Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #3

Issue Date: 
January 2019
Story Title: 
Disassembled, part 3

Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg & Kelly Thompson (writers), Yildiray Cinar (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Leinil Francis Yu & Edgar Delgado (cover artists), John Tyler Christopher; Emanuela Luapacchino & Frank D'armata (variant cover artists), Jeff Powell (title page designer), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Jordan D White & Darren Shan (editors), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men Created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

In Montana, Jean Grey leads Bishop, Iceman, Northstar and X-23 against rampaging dinosaurs. Several dinosaurs break through the barrier towards a group of anti-mutant protesters, but Bishop rescues them. With all the dinosaurs defeated, Jean's team departs to Kansas to assist Storm, Polaris, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Jubilee and Cannonball who are struggling against an army of Multiple Man dupes, each with their own power set. Jean is unable to reach into Multiple Man's mind, and as the battle rages before her, she remembers the vision she saw of this battle. Jean and Psylocke connect in an attempt to find Madrox Prime while the others battle the dupes, during which Jubilee and Northstar are injured. At the Xavier Institute, the X-Men students let Legion inside the Mansion as he asks them if they are excited to save the world. The X-Men's battle against the Madrox dupes continues, until Jean and Psylocke finally shut the dupes down, and discover that the real Multiple Man is somewhere beneath them. When the Madrox dupes are defeated, Legion starts to break down, banging his head against the floor, he appears deranged, and is frustrated with the X-Men, so he attacks the X-Men students. The young mutants fight back to defend themselves, as Legion declares that he is here to save them. Beneath the farm in Kansas, Jean, Polaris, Iceman, Bishop and X-23 find Madrox, who has been beaten and chained up in a bunker. Once aboard a Blackbird back to the Mansion, Madrox explains that Madrox took his personalities and forced them into the dupes, of which he made him create more and more. Most of the X-Men are confused as to who Legion is, except for Bishop and Jean. Jean knows that Legion tried to erase himself from the minds of everyone he ever came into contact with, which is why most people can't remember him. She tries to contact the Mansion, but is blocked. She reaches the Beast, who is en route back to the Mansion when he comes across the battle between the X-Men students and Legion. The other X-Men arrive at the Mansion, and Jean takes control of the situation, frustrating Armor. Before long, the battle is interrupted by the arrival of Angel, Magneto, Blob and Omega Red – the Horsemen of Salvation, who have come to save the world – and start by killing the X-Men as they cause the Xavier Institute to explode!


Full Summary: 

Missoula, Montana, where a squad of X-Men are currently battling dinosaurs. 'A couple of them have gotten past us' Jean-Paul Beaubier a.k.a. Northstar calls out as he darts around face of a T-Rex. 'I see them!' Jean Grey responds, before instructing Lucas Bishop and Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman to deal with them. 'I'll help' Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 offers, as she stands claws-barred on top of another dinosaur. 'I need you here, X-23. They can handle it' Jean replies as Bishop blasts one of the dinosaurs and Iceman starts to freeze the T-Rex, before the two of them give chase to the dinosaurs that have broken through the ice-wall. 'They're almost to the picket line!' Iceman calls out, telling Bishop to hurry. 'Worry about your own targets, Drake' Bishop responds.

On the other side of the wall of ice, anti-mutant protesters had gathered, and begin to flee as the dinosaurs approach then. 'Run!' someone screams. 'Ohmigod! Jurassic Park is real!' another shouts. One of them screams as a dinosaur gets close to them, but Bishop fires a blast of energy at the dinosaur's feet, knocking it to the ground. The screaming man falls over in the process, narrowly avoiding the dinosaur's jagged-tooth mouth and dropping his sign that reads “God hates mutants”. Bishop goes over to the man and extends a hand to help him up. 'Are you all right, sir?' Bishop asks. 'Uh... yes?' the man replies, while other civilians watch. 'And your sign, sir' Bishop remarks, handing the protester his sign. Bishop remains stoic, as the man looks at him, '... thanks' the man responds.

'You get yours, Bish?' Bobby asks as he ice-slides alongside Bishop as they return to the others. 'What do you think, Drake?' Bishop replies. 'I mean, yeah. Okay, obviously you got yours' Bobby mutters. 'Correct' Bishop tells him. 'This was a great talk' Bobby shrugs. Jean asks Laura if they are all clear, and X-23 confirms that they are, so Jean sends a telepathic message to Storm, informing her that they are all clear, and asks her if she needs an assist.

In Russell Springs, Kansas, Ororo Munroe a.k.a. Storm and her squad are battling countless Multiple Man dupes. Storm's thoughts echo towards Jean as she tells her friend that they are overwhelmed and an assist is much appreciated as she blasts several dupes with a surge of lightning. Sam Guthrie a.k.a. Cannonball knocks several dupes back as he blasts through them, while Jubilee takes some dupes out with her fireworks powers. Betsy Braddock a.k.a. Psylocke shoves a psi-knife into her opponent, as Kurt Wagner a.k.a. Nightcrawler teleports onto a group of several dupes, and Lorna Dane a.k.a. Polaris tosses several dupes backwards with a surge of magnetic energy.

Meanwhile, at the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, in New York City, a large number of anti-mutant protesters have gathered out front of the X-Men's home. 'Since I want to help... can I come inside?' a man in a suit claiming to be the son of Charles Xavier known as Legion smiles as he stands in the doorway. 'Um. Legion, right?' Hisako Ichiki a.k.a. Armor asks. 'Right' Legion tells her. 'Right... 'm not sure it's the best idea for you to come in' Armor tells him as Santo Vaccarro a.k.a. Rockslide, Megan Gwynn a.k.a. Pixie and Glob Herman stand with her.

A rock is thrown at the door, narrowly missing Legion. 'What the hell?' Rockslide calls out. 'Did they just -' Legion asks, narrowing his eyes. 'You know what... yeah, come on in' Armor tells him. Legion smiles at her and tells her that he appreciates that. 'This is so great. Are you guys excited to save the world?' Legion asks. 'Uh...' Glob mutters in response.

Above Russell Springs, Kansas, a Blackbird jet hovers, as Jean and her team survey the situation below. '... Oh God. I didn't realize. There are thousands of them' Jean gasps, looking at a monitor which shows the chaos below. Jean instructs Bobby to set the jet down as close as reasonable, and for everyone else to get out now. 'What the hell is Madrox thinking?' Northstar asks as he flies towards the mass of Madroxes below. Jean telekinetically lowers herself, Bishop and X-23 down and point out that she isn't entirely sure he is thinking anything. 'Sounds right' Bishop points out. Jean tells Bishop that was not what she meant, and that obviously something has happened to Madrox. She reports that the good news is none of them below is Jamie Prime. 'Which means...' she begins, 'Which means killing them isn't killing Jamie... they're just copies. Bad ones' X-23 declares.

Bishop fires a blast of energy at one of dupes as he asks Jean if she can tell what is wrong with them. 'I can't... it's like... they're not even Jamie' Jean replies as X-23 enters the battle, and Northstar knocks several dupes over as he flies past them. X-23 realizes Jean looks concerned and asks her if she is all right. 'I...' Jean begins, watching the battle as if she is suffering deja vu.

'Where is Kitty Pryde?' several dupes call out. Betsy announces that she doesn't know what is wrong with them, that their minds are fractured somehow. Jubilee knocks several dupes back and Bishop fires another blast of energy into the army of dupes. Jean tells X-23 that it is happening, that this is the moment she saw. She wonders what it means, and how they can reach someone who isn't there. 'Where is Kitty Pryde?' another dupe asks, before Jean suddenly has an idea and flies over to Betsy, reaching out for her and telling her to take her hand.

Back at the Mansion, the X-Men students follow Legion down a corridor as Glob asks him what he means by “save the world” and Rockslide enquires as to whether this has anything to do with the dinosaurs. 'There are dinosaurs?' Legion asks. Pixie informs him that the rest of the X-Men are off dealing with dinosaurs, and the Jamies. 'Apparently Madrox has gone mental... again?' Pixie remarks, adding that she feels like he has done this before.

Legion looks concerned: 'Jamie? Oh no. No. No. No' he declares, grabbing Pixie by her shoulders he shakes her and tells her that she has to contact them, has to stop them. 'Whoa. Hands off, crazy-pants!' Pixie orders. Legion calms down and tells the young mutants that everything is fine. 'I just need someone to get an adult... no more X-kids. I need -' he begins, before he suffers some pain and touches his head, groaning.

One of the dupes fires something from his mouth at Jubilee, which lands in her side. 'Why do I keep getting weird mouth-power Madrox?' Jubilee complains, before she starts to feel weak, 'That actually hurts...' she gasps. Northstar tells Jubilee that he is on his way. 'Just let me finish with stab-fingers here and then I shall -' Northstar begins, before the Madrox with claws for fingers skewers Northstar in his back. Northstar then falls to the ground. 'No... I'll be... fine...' Jubilee utters. Nightcrawler teleports to Jubilee and catches her before she collapses, then teleports her away. Nightcrawler reappears and takes Northstar to safety. 'I hadn't forgotten about you, my little Canadian elf'.

Polaris, Bishop, Bobby, Storm and X-23 fight on, as Jean and Betsy hold hands, and Betsy announces that it isn't working, she can't get through, she can't stop them. 'Everything in their heads. It's so jumbled. So confused' she calls out. X-23 tells Betsy to take her time, that they can hold the Madroxes back. 'Besides... this is super cathartic' she adds.

'Keep trying' Jean asks Betsy, the two still holding hands, as Betsy tells Jean that she can't see Jamie inside. Jean amplifies Betsy's reach, gives her the boost she needs to break through the confusion. 'Focus on Jamie. Try to filter out the noise' Jean encourages Betsy. 'Get inside and shut them down. Everyone else... cover us' Jean calls out to the others. Polaris, Bobby, Bishop and X-23 surround Jean and Betsy and use their powers to keep the Madrox dupes back. 'You got it, Jeannie' Cannonball exclaims as he knocks a group of dupes over.

'I can't see....' Betsy calls out, struggling – then suddenly: 'There'  she declares, and all of the Madrox dupes stop in their tracks – and fall to the ground. 'Their minds are finally clear' Jean reports as she sits by one of the dupes. The other X-Men gather around as Jean informs them that the source of all this is beneath them – right beneath their feet this entire time.

At the Mansion:

'No. No. No' Legion utters over and over as he drops to the ground, clutching his head – before he suddenly starts slamming his head into the floor. 'Stop. Stop. Stop' he exclaims, as his long hair starts to stick upwards. 'I tried... I tried to do this properly' he remarks, slowly turning to look at the X-Men students, claiming that he had this handled, he really did. 'But you X-Men...you stupid damn X-Men… can never leave well enough alone' Legion grins, releasing a surge of energy, he knocks the four young mutants backwards. 'But no more. I have to do this now. You will only get in my way'.

Armor throws a shield up around herself and declares that this is why she didn't want to let him in. 'And it's why we're tossing your ass out!' Armor declares, instructing the other young mutants to protect the mansion. 'On it!' Rockslide responds. 'Stop this. Stop it now' Legion responds, as he causes Rockslide to fall on his face, and blocks Armor as she attempts to punch him. 'I do not want to have to hurt you. I'm here to save you' Legion boasts.

There is a screeching sound of straining metal as Polaris rips open the doors to a bunker. 'This is it. This is what I saw in their heads. Down here... behind this door' Jean announces as she leads Bishop, Polaris, Bobby and X-23 through the tunnel towards a thick door. 'Allow me' Lorna offers as she tears the door from its hinges. 'It's about time' a voice from behind the door calls out. It's Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man, who tells the X-Men that if they don't mind untying him, he has got a Legion to kill. 'Also, if someone could get me a glass of water, I'd be super grateful'.

Shortly, aboard an X-Jet, Bishop and X-23 sit up front, piloting the jet, as Jean, Bobby and Nightcrawler sit with Madrox, a blanket wrapped around him, he tells the others 'Yes, I'm sure it was him. He locked me in a room and made me dupe myself for days'. Jean tells Jamie that it is okay. 'He was in my friggin’ head. It's Legion' Madrox exclaims. Madrox's face is bruised and he closes his eyes as he explains that Legion took his personalities and put each one into a dupe, meaning each dupe was controlled by a part of that weird creeper, and he was building an army. 'Do you know what it's like having this all-powerful force take over your body and use it to... oh, yeah. Forgot who I was talking to, Jean' Madrox remarks, adding that the point is, it sucked.

Bishop turns back from the controls and asks if Legion isn't dead. 'This is gonna sound stupid, but who is this guy? How do you all know him?' Bobby asks. Jean explains that Legion is complicated, and that it seems he tried to erase his existence from their collective memories, but now her is back for some reason. Long story short – that's not good' Jean adds. 'Speaking of “not good”' X-23 remarks as she looks at a monitor which depicts Thor battling a tidal wave, and an announcer can be heard stating that the Avengers have been responding to events like this across the globe, and that the scale of these unnatural disasters has forced some to compare it to the biblical end-times. Jean attempts to make contact with anyone at the Mansion, but discovers she is being blocked.

In Central Park, Manhattan:

'Hank' a voice calls out, reaching the mind of Han McCoy the Beast. 'Oh my! After all these years, why does this still scare the hell out of me?' Beast wonders, before asking Jean what he can do for her. Jean asks Hank if he is back at the Mansion, as they are returning now with injured. The Beast walks past protesters and informs Jean that he is getting back now, adding that the Blackbird clean-up went smooth, not cheap, but smooth. 'Pardon me, uninformed citizens, coming through' the Beast remarks. Jean asks him if everything is okay there. 'Seems about par for the course lately. Why do -' the Beast begins, before Rockslide is blasted through the exterior wall of the Mansion. 'Actually, on closer inspection, there might be a slight situation' the Beast reports, to which Jean tells him that they will be there in a minute.

Legion walks over to Rockslide, while Pixie, Armor, Glob and the Beast move in. A group of protesters watch from nearby, and the Beast tells Jean that she might want to make that faster, if she can. Bishop points out that the ship is on autopilot and they can leave Northstar and Jubilee in the medical bay. Jean tells Bishop, Nightcrawler, Bobby, Madrox and X-23 that Legion is an omega-level mutant, and he isn't going to pull his punches, so they shouldn't pull theirs, either. 'Out of the frying pan... and back into the exact same frying pan' Madrox mutters, before the team leaps from the jet, with Bobby ice-sliding towards the ground while Nightcrawler teleports down and Jean telekinetically lower Madrox, Bishop and X-23. 'I take back what I said about needing to kill him. I don't think this is a good idea'.

Jean instructs Armor and Pixie to go get the protesters back, that she and the others will deal with Legion. 'We were the first ones in the fight and you're asking us to go do crowd control?' Armor retorts. 'I'm telling you to go save some lives' Jean snaps, while Bishop slams a fist glowing with energy into Legion, who throws up a force field. Pixie and Glob move towards the protesters and Glob remarks 'I know you all hate us, but maybe let us help you not get killed right now?' X-23, Beast and Iceman join in on the fight against Legion. 'X-Men! Keep the pressure on!' Bishop calls out. Legion telepathically contacts Jean and asks her why she is doing this. 'I warned you' he reminds here. 'Legion? David? What's going on? What warning?' Jean asks. Legion tells her that it was the vision of the future that he was trying to protect them all. 'Protect us from what, David?' Jean asks, when, as if on cue, there is a mighty booming noise, and the X-Men are knocked off their feet.

'Them' Legion announces, looking up at four figures wearing odd costumes – Magneto! Blob! Omega Red! Angel! Magneto tells the X-Men that they have long had their differences, but that he has always respected their desire to make the world a better place, and that it is time to put aside their differences. Bobby looks up at Angel and asks him what is going on and why he is with Blob, Magneto and Omega Red. 'We're here to save the world, Bobby' Warren Worthington responds. Magneto turns to Jean and tells her that if it were up to him he would allow them to continue their  futile fights, but that their master is right. 'Magneto, if you've come -' Jean begins. Magneto interrupts her and announces that he has come here alongside the Horsemen of Life, Wellness and Bounty to carry out their master's will, and that as the Horsemen of Peace, it is he who must put an end to those who create war. 'I must end the X-Men' Magneto declares, before suddenly, the Xavier Institute explodes!

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop, Cannonball, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Northstar, Polaris, Psylocke, Storm, X-23 (all X-Men)

Multiple Man

Armor, Glob Herman, Pixie III, Rockslide (all X-Men students)




Angel/Horseman of Life, Blob/Horseman of Bounty, Magneto/Horseman of Peace, Omega Red/Horsemanof Wellness (all Horsemen of Salvation)


Anti-mutant protesters



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Story Notes: 

Jean Grey had a vision of X-Men fighting an army of Madrox dupes in Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #5.

Almost no one remembers Legion because he edited himself out of history in X-Men Legacy (2nd series) #24. Jean Grey was deceased at that time and Bishop was outside of this timeline, which is why the two of them are able to remember him.

Angel disappeared from the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #1.

Omega Red was last seen as a member of Weapon X-Force in Weapon X (3rd series)  #22-27 and then as an agent of Soteira in Return of Wolverine #1-2.

Blob was last seen working for Havok, Emma Frost, Bastion and Miss Sinister in X-Men Blue #26-27.

This issue has the legacy numbering of Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #622.


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