New Exiles #6

Issue Date: 
July 2008
Story Title: 
The Course of True Love!

Chris Claremont (writer), Roberto Castro (penciler), Scott Hanna & Gary Martin (inkers), Wil Quintana (colorist), Simon Bowland (letterer), Joe Sabino (production), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (senior editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Davis & Mark Farmer (cover)

Brief Description: 

Cat, Sage and Domenic make their way to the prince’s castle. Along the way Diana Fox confronts Sage and much to Sage’s surprise Cat sees her too. Also, things aren’t as medieval as they seem as Prince Domenic has a cell phone and they are eventually picked up by a helicopter. When they arrive at the palace Domenic and his mother share terse words over her attempts at Marysal’s life. Speaking of Marysal, an assassin named Venger sets up in a sniper position and takes aim. He fires and Marysal takes a round to the neck. Morph quickly rises to her defense and he and Venger battle. Marysal breaks it up with a fire attack and then takes the opportunity for her and Morph to fly away. They don’t get far before Venger chases them down in a plane. He fires some rockets in their direction. Eventually Marysal is able to maneuver above Venger and then drop right on top of his plane. All three of them crash into the ground. Marysal is wiped out, but Morph and Venger continue to battle. Sage and Domenic enter the fray, but they’re no match for the mercenary. After besting his three opponents Venger uses the prince’s sword to skewer Marysal. The king gets in the way and is stabbed through the chest. Sage takes the opportunity to shoot Venger in the shoulder. Venger, ever resourceful, teleports away. Days later, Venger still hasn’t been and found and Marysal is healed. In fact, Marysal is transformed into a human, an ability dragons have to transform in the occasion of true love. The queen is pleased that her son has found true love and is regretful of her earlier actions. Moments later a portal opens above them and the Exiles are sucked into it. Finally back at the Palace the three Exiles meet their newest teammate Gambit and further their resolve to save the Omniverse. Back on Earth #8396 Madame Hydra tracks down Venger and asks him to join her crew in taking over the Omniverse.

Full Summary: 

Earth #8396

Cat, Sage and Prince Domenic begin their trek toward the royal palace. General chit-chat takes place as is the norm with any long journey. The discussion turns toward the prince and his love for the lady dragon, Marysal. Cat pretty much throws it out there how weird it must be to have a relationship with a dragon. Prince Domenic doesn’t seem to take offense, instead telling Cat he doesn’t care, that he found his soul mate pure and simple.
Domenic does voice his frustrations over his parents. He doesn’t know why they don’t understand. Cat thinks they might want to have grandkids someday. Domenic says they’ll work it out and points out that stuff like this has happened before. Cat pesters him further, asking if it’s happened to anyone he knows or if they’re just “stories of legend.” Domenic looks a bit dejected and tells Cat he loves Marysal and to have faith.
Cat realizes the error of her ways and mentally chastises herself for busting Domenic’s chops. She acknowledges she should just be happy for him. She just can’t get a handle on things, including the fact that she’s suddenly beautiful.
Sage stares at the two as they continue their discussion. She recognizes Cat is having difficulty with this new world like herself. Sage is glad she was finally able to shut out Cat and Morph’s thoughts, but unfortunately not Domenic’s. It turns out Cat’s words did do some damage to his mindset. He’s worried about the whole “kids” thing and wishes he and Marysal could just run away together. Sage echoes the prince’s thoughts and then is distracted by a jet flying overhead.
Sage has a brief moment to ponder the bizarre existence of an aircraft in this medieval landscape when Diana Fox visits her again. Fox tells Sage she looks tired and asks if she wants to take a rest and let her handle things for a while. Then for a moment, it seems as though Diana gains strength. Sage reels back in shock and yells for her to get out of her head. She leaps at Diana’s image, telling her she’ll never claim her body or soul. However, in reality, she leaps through a phasing Cat.
Sage lies on the ground distraught. Cat and Domenic help her back to her feet. Diana promises she won’t quit until she’s won her body forever and with that, vanishes. Domenic asks Sage who she was yelling at. Sage blames her vivid imagination, something she wishes she could be rid of. Next, her eyes lock with Cat’s and the look on Cat’s face says it all. She saw Diana too. Sage wonders how.
A loud ringing sound interrupts the moment. The girls ask what that is and Domenic apologizes, for he forgot all about his cell phone… with 374 messages on it. Cat smiles and calls him a popular guy. Domenic gets to work on his phone and moments later a large helicopter touches down in front of them. Domenic asks if they have any objections to a ride.
Marysal’s Cave

Marysal stirs her pan of food before gently placing it back down on the stove. Morph notes the aura of sadness about her. It’s been there ever since the prince left. Morph comes up with the brilliant idea to morph into something that will cheer her up. He starts with a long nose, followed by pointed teeth. Moments later he’s transformed into a similarly sized, white dragon. Marysal eyes him up, but doesn’t seem impressed.
Morph’s dragon ears sag as he explains he was only trying to make her feel better. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness, promising to never do it again. Marysal starts laughing at the pathetic display before her. Morph smiles, mission accomplished.
They move out onto an open bluff. Marysal tells Morph that was the silliest transformation she’s ever seen. Morph is taken aback; Marysal speaks English. What did he think, Marysal asks, the prince and her used sign language? Morph admits their world is full of surprises. Marysal asks if he’s visited other realities. When Morph says he has Marysal is eager to hear more.
Not too far in the distance a mercenary named Venger has found a spot, hidden amongst the craggy crevices of the mountain. He cocks his rifle, the scope sights dead center on Marysal’s face.
the Castle

300 km away the helicopter carrying Cat, Sage and Domenic arrives and the Exiles are shocked to find a city of such an advanced design sprawled out before them. The helicopter touches down and Domenic leads Cat and Sage inside the palace. They’re greeted upon arrival by the king and queen.
The king welcomes his son with open arms. He asks after his lady friends and Domenic introduces them, explaining he owes them his life. The king welcomes them into his court. The king also notices Cat looking a little pale and asks if she’s ok. Cat doesn’t answer, but instead looks out at all the people staring at her. She’s never had that type of attention before. She feels scared, but doesn’t want it to stop. Sage meanwhile, struggles with the tsunami of thoughts hammering at her head. She finds it hard to focus.
It’s the queen’s turn and she asks for some privacy. Domenic refuses, telling his mother his friends stay be his side. She admonishes her son for his tone. Domenic throws it right out into the open, telling his mother he’s not pleased with her for trying to kill Marysal. The king tries easing the tension, but neither side is listening.
Marysal’s Cave

Marysal is blasted by sniper fire right in the neck. Morph leaps back into dragon mode, stressing out about Marysal and his failure at protecting her. He punches through the mountain, scattering rocks everywhere. Morph’s ready to go on the offensive, but is caught off guard and ensnared in a very large net. Morph, completely wrapped up, falls to the ground.
Venger approaches the two. When he reaches Morph he rubs it in that he’s got better moves. Morph returns to his old self and finds his way free of the net. He tells Venger the fat lady hasn’t sung yet and moves in for some hand to hand. Morph delivers a powerful overhand left followed by a back handed fist that rocks Venger backwards.
Morph knows any mistake he makes might cost him big time. He charges forward and is surprised when he’s clawed across the chest. Morph yells out in anguish and stares down at the tears in his uniform. Venger gets up, smiling, weapon in hand. He tells the “albino” to consider that a fair exchange for his blows. He tells Morph he’s fought many people before and is prepared for anything.
Venger has no time to continue his assault as Marysal unleashes a torrent of fire from her mouth. As Venger takes cover behind a large rock she calls him a murderer and boasts she’ll see the crows dance on his bones. Marysal then tells Morph to hold on tight as it’s time for them to run.
Morph grabs her foot and the two of them take to the air. Morph asks who that guy was. Marysal says he’s an assassin, and that he killed three of her family. Morph tells her to buy him a little time to put his body together. Marysal informs him that “time” is the thing they have least of.
Sure enough a rocket goes flying by them, Marysal narrowly dodging the airborne explosive. Morph spots a plane bearing down on them along with two more rockets headed their way. They make contact and a large cloud of smoke envelops them. Venger smiles widely, confident the dragon has nowhere to run and no way to escape.
On the ground below an air-raid siren goes off. The king explains it’s used to warn the people of an approaching dragon. Sage is overcome with so many thoughts. She senses the Air Force scrambling their fighters, but she knows they won’t make it on time.
While above, Marysal attempts some of her best maneuvering, but Venger keeps right on her. Marysal then heads straight upward and then suddenly goes limp. Her purpose becomes clear when she lands on top of Venger’s plane. With the plane damaged and Morph now on board Venger seems to be in trouble. Sure enough, the plane crashes along with Marysal.
As she lies on the ground Marysal confesses her strength is exhausted. Venger doesn’t seem to notice as he continues the battle with Morph. He takes his multi-arsenaled weapon and fires a mini-rocket at him. Morph stretches his body out of the way and the rocket passes harmlessly by. Morph then grabs his fancy gun and breaks it in half. He follows that up with a devastating uppercut to Venger’s jaw.
Nearby, Domenic comes rushing after his Marysal. He cries out her name in anguish. The king hears his son and knows it’s true love. He tells his wife that their son is in love.
Meanwhile, the battle rages on. Venger switches into hand-to-hand mode and lays it on Morph. He calls Morph a fool for thinking he needed to rely on his weapons. He gut-punches Morph and follows it up with a drop kick that sends the Exile to the ground hard.
Sage joins the party, but her attack against Venger is avoided. He smiles, not believing this woman to be much of a challenge. Venger leaps toward Sage, but she’s prepared and delivers a powerful punch that erases the grin right off his ugly mug.
Venger wipes his mouth and compliments Sage on her skills. He then grabs her by the collar and slams her to the ground. He runs over and grabs her by the back of her head. He bashes her face into the ground and blood starts running from the corner of her mouth. Venger walks off and tells her she’s lucky; he always deals with business before pleasure. He assures her he’ll be back to finish her later.
The king is alarmed at everything going on. He wonders why his security hasn’t arrived. He’s afraid someone will get hurt. The queen looks worried too and she admits she didn’t think it would go down like this. She then spots her son entering the playing field and can’t believe what he’s doing.
Sure enough, Domenic gets between Marysal and Venger, sword drawn. Venger tells him to get out of the way, otherwise he might get mad and forget about the gold he was promised. He then manhandles the young prince, disarming him and knocking him aside in one swift movement.
In a form of bitter irony, Venger takes the prince’s sword and hurls it at the exhausted Marysal. She can only watch with weary eyes as the blade sails toward her face. Then out of nowhere the king leaps in the way and tastes cold steel. The sword enters his chest and he falls to his knees. The king admits it hurts more than he thought. His voice starts to fail him as does his strength and he collapses against Marysal.
The queen calls out to him, completely flabbergasted at the results of what she set in motion. Venger tells her not to blame him for the king chose to get in the way of his blade. Domenic’s had enough and lunges at the mercenary. Venger easily bests him, grabbing him by the hair and flipping him around backwards. With the back of Domenic’s neck now facing him, Venger reaches backward ready to strike downward and show him the same fate as his father.
A shot rings out and a bullet pierces through Venger’s shoulder. On the other end of that bullet is Sage. She tells Venger it’s game over. Venger looks at her and tells her some other time. He then disappears via some sort of teleportation device.
Morph walks over to Sage and admits he thought she was going to shoot him dead. Sage says she tried that with the first shot. Morph guesses something held her back because she’s not the kind to miss. He tells her she’s turning into a real hero. Sage believes she’s turning into something, but she’s afraid what. Diana Fox floats at the edge of her thoughts.
Days later, after much searching from local and global law enforcement, as well as from the three Exiles, Venger’s whereabouts remain unknown. During this time, Marysal is nursed back to health within the palace confines.
It is also inside the palace that the Exiles discuss their lack of options in getting home. Sage admits that although the technology of this planet is great it’s nowhere near good enough to contact the Crystal Palace or find them a way back.
In enters the queen and king, the latter being wheeled into the room by the former, still recuperating from his injuries and sporting an arm sling. Marysal’s voice can be heard from behind the next room over where she’s being kept. She tells Domenic’s parents that she owes them her life and will do whatever they ask for repayment, anything she has is theirs for the asking.
The queen and king are a bit flustered when Marysal steps through the doorway for she is now transformed into a buxom, blonde, human beauty. The queen doesn’t understand how this happened so Marysal explains. The dragons have an ancient gift, to change their shape in the service of true love.
Marysal walks over to Domenic and takes his hand. She tells the queen they now see her as their son always did. She admits it won’t be easy on her for once the transformation takes place it can’t be reversed. The queen walks over, shocked she would do this for her son. Marysal says he is her life and that she loves him. As we shall love you, the queen replies. The queen feels foolish and admits the love between the two was all she could have wished for.
Morph thinks it’s time for a party. Sage chastises him for always having his mind on the same thing. The prince tells them there will be parties galore. He begins discussing some new recipes they have, but then a yellow portal opens above their heads. The three Exiles are sucked up into it, leaving Domenic and the royal family to question what is happening.
Crystal Palace

The Exiles reappear in the Crystal Palace. Sabretooth asks why they weren’t doing their job and watching their backs. Morph tells him the Palace is booby-trapped. Sabretooth brushes his comments aside, not really believing him.
Morph spots Gambit and asks who the new guy is. Cat, surprisingly, is the one who answers. Sabretooth asks how she could already know. Cat heads over to the computer system and takes a seat at the controls. She explains Gambit was in the database from the beginning, along with the rest of them. She was going to figure things out while they were away, but never got the chance.
Psylocke voices her dislike of the Palace knowing more about them than they do. Mystiq seconds her thoughts. Sabretooth reminds them they have an Omniverse to protect and they’ll figure everything else out along the way. In the meantime, Sabretooth finishes, they have a lot of work to do and a lot of lives to save.
Earth #8396

Venger, making his way through some back alley, is approached by Madame Hydra. She propositions him with an offer to join her team. She’s looking for a few good warriors to help conquer the Omniverse and asks if he’s interested.

Characters Involved: 

Cat Pryde, Gambit, Mystiq, Proteus/Morph, Psylocke, Rogue Sabretooth, Sage (all Exiles)
Madame Hydra
Earth #8396



King Michael, Queen Erin
Sage’s mind

Diana Fox

Story Notes: 

Cat was transformed into an alternate version of herself last issue while at Marysal’s cave.
Near the end of the issue Morph is reading a book titled: The Metamorphose by Katka. This is probably a reference to the novel The Metamorphosis written by Franz Kafka telling the story of a traveling salesman who awakes one day to find himself turned into a bug of some sort.
Gambit answers the letters this issue.

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