X-Men (3rd series) #22

Issue Date: 
February 2012
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Victor Gischler (writer), Will Conrad & Steve Kurth (pencilers), Will Conrad & Jay Leisten (inkers), Chris Sotomayor (colorist), VC’s Joe Caramagna (letterer), Adi Granov (cover), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (associate editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

It’s War Machine versus Sentinel and the Sentinel is winning. Despite Storm and Colossus’ best efforts, the purple machine continues to defy them. Risking possible death Rhodey overloads his chest beam and frees himself from the robot’s grasp. Then, it’s only a matter of time before the powerful trio defeats their giant opponent. Elsewhere, Governor Strelonivich orders the Sentinel army for an invasion of Symkaria. The rest of the X-Men, along with a recently freed Domino, are hanging out with the inactive Sentinel army. When they spark to life it’s Jubilee who tags along for the ride and begins creating some mayhem. Unable to fly the rest of the team is forced to watch as the Sentinels head toward Symkaria. However, Storm, War Machine and Colossus are airborne and a powerful hurricane of Storm’s creation helps to slow down the Sentinels’ progress.

Full Summary: 

the city

The grip of the Sentinel proves too strong for War Machine and he’s unable to break free. He desperately wants someone to tell the Sentinel he’s not a mutant. Storm tries freeing him by frying the Sentinel’s head with a lightning bolt. Although she scores a direct hit, she only succeeds in rocking its head back. In return, the Sentinel tries blasting her with its free hand.
Meanwhile, on the ground below, Colossus frees himself from the rubble surrounding his massive impact, now sporting the Juggernaut helmet. Though he’s far from the battle he leaps into the air and reaches the Sentinel within seconds. He connects with the its calf and flips the giant robot over. It smashes back on the top of some buildings, but its grip on War Machine still holds.
Thanks to the jostling fall War Machine is able to extend his shoulder rocket launcher. He sends out a strike, but it only causes superficial damage. With no other options seemingly left to him, Rhodey charges his chest repulsor to full power. Not sure if he’s going to die in the process, he fires anyway. Luckily for him, it has the effect of a firecracker exploding within a gripped hand. The Sentinel’s thumb is blasted off and War Machine is free.
The three of them begin to pour it on, War Machine and Storm blasting away at the chest and head area while Colossus persists with the punching. Despite their numbers advantage the Sentinel is able to hold its own and consistently puts them on the defense. Storm tries contacting Psylocke for some help with the Sentinel, but learns her team is busy fighting about two dozen military operatives.

Not missing a beat in dealing with the Tom Clancy rejects Psylocke informs Storm the Sentinels appear to be dormant. Warpath, who’s connected to their telepathic conversation, suggests they finish off the soldiers before the Sentinels do become active. “And here I was going about it so leisurely,” Psylocke jokes back.
War Room

The battle against the Sentinel is still being broadcast on the big screen. Nobakov, who was just recently let it on the governor’s secret plans, thinks it‘s pure madness. The governor disagrees, saying the proof is right in front of them. If one Sentinel can handle three of the world’s mightiest, what chance do the Symkarians or Dracula have against a whole army.
The general argues their original plan for a few Sentinels to act as a deterrent would have worked. He doesn’t want to start a war. Strelonivich agrees the plan would have worked for a while, but their neighbors would sense weakness. She wants to draw their borders in blood, the sort of ink that never fades.
A moment of your time, Dr. Kamarofski asks of the governor, interrupting the conversation. Strelonivich hopes this is good news and he tells her the calibrations are almost complete, which means the Sentinels can attack any target chosen for them.
Not one to sit on her laurels Governor Strelonivich orders the Sentinel army to attack Symkaria. Kamarofski asks if they shouldn’t be sent after the X-Men first. The governor argues when the Sentinels head for Symkaria the X-Men will follow, and they will be able to kill two birds with one stone. “We will crush our foes, and the X-Men will be powerless to stop it,” she exclaims. Despite her enthusiasm, General Nobakov looks concerned.

The newly freed Domino pushes Goran ahead of her as they head down the hallway. He starts whimpering about his wife and two cats… and his hand, which is bleeding profusely. Domino slams him into the wall, threatening to plug a few more holes in him if he doesn’t stop it.
Then, Domino puts her gun up to his eye and tells Goran he’s going to be her tour guide. The first thing she wants to do is find her friends, and then, he’s going to answer some of their questions. He claims he knows nothing, but Domino suggests he try to know something because the genitals he saves may be his own.
A brief moment passes and Goran admits to wetting his pants. This grosses out Domino and ends the confrontation. She pushes him back down the hall, ordering him to keep up with the pace.
the city

The Sentinel is finally put down. Smoke pours out of several holes in its metallic body. War Machine asks if they’re all that difficult. Citing the X-Men’s repeated battles against them, Colossus doesn’t recall going up against one that was easy.
As the Juggernaut helmet dissipates from Colossus’ head, Storm informs the group that Psylocke has located a warehouse full of Sentinels. This will have everybody in the area spooked, War Machine remarks. A war between Symkaria and Puternicstan would seem evident, Storm adds. They then take to the air, Storm letting Psylocke know they’re on their way.

The battle against the security forces is over with the X-Men easily the victors. Warpath jokes that it’s Miller Time, but Psylocke tells them Storm is coming, and that they need to find whoever’s behind this Sentinel army and get some answers.
And with uncanny timing Domino comes through a nearby door with her prisoner in tow. She tells them if they want answers they should ask Goran. Of course, their immediate reaction is to check on their captured teammate who says she was getting tired of waiting to be rescued.
Jubilee, however, is interested in more than Domino’s welfare. It’s the fresh blood dripping from Goran’s hand. Her fangs pop out, her tongue darting across the sharp edges. Seeing what’s happening, Warpath puts a firm hand on her shoulder and asks if she’s overdue for a transfusion. A startled Jubilee assures him she’s fine.
War Room

With their Sentinel destroyed the governor wants a report on the action. Kamarofski says it performed quite well, but is a bit disappointed in its performance. Quoting Stalin’s response to the quality of his tanks Strelonivich says, “’Quantity has a quality all its own.’”
Taking a position in front of one of the computer terminals Kamarofski says all the Sentinels are synched to the central brain. He does caution the governor they can only be assigned one mission at a time, but they don’t necessarily have to activate all of them at the same time. Strelonivich doesn’t care, she wants them all brought to bear.
Nobakov finally speaks up and protests what she’s doing. He wants her to take a more restrained approach. Her words are like venom. She points an accusing finger his way and asks if Symkaria showed restraint when they raped their lands. “The time for restraint is past,” she exclaims, and then has Kamarofski launch their robotic army.

Suddenly, the Sentinels spring to life. This would normally be bad news for the mutants, but they’re completed ignored. Despite the grave danger it would have meant, Warpath is a bit miffed they left them alone. Jubilee takes their non-aggression as in invitation and charges the last one remaining. She drives a knife into its heel and takes off with it into the night sky.
Making quick work with her blade Jubilee pries open a panel near its ankle. She whips out a grenade and pulls the pin. She then tosses it inside the compartment. When its feet blow off in a fiery fury, she leaps onto the back of another Sentinel and begins the process again. As Warpath watches the damaged Sentinel go off course and crash into another, he can’t help but remind everyone he told them Jubilee was crazy.
With no way of helping their vampire teammate, Psylocke quickly contacts Storm and tells her the Sentinels are coming toward them with Jubilee in tow. Of course, giant Sentinels in the sky are hard to miss and Storm and the team are quickly on top of them. Storm tells War Machine to change course and try to head them off before they get to Symkaria.
War Room

The display on the big screen now shows the Sentinel armada as it heads for Symkaria. Reports of Symkarian fighters scrambling reach the governor, but she doesn’t care because their destruction will signal the beginning of the end for Symkaria. She turns to her doubting general and asks if he has anything to say in their hour of victory. He does not, so she assures him it will all be for the better.
That’s when the governor receives a disturbing report about a powerful hurricane that suddenly appeared in the path of the Sentinels. They look on the map display and watch as the horrendous storm grows larger by the minute. Of course, the cause of it is team leader, Storm, who is currently flying in the belly of the beast.

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Domino, Jubilee, Psylocke, Storm, Warpath (all X-Men)

War Machine
Dr. Kamarofski

General Nobakov

Governor Strelonivich

Goran (coroner)


Story Notes: 

Tom Clancy is an author known for writing stories dealing with politics, government and espionage.
When Domino says, “The genitals you save may be your own,” she’s paraphrasing the title of the short story The Life you Save May Be Your Own, written by Flannery O’Connor and published in 1955.
“It’s Miller Time,” was a popular slogan used by the Miller Brewing Company to market their beer brands.
Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II.

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