Rogue (2nd series) #2

Issue Date: 
October 2001
Story Title: 
To Bear her Company

Fiona Avery (writer), Aaron Lopresti (penciler), Randy Emberlin (inker), Colorgraphix (colors), Mike Heisler (letters), Peter Franco (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Rogue accidentally absorbs some thoughts of a drunken trucker and learns of his plan to run over a local shepherd with his van, because he and his flock have been delaying him various times. Rogue saves the shepherd in the last instant. Thankfully Johnny invites her for a drink, and in the pub they are attacked by friends of the trucker, but Rogue deals with them too. They continue their evening at Johnny’s cabin and are really attracted to each other. After long hours of talking and a few glasses of wine, Johnny kisses Rogue and is affected by her absoption power. Rogue runs away before he recovers.

Full Summary: 

Rogue is about to enter a pub, right as a trucker leaves. They bump into each other, and they briefly touch. Immediatly Rogue displays some of his personality, he is very annoyed by a certain shepherd, whose flock often crosses the street that he drives on. The trucker is not sure of what he just witnessed and simply leaves for his truck. He drives away, but recognizing the shepherd on the street he turns and attempts to drive him over. Rogue runs and saves him by pushing him clear. The truck instead hits a gas station, and soon the police investigate. Rogue tells what the man was trying to do, and as she pretends to guess his motives, the trucker looses his temper and accidentally confesses his intention.
Meanwhile the shepherd’s dog has rounded up the flock again, and his owner introduces himself as Johnny. He invites Rogue for a drink, but before entering the bar, he wants to bring one of the sheep to a vet. Being in the doctor’s practise Rogue is reminded of Xavier, who then telepathically speaks to her. He wants her to come back, but she refuses.
Johnny and Rogue enter the pub and have some drinks. They tell each other their stories, though Rogue is rather cryptic and says that she was assosiated with some charity organisation. Some other customers, friends of the arrested trucker, are looking for trouble and start a fight with Johnny. Rogue jumps in between and defeats both of them with very good combat moves. The owner thanks Rogue for having avoided any damage, and he says tha he’ll call the sheriff to collect the two customers. Rogue and Johnny leave.
He invites her to his cabin, where they have some glasses of wine.Rogue realizes how much she likes him and they talk by the fireplace for hours. Suddenly Johnny kisses her and again the absorption power kicks in. Rogue pushes him away and runs out. The dog follows her, as she partially smells like his master, but Rogue sends the dog back to the cabin before leaving for good.

Characters Involved: 


Professor Xavier, in telepathic contact

Johnny, a shepherd

Some truckers

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