Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #11

Issue Date: 
April 2019
Story Title: 
First story: This is Forever, part 1 - Second story: Wolverine Returns - Third story: The Last Blindfold Story

Matthew Rosenberg (writer),
First story: Salvador Larroca (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist)
Second story: John McCrea (artist), Mike Spicer (colorist)
Third story: Juanan Ramirez (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist)
Salvador Larroca & Rachelle Rosenberg (cover artists), Lewis Larosa & Diego Rodriguez; Eduard Petrovich; Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Chtis Sotormayor; Scott Williams & Brad Anderson; Inhyuk Lee; Ron Lim & Israel Silva; Rob Liefeld & Romulo Fajardo Jr (variant cover artists)
Viirtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Jeff Powell (title page designer), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men Created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

First story:
Cyclops is investigating the sudden death of seemingly every single member of the X-Men. He visits the remains of the Xavier Institute in Central Park, and sets himself up at Harry's Hideaway where, outside, he notices a mutant being hassled by several men. He goes to intervene and discovers the mutant is Blindfold. Blindfold gives Cyclops a cryptic message before leaving. Cyclops meets with Ben Urich of the Daily Bugle, and asks for his investigative assistance with looking into the deaths of the X-Men, but Ben isn't much help. In Hell's Kitchen, Cyclops is drinking  on a rooftop when Multiple Man finds him. Cyclops is surprised to see Madrox alive, and they discuss Blindfold and finding other mutants. Cyclops visits the Morlock Tunnels where he discovers Chamber is now living with Callisto and the other Morlocks, but they are not interested in helping him. At the ruins of the Xavier Institute, Cyclops watches the mansion remains be cleared, while Madrox meets him again and gives him some information about Blindfold. Unfortunately, when he arrives at Blindfold's apartment, he finds that she has committed suicide, and written “This is Forever” in her blood on the wall. Afterwards, Cyclops attends a pro-human rally where Ms Prestel talks about the enforcement of the anti-mutant vaccine. Cyclops argues with her, and a fight breaks out. Captain America is on hand and calms Cyclops down, but the reunion between the two is not a happy one, and Cyclops turns to a cameraman who records him issuing a rallying call to any remaining mutants out there to meet with him. Two nights' later, Cyclops is at the old Xavier School grounds in Salem Center, where he is confronted by members of the Reavers, Sapien League and Purifiers. The three factions fight him, but Cyclops isn't alone, as Wolverine shows up and joins him in the battle. The two X-Men eventually lay waste to their enemies and Wolverine tells Cyclops that they have to go – as they have work to do.

Second story:
Wolverine intervenes when he thinks the time-displaced Cable is going to kill Cyclops. They fight, and Cable explains that he isn't trying to kill his father. He gives Wolverine cryptic information about the deaths of the X-Men, which Wolverine begins to investigate himself. He visits Layla Madrox who is looking after her baby in Kansas, but she tells him that she doesn't know stuff anymore and suggests he find Blindfold. Wolverine tells her Blindfold is dead, but Layla tells him to go to the tunnels. He does, and intervenes when some Office of National Emergency operatives are slaughtering Morlocks. Callisto tells Wolverine that humans aren't scared of mutants anymore, they are just angry. She then tells him to leave, but as he makes his way out of the tunnels, Wolverine encounters an extremely aged Velocidad, who had been helping the Morlocks and Blindfold. Velocidad tells Wolverine what Blindfold had been doing, and that she doesn't want to be found. Wolverine goes to Brooklyn, where Blindfold finds him waiting for her on a park bench. She takes him to her nice apartment which she has been renting. Wolverine notices Blindfold acting stranger than usual, and offers her his help, but she doesn't want it and asks him to leave. At Ms Prestel's pro-human rally, Wolverine watches from a nearby rooftop as Cyclops and Captain America fight. Wolverine encounters the Black Widow and Winter Soldier who warn him that mutant issues are tense and he shouldn't make things worse. Two days later, Wolverine finds Cyclops in Salem Center, at the ruins of the Xavier Institute, and they work together to take down Purifiers, Reavers and members of the Sapien League.

Third story:
Blindfold and Velocidad discover that Loa has been killed. They retreat to the Morlock Tunnels, but Blindfold is having serious problems, struggling with her visions since the deaths of the X-Men. She buys a lottery ticket with the last of her money, and seemingly wins lotto as she moves into a nice apartment. She is visited by Multiple Man, and thanks him for finding her so that others won't be lost. At separate times, Blindfold is confronted by Cyclops and Wolverine, she speaks cryptically to both of them, and afterwards, haunted by her visions, Blindfold tragically takes her own life.

Full Summary: 

First story:
'Every X-Men story is the same' Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops thinks to himself as he stands at the fenced that surrounds the destroyed Xavier Institute in Central Park. He wears a hooded sweater, and has his hands in his pockets as he thinks that they all start with a simple idea – that mutants have the right to be happy, they have the right to be safe – they have the right to exist. But then something hits them – they get knocked down, and it turns out all the stories seemed the same, because he never knew the ending. He sees protesters, and sneaks into the underground hangar bar where one X-Men Blackbird jet remains. He passes a reporter who is being filmed, informing viewers that today the drug commonly known as the “anti-mutant vaccine” has passed clinical trials and is set to launch nationwide later this year, while other countries have already begun mandatory vaccinations of children. Cyclops is punched in the face by someone, and makes his way to Worthington Industries, where out the front of the skyscraper is a statue of the original X-Men – Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Angel and the Beast. Cyclops thinks to himself that this one is different – he knows that now. This is the last X-Men story.

Near the statue, a thug is spray painting “Death to all mutants” at the base of the statue. 'Hurry up!' his friend calls out to him. 'Real art takes time' the thug replies. 'I don't think the Worthington Foundation is going to appreciate your art. At least not on their art' the hooded Cyclops remarks as he approaches the thugs. 'Why don't you go -' the second thug begins, before Cyclops informs them that they misspelt “mutant”. 'Tyler, run! It's him! It's Cyclops!' the second thug calls out. The first thug, Tyler, drops his spraypaint can and begins to run. 'Maybe you didn't hear, kid... Cyclops is dead' comes the response from the hooded figure.

Later, there is snow on the ground outside Harry's Hideaway, where inside, Scott sits at a table, several files labeled “Worthington” in front of him. 'Here's your coffee, mister' the red-headed waitress remarks as she hands the bearded Scott his coffee. Scott thanks her, and she remarks 'So weird'. 'Pardon?' Scott asks. The waitress apologizes and admits to reading over Scott's shoulder, remarking that is some of the weirdest stuff she has ever seen. 'You must be new here' Scott responds. 'Six months. I see you in here just about every night with this stuff' the waitress replies. Scott turns to her and explains that he is just looking for something he lost. 'Cryptic. I like a mysterious man' the waitress replies. Scott isn't sure how to respond to that, so the waitress tells him that she will be in the back if he needs anything. Scott then thanks her, but as the waitress looks out a frost-covered window, she sees several men outside, surrounding a girl. She calls out to someone called David and tells him to call the cops, as there is a bunch of creeps giving that girl a hard time. 'That's the bad part about working in a place like this, mystery man. You can always -' the waitress begins, but as she turns to Scott, she finds that he is gone.

Outside: 'Don't you get it? Your time is up, freak. This is our -' one of the thugs harassing the young woman begins. 'Is there a problem here, gentlemen?' Scott asks. 'Mind your business, man. Girl's a mutie freak' one of the thugs calls back. 'Then she is my business' Scott announces as he steps forward. The girl has covered her face with her hands, as one of the thugs asks Scott if he is a mutie sympathizer or something. 'Don't use that word again' Scott responds. 'Or what?' the thug asks. 'I'll make sure you remember the bad decisions you made here tonight for the rest of your lives' Scott warns him, stroking his beard. 'Shut your mouth, big man!' one of the thugs exclaims, breaking a bottle over Scott's head. Scott spins around and punches the thug, 'Some folks just won't take the hint, eh?' Scott remarks. Another thug attempts to punch Scott, but he blocks them, while kicking the third thug in the face. 'So be it' Scott decides, as he breaks the second thug's hand, causing the thug to scream. 'My subtle days are behind me, anyway' Scott remarks as he punches the third thug in the back of his head.

Scott turns to the young woman, who tells him that he didn't lose something – something lost him. Scott is shocked to see that it is Blindfold a.k.a. Ruth Aldine. 'Blindfold? Ruth! My God, what are -' Scott begins. 'Looking for you' Ruth admits. 'Why don't we -' Scott starts to suggest, but Ruth tells him that she will stay out here. She informs him that she came here because she needed to talk to him. 'How did you find.... right. Sorry' Scott remarks. Ruth tells him that she didn't want to, but she thought he would want to know. 'They're dead. I see things and they're all dead' Blindfold announces. Scott starts to tell Ruth that they don't know the X-Men are dead, but she interrupts him, stating that nothing will ever be the same, ever, and that he shouldn't do what he is going to do. 'The mistakes we make now follow us. Even in death, you know. Even back. This is forever'. Ruth turns, stating that she has to leave now, and suggesting Scott leave some money for the window. 'Wait! Ruth don't go -' Scott begins, but before he can go after her, one of the thugs lunges at him, so Scott spins him around and throws him into the window of Harry's Hideaway, shattering it. Scott turns back in the direction of Ruth, he looks around the darkened streets, but finds that she is gone. 'Ruth? Where are you? Dammit, Ruth' Scott mutters.

Shortly, at the Daily Bugle Offices in Manhattan, 'Mr Urich?' a woman calls out, knocking on Ben Urich's door. 'Not now' Ben calls out. 'There's someone here to see you' the woman tells him. Scott pushes past the woman and looks at Ben, telling him that he thinks a reporter like him might be interested in someone like him. 'Shut the door, Marsha' Ben tells the woman, while Ben removes his glasses and asks 'Scott summers – it is you, right? How is...what are...?' Ben begins. Scott tells Ben that he will make a deal with him – help him and he will answer his questions. 'Help you with what?' Ben replies. 'Finding the X-Men' Scott tells him, pointing out that Ben is the best capes reporter around since Phil Sheldon died. 'He was a better photographer than he was a writer' Ben replies, before telling Scott that he appreciates this. Ben pours himself a drink of alcohol and tells Sccott that he is a hell of a story, a damn Pulitzer. 'But you don't want this. It's a real bad time to tell the world “Mister Angry Mutant” is back' Ben explains, suggesting to Scott that his life might be easier if he statys dead. 'Well I have -' Scott begins, but Ben tells him to let him finish: 'As for helping you...I can't. I looked when they all went missing. Everyone did. At this point you just have to accept it... the X-Men are all dead'.

Six beers and one bottle of whiskey later, Scott sits on a rooftop in Hell's Kitchenbn, the moon shines down on him as he mutters 'And another thing... if they're all dead... why am I still here? Huh, Urich? Who's smart now?' Scott hiccups, before tossing an empty bottle above his head, and firing an optic blast upwards, which shatters the bottle. 'Nice shot' a voice calls out. Scott turns to the direction of the voice, as Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man steps out of the shadows. 'Been watching you for 45 minutes and that's the first one I've seen you hit' Madrox remarks. 'Madrox? Is that really you?' Scott asks. 'That's what they tell me' Madrox responds, before asking Cyclops if he is doing okay here, that he never took him for the drinking himself to ddeath type – especially after his death. 'How did you find me?' Scott asks. 'It's kinda what I do...' Madrox reminds Scott, adding that he has been firing giant red strobe lights into the sky for over an hour, that helped. Madrox points out that he is shocked the Avengers haven't shown up and whaled on him already.

Scott tells Jamie that he needs his help, as he is trying to track down any mutants out there. 'You and half the world's governments' Jamie responds, before knocking back some of Scott's whiskey and telling him that he is sorry they are all gone, and now every mutant he knows has been killed, locked up, deported or went underground. 'Except for the ones who were already underground. They just stayed there' Madrox adds. 'Underground...' Scott begins, before snatching his bottle of whiskey back. 'Hey!' Madrox exclaims, before Scott asks about Blindfold – he saw her and then she vanished. 'Can you help me find her?' Scott asks. 'If she wanted to be found, she'd have come to the light show, man' Madrox suggests. 'I need this, Jamie' Scott tells Madrox, who replies that he will see what he can do – but no promises. Jamie then asks Scott if he is all right, and if he needs some money. 'I... yeah... I could use a few hundred' Scott replies. 'Don't spend it all in one place' Madrox tells Scott as he creates several dupes, all of whom hand Scott wads of cash.

Later, in the Midtown sewers, Scott trudges down a tunnel. 'Looking for something, pretty boy?' a voice calls out. 'Actually, I was looking for you. We need to talk' Scott calls back. 'I don't think we do' the voice tells him. 'What's going on out there in the world -' Scott begins. 'The world? We're not part of your world now, Cyclops?' a figure asks, stepping towards Cyclops. 'Callisto, that's not -' Cyclops begins. 'You want to tell me about the world?' Callisto declares. 'Why don't you tell me where the hell your precious X0Men were when the world came down here and dragged our people away last month? Where the hell were you?' Callisto shouts. 'I was dead' Cyclops replies. 'Well played, Summers' Callisto smirks, before pointing out that she thinks the days where he comes down here to tell them how the world works are long gone. 'You're right. You all seem to be doing great down here, Callisto' Scott replies. 'You wanna find out how we're -' Callisto begins, holding a knife towards Cyclops, when suddenly a telepathic voice tells Callisto to take it easy, as Cyclops is just taking the piss.

'Nobody told me we had company. And it's an old mate to boot' Chamber a.k.a. Jonathan Starsmore remarks as he approaches Cyclops. 'I can handle it' Callisto tells him. 'I'm sure you can, love. But that's not the point, right?' Chamber replies. Cyclops asks Chamber what he is doing down here, to which Chamber explains that this is where he is supposed to be, and tells Cyclops that lots has changed since he left. 'Died' Scott corrects Chamber. 'There's the rub. You lead the X-Men in a war against the Avengers, the Inhumaans, anyone who looks at you wrong, right? You make the world hate us. And then you drop dead. The kicker? Your bloody wanker of a son comes back to finish the job you started'. Chamber remarks. 'Nate was very sick -' Cyclops begins, but Chamber interrupts him, pointing out that now Cyclops comes down here where he is running the show, and struts his stuff – and to top it off, he has the bollocks to ask him why he is here. 'I'm here because we're all we got, innit' Chamber declares. Cyclops tells Jono that he believes there is another way, but Chamber interrupts him again, telling Scott that he bets he does, but that the world is done with the X-Men. 'And so are we. So piss off'.

Later, snow falls over Central Park, Manhattan, where Scott looks at the fenced off ruins of the Xavier Institute for Mutant Outreach and Education. 'Hell of a metaphor, isn't it?' a voice remarks. “Mutant Education and Outreach” - and they're just plowing it to the ground. Scott sips a cup of coffee and replies 'Got me again. You are really good at finding people, Jamie'. 'Yeah. I know' Jamie responds. Cyclops turns around and sees several dupes and asks Jamie what is with them. 'Honestly? I have a paranoid side. Jamie Prime's the one by the trees' Madrox responds, adding that he really wasn't sure if Scott was going to try something on him. 'Geez, Jamie! Why would I -' Scott begins, as Jamie tells him that these days, nobody is getting hurt by being too careful, especially not guys with “mutant” tattooed on their face.

Cyclops informs Jamie that he found Chamber, 'I thought I smelled sewage. You know he hates you, right?' Madrox remarks. 'Yeah. I got that' Scott replies, before Madrox hands Scott a piece of paper and tells him that here is the address. 'You found her? What is she doing?' Scott asks. 'Hiding, Scott... she's hiding' Madrox reveals, before stating that he has done what Scott asked him to, and now he is out. 'Don't come looking for me next' Jamie tells Scott. Cyclops looks at the address and tells Jamie that Blindfold knows something, that she can help them figure it out. 'Spare me, man' Jamie declares, before walking off with the dupes and asking Scott if he wants some advice. 'Not really' Scott replies. 'Leave the girl alone' Jamie calls back as he and the dupes walk away into the snow-covered haze. 'Nothing good ever came from Scott Summers being involved' Jamie adds.

In Prospect Park South, Brooklyn, a dimly bathroom glows red. The bathtub is filled with blood, as Ruth Aldine lies motionless in it. Slumped to one side, “This is forever” is scrawled in blood on the tiles next to the bath. 'What did they do... no, Ruth. What did you do?' Scott gasps.

Soon, at the Empire State University in Manhattan, a woman named Ms Prestel stands on stage, under a banner that reads “The Future is Human”. She address a crowded hall, announcing that this vaccine was introduced only a few months ago and already the changes they have seen are indicating this is a safer world. She adds that she knows her opponent, Senator Allen, had a chance of heart, to which someone shouts 'BOO! TRAITOR!', to which Prestel states that it is true Senator Ashton spent a lot of time around the genetically abnormal, and says the vaccine was the wrong thing to do – she thinks it is wrong, too – it doesn't go far enough! Prestel declares that it is time for the ticking timebombs among them to be stopped, that it is time for humans to feel safe again, time for them to tack back their future – a future for humanity. 'YES!' someone in the audience shouts. 'Humanity!' another calls out, while someone holds up a sign that reads “Prestel for Senate”.

Cyclops wears his hood covering his face as he stands amongst the crowd and calls out 'Ms Prestel! What do you have to say to the families whose mutant children have been killed by the government? What do you have to say to the families whose children have been deported?' Prestel turns in Cyclops' direction and declares that she sees they have a mutant-lover in the crowd. 'You want to know what I say to mutant fmailies? I'l ltell you what I say!' she retorts as she declares 'How many classmates did you child kill today? What sort of private army is your child joining?' The crowd begins to turn on Cyclops, 'What about my kid?' one of them shouts. 'Humanity for humans!' another exclaims. '#$%& you, mutie lover!' a third exclaims, punching Cyclops from behind. Another punches him, and his glasses are knocked from his face. 'Wait! My glasses! Stay back!' Cyclops warns the crowd. 'Remember Beaver Lake!' another exclaims, tugging at Cyclops' hooded sweater. 'Hit him!' someone calls out, as Scott is kicked to the ground. 'What's that glowing?' one of the mob asks, as Scott sits up on his knees and shouts 'Stay away from me!' as he fires an optic blast which knocks back several of the angry mob. 'Who's there?' Scott calls out as he fires another optic blast, which suddenly deflects off a shield – 'That's enough!' Captain America exclaims, holding his shield steady, while the mob begin to run.

'Close your eyes, Summers!' Captain America calls out. Scott does so, 'That's better' Cap tells him as he walks over to him and hands him his ruby quartz glasses. 'You dropped these' Cap remarks. Cap then welcomes Scott back and tells him that he wishes they were meeting up under better circumstances, though. Scott thanks Cap but tells him that he doesn't think there are better circumstances for people like him these days. Scott puts his glases back on and Cap admits that these are trying times, for sure. 'I think that depends on what you look like, Steve' Cap replies, before reminding Cap that he once told him he regretted not doing more for mutants, and asks him if he remembers that'. Cap falls silent, as Cyclops informs him that he came back to find mutants being hunted and driven to extinction again, and then he finds him, here, draped in the flag in the middle of a hate rally. 'That's not fair, and you know I'm here to make sure people don't get hurt -' Cap begins, as Scott interrupts him: 'Your people, you mean. Because you sure didn't do that for mine'.

'Whatever happened to the X-Men...' Cap begins, before he motions for some armed soldiers to fall back, and tells Scott that he is sorry, he wished he had done more. 'But what did you hope to accomplish coming here?' Cap asks. 'A person was on stage endorsing the end of my race to a cheering crowd. I wanted to see it with my own two eyes. I wanted to challenge it to its face' Scott explains, adding that he thought standing up to fascism was something Captain America might understand. 'In a crowd of angry people? Surrounded by police snipers? This wasn't an act of protest. It was a suicide attempt' Cap points out. Cap puts a hand on Scott's arm and suggests that they go somewhere and talk. '$%&# you, Rogers!' Scott exclaims, pushing Cap away from him. Cap motions to the cameras recording nearby and tells Scott that this isn't helping him. 'You don't want the world to see you like this' Cap tells Scott. 'No...I do' Scott replies, before turning to one of the camera operators and asking him if he wants a real story. 'O-okay' the camera operator replies. 'You have to promise to broadcast it unedited. I need the world to see this' Scott tells him, before Scott introduces himself as Cyclops, leader of the X-Men. 'If there are any X-Men still out there, now is the time. Our people need you, I need you' Scott says to the camera, before announcing that in two nights' time, he will return to where this all began. 'Come find me' he asks them.

Salem Center, Westchester, two nights later: Scott stands where the original Xavier Institute was once located. The grounds are covered in snow, the trees surrounding the grounds are dark, snow-covered, too. He The wind blows around Scott and he turns as he hears a snap. 'Hello? Is someone out there?' Scott asks. 'You've come back to save us!' a voice calls out to him. 'Who's out there?' Scott asks. 'My heroooooo!' someone shouts, while another bursts into laughter. Scott sees Donald Pierce, Bonebreaker, Skullbuster and several other Reavers walking towards him. 'Reporting for duty, Professor Cyclops' Pierce jokes. Cyclops turns in another direction to see several men in long black cloaks with white crosses on them. 'You shouldn't have come back, boy. The Purifiers have been waiting' one of them announces. In another direction, several men in white masks are perched in the trees. 'Did you really think we weren't all going to come running for a shot at the last X-Man?' one of them asks. 'Sapien League is here to finish this. You're gonna die, Summers' another of them threatens Cyclops. 'Probably, but I'm going to get to take a lot of you with me' Scott responds.

The three different anti-mutant factions march together, closing in on Scott. Pretty Boy can also be seen amongst the Reavers, as Pierce remarks that, before they all get started, he just needs to know, after all this time – what is it like knowing that Cyclops failed? 'Knowing your friends died, the world doesn't care and that you're going to die all alone?' he asks. 'He ain't alone' a voice calls out. The Reavers, Purifiers and Sapien League members look around for the origin of that voice – before they hear a loud SNIIIIIKT that echoes through the wind and snow. 'This is gonna be fun' Wolverine a.k.a. Logan declares from a tree nearby. The anti-mutant factions look up at him, while Cyclops fires an optic blast into his opponents, before Logan leaps from the tree, claws at the ready. Cyclops' optic blast tears through several of his foes, knocking them back, while Wolverine lands on Pretty Boy, forcing him into one of the Sapien League.

Pierce watches, while Cyclops blasts two Sapien League members back. Skullbuster has fallen, blood soaking his clothing, while Wolverine shoves back another Reaver, yet sstill more of the Sapien Leauge and Reavers close in on he and Cyclops. One of the Purifiers attacks Wolverine from behind, but Cyclops comes to his assist, blasting the Purifier with an optic beam, while a Reaver fires a weapon into Wolverine's chest at close range. Suddenly, Cyclops cries out in pain as one of the Sapien League shoves a shard of metal into his back. Scott drops to his knees, while Wolverine roars and skewers the Sapien League member, his claws going through the human's body as he holds the Sapien League member up over his head, the moonlight glowing down on them. More claws through bodies, more optic blasts slamming into opponents – until eventually, only Cyclops and Wolverine remain, standing atop a pile of anti-mutant trash. Cyclops turns to Wolverine. 'Logan' he remarks. 'Slim' Logan replies. They look at each other in silence as the snow continues to fall down around them. 'Now that we're all caught up, let's go. We got work to do' Wolverine declares, as he starts to walk away.

Second story:
'You're sloppy, old man' a slim figure wearing a cloak over his face thinks as he watches Cyclops through a target on his gun. The target surrounds Cyclops as he walks down the snow-covered streets of Ridgewood, Queens, four days ago. 'Gonna get yourself killed again. I didn't bring -' the cloaked figure remarks from where he is perched on a nearby rooftop, stopping himself when he hears a SNIKT behind him. 'Oh, for -' the cloaked figure begins, as Wovlerine is crouched behind him on a chimney. Logan then roars as he drops down towards the cloaked figure, who spins around but doesn't have time to fire his gun, as Logan shoves his claws through the gun, tearing it into pieces. 'Wait!' the cloaked figure exclaims. 'Nowhere to run' Wolverine tells him as he looms over the mystery person, who suddenly pulls a gun out from behind their back, 'Logan, I said wait!' he shouts as he fires two bullets into Wolverine's face, bringing Wolverine's rampage against him to a stop.

'You are Logan, right? So many damn Wolverines running around these days. But you're him? The real one?' the cloaked figure asks. 'I know you?' Logan responds, covering his wounded face. 'You will' the mystery man replies, his cloak falls back, revealing the young time-displaced Cable. 'I'm a bit fuzzy on some of my past, but I remember you being older. What happened?' Wolverine asks. 'Nothing yet' Cable replies, adding that Logan owes him a rifle. 'And you owe me an eye' Wolverine responds, removing his hand to reveal the gaping hole where his eye is supposed to be, before asking Cable why he is trying to kill his old man. 'I'm not. I saved him' Cable claims, before extending a hand to Wolverine and asking him why he is out here. 'I don't know' Wolverine admits, accepting Cable's hand, as Cable helps him stand up. Logan explains that he was looking for the X-Men, but got caught up in some dumb $#%& along the way, and when he finally got here, everyone tells him that they are all gone. Logan adds that Slim is still here, and that he figured that if anyone knew anything, it would be Slim – only he seems just as lost. 'You didn't talk to him' Cable remarks. Logan tells him that he doesn't want anything to do with the usual Summers crap – no offense – he just wants answers.

Cable reveals that Cyclops knows exactly what Logan knows, that the X-Men are all dead – and Cyclops doesn't believe it, either. Wolverine supposes that he is done here, and turns, but Cable tells him to wait, and that he has to look out for Cyclops. 'He's not my daddy, kid' Logan responds. Cable informs Logan that he can't watch Cyclops anymore, that he has to go, but something bad is coming. 'What?' Logan asks, turning back to the young Cable. Cable admits that he doesn't know. 'This cryptic tough-guy act really work on people?' Logan asks. Cable assures him that if he knew what it was, he would tell him, but he doesn't – all he knows is that bad things are headed Cyclops' way. 'And yours' Cable adds. Logan asks what he is supposed to do. 'Find someone who knows what's coming' Cable tells him as Cyclops emerges from a building, putting something into his bag. 'Bishop's dead' Logan reminds Cable. 'Not him' Cable replies.

Shortly, Wolverine rings a doorbell in Lawrenceville, Kansas. 'Hell – oh. You gotta be kidding me. What do you want, Logan?' Jamie Madrox asks when he answers the door. 'Actually, I don't care. I'm out' Madrox remarks, but before he can close the door, Logan pushes past Jamie, telling him that he isn't here for him. He goes into the living room, where Layla miller, holding a baby in her arms, looks up at Logan and smiles. She greets him and asks him how he found her. 'C'mon, Layla. That's sort of what I do' Logan smirks. 'That's a cool line' Jamie decides, before leaning against a doorframe and asking if this is about Scott. 'No...maybe...Cable told me to look after Scott, but -' Logan starts to reply as he sits on a table, and Layla interrupts him, pointing out that Cable is dead. Logan informs her that he's a kid now, and as much of a jerk as one would expect. 'I was just trying to find answers on the X-Men -' Wolverine begins, rubbing his head, as Layla interrupts him, announcing that she doesn't know what happened to him – that she doesn't know things anymore.

'Dammit. Cable said I need to watch Scott. He said something bad is going to happen. But I don't know if the bad thing is going to happen to Scott...' Wolverine's voice trails off, as Layla finishes his sentence: 'Or if Scott is the bad thing'. 'Yeah' Wolverine agrees. Layla suggests to Logan that he finds Blindfold, that perhaps she can help. 'All the X-Men are gone' Logan reminds her. Layla tells Logan to trust her, and to go to the tunnels. Logan asks Layla if she wants to come with him, as he could use her help. 'I'd like to keep Davey here as far away from the sewers for as long as I can' Layla replies. 'Let what's-his-face watch him' Logan suggests, motioning to Madrox. 'Hey!' Madrox exclaims, throwing his arms into the air. Layla tells Logan that as tempting as he makes a trip to the sewers seem, she is happy just being a mom for now, and that it is nice getting to know what's-his-face all over again.

'Maybe next time, then' Logan tells Layla as he turns to leave, adding that she has a cute kid and that it takes after her. 'You sure you don't want to stay for dinner? I made beef stroganoff' Layla invites Logan, who tells her that is his favorite. 'Did you...never mind. Have a good night' Logan calls back as he leaves their home. 'Goodbye, Logan' Madrox exclaims as he slams the door and turns to Layla, telling her that he knows that look. 'Cyclops is in trouble' Layla tells him. 'And?' Madrox asks. 'And you can go be a hero for a little while instead of hanging around here all day getting in my way' Layla smiles. 'Sweetheart, your dear husband was never much of an X-Man' Madrox reminds her. Layla tells Jamie that he isn't much of a husband, either – but that doesn't stop him from pretending.


The Midtown sewers, where Wolverine trudges his way through the muck, stopping until he comes to a blood-covered body. He pops his claws, as several armored soldiers make their way through the tunnels. 'Tighten it up. They'll know we're here now. We need to gind out objectives this time' one of the soldiers declares. Another of them apologizes, 'Little fella spooked me -' he begins. 'That's the best apology you can do, Agent Young? Agent Young?' one of the soldiers asks as they come to a stop – they turn around and see that Agent Young's head has been sliced off. 'What the hell?' one of the soldiers asks, before Agent Young's body collapses, and Wolverine is revealed to have been standing behind him. 'It's the Wolverine!' one of the soldiers shouts, as they open fire on Logan, who rushes towards them, slicing his way through the soldiers, tearing them apart. He shoves his claws through one of their chests, and holds them up above him, 'Why are you here?' Logan snarls. Blood spurts out of the soldier's mouth as he reveals that they are after the kids and the girl. 'What girl?' Logan demands. 'The one who can't see. Please let me -' the soldier begins, before someone shoots him in the head. 'Up yours, mutie!' another of the soldiers, sitting up in the muck utters, before turning the weapon on himself, and blowing his own brains out.

'Nice job, Logan. I owe you one' Callisto remarks as she emerges from the shadows. 'Who were they?' Logan asks. Callisto informs him that they were O*N*E* - the friendly government agency that turned the Xavier Institute into a concentration camp and parked killer robots on their lawn. Logan asks Callisto why the O*N*E* are here, to which Callisto tells him it is because the X-Men almost ripped the world in half. 'I'm not an X-Man anymore' Logan tells Callisto, who points out that no one is – and that's the problem. 'They were afraid of the X-Men. Magneto, Xavier, Summers...you. You all scared the %$#& out of them, but that kept them in line. Then Legion and X-Man had their little war and almost destroyed everytbing. Then all the X-Men died' Callisto explains, adding that the humans aren't scared anymore – they're just angry. Logan asks if the O*N*E* are taking prisoners, but Callisto reveals that they are just killing. 'What about Ruth?' Logan asks her. 'I don't know a Ruth' Callisto responds as she walks away, telling Logan that it is time for him to head back to the surface, as they are done here.

Wolverine is in the Downtown sewers now, making his way through the murky waters, a voice tells him 'She's not telling the truth, ya know'. 'I know you?' Wolverine asks, turning to the shadows, where a figure replies 'You don't remember me? I was told you wouldn't. But I was also told they'd catch me, so...it's Gabe... Cohuelo... Velocidad' the young mutant, who looks particularly old and haggard, with wrinkles on his skin and a long gray beard announces. 'Velocidad? You look...' Logan begins. 'Like $#%&? Yeah. It's been a rough couple of weeks' Velocidad remarks. Logan asks him what happened, and Velocidad explains that it was his powers, he sped up time around himself so the last few weeks for Logan have been a lot longer for him, it has been rough, helping the Morlocks and ruth. 'So she was here?' Logan asks. Velocidad confirms that she was, but not for a few days now. Velocidad explains that Ruth liked being around other mutants, that she said it made her feel safe – or it did, but now she is moving around. He adds that Ruth isn't well, that she is having trouble separating the present from her memories of the past and her visions of the future – it is all occurring to her at once. Logan asks Velocidad if he knows where Ruth is now, to which Velocidad tells him that she doesn't want to be found. 'I know, kid... but she needs to be' Logan replies.

Soon, on a park bench in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn. Logan sits on the bench, looking around, when suddenly, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, Mr Logan' Blindfold utters as she appears behind Logan. 'Dammit!' Logan gasps. 'My abilities...' Blindfold begins, as she carries on towards the road, stepping out in front of traffic, which causes a driver to honk at her and tell her to get off the road. 'How did you know I was out here?' Logan asks, to which Ruth reminds him that her abilities are great. She steps towards a door, and as they enter a building, Logan tells her that she has a nice place here. 'My abilities are greatly valuable...' Ruth remarks. 'That's good' Logan tells her, before asking her if she has been okay. Ruth informs him that she has been running, that her abilities are greatly valuable to those willing to abuse her, but that she moved here to hide. 'Well-off people don't want to know your troubles. They don't want to look you in the face. You can disappear around them. So I became well-off' Ruth explains.

Logan follows Ruth into her kitchen as Ruth fills a watering can. Logan tells Ruth that he is sorry things aren't going well, and that it is rough for eveyone right now, but he needs her help. 'I talked to Layla and -' Logan begins, to which Ruth interrupts him, stating 'I don't know who that is.

Sorry'. 'Layla Miller? Doesn't matter. I need to know what's coming' Logan tells Ruth, who replies 'You already know. Death'. Logan asks Blindfold if that is what Scott told her. Ruth waters some plants in the kitchen and informs Logan that she hasn't told Cyclops yet, but she will tell them both soon. Logan reveals that he talked to the waitress at Harry's, so he knows that Ruth spoke with Cyclops two days ago. 'I told him not to do what he is going to do. He will' Ruth states, before turning to Logan and telling him that he can save Cyclops though, and that Cable was right. 'I don't care about him' Logan tells Ruth, adding that he doesn't think he wants this anymore – the hero thing, and that he is not Scott Summers' keeper.

'No. sorry. You're not. But often he was yours' Ruth reminds Logan, adding that this life, they don't get to quit. 'This is forever'. Blindfold suddenly leans forward onto the kitchen counter, touching her stomach. Logan asks her if she is okay, and Blindfold replies that she will be, she knows that, and asks Logan to promise her he will keep an eye on him. 'Sure, kid. Fine. I'm more worried about you -' Logan begins, to which Ruth remarks 'I told you now. Sorry. Now I have to take a bath'. Logan assures Ruth that he will go, but that if she needs anything, he wants her to reach out. 'I won't' Ruth responds as she shows Logan to the door. Logan bids Ruth goodnight. 'Goodbye, Logan' Ruth responds. Logan walks away from Ruth's home, although he appears somewhat uneasy.

At the Empire State university in Manhattan, a mob of anti-mutant extremists have gathered to listen to Ms Prestel, a woman whose stance is “The future is human”. She stands on a stage  and addresses the crowd in a televised event. Captain America is on hand, keeping an eye on the civilians as they enter the auditorium, he catches a glimpse of a hooded figure. 'Oh, no...what is he doing here?' Cap wonders as he rushes off into the crowd. Logan is there, too, and sips a coffee as someone behind him remarks 'If I didn't know any better, I'd say the X-Men were up to something'.  The Black Widow and Winter Soldier step into view as the Black Widow tells Logan that he is getting sloppy, letting them sneak up on him like this. 'Knew you were there. Just didn't care' Logan replies without turning to look at them. 'I get mad when old friends come to town and don't call. But back from the dead? And not even an email?' the Black Widow remarks. 'Seems rude' the Winter Soldier agrees. Logan looks at his coffee and tells the others that he has nothing to say.

The Winter Soldier begins to ask Logan what he is doing here, because it feels a bit suspicious. 'Was just about to say the same thing about all the Avengers who showed up to protect a hate rally, Buck' Logan responds. The Black Widow assures Logan that they are not protecting this filth, they are here to keep the peace. She adds that he has been gone so long, that she will cut him some slack, but that things have become tense around mutant issues. 'If there was any kind of incident, the MLF, the Brotherhood...the X-Men. We're justb trying to make sure it doesn't get worse for everyone' the Black Widow assures Wolverine. Logan suggests to her that they stop worrying about everyone and just worry about the ones being killed. The Black Widow asks him if that is why he is here – revenge. Logan narrows his eyes and tells hert that if he wanted revenge, they would need more Avengers than this. 'I'm here for the same reason as you – making sure there're no more incidents. So you watch your boy scout, I'll watch mine' Logan declares.

Suddenly: 'Might be a bit late...' Winter Soldier points out as an optic blast is fired upwards from the crowd. 'Dammit' Logan mutters, popping his claws. He heads towards the crowd, but the Black Widow tells him to let Cap handle it. People in the crowd begin to run away from the rally, while the Black Widow tells Logan that she knows him, and that everyone still thinks he is dead, that she knows part of him must want to keep it that way, and tells him that this is his way out, this is his chance at peace. 'You don't want to be Wolverine for this world anymore...and the world doesn't want another Wolverine' the Black Widow adds, telling Logan not to get caught up in Scott's war. Logan tells the Widow that he made a promise, 'You've made a lot' the Black Widow reminds him. Logan tells her that he has got to keep this one, to which the Black Widow tells him that she is sorry for what is coming. 'Me too' Logan responds as he walks away from the Black Widow and Winter Soldier.

Two days later, the snow falls down over Salem Center in Westchester, where Wolverine is perched on a tree branch on the grounds of the old Xavier Institute. A message has gone out from Cyclops, pleading that if there are any X-Men still out there, that mutantkind needs their help – he needs them – and that in two night's time, he would return to where this all began. Cyclops stands stoic as the snow falls around him, while Wolverine hears some voices, 'You want to go first?' someone calls out. 'No, we go first. He's ours' Donald Pierce declares as he and several Reavers march forward towards Cyclops. Members of the Sapien League and the Purifiers are gathered, too. 'Thousand bucks to the one who kills him' someone calls out. 'Deal' another replies. There is a snap as someone stands on a twig, breaking it. 'Hello? Is someone out there?' Cyclops calls out. 'You've come back to save us. My heroooo!' Pierce mocks from the trees. Several Sapien League members laugh, while Cyclops asks 'Who's out there?'

Donald Pierce reveals himself and reports that he and the Reavers are reporting for duty, while one of the Purifiers warns Cyclops that he shouldn't have come back, as they have been waiting. 'Did you really think we weren't all going to come running for a shot at the last X-Man?' one of them enquires. Wolverien listens from the trees as one of the Sapien League boasts that they are here to finish this. 'You're gonna die, Summers' they threaten Cyclops. 'Probably. But I'm going to take a lot of you with me' Cyclops replies. Pierce moves closer to Cyclops and tells him that before they get started he needs to know – after all this time – what it is like knowing that he failed. '#^&% this' Logan snarls to himself. He knocks back a beer, while Pierce asks Cyclops 'Knowing your friends all died, the world doesn't care and that you're going to die all alone?' Suddenly, Wolverine pops his claws and exclaims 'He ain't alone'.

Third story:

'I have always been gifted' Ruth Aldine a.k.a. Blindfold thinks to herself as the snow falls around her and Gabriel Cohuelo a.k.a. Velocidad. 'Blindfold! We have to go!' Velocidad exclaims urgently. 'We have to go to the tunnels now!' he exclaims. Blindfold apologizes to Gabriel and asks if they have had this conversation already. 'No, Ruth. Please. We have to go. The Morlocks will help us' Gabriel tells Ruth, who asks 'What about Loa?' as she thinks 'I have always been cursed'. Gabriel reaches out to Ruth 'She's dead' he tells her as they stand over Alani Ryan a.k.a. Loa's motionless body, her blood staining the snow. 'So peaceful...' Blindfold remarks, before telling Velocidad that he is going to get caught. 'No, I'm not. And neither are you' Gabe replies.

Later, Velocidad is sleeping on a mattress on the ground of the Morlock Tunnels. The Morlock known as Bliss lies several feet away from him. 'I can see the future. But something is going wrong' Blindfold tells herself as she walks towards Gabe and Bliss, who sits up and tells her that she is going to get caught, that she can't just sneak out. 'I know' Blindfold replies, admitting to herself that she is getting confused. Gabe wakes and looks up at Ruth and asks her what is going on. 'I have to go find Cyclops. Thank you' Ruth responds, but Gabe reminds Ruth that Cyclops is dead and tells her that she is confused again. Blindfold sits down next to Gabe, and thinks to herself that as the future becomes present and the present becomes the past, the distinctions are blurring for her. 'Yes. I have to warn them. They're all going to die' Ruth tells Gabe. 'Who?' Gabe asks. 'The X-Men' Ruth replies. Gabe tells her that already happened – the X-Men already died. Ruth has a vision of herself, engulfed in flames, screaming. 'This isn't now' she tells herself, before getting to her feet, 'They'll come here soon, but it will be too late. And they won't remember you, Gabriel. I'm sorry. I need to convince him to help... I need help' Ruth remarks. Gabe starts to tell her to wait, but it's too late, as Blindfold leaves him and Bliss behind. 'I know what that means' Ruth thinks to herself.

'I need help' Ruth utters as she sits on a sidewalk. Two men walk past her, then turn back to her and one of them hands her some money. 'Here ya go' he tells her. 'No. I need to convince him to help' Ruth remarks. 'What? And what's with the blindfold' the man replies. Ruth has another vision, she has been beaten. She thinks that one’s future stretches infinitely before them forever – it is unknown. Ruth then pulls back her blindfold, revealing the blankness of her face where her eyes once were. 'People don't like to look at this. Sorry' Ruth responds. 'Holy -' one of the men gasps. 'You're a freaking mutie? I thought you were all dying!' the other man exclaims. 'No. Soon' Ruth replies, before one of the men shoves her, 'Don't you get it? Your time is up, freak. This is our -' he begins, before someone steps out of the shadows and asks 'Is there a problem here, gentlemen?'

'Is there a problem here?' Ruth asks as she stands at a store counter. 'No, honey, no problem. It's just...this all the money you got?' the old man behind the counter asks. 'For now. Yes' Ruth replies as she holds her money out towards him. 'And you're gonna spend it on a lottery ticket?' the old man asks. 'Yes. I want a nice house to die in' Ruth smiles. She has a vision of thugs stomping on her while she covers her head with her hands. 'But it isn't infinite because we don't know it. It is infinite because it will always have been. Forever' Ruth thinks to herself, before taking the lottery ticket and walking away from the shop keeper who asks her if she wouldn't rather save up for some new clothes, or get some food. 'No. I'm not hungry' Ruth responds.Later, Ruth sits at the end of a table in a darkened room. Boxes of takeaway, and a large roast chicken are laid out on the table, when there the doorbell chimes. Another vision, someone covered in blood, as Ruth thinks that when you get to the end, it doesn't mean it wasn't infinite, it just means it is forever behind you. Ruth opens the door to find Madrox the Mutltiple Man holding a box of pizza, and raising one slice of pizza to his mouth. 'Since I paid your delivery guy, I figured it was okay if I took a slice, okay?' Madrox remarks. 'No. I'm not hungry' Ruth responds. Madrox greets her and asks her if she is surprised to see him. 'Hello, Jamie. I don't get surprised and I don't see' Ruth responds. Jamie apologizes and points out that if she doesn't get surprised, then she knows Scott is looking for her. 'I know' Ruth admits. As he eats the pizza, Jamie tells Ruth that if she says no, he will say he never found her. 'So, I'll just ask. Do you want to see him?' Jamie asks. Ruth takes the box of pizza and tells Jamie that she doesn't, but that Scott can see her. 'Tell him where I am. I won't see him' Ruth remarks.

'You're a weird little kid, even by X-Men standards. You know that, right?' Madrox asks. He shoves more pizza in his mouth and remarks that he has a feeling Ruth only let him find her so that he would tell Scott where she was, so he will do that. 'But if I were you I'd be long hone when he gets here' Madrox adds. Blindfold has another vision – she is shackled, and thinks that she is running out of future. As Madrox leaves Blindfold's apartment, Ruth tells him that she always liked him and that she is sorry for what isgoing to happen to him. 'Yes. Tell Layla i'm sorry' she remarks. '...oookay. You've lasted this long on your own, I know you're good, Ruth' Madrox calls back. Ruth tells him that she will be, and thanks him for finding her so that others won't be lost, before bidding him goodbye, while Wolverine stands in the shadows nearby, watching.

Later, Cyclops stands before Blindfold, who tells him that he didn't lose something, something lost him. 'Blindfold? Ruth! My God, what are you -' Scott begins. 'Looking for you Ruth tells him. Cyclops starts to suggest that they go somewhere else, buth Ruth announces that she will stay out here, and that she came here because she needed to talk to him. 'How did you find...right' Scott remarks. 'I didn't want to, please. But I thought you'd want to know. Thank you' Ruth replies. 'They're dead I see things and they're all dead'. 'We don't know they're dead, Ruth. Nobody -' Cyclops begins, but Ruth interrupts him, declaring that nothing will ever be the same. 'Don't do what you're going to do' Ruth tells Cyclops, explaining that the mistakes they make now follow them – even in death, even back. 'This is forever' Blindfold utters.

Two days later, Wolverine stands in Ruth's kitchen, as Ruth tells him that this life they have, they don't get to suit. 'No. Sorry. You're not. But often he was yours'. Logan tells Ruth that he doesn't think he wants this anymore, the hero thing, and that he is not Scott Summers' keeper. 'I don't care about him' Logan adds. 'You can save him though. Cable was right' Ruth tells Logan as she begins to tend to a potted plant. She begins to water the plant as she informs Logan that she told Cyclops not to do what he wasgoing to do, but he will. Logan reveals that he talked to the waitress at Harry's, so he knows that Ruth saw him two days ago. 'I haven't told him yet. I will tell you both soon' Ruth replies. 'Is that what you told Scott?' Logan asks. 'Death' Ruth replies. 'You already know' she tells Logan. 'Layla Miller? Doesn't matter. I need to know what's coming' Logan remarks, folding his arms. 'I don't know who that is. Sorry' Ruth responds. Logan reminds Ruth that it is rough for everyone right now, but that he needs her help. 'I talked to Layla and – listen. I'm sorry things aren't going well'. Logan tells Ruth. 'This is forever' Blindfold utters.

Ruth reminds herself that she was born with a gift, while seeing a vision of herself set ablaze. Another vision, weapons fired towards her as she knows that any gift can become a curse. That people might try to take it from you. Another vision, she is caught in an explosion. Another vision still, she is kicked and stomped on, as she decides that you might find the gift is not there when you need it. Or, maybe people just hate you for having it. She see herself shackled, and admits that her gift is seeing the future – while her curse is knowing that she no longer has one. Blindfold then pours herself a bath....

Characters Involved: 

First story:
Multiple Man

Captain America

Bonebreaker, Donald Pierce, Pretty Boy, Skullbuster and other Reavers
Members of the Purifiers
Members of the Sapien League

Ben Urich

Ms. Prestel
Tyler and another thug
Gang of thugs
Police officers

Second story:

Multiple Man
Layla Miller
Davey Miller


Black Widow, Captain America, Winter Soldier

Ms. Prestel

Donald Pierce, Skullbuster and other Reavers
Members of the Purifiers
Members of the Sapien League
Agent Young and other O*N*E* soldiers


Third story:
Loa (corpse only)

Multiple Man


Shop eeper

Story Notes: 

This issue has the Legacy numbering of Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #630.

Cyclops' return was revealed in Extermination #5, and the story of how he returned to life was told in Uncanny X-Men Annual (5th series) #1.

Although Madrox was on Quadra Island when the X-Men disappeared, it was revealed that Madrox was only a dupe, and the real Madrox left the island before the X-Man vanished.

Chamber was never shown to be taking part in the X-Men's battle against X-Man.

Blindfold was last seen as a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning in Extraordinary X-Men #1.

Senator Ashton Allen, originally a pro-mutant vaccine authority in Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #1, had a change of heart by Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #10, although by this time he was too late to enact any change.

Cyclops and Wolverine have been at odds since the “Schism” storyline which saw the X-Men split into two factions, those staying with Cyclops on Utopia, and those who journeyed with Wolverine back to Westchester.

Layya Miller hasn't been seen since X-Factor (1st series) #262.

The O*N*E* (Office of National Emergency) was re-started in Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #13-17, under the operation of Agent Callahan.

Velocidad was last seen as a student at the Xavier Institute for Outreach and Education in Iceman (3rd series) #7.

Although she received Jean Grey's telepathic call to arms in Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #9, Loa was not shown among the final battle on Quadra Island in Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #10.

The Morlock Bliss was last seen in a superhuman prison in X-Men Gold #23-24.

The letters page of this issue is accompanied by the phone number for the United States' Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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