Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #15

Issue Date: 
April 2017
Story Title: 

Kate Leth (writer), Brittney L Williams (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Caligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Elsa Charretier & Tamra Bonvillain (cover artists), Kathleen Wisneski (assistant editor), Jake Thomas (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

At 68 Jay Street, Patsy Walker is throwing a combined Christmas / New Years, Valentines Day party for her super-powered temp employees. Jubilee and Sharon King are at the party as well. However Patsy isn't very well, and every time she sneezes, something happens – like setting a drink on fire, or transforming her friends' clothing. Along with Attache, the women retire to another room where they discuss what is going on with Patsy. Attache doesn't even know how her magical bag really works, but assumes these reality-warping sneezes are a result of Patsy being stuck in the bag for a period of time. Patsy sneezes again, turning Jubilee into an infant, and then again, bringing America Chavez into the room. Another sneeze releases a large tiger which starts to stalk them. Patsy identifies the tiger as Mr Sniffles, who was a toy her ever-absent mother gave her when she was ill as a child, and later showed up in Patsy's dreams whenever she was stressed. America Chavez is not happy when Patsy sneezes on her and transforms her clothing into a Canadian costume. The women continue to evade Mister Sniffles, but Hellcat gathers her strength and battles him, releasing all of the things going on in the world that are upsetting her. But after coming to an understanding with Mister Sniffles, she sneezes again and transforms Mister Sniffles into a giant bee. They rush outside, and Sharon is upset when the giant bee bursts through the front door as she owns the now damaged building. Hellcat sneezes on Jubilee, transforming her into a giant, who stands on the bee. Jubilee is able to revert to her true size by shifting through her cloud form. Sharon laments the destroyed door, to which Patsy assures her they can fix it – but then she sneezes again and the entire building 68 Jay Street vanishes!

Full Summary: 

68 Jay Street, mid-February, where a party is underway. A banner that reads “Happy New Valentines Mas” is hung from a staircase, and Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat, wearing a bizarre ensemble of festive clothing asks 'So, Sharon, Jubes, whaddaya think?' 'It's festive' Sharon King smiles, while Jubilee throws her arms into the air and declares that it is nuts and that she loves it. Patsy explains that between the Black Cat's crime spree, Jen's absence, all the Patsy Walker book stuff and the agency, she completely missed the holidays. 'I thought, y'know, cover it all in one night. I just worry it's a bit much' she adds. 'It's a lot much' Sharon tells Patsy, while Jubilee exclaims that she loves it. As members of the Patsy Walker Temp Agency enjoy the party, Patsy tells Sharon and Jubilee that normally she can throw something like this together in an afternoon, but with all the work that is coming in... 'Relax, Pats. It is nice to have all the temp workers together when nobody's brainwashed or working for an evil witch' Jubilee points out. 'Exactly!' Patsy agrees. Jubilee adds that she wasn't here for that second part, but that she heard it was wild. 'Never a dull moment at 68 Jay Street' Sharon smiles.

Suddenly, Patsy sneezes very loudly. 'Whoa, kiddo! Are you sure you're feeling – all right?' Jubilee asks as the three woman look over in the direction Patsy sneezed, where Dederigo Ravina suddenly finds his drink on fire. 'Bailey! What do I do? What do I do?' he asks, throwing his flaming drink into the air. 'Hold on a sec, you big baby!' Bailey a.k.a. Attache mutters. 'I got this' she adds as she uses a fire extinguisher on him, putting out the fire and covering him in foam. 'Tell me it's not that bad?' Patsy asks, covering her eyes. 'You want me to lie?' Sharon asks her, while Jubilee suggests that, objectively, it could be worse. Bailey goes over to the other women and asks Patsy if she is still sick then. 'I feel great!' Patsy grins, before sneezing again, and this time, changing Bailey and Federigo's outfits – into costumes resembling Valkyrie and Power Man. 'Wow. Look at these...' Federigo remarks. 'Dang!' Bailey adds. 'See? All better' Patsy lies. Patsy stumbles backwards, 'Whoa-ho-ho. Easy there, little elf!' Sharon tells Patsy as she and Jubilee grab hold of her. 'If you don't mind. I have some paperwork to get done...emails to call...villains, beware...' Patsy mumbles. 'Whoops-a-daisy, down she goes' Jubilee adds.

Soon, Patsy sits on a chair in the storage room turned staff room, and Jubilee, Sharon and Bailey stand around her as she assures them that she is fine. 'What brand of “fine” would you call “Reality-warping sneezes”?' Sharon asks, adding that they just sent everybody home, just in case. 'Nooo!' Patsy complains, pointing out that she worked so hard on that party. She suggests that it is just some power malfunction, or maybe Black Cat got her with some other magical whatsit. 'Either that, or...' Bailey begins. 'Or what?' Jubilee asks. 'Well, you got stuck in my bag for a while day when I was under Black Cat's spell. Not only that, you were injured' Bailey reminds them. 'Only a little' Patsy replies. Bailey admits that she barely understands how her bag works, but that she knows there is some pretty weird and mystical junk in it. She adds that she can only stay in it for a hot second when she is teleporting. Bailey suggests that Patsy probably touched something she shouldn't have and got infected.

'I'm sorry, infected?' Jubilee asks, declaring that the last time she got infected she ended up with a skin condition and a craving for O Negative! 'I've seen it. It's gross' Sharon remarks, while Bailey holds her bag up as the other two women look at her angrily, and tells them that it probably isn't that bad. Patsy suddenly sneezes loudly once again. Jubilee, Sharon and Bailey look around the room, and nothing appears to have changed. 'See? Everything's – fine' Patsy mumbles as Ms America Chavez is flung from the bag and crashes into a table. 'Ohh, my entire bones' America mutters. 'What were you saying again, Patsy?' Sharon asks as she helps America up. 'That all this is normal, I think' Jubilee remarks. 'Boy, you folks do not take “no” to a party invite well, do you?' America asks. 'Uh -' Jubilee begins, while a slightly feverish Patsy tells America that she likes her Pjs. Patsy drops to the ground and latches herself around America's ankle, telling her that she is so cool and patriotic. 'Stay and help me with my spreadsheets...' Patsy asks. 'Whoa. Who hexes Patsy?' America asks.

'Far as we can tell, she's -' Bailey begins, but Patsy sneezes again, and suddenly, the women hear a loud roar. Out in the abandoned area where the party was, a large tiger has materialized. 'I said ROOOAARH!' the tiger calls out. 'No way, I am not fighting that thing in my slippers' America declares as she suddenly vanishes. 'America!' Jubilee exclaims. 'Wait! Take me with you!' Sharon calls out. Jubilee frowns at her, to which Sharon reminds her that she doesn't have any powers. 'Y'all can handle this without me!' Sharon adds. 'Oh man oh jeez oh man' Bailet utters as the tiger knocks aside some drinks and food on a table, roaring, he demands to know where Patsy Walker is. 'Hey, what's going on? You forgot me!' Patsy asks as she, Sharon, Jubilee and Bailey walk towards the large tiger. 'Welcome to your nightmares, Patsy Walker. I am made flesh' the tiger announces. 'Mister Sniffles?' Patsy asks, surprised. 'Nope...' she mumbles, before the girls run out of the room, 'Watch the cat!' Jubilee exclaims. 'Which one?' Bailey asks.

'Why do we even have parties?' Bailey enquires she and Sharon slam a large door between themselves and Mister Sniffles. 'Rent to rich college kids, they said! “Iv'e got morals abd believe in the greater good,” I said' Sharon mutters, wonderibg why she always has to be contrary. Jubilee sees that Patsy has gone to sleep and tells her to wake up. 'So sweepy' Patsy coos, before going wide-eyed as Jubilee asks 'Who's Mister Sniffles?' The large tiger patrols the corridor outside the storage room where the women have secured themselves, and Patsy explains that when she was young, her mother wasn't around much, ansd the two of them didn't get along, but one winter, Patsy kept getting sick, so her mother bought her a stuffed tiger to keep her company. She holds up her cellphone which shows a photo of a young Patsy holding the stuffed tiger and reveals that even after she got better, Mister Sniffles kind of became her best friend, and she told him everything. Patsy informs the others that when she got older, around the age her mother started writing the comics, she threw Mister Sniffles away, said she was too old to play with toys. 'What a -' Jubilee begins. 'Misconception' Sharon interrupts her.

Patsy continues, revealing that Mister Sniffles didn't go away – he showed up in her dreams, and she would tell him everything she was scared of or stressed about, and the more she told him, the bigger he got. 'And now he's running around the halls of my building' Sharon points out. 'I dunno how! It's this cold! I -' Patsy starts to reply, before she sneezes again in the direction of Jubilee. 'No no no no! What'd you do? Is there...' Jubilee begins, anxiously. She smiles when she looks at her hands and sees that nothing has changed, she supposes her vampire powers make her immune to the sneezes. 'Uh, Jubes? Ya tiny' Sharon announces as she and Bailey are standing over Jubilee, who has been reduced to an infant. 'Oh' Jubilee replies. Suddenly, America Chavez returns through her star teleport signal, announcing that she is back and finally ready to kick some butt. 'Oh, hey, America, just in time' Bailey calls out Mister Sniffles knows where the women are hiding and bangs on the storage room door, telling Hellcat to come and face him, as he knows what she fears. 'You didn't miss much' Sharon smiles at America.

Shortly, America leads Sharon, who is helping Patsy walk, and Bailey, who carries Jubilee on her shoulders, through a star portal, and America asks 'So he's basically what, a manifestation of stress?' to which Sharon asks why Patsy couldn't have had a stuffed goldfish, as goldfish are cute. 'I told her she needed to take a break' the infant Jubilee calls out. Bailey laughs and tells Jubilee that her voice is all high and adorable now – it's so cute. 'I'll bite you! Don't think I won't!' Jubilee threatens her. Suddenly, Mister Sniffles creeps around a corner, 'You'll let them all down, Patsy! Make them fight your battles for you, just like always!' he calls out. 'No! I can handle this!' Patsy declares. Mister Sniffles suddenly increases in size: 'Yes, that's it! Worry! Your fears only embiggen me! You can't handle being a super hero!' he tells Patsy. 'I just need to -' Patsy begins, before she sneezes again – 'Aw, what? Come on!' America complains, frowning as she looks down and sees that her patriotic American clothing has transformed into a red and white ensemble with a large red maple leaf on the front.

'There you are!' Mister Sniffles exclaims as he lunges towards the women. America leaps backwards, as Patsy warns her to stay away from his claws, as they are the worst part. America thanks Patsy for the insight, while Bailey reaches into her bag. 'Where is it? Not the swing set, not the katana...' she mutters. 'Not the oven mits!' Jubilee adds, while Mister Sniffles knocks Patsy and America back with one swoop. 'You know you can't win! You're weak, useless!' he tells Patsy. Suddenly, 'Get your hands off my boss!' Bailey declares as she sprays something into Mister Sniffles' eyes. 'Yes! Mess him up!' infant Jubilee cries out. 'And that's for raising my insurance!' Sharon adds as she punches Mister Sniffles. The women run down the corridor. 'Sharon! That was sick!' Jubilee exclaims. Sharon tells her that she knows, and adds that it hurt very much, before encouraging everyone ot come on.

The women gather outside on the steps in front of the building and Jubilee suggests that they could just leave. 'And let that thing wreck my building? Nuh-uh. We need a plan' Sharon declares. 'I can't even believe this. Maple leaves? Really?' America complains. 'What? Canada's great!' Patsy grins. America grits her teeth and replies 'I mean, even if that were true, it's not exactly my thing!' Jubilee points up at America and asks her 'Did you think you got the short end of the – let me stop you before you say it. Shut up. Shut up' she utters. 'So adorable' Bailey coos, while America leers down at Jubilee. Sharon turns to Patsy and reminds her that Mister Sniffles is her nightmare demon. 'How do we get rid of him?' she asks. Patsy replies that she doesn't know, as he has always only ever been in her head. 'All of confusing' Patsy adds. Sharon helps Patsy to her feet. America Chavez suggests that they outsource. She points out that if Hellcat keeps messing with reality, then it is going to get bigger than tigers and costumes in a hurry.

'No! I can handle this!' Patsy declares, her Hellcat costume materializing. Sharon tells her that she is in no state, and that Mister Sniffles will tear her apart. 'Let's call for backup' Sharon suggests. 'I don't need backup! I'm HELLCAT!' Patsy boasts, leaping into the air. 'FOOLHARDINESS!' a voice calls out. America opens another teleport star and tells the others to come on. 'Honestly? I'm good out here' Sharon replies. Bailey tells her that is good thinking, and suggests Sharon stay out here and make sure not late partygoers show up and get themselves hurt. 'Oh, yeah, that's me' Sharon mutters. 'The brave one'.

Back inside, Patsy is slammed against a wall by Mister Sniffles, who then forces her to the ground. 'You summoned me. You brought me to this world. I am all that you fear' Mister Sniffles declares. 'You're...not even close' Patsy replies. 'What have you to cower before that can best me?' Mister Sniffles asks. 'Are you serious?' Patsy asks, still pinned down under Mister Sniffles' paws. 'Death. Taxes. Cramps. “The Babadook”. Space aliens. Civil Wars. Climate change. Stalkers. Guys who call you ugly after you turn them down. Never being able to live up to what my best friend expected of me. Bed bugs. Hornets. Rent hikes. Dying alone. Not to mention LITERALLY EVERYTHING happening in politcs right now! Have you even seen the news? Now that...that is scary' Patsy tells Mister Sniffles, who suddenly stands up, wide-eyed, he admits 'It''s not great'. 'You think?' Patsy snaps.

Suddenly, Ms America Chavez, Attache and Jubilee burst into the room. 'Hellcat! We've got your – back?' America asks, wide-eyed as she discovers Hellcat sitting on Mister Sniffles. 'It's just, like, how can people be so hateful? I don't understand. Do they not know they're on the wrong side of history?' she asks. 'There's a lot of anger in this country' Mister Sniffles points out. Patsy turns to her friends, 'Oh, hey guys' Patsy tells her friends. 'Uh, hi?' Bailey replies, waving, while America announces that she wants to be the first to ask: 'What's up?' Mister Sniffles sits back on his hind legs as Patsy explains that the two of them came to an understanding, and she figured that since he is from her brain, perhaps they could get along. 'Yeah, that figures...' America mutters. 'Can him?' infant Jubilee asks, throwing her arms into the air.

Bailey and Jubilee scratching Mister Sniffles' side as he rolls onto his back while America stands over Patsy and tells her that she doesn't get it. 'How'd you go from super-sense to messing with the fabric of space-time? As someone who does that on a regular, it's tricky business. You wanna get that looked at'. Wiping her nose, Patsy wonders if it could be a new power. 'That say that happens sometimes when you're going through changes and I'm -' Patsy begins, before sneezing again, transforming Mister Sniffles into a giant bee. 'Mister...Sniffles?' Hellcat asks. The bee starts buzzing around the room, 'Not cute, not cute!' Hellcat calls out as she, America and Bailey run for it, while Jubilee transforms into her mist state. 'I touched its nasty face, ewww!' Bailey screams.

Back outside, Sharon is sitting on the front steps, she tells herself that it is fine, she punched a tiger, it's cool if she stays out here, nobody will think she is a scaredy cat. 'RUUUUN!' Hellcat screams as she rushes past Sharon, the others are with her. 'I HATE BEEEEES!' infant Jubilee in mist form calls out. Sharon is confused, and asks the others when bees happened. 'Nobody said anything about bees!' she calls out, and an instant later, the massive bee breaks through the front door. 'Mt door!' the wide-eyed Sharon gasps. Jubilee returns to her human-vampire form, and reverts to her true size, asking Hellcat if there is any chance of her having a heart-to-heart with Mister Stingers. 'If Mom had given me a stuffed hornet, I think I would've known she sucked much earlier in life' Hellcat replies, while Bailey alerts Jubilee to the fact that she is big again. Jubilee looks at herself and realizes that she is. She wonders if this is temporary, or whether turning into mist undid it. 'If we can figure this out -' Jubilee begins, before Patsy sneezes again, turning Jubilee into a giant!

'Huh. Well then' Jubilee remarks, while Mister Stingers the bee buzzes up alongside her – then Jubilee stands on it, squashing the giant bee. 'See? Look! That was helpful!' Hellcat points out. 'If you could do it on purpose, maybe. But...I'm pretty sure you can't control it' Jubilee points out as she switches to her cloud form, then back to her regular sized form. Hellcat smiles and declares that Jubilee can undo it, and Bailey and America can both change out of their costumes, so no harm, no foul. 'Um...really?' Sharon asks, motioning to the hole in her building. Patsy grins and exclaims 'I guess it's a good thing I'm feeling better, huh?' Sharon hangs her head and says that it's not like she doesn't know what to expect – filling the building with supers, but still, the building is her baby and she tries very hard to look after her. 'At least it's just the door' Sharon supposes. 'Exactly!' Hellcat agrees.

Hellcat smiles and puts her hands on Sharon's shoulders, suggesting they can fix that in no time-  just get Phil and some of the others on payroll to come help out. Patsy sneezes again, then assures Sharon that they will have 68 Jay Street good as new in no time. Jubilee, America and Sharon go wide-eyed, 'Uh, Hellcat?' Jubilee calls out. Sharon and Hellcat turn to see what the others are looking at – 'Where'd it go?' Jubilee asks as 68 Jay Street has disappeared!


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Sharon King

Federigo Ravina

Ms America

Mister Sniffles

Members of the Patsy Walker Temp Agency


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Patsy Walker

Mister Sniffles

Story Notes: 

Patsy references “The Babadook” amongst her list of fears. “The Babadook” is a 2014 Australian horror film directed by Jennifer Kent and starring Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman.

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