactor but it seems ready to blow and they wonder what they can do to prevent the imminent explosion. Even Mentor with his thinking ability is unable to find a solution when Rick Jones flies in. He reveals that he was guided by a voice to come here, which now tells him that he can absorb the reactor’s energy output into himself. Commando suspects that this is the same voice that contacted him, but neither man has a clue to it’s identity. As the reactor blows Mentor erects a forcefield that leads all of the energy towards Rick Jones, who soaks up every little bit of radiation, making him fell like Bruce Banner must have felt when he first became the Hulk. Another problem arises as the reactor itself still is full of radioactive waste and needs to be dealt with. Gladiator orders Electron to magnetically lift the reactor out of the water, and then Commando, Flashfire and Gladiator himself use their powers to heat it up and melt it into a single fused block. The Guard’s leader then lifts it into the atmosphere and hurls the massive block into space; however the contact with the deadly material leaves him drained and he needs to be saved from falling by teammate Commando.
Back below New York, Rick Jones enjoys his vast power, but suddenly the energy erupts out of him. The green signatures circle around and after every little bit has left poor Rick, the image of the Kree’s Supreme Intelligence forms. Jones is annoyed as he realizes that he has been used and manipulated, while Primus ofgfers his services to the Kree god. Apparently the Supreme Intelligence has no longer need of the pink Kree and hurls a dealy bolt at Primus. Gladiator wonders what transpires and why the Intelligence reforms on earth. The answer is that after having allowed the Negabomb to be released on Hala, it was to jumpstart Kree evolution again. The alien race had reached a genetic dead end, but with facing such a disaster it knew, that a small percentage of Kree would adapt and mutate in further generations, even though 90 % died. Now the Supreme Intelligence wants to await these mutations of Kree generations while residing on earth . Commando, one of the Kree survivors, can’t believe his ears. Their own leader was responsible for the genocide ! He starts to fight the Intelligence and his fellow Guardsmen join the battle. However the Supreme Intelligence has no intention of fighting and vanishes into thin air, knowing that opther Kree will proudly join it unlike Commando.
The Imperial Guard are proud of their latest addition to their ranks and after earlier having their suspictions of a Kree in their midst, Commando is now whole-heartedly accepted by the team. Rick Jones leaves disappointed, hoping that Marlo will forgive him. Left behind is a very angry Primus lurking in the shadows of the sewers.

Characters Involved: 

Commando, Earthquake, Electron, Flashfire, Gladiator II, Mentor II, Nightside, Oracle (all Imperial Guard)

Rick Jones

Marlo, Rick’s wife

Primus (Kree Underground Militia)

Supreme Intelligence of the Kree

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