New Exiles


Series Details
New Exiles
Publication Date: 
April 2008 to April 2009
Issue Numbering: 
#0, 1-18

Continuation of Exiles (1st series), which had ended with #100. Chris Claremont had taken over the previous series with #90 and relaunched it as New Exiles after its hundredth issue.

Due to his love of history, Claremont focused on variations of alternate true-Earth history, rather than alternate versions of the "616" Marvel universe.

Annuals / Specials: 

1 annual

Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
2001 to 2008 Exiles (1st series) #1-100 A team of mutants are recruited to right what has gone wrong in alternate realities
2008 to 2009 New Exiles #1-18 Chris Claremont series
2008 to 2009 Exiles (2nd series) #1-6 Jeff Parker series. Blink & Morph attempt to restart the Exiles.
2018 to 2019 Exiles (3rd series) #1-12 Saladin Ahmed series. Return to original concept with mostly new cast of characters.
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