New X-Men (2nd series) #30

Issue Date: 
November 2006
Story Title: 
Nimrod - part 3

Craig Kyle & Chris Yost (writers), Paco Medina (penciller), Juan Vlasco (inker), Brian Reber (colorist), Dave Sharpe (letterer), Sean Ryan (asst. editor), Nick Lowe (assoc. editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

The New X-Men defy the senior team and bypass the O*N*E Sentinels and rush to Dallas to rescue Forge from Nimrod. Prodigy’s flying skills prove less than perfect when Nimrod attempts to down the X-Jet with an energy bolt. The team survives the crash landing. Nimrod senses the New X-Men entering Eagle Plaza and transfers its destructive programming into Forge’s discarded robot prototypes. It then orders them to attack the New X-Men. Once Nimrod’s transfer into a new body of Forge’s creation is complete, he orders it to respond to new directives he had already programmed into this mutant defending robot. He sends it to defend the New X-Men. When this newly reprogrammed Nimrod arrives, the New X-Men do not realize its intents and attack it. This confuses its command protocols and coupled with the damage it sustains from the New X-Men, forces it to reboot. Forge arrives and tries to stop them but it is too late. Nimrod’s original programming reasserts itself and sets off a massive explosion in an attempt to terminate the mutants. At home, Victor evades questions about the team’s whereabouts from Val Cooper.

Full Summary: 

In Dallas, Texas, Forge is overseeing the transferal of Nimrod’s artificial intelligence into a robotic form of his own creation. As the process continues, Nimrod makes comments about what is about to happen and will happen in the near future to Forge’s amazement. During the early stages of the transferal Nimrod detects the arrival of the New X-Men and begins to formulate a plan to terminate the junior X-Men.

Aboard the X-Jet, Surge asks David if everything is okay and X-23 notes that he clearly does not know how to fly the plane. He responds that he can operate the autopilot as an incessant beeping alarm sounds. The computer identifies a massive local power surge coming from Eagle Plaza and suggests evasive maneuvers. David has no time to respond as the X-Jet is hit by massive bolt of energy. David tries desperately to pull up but the plane is on a downward spiral. Nori orders Hellion to act and Keller does his best to telekinetically cushion their landing.

Back at the Xavier Institute, the New X-Men’s sudden disappearance is being investigated by O*N*E. They have summoned Victor Borkowski AKA Anole to an interrogation room and are grilling him about his classmates’ whereabouts. Anole covers for them admirably, suggesting they might be in the Danger Cave or kidnapped to another dimension. Col. Reyes does not believe a word and declares this a waste of time. Anole assures them that things like this happen to students all the time! He suggests that they could be in space or Asgard… maybe even kidnapped by Mojo and turned into babies. Exasperated, Dr. Cooper decides to call Cyclops.

In Dallas, the New X-Men crash outside Eagle Plaza and all manage to walk away from the less-than-stellar landing. Hellion and Rockslide simultaneously lay into David about the disastrous landing and he coolly tells Santo that next time he can fly. Naturally, Santo is stoked at the prospect. Amidst the smoke, the team notes that Nimrod knows they’re here now but are determined to proceed.

Inside, Forge believes the New X-Men are dead as Nimrod continues to transfer its systems into the new body Forge provided. As this continues, Nimrod experiences another temporal flux and notes that the New X-Men are still alive to Forge’s immense relief. To compensate for this shift in plans, Nimrod transfers its directives into Forge’s abandoned robotic prototypes and sends them to delay or kill the New X-Men. Forge rises to try and stop Nimrod but the newly re-programmed robots attack him. Nimrod’s transfer continues as the New X-Men make their way into Eagle Plaza.

Rockslide busts down the door and Nori chides him. She tells him that Nimrod may have believed them dead and his dramatic entrance may have blown the element of surprise. Mercury notes how dark it is and David takes it literally and suggests that the blast that disabled their plane may have caused a power outage. Cessily was referring to the décor. Surge generates an electrical charge to light their way and they suddenly sense a vibration in the building. X-23 notes that there are eleven targets moving towards them as one of the robots bursts through the ceiling and decks Rockslide. Surge charges up fully to illuminate the room as the robots surround the team.

Upstairs, Nimrod comes online fully within the robotic form created by Forge. As it initiates its termination protocols, Forge shouts out for it to activate the Forge Protocols and override the foreign programming. The new Nimrod unit falters as it encounters the contradictory protocols. It then clicks over to the Forge Protocols and its first directive: Protect Mutants. Forge orders it to drop the stasis field around him. The Maker smiles with satisfaction at the success of his back-up plan and suspects that the original Nimrod would be upset with its current status. Forge orders Nimrod to go into defensive mode and help the New X-Men.

Downstairs, the battle is in full swing as the kids try and stave off the multiple attacks of the robots. Nori threatens Hellion if he dares to leave David’s side for a moment. The robot attacking her explodes as the new Nimrod enters the fray.
Santo notes the size of it and Nori orders the team to take it. This confuses Nimrod’s new directives. Again, Surge tells Julian to hang back and protect Prodigy.
David realizes that something is amiss and asks if the newly arrived robot actually attacked Nori. X-23 slices into it and Dust and Rockslide join in the attack. Nimrod shifts to self-preservation mode and David hears its confusion.
He yells to Surge to call off their assault as Mercury drives a sharpened appendage into Nimrod. As she does so, electricity surges through her. Forge arrives and tries to tell them to stop as Nimrod begins to reboot.
Cessily is trapped in the electrical discharge and X-23 jumps in to free her. As Nimrod repairs itself it finds the foreign protocols and continues to reboot. As Surge checks on Cessily, Nimrod overwrites Forge’s new protocols and initiates a transformation into its original pink armored form. Forge explains what he did but it’s too late.
Nimrod comes online, identifies the mutants around him and commences its plan to terminate them. The building is then rocked by a massive explosion.

Characters Involved: 

Elixir, Surge, Dust, Elixir, Hellion, Mercury, Rockslide and X-23 (All New X-Men)

Forge (Xavier Institute affiliate)

Anole, David Alleyne/Prodigy (Both Xavier Institute students)
Dr. Valerie Cooper, Colonel Miguel Reyes and unnamed members of Sentinel Squad O*N*E*

Story Notes: 

Victor’s attempts to explain the New X-Men team’s disappearance are all perfectly believable explanations as all of them happened to the original New Mutants or the X-Men on various occasions. Most notably, the New Mutants were kidnapped and taken to Asgard in NEW MUTANTS SPECIAL EDITION #1 and UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #9. They were also nabbed by Mojo and artificially aged in NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #2. This followed a similar abduction and de-aging that the X-Men endured in UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #10. Both teams have visited space, other dimensions

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