Rogue (2nd series) #3

Issue Date: 
November 2001
Story Title: 
Passing Thoughts

Fiona Avery (writer), Aaron Lopresti (penciler), Randy Emberlin (inker), Colorgraphix (colors), Mike Heisler (letters), Peter Franco (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Rogue has run away to Seattle, but Xavier knows her location as she uses the X-Men’s credit card. He sends Cyclops from Alaska to ask her to come back to the school. He arrives right as she wanted to board a ferry and joins her. Suddenly they find themselves in the middle of a terrorist crisis. Aboard the boat is a bomb, and the only spcialist who could disarm it, is seriously injured and about to die. Rogue absorbs him, and besides gaining the necessary knowledge to disarm the bomb, she also learns his greatest desire – to see the Grand Canyon. After the police officer has died and Rogue has handled the bomb, she and Cylops talk. They can relate, as both have uncontrollable powers and she agrees to try out Xavier‘s school once more. On the way back, they stop at the Grand Canyon, and Rogue admires the beautiful landscape to honor the dead officer.

Full Summary: 

Rogue arrives in Seatlle. She has flown there by plane, and the other passengers are somewhat suspicious, as she has worn her gloves the entire flight. Rogue is out of money, the only option she has left is to use the credit card she received from Xavier’s school, but using it doesn’t feel right. While she is lost in her thoughts, a mime tries to cheer her up, but an angry look and her last penny in his can later, he leaves her alone. She then goes to the cash machine, hoping that Xavier has blocked her access to the account, but her pin code still works.
At the mansion Xavier’s computer tells him that Rogue’s card is being used. He calls Cyclops who is currently in Anchourage, Alaska, to get in touch with Rogue. Hearing that this new student departed from the mansion, but still uses Xavier’s money makes Scott angry, but Xavier calms him down and asks him to make her come back. In fact they have both the same problem with controlling their powers, so possibly they can relate.
Not before long, Scott has tracked her down, right as she was about to board a ferry to Bainbridge. She quickly realizes that he was sent by Xavier and states that she won’t come back. They are interrupted by a limo carrying a state assmblyman to the ferry. Rogue then boards the boat too and Cyclops follows still trying to talk some sense into her.
On a nearby rooftop, a terrorist watches as the limo drives onto the ferry. He then calls his partners and the countdown of a bomb is activated. An officer of the police’s bomb squad appears behind him, and they start a fight. The terrorist grabs a gun and points it at the police officer, named Lance, but when he realizes that the building is surrounded, he commits suicide. Lance calls his colleagues to tell them about the bomb, and asks for a helicopter to transport him to the ferry. As they approach, two more terrorists exposes themselves on the boat. Rogue and Cyclops quickly disarm one of them using optic blast and combat moves, while the other one is shot by the police, though not before he lands a few bullet in Lance‘s chest as well.
Seriously injured, Lance asks the two mutants for help to disarm the bomb. The assemblyman and her bodyguards ask what’s going on, and when they are filled in they try to get the politician to safety, while cyclops carries Lance towards the bomb. There’s less than a minute on the clock, and Lance is shacking, as he is in shock from his injuries. Rogue hjas no other option than to absorb his knowledge. In her mind she meets Lance, who tells her that his greatest wish is to see the Grand Canyon. He knows that he won’t survive, and guides Rogue to safely disarm the device. Later when the police arrives, Lance is dead. Rogue says that he disarmed the bomb.
Watching a sunset, Scott and Rogue talk about what happened. He wants her to return to the X-Men, but she says that he can’t understand what it means to have her power. He then replies that his power is uncontrollable too, only held in check by the ruby quartz lenses, that let himsee the whole world in shades of red. Even though he knows that the eyes of the woman he loves are green, he will never see them, he’ll never see the world as it truly is. Rogue feels sorry for him, and agrees to try out the school once more.
When Xavier and Storm receive the good news, they immediatly prepare her room for Rogue’s return. Xavier thinks that he will make things right this time. In the Blackbird, Rogue asks Scott to make a stop at some certain coordinates – it’s the Grand Canyon. She wants to let the part of Lance that she absorbed admire the Canyon’s beauty.

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, Professor Charles xavier (all X-Men)

Lance, a bomb specialist

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