Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #7

Issue Date: 
February 2019
Story Title: 
Disassembled, part 7

Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg & Kelly Thompson (writers), Pere Perez (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Elizabeth Torque (cover artist), John Tyler Christopher; Dale Keown & Jason Keith (variant cover artists), Jeff Powell (title page designer), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men Created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Armor, Glob, Pixie and Rockslide have been trapped in the Age of Apocalypse reality with X-Man for an undetermined amount of time. During that time, Pixie and Rockslide separated from the others, having differing views on how to handle their situation – to get back to their own world and save it. X-Man knows of something that can help them get back to their world and leads Armor and Glob to Sinister's old lab. During this time he reveals how he came to be, while an unusual mutant finds Rockslide and Pixie and gives them information on X-Man's whereabouts. Inside the lab, X-Man comes across the bodies of other mutants suspended in tank where Mister Sinister was experimenting on them, before Glob finds what they were looking for – shards of the M'Kraan Crystal. Unfortunately all that remains is dust, so Armor wonders how they will get back to their own reality. Rockslide reveals his presence and Pixie teleports in with a group of mutants, before she traps X-Man in one of the tanks. Glob and Armor fight the other mutants, before Armor and Pixie face off against each other, both women having different views on X-Man, Pixie tries to convince Armor that if they kill X-Man here in his world, their own world will be saved. They debate their views, and after Armor pulls Glob away from further harming Rockslide, she opens the tank and frees X-Man, before telling him that he has to die.


Full Summary: 

Chicago, Illinois, where several soldiers in green armor are currently engaged in battle with Hisako Ichiki a.k.a. Armor, who wears a black bodysuit, and Robert Herman known as Glob, who has a fiery energy around his form. 'We are the Infinites! Enforcers of purity! Swords of -' one of them calls out, before Armor extends her forcefield into a weapon, shoving it through the soldier's chest. 'We will not stop. Put us down and dozens more will follow' another exclaims. 'That's fine...we'll put them down too!' Glob boasts as he tears one of their arms off, and kicks the soldier to the ground. 'I think that's the last of them -' Armor begins, before one of them lunges at her from behind and forces her to the ground. The Infinite holds her to the ground and readies his fist, 'Your armor is getting weaker, girl. I can sense it' the Infinite remarks, but before he can strike, Glob reaches out and grabs the Infinite by the helmet, crushing it in a fiery display and tossing the Infinite through the air with ease.

'I didn't know you could do that' Armor remarks as she drops her force field. 'Me either, Armor!' Glob replies, adding that he knows a hell dimension ruled by Apocalypse is supposed to be a bad thing, but he thinks his powers are so cool here – and he is only just beginning to understand them. 'I mean... I know it's horrible and everything here. It's just good to feel useful for once' Glob adds. Armor tells Glob not to do that and reminds him that he is an important part of the team. 'Didn't always feel like it. Like... ever' Glob replies. Suddenly, Armor asks where X-Man has gone. 'I... oh, man... I -' Glob starts to reply, when suddenly, I am fine' a voice calls out from behind remains of a wall. Armor and Glob turn to the wall and Armor tells X-Man that he can come out from hiding now. She adds that they need to keep moving before they are spotted by more Infinites. 'If something happens to you, we're stuck here forever' Armor reminds him.

X-Man begins to lead the way across the ruined city which sits under a red sky and tells the young mutants that he never promised that he knew the way out of here. 'But you said that there was something here in Chicago that would help us get back' Armor reminds him. 'Something that might help you get back' X-Man corrects her. 'Provided it's still there. Provided it still works' X-Man adds. 'If we've wasted months following this guy and it's all a hoax...' Armor whispers to Glob, who asks her about Rockslide and Pixie. 'What about them?' Armor responds. 'If we're close, shouldn't we find them? Let them know?' Glob asks. 'No' Armor tells him, reminding Glob that they made their choice, so they can live with the consequences.

At that moment, a strange gray-skinned mutant leaps from ruined building to ruined building, eventually dropping down to the ground, where a drum has been set alight. 'Who goes?' a figure standing near the drum asks. 'I've brought news, yes. News that you're going to want to hear' the strange mutant announces. 'News that you are going to want to pay for' the mutant claims, wide-eyed and holding his hand out. 'Tell you what – how about you tell us the news and we repay you by sparking your life?' Santo Vaccarro replies, grabbing the mutant by his face and holding him up off the ground. Flames surround Rockslide's body and he has a gaping hole in his chest, while Megan Gwynn a.k.a. Pixie stands next to him, her appearance somewhat demonic. 'Rockslide...' Pixie calls out. Santo turns to her and tells her that he is tired of being taken advantage of. 'Plus, we got no money' he reminds her. 'Fine, I'll tell!' the mutant gasps, so Rockslide drops him. The mutant rubs his head and looks up at Rockslide and Pixie and tells them that the three he has been hunting for – the girl and the jelly man and the thin bearded man – he saw them!

'I was born here' X-Man remarks as he enters a darkened laboratory with Glob and Armor, explaining to them that her was a project, birthed from a sick mind, manipulated like raw clay, molded, experimented on and tortured. 'That sounds terrible' Glob replies as they walk through the facility. X-Man informs them that Mister Sinister conceived him to be a weapon, a tool to bring down Apocalypse, so he spent his whole life telling himself that he was something more than that. 'You can be. Start by finding this crystal you've been telling us about. Find it and you get us home and you can be whatever -' Armor begins, when suddenly, there is a FWOOSH and the lab lights up. 'Sorry! Sorry! It was so dark... I didn't know... I thought it was a light switch' Glob remarks as he stands next to a stasis tank which houses a body that has been set alight.

Elsewhere, 'I don't see anything' Pixie tells Rockslide as she teleports the two of them into a rundown warehouse. 'Dammit. There's no one here. I knew that creep was lying!' Rockslide mutters. Pixie goes over to one of the windows that isn't smashed, 'Hmmm...' she remarks. '“Hmmm” what?' Rockslide asks her. Pixie tells him that there is condensation on the window. Rockslide doesn't understand, so Pixie explains that the building is warm inside, that it isn't abandoned like the rest. 'Maybe that creep was right?' she wonders. 'Good work, big brain. Only problem is, if they are in, they're going to kick our behinds again' Rockslide points out. 'Let me worry about that, little brain. Don't let them leave' Pixie tells Rockslide as she casts a spell and teleports away.

'That's Firestar. Is she...' Glob begins as he looks into the tank where the flaming body hangs limp. 'Dead' X-Man tells him 'How long has she been...?' Glob starts to ask, as X-Man reveals she has been there for years. He remarks that Sinister was a product of this world, and like this world, if he could find a use for you, there's nothing that would stop him – even death itself is no escape. X-Man enters another room as he tells Armor and Glob that when he first arrived in their world he thought he was in heaven, that he didn't see all the suffering and hatred he had been raised in – the constant need to step on others to raise yourselves, but it took him a long time to realize that their world is just better at hiding those things. 'That's not fair. Our world is nothing like this place' Armor replies. 'Maybe to you. But I still lost faith all the same. I thought I'd found my heaven but I'd only found a subtler hell' X-Man remarks.

Armor and Glob follow X-Man into another room as X-Man tells Armor that perhaps she is right, that there is still hope for her world. 'When we first me, you asked me why I was doing what I was doing. What I should have said is that I still believed' X-Man remarks. 'If I couldn't make your world into a heaven...at least I could fight to keep it from becoming hell' he adds as he motions to several more tanks each containing bodies, one of them that of Colossus. X-Man looks at one of the bodies, 'But it's too late now, for my world and for yours. This right here is the connective tissue. Life has no meaning. People disappear and die and they are forgotten. No one remembers them'. Armor tells X-Man that he doesn't know anything about her world. 'Our friends care. They haven't -' she starts to say, to which X-Man asks her if they care then where are they? He points out that they have been here for how long now – months? Years? And the X-Men have never tried to save them – and they never will.

'Who the hell are you -' Armor starts to say before Glob, holding up a small canister, interrupts, asking 'Umm... guys? Is this the thing we were looking for 'cause it sure looks like a thing we'd be looking for'. X-Man takes the canister from Glob, telling him to be careful, despite being so powerful, the M'Kraan Crystal shards are unbelievably fragile. 'We must take the utmost -' he begins as he opens the canister, only to gasp 'No...' as dust falls from the canister. Armor asks him what has happened, to which X-Man explains that it looks like the crystal was drained long ago. 'How are we supposed to get home now?' Armor asks, when suddenly, 'Hey, everybody! Miss me?' Rockslide asks as he moves towards the others. 'Rockslide!' Glob gasps. 'Wait... hold on... am I the only one who showed up?' Rockslide asks, wide-eyed. 'You were early. Not my fault' Pixie declares as she teleports into the room with several other mutants. Pixie reports that they have come to deal with X-Man once and for all, but that first they have to talk to their former teammates. She casts a spell and teleports X-Man into one of the tanks with the skeletons, 'No! Please! Let me out!' X-Man shouts, banging on the tank.

Pixie's allies rush forward, but Glob knocks one of them back, 'This is all you brought? It's gonna take more than that to defeat the Unlovable Glob!' Glob boasts, before grabbing two of the others and slamming their heads together. 'That's enough!' Rockslide calls out as he rushes over to Glob, who spins around and slams his fist into Rockslide's face, asking him if he really wants a rematch that bad. Rockslide punches Glob back, telling him that he doesn't want to fight him, but that this is their chance to stop X-Man. 'You mean kill' Glob points out. 'He has no power here. We can save our world from him now' Rockslide explains. Glob grabs Rockslide by his wrists and tells him that X-Man is the only way they are ever getting home. 'You really want to take us home if he's just going to destroy it?' Rockslide asks.

Pixie leaps over Armor who tries to punch her with an extended force field. 'Stop fighting us. Help us. X-Man has to die...it's the only way!' Pixie exclaims, to which Armor declares that she respectfully disagrees. 'You'll have to be faster than that' Pixie remarks as Armor tells her that she wasn't aiming for her, and strikes the wall, causing some rubble to fall, some of it striking Pixie in the head. Pixie falls back and Armor rushes over to her, 'He's probably our only way out of this world, Megan' Armor tells her, sitting on Pixie, Armor points out that the only thing killing X-Man will do is doom them. 'Exactly' Pixie responds. 'What?' Armor asks her. Pixie points out that they are already doomed, that none of them are getting out of this place alive, so they can at least make sure that X-Man doesn't either. Armor looks over to where X-Man is still trapped in the tank and Pixie tells her that he is weak here, that they couldn't stop him in the other world, not even close, but they can here.

Armor looks at X-Man, before getting off of Pixie, who stands up and asks Armor if they have a chance to save their world, even if their lives are the price. 'But you want us to be killers' Armor remarks. 'It's not what I want...it's just what is' Pixie responds. Armor tells Pixie that she doesn't know that, and points out that they can talk to X-Man here, can convince him, as he is totally different, traumatized. 'You think going through hell made him less dangerous?' Pixie asks. Armor tells her that the point is they can't know one way or the other. 'You're talking about something we can't ever come back from. And we don't even know it'll work' she adds. Pixie narrows her eyes and asks Armor if she thinks they can take that risk. 'You're willing to bet the whole world on that? You're willing to be that wrong? All for what? Because you don't want blood on your hands? I honestly thought you were a better soldier than that' Pixie tells Armor, who looks down and asks if they are at war. 'I can't believe you even doubt it' Pixie remarks, before announcing that if Armor can't do it she will do it for her. 'No, you won't' Armor replies as she knocks Pixie back against a wall, pointing out that killing is something you can't come back from, that it is with you forever.

Rockslide and Glob are still trading punches and kicking each other. Rockslide gets in a good punch, and then a kick, which sends Glob flying backwards. Rockslide pins him to the ground and tells him that he never stood a good chance. 'I'm indestructible' Rockslide points out as he holds a hand tightly around Glob's neck. Glob coughs as he points out that is the mistake everyone makes when fighting Rockslide. 'But I'm not just everyone...so how about you eat me!' Glob exclaims as he shoves a fist into Santo's mouth, which causes Santo to go wide eyed as flames light up around him. Armor goes over to them and tells Glob to stop. 'Oh God. I – I'm sorry, Santo...' Glob utters as he pulls away, horrified at what he has just done. Rockslide coughs and splutters as he sits up.

Armor walks over to the tank where X-Man is still trapped and realizes that she has been so angry with the X-Men, but she can see much more clearly now. She adds that none of these decisions are ever easy, there is never a true “right” and “wrong”, not really. She presses a button which opens the tank, causing the fluid in the tank to spill to the floor and freeing X-Man. Armor remarks that every problem has angles, every solution shades of gray. 'I'm sorry Nate...but Megan is right. If there's even a chance of you getting back to our world and destroying it...then I can't risk it' Armor announces as she forms blades at her fists and tells X-Man that he has to die here and now!

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Glob Herman, Pixie III, Rockslide (all X-Men students)



in Age of Apocalypse:

Bodies of Colossus, Firestar and other unidentified mutants


Unnamed mutants



Story Notes: 

This issue has the Legacy numbering of Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #626. 

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