Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #14

Issue Date: 
March 2017
Story Title: 

Kate Leth (writer), Brittney L Williams (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Caligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer), Brittney L Williams (cover artist), Kathleen Wisneski (assistant editor), Jake Thomas (editor), Tom Breevort (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Patsy and Ian have taken Zoe back to their apartment and discuss what to do about the Black Cat. Ian is upset that Zoe is back in his life and is worried about his boyfriend, Tom. Patsy lets Zoe stay the night. She sleeps on the sofa and wakes to find Ian watching her. Zoe asks if she can join Ian in their old room, but Ian reminds her that he is with Tom. He talks to Zoe about the way she used to make him feel, and tells her that when this is over, he wants her out of his life. The next morning, Jubilee arrives and informs the others that the rumor is Black Cat spent the night tracking down a certain list of super powered individuals that resembles the list that was stolen from Patsy's office. The Black Cat and her even larger gang, including the mind-controlled Tom Hale and Attache, break into a bank, where the Black Cat uses her mysterious mind-controlling claws on the staff, and takes claim to the large amount of valuables in the vault. Hellcat, Ian, Jubilee and Zoe arrive, but too late to do anything. An elderly security guard informs them about what transpired. Zoe suggests that they need to get the Black Cat's magical claws from her. So, while the Black Cat enjoys her latest haul back at her lair. Zoe arrives, with Hellcat and Ian as her prisoners. Zoe informs the Black Cat that she ran away earlier so she could track these two down, and reveals how she did so. The Black Cat is amused by this considering she never asked Zoe to do that. She realizes it is a trick, and the Black Cat instructs her army to seizer them. Hellcat engages the Black Cat in physical combat, while Ian finds himself going up against his mind-controlled boyfriend, until two of the other Black Cats attack Ian and knock him out. As the Black Cat prepares to slice Hellcat with the claws and put her under her control, Jubilee materializes, distracting Black Cat and enabling Hellcat to swipe the claws and destroy them. Tom, Attache and the others under Black Cat's control are freed, while the Black Cat makes her escape. Tom and Ian are reunited, while Hellcat tells everyone who works for her temp agency that there will be a debrief meeting on Monday morning, and that everyone else is free to go – except for Attache. As Zoe and her gang start to leave, Zoe goes over to Ian and Tom and tells them that she is sorry for everything and that she is glad they are happy. As attache starts to clean up the stolen gold, Hellcat suddenly sneezes – and turns the gold into fish!


Full Summary: 

It's 2:30 in the morning and after a fruitless search for the Black Cat's lair, Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat and her roommate and new friend Ian Soo have returned to their apartment, along with Ian's ex, Zoe, one of the Black Cat's “Black Cats”, who tells Patsy and Ian that she doesn't know where they could have gone. 'I swear, that's her hideout' she tells them. Patsy supposes that the Black Cat had plans that couldn't wait until morning, and Ian exclaims that he feels useless just sitting here, as they have got his boyfriend, Tom. Patsy asks Zoe if she is sure that is the only place the Black Cat hangs out, and Zoe tells her, that it is – at least as far as she knows. 'Like I said, we've only been working for her a couple of days. Not like she briefed us on her master plan' Zoe declares. 'If she hurts him, I swear -' Ian shouts at Zoe, angrily glaring at her. 'She won't. He's big and he knows you both. She'll keep him close' Zoe replies.

'You knew about all this before she got her mind-control claws. You let this happen' Ian declares. 'All I knew was I was getting paid. Your friend is the one who got in the way' Zoe retorts. 'He's not my friend, Zoe. He's -' Ian begins, but Patsy interrupts them, holding a pillow and a blanket, she tells Zoe that she will take them every place that her gang has been haunting – first thing in the morning, but she thinks everyone could use some shut eye.

Soon, Zoe lies on the sofa, eyes wide open, a voice calls out to her 'You awake' so Zoe sits up and sees Ian sitting on a chair across from her. Zoe tells him that it is weird sleeping out here. 'Must be kind of strange' Ian remarks, and Zoe agrees. 'It's not bad, though. New couch' Ian points out. Zoe tells him that it isn't as lumpy, and Ian adds that they have done a lot of redecorating. With the blanket wrapped around her, Zoe points out that it still gets cold out here at night. 'It's our room' she smiles at Ian, walking over to him. 'Zoe...don't' Ian tells her, raising a hand. 'Why Because of him?' Zoe scowls. 'Yes. Well, more than that, but...yes' Ian replies. Zoe spins around and tells Ian that she doesn't understand it, that it doesn't make sense. 'You were with me. I loved you' she declares. 'Did you?' Ian asks. 'Of course I did. I stayed with you, didn't I?' Zoe asks. 'No. You left' Ian reminds her. He adds that love is more than that – it's acceptance. 'I never got that from you. You can't handle me being who I've always been. Even now, when I'm happy with him, you don't think that counts' Ian remarks. '

'Ian...' Zoe begins, but Ian interrupts her, telling her to listen, as he reveals that he spent a lot of time being afraid of Zoe, that he felt like if he said or did anything that went against what she thought a guy should be, she would leave him. 'If I looked at a guy or wore earrings or, heaven forbid, expressed any question about my gender... then you went and proved me right. You bailed when I really needed someone. I don't know why you'd expect me to be okay with that'. Zoe drops to the floor, 'I'm -' she begins, but Ian gets up and walks away from her. He tells her that Patsy is being civil with her, but he is not. 'When this is over, I want you out of my life' Ian announces.

Not nearly enough hours, there is a knock at the apartment door. 'I'm coming...' Patsy groans as she shuffles to the door, where Jubilee, wrapped in a hoodie, scarf and glasses to cover herself from head to toe, thrusts coffee and bakery boxes towards Patsy. 'Morning! Hot cakes! Who's ready to fight some crime?' she exclaims. Jubilee sits down on the sofa next to Zoe. 'Someone wanna cover those windows? I hear it's a nightmare trying to get the smell of toasted X-Man out of the upholstery' Jubilee declares, frightening Zoe. She gets to her feet and stretches, asking what the time is, while Patsy uses the blanket to cover up the window, so Jubilee can remove her hood, scarf and glasses. 'Oh, quarter past way too early for you daywalkers, but we've got lots to do. Come on, carb up' Jubilee tells everyone as Ian walks into the living room and sees the bakery boxes. 'Are those chocolate croissants?' he asks. 'Darn tootin!' Jubilee smiles, handing one to Ian. 'Oooh, cinnamon cruilers? You shouldn't have' Patsy exclaims, reaching for one, while Ian tells Jubilee that she is his favorite demon.

'Wassamatter? You don't eat bread? Sugar?' Jubilee asks Zoe. 'No! I mean, yes, I do, it's just...tired' Zoe replies. Jubilee hands her a coffee and tells her to drink it, as trouble is afoot. 'You too, boss. Got word. Rumor has it Black Cat spent the night tracking down a list of empowered individuals that bears a striking resemblance to our rolodex of temp workers' Jubilee announces. 'That's why she was in the office' Patsy remarks. 'Looks like' Jubilee agrees. 'If the traitor here is right -' she begins. 'Hey!' Zoe exclaims. 'Then we're in deep. At least a dozen names on there we do not want on her side' Jubilee tells Patsy. Jubilee turns to Zoe and asks 'Hey, traitor, how many girls are in that gang of yours?' Zoe bites into a bagel and mumbles that she doesn't know – maybe ten. Jubilee suggests that if they can get to them before Black Cat goes through the list, they might stand a chance. 'How are we supposed to fight? We're already outnumbered, and she's got our friends on her side' Ian remarks. Patsy declares that they can do this – she knows they can, adding 'Besides, how many of them can there possibly be?'

'Who's ready to have a little fun?' Felicia Hardy the Black Cat asks as she is flanked by a large group who are under her control including Tom Hale, Bailey, the Black Cats members Lina, Ari and Jin, and several others, all decked out in “Black Cats” jackets.

'Huh?' a bank teller asks as Black Cat, flanked by Tom, Bailey, Jin, Ari and Lina enter a bank. 'Good morning to you, the fine people of Midtown Savings and Loan! Comment ca va?' the Black Cat calls out. 'Hey!' a security guard calls out, shaking his baton at her. 'Let's not try anything we'll regret' Tom suggests to the security guard, grabbing him by his shirt. 'Let go of me! Help!' the old man calls out. The Black Cats approach others in the bank and keep them busy, while the Black Cat leans on the counter and smiles at the teller. 'Come now, everyone! Let's not panic. If we all play along and do as I ask, my friends and I will be out of here lickety-split' she declares, before asking the teller for the vault key. 'Vault key? We don't – it's a set of codes, I can't -' she stammers. 'Then find me someone who can' the Black Cat instructs her, raising her jewelled claws.

'Down here, Ms Cat' one of the bank employees calls out as four of them lead the Black Cat, Tom and Bailey towards the vault. 'Please, it's Felicia. Why bother with formalities' the Black Cat replies. 'Of course, Ms Cat' the employee, under the Black Cat's possession replies. The Black Cat sighs. 'Whatever'. Two of the bank employees swipe cards into the vault door, The Black Cat's eyes go wide and she utters 'Hav e you ever seen anything so gorgeous?' as she steps into the vault and starts writhing around in the large pile of coins, while Tom loads gold bullions into Bailey's magic bag. ''It's purrrrfect. Mmm. Just look at it!' the Black Cat exclaims. 'Yes, Ms Cat' one of the bank employees replies. The Black Cat decides that this is just the beginning, and that with these claws, there is no stopping her. 'No Spider-Men to turn me down...not that I care, or have ever cared!' she quickly adds. Bailey informs the Black Cat that they are all set, and Tom asks her where they are going next.

A little too late, Hellcat, Ian, Zoe and Jubilee arrive at the Midtown Savings and Loan. 'I hate to say it, Pats -' Jubilee begins. 'Yes, okay. I may have underestimated her' Hellcat admits. 'Why would she do this?' Ian asks as they look at the destruction in the bank foyer. Hellcat notices the elderly security guard and goes over to him. Ian joins her and they help him up. 'Are you hurt?' Hellcat asks him. 'My pride, maybe...' the guard repies, when suddenly, he gets frightened when he sees Hellcat's costume. 'No more cats! Please leave me alone!' he exclaims. Hellcat tells him to slow down, and assures him they are not with the Black Cat. 'They're the good cats. Y'see. Different' Ian adds. The old man reveals that there were so many of them, they came in and the tall one, the redhead, knocked him out. 'Tom' Hellcat and Ian utter, looking at each other. 'You are in so much trouble' Jubilee leers at Zoe from behind her glasses and scarf.

'But how could she -' Zoe begins as they all look into the empty vault. 'Bailey' Hellcat declares. 'I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say “uh-oh”!' Jubilee exclaims. Hellcat folds her arms and reminds the others that Bailey could walk out of any vault in the world with the whole stack in her tote bag. 'Nobody to call the police if everyone's on your side' Ian adds. 'Jumpin' Jezebells, the Fuzz! It'll look like I led them right in!' the old security guard gasps. Hellcat tells him that they will make sure the police know the truth, before asking him if he saw or heard anything that might tell them where the others are headed. 'Won't be hard to find 'em. They're a whole big gang in bright pink jackets' the old man replies. Hellcat decides that there is too many to take out, and suggests they could ask the Avengers, but Ian tells her that is too dangerous. 'What if she scratches Thor?' Ian suggests. 'Um, guys?' a voice calls out. 'WHAT?' Ian snaps at Zoe, who informs them that all they need is the claws, so if they get them off the Black Cat, they will break the spell. 'Only problem is getting close enough to do it' she points out. 'Hmmm...' Hellcat muses. 'I can deal with that!'

Shortly thereafter at the Black Cat's lair, the Black Cat reclines on her throne, while Bailey and Tom stand either side of her. The Black Cats roll around in the money, while the possessed bank staff count it. 'Enjoy it, everyone! You've earned it. We'll hit the next one tomorrow, uptown' she announces. The Black Cat looks Tom up and down and tells him that the jacket looks darling on him, and asks how he feels about spandex – maybe something with an insect design on it. 'Whatever you say, ma'am' Tom replies. The Black Cat looks uphappy and remarks that it is no fun when they say yes to everything. 'Absolutely, Ms Cat. Couldn't have said it better myself' Tom agrees. One of the Black Cats holds up an electronic device which shows footage of people in the building. 'Kinda looks like – Zoe!' she exclaims as Zoe marches towards the Black Cat, with Hellcat and Ian at her side, both of them with their hands tied behind their backs.

'Hiya, boss' Zoe calls out. 'Well, well! I thought we'd lost you' the Black Cat remarks. Zoe grins and tells the Black Cat that she saw how mad she was when these mice got away, so she tracked 'em down for her. 'How thoughtful' the Black Cat smiles. She asks them all to come closer, claiming that she wants to get a closer look at them all. 'You missed quite a morning' the Black Cat adds. 'They weren't easy to grab' Zoe tells the Black Cat. 'No? How exactly did you procure them, then?' the Black Cat enquires. Zoe reveals that she caught them sleeping, as they used to share an apartment, she snuck in during the night. 'Mm-hmmm' Ian agrees, tape over his mouth. The Black Cat grins and tells Zoe that is funny – because she never asked her to do that. 'Seize them!' the Black Cat orders the others, pointing at Zoe, Hellcat and Ian.

'No, wait! I'm on your side!' Zoe calls out. The Black Cat and one of the girls remove Zoe's jacket, and see no scratches on her skin. 'Sweet, innocent Zoe. Don't you think if I'd meant to claw you, I would have? As if I don't know exactly what I'm doing' the Black Cat exclaims. She smiles and tells Zoe 'You brought them right to me'. 'Must be your lucky day. Free delivery' Hellcat smiles as she removes the tape over her mouth and punches the Black Cat hard in the face. 'Get them subdued and bring them to me!' the Black Cat snarls. 'You got it, boss' Tom replies as he and Bailey move towards the others. 'C'mere, you' Tom calls out as he approaches Ian. 'Not like this' Ian replies, using his telekinesis he lifts his possessed boyfriend into the air. 'I know you're in there somewhere. I'll bring you back!' Ian exclaims. 'Your boyfriend's gone, sweetheart' Tom replies. Ian hangs his head and tells Tom that he hopes he forgives him when all this is over. 'For what?' Tom asks. 'THIS!' Ian exclaims as he creates a large telekinetic surge, knocking tom back into Bailey and sending other members of the Black Cats careening backwards as well.

'Get him!' one of the Black Cats exclaims, as two of them leap at Ian. 'Let go of me, before -' Ian tells them, but another of them smacks him over the head with a gold block. 'IAN! No!' Hellcat exclaims as she tries to get to him, but other Black Cats hold her back. The Black Cat grins and tells Hellcat to give up, that she is outmanned and out of her depth. The Black Cat raises her jewelled claws to Hellcat and tells her that it will be over quick, and she will come around to her way of thinking in no time. 'Of course, you'll have to change the look – I can't have someone in my gang wearing a department store knockoff of my couture' Black Cat grins. 'Jubilee! NOW!' Hellcat calls out, as mist appears around the Black Cat's jewelled claws which she has raised above her head. 'What?' the Black Cat asks, confused. Jubilee materializes and, clinging to the Black Cat's arm, tells her that it is about time someone had her declawed. 'Get off me, demon!' the Black Cat exclaims, but Jubilee pulls the three jewelled claws off the Black Cat's fingers, and throws them to Hellcat. 'Go long, HC!' Jubilee calls out. 'Much obliged' Hellcat replies.

'Put them on! You can put them all against her!' Zoe calls out. 'I could, but...' Jubilee replies as she drops the claws to the ground and stands on them, shattering them. 'NO!' the horrified Black Cat shrieks. Tom and the others who had been possessed suddenly look confused. 'Where are -' Tom begins, removing the mask from his eyes. 'It worked! You're back!' Zoe tells her friends. 'Well, dang' the Black Cat mutters as Jubilee starts to tie her up. 'New plan!' the Black Cat decides as she spins around and smacks her head into Jubilee, disorientating her. 'Hey, that's not very...' Jubilee mutters, while the Black Cat leaps up the side of the walls 'Au revoir, losers!' she calls out as she escapes through a window. 'We'll get you next time,' Jubilee begins. 'Frisky feline!' Hellcat exclaims. 'Oh, yeah! What she said!' Jubilee declares.

At that moment, Ian stirs, holding his head, he calls out for Tom. 'I AM SO SORRY!' Tom shouts as he rushes over and holds Ian tight. 'Can't... breathe...' Ian utters. Tom tells Ian that he couldn't stop the black Cat, that he had to do whatever she said. 'I could see you, I hated it so much' Tom tells his boyfriend. Ian smiles and tells Tom that it is done, and now he is back here with him. Tom adds that the Black Cat kept hitting on him and that she wanted him to dress like Spider-Man. 'Now that I almost want to see' Ian smiles. Zoe watches the while her friends gather together. 'That really happened, right? Like, it wasn't just me?' one of them asks. 'Definitely not' Bailey declares. Hellcat turns to everyone and tells them that if they work with the Temp Agency they will be having a meeting first thing Monday morning to discuss what crimes they may have done and also the next holiday party. 'Everyone else, you are free to go' Hellcat announces. 'Except you, Attache' Hellcat declares, grabbing Bailey by her collar.

'I don't see why I have to clean up. I was forced against my will!' Bailey complains. 'You're the only one with the magical bad that can carry several hundred pounds of gold back to the proper authorities' Hellcat points out. 'Man, my power sucks' Bailey mutters. Tom and Ian are hugging as Zoe walks over to them. She smiles and tells them that she is sorry, about everything. Her three friends are leaving, and call out to her to get going. 'I'm glad...I'm glad you're happy' she adds. She smiles and tells Ian that he should keep the jacket, as it looks better on him anyway. Hellcat asks Tom and Ian if they should stop them. 'I mean, they were criminals even before the claws'. Ian tells Patsy that he thinks they might be scared straight – so to speak. 'So all's well that ends well?' Tom asks. 'Guess so' Hellcat tells him, before suggesting they return the gold – but she sneezes, and the gold mysteriously turns to fish! 'Uh, guys?' the wide-eyed Bailey asks, holding the fish!

Characters Involved: 



Ian Soo & Tom Hale



Black Cat

Ari, Jin, Lina, Zoe and others (all The Black Cats)


Bank employees and customers

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