X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #34

Issue Date: 
March 2002
Story Title: 
<BR>My Name In Lights (1st story)<BR>Twisted Sisters (2nd story) <BR>Underground (3rd story)

First story : Ken Siu-Chong (writer), Christina Chen and Jo Chen (artists), TR2 (colors), Randy Gentile (letters)

Second story : Karl Kessel (writer), James Fry (penciler, inker), Matt Milla and Avalon Studios (colors), Randy Gentile (letters)

Third story : Steven Grant (writer), Trevor Von Eden (Art), Steve Oliff and Avalon Studios (colors), Randy Gentile (letters)

Mark Beazley (assistant editor), C.B. Cebuski (associate editor), Lysa Hawkins and David Bogart (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

special thanks to Jacob Chabot

Brief Description: 

First story :

Jubilee is working as an actress but Angelo is worried that she is being used because the asian look is the current fad for films and commercials. She tells him not to worry as he drops her off with her agent Kristoff. She arrives home late after the shooting overran and she caught some dinner with Kristoff. Angelo is disappointed, but hopes they can make it up the next day. However everyday she is late from filming, similar type-cast roles. Angelo tells her she is being used and Jubilee gets angry, thinking he is jealous. Later that day whilst dressed as a high class hooker for her latest role, Kristoff tries it on with her, and Jubilee gets angry, blasting him into the scenery. She runs back to the flat she shares with Angelo crying. On arriving she doesn't have her keys, but Angelo answers the door and tells her everything is alright and he will look after her.
Second story :

Emma Frost is in Monte Carlo enjoying herself with a handsome stranger when she suddenly sees Adrienne, her sister, who she killed. She tries to use her powers but Adrienne is immune and then she grabs Skin and holds a gun to his head. She shoots and Emma suddenly realizes that it’s a dream. She returns to the apartment of her handsome stranger alone and opens a box she keeps. Inside is the same gun she used to kill Adrienne, and that her sister was just holding in the hallucination. She is constantly having nightmares and can't bring herself to touch the gun. Emma decides she can't run anymore so picks up the gun and immediately returns to the night of the riot when Synch died and Emma killed her sister for it. She again fails to save her student and realizes that the dreams are because she is sorry she didn't kill Adrienne sooner. Emma also believes that Adrienne killed her original students, the Hellions, and takes it hard on herself to have let Adrienne gotten close a second time. She fires the gun at Adrienne and is snapped back into reality. She throws the gun out of the window and leaves to go visit Xavier, who she has an appointment with.
Third story :

Thugs are beating up locals to get money out of them for protection, when they approached by Shiro Yoshida. They attack him and he burns their eyes making them blind. He returns to mobster Chung Seng Ho who thanks him for helping to pay of his cousin Yoshi‘s debt. Shiro visits Yoshi who is more interested in help from the guard who gives him some Heroin. Chung has one last job to pay the debt of for Shiro. He must get rid of his rival, Ming. Sunfire is reluctant, but takes the job anyway. He arrives at Ming’s palace and after many of her men die Shiro tells her he won't fight unless attacked and tells her to leave Hong Kong otherwise worse will happen. He returns to Yoshi only to find that he has bought more heroin from Chung. Rather than working for him some more, Shiro picks up Yoshi and flies higher and higher into the sky until Yoshi dies. He returns to his aunt‘s house with the remains of Yoshi in an urn and apologies that this was the only way that he would allow him to return him. Chung Seng Ho dies as well, as Sunfire burned the building he was in.

Full Summary: 

First Story :


Angelo is driving jubilee to a Film Studio where she has a part. Jubilee tells Angelo that after following Xavier's dream for so long she wanted to follow her own and that becoming a film star was it. Angelo has his doubts and believes that she is being used because Asian girls are the current fad. She tells him that if it falls through, which it isn't she'll go back to college. Angelo is worried for her and tells her to watch her back. They arrive at the set where they are greeted by Kristoff, her agent. Angelo leaves and they arrange to watch a basketball match that night. As he leaves Angelo and Kristoff stare, judging each other. Jubilee asks Kristoff about diversifying her roles, because she doesn't want to be typecast, however he tells her it will happen in good time and at the moment she is giving people what they want. Jubilee arrives on the set in a sailor moon outfit and starts speaking to the camera, however she gets her lines wrong, saying “Sailor Jube“ instead of “Sailor June“, and the director gets mad at having to reshoot.
Later that night Jubilee arrives back at her and Angelo's pad late. Angelo is up late watching TV and wonders where she has been. She tells him that she went for something to eat with Kristoff afterwards because the shoot finished late. She apologizes for missing the basketball game, and Angelo asks her what they should do tomorrow but Jubilee is busy shooting a tampon advert dressed as a kung-fu chick.
(days later)

She arrives home late again on Wednesday, because she was being filmed chased by a giant monster. On Thursday she is late from filming a rap video on a beach dressed in a bikini (however she is in the background and can't be seen on the film). Jubilee asks Angelo what he wants to do over the weekend but he's fed up with not seeing her and has to get up early for his shift at the burger bar.

Early morning, Angelo is teasing her about the role she is going to be playing that day as a high priced hooker, when Jubilee gets upset with him. He tells her that he is worried that she is selling out. She gets angry and tells him she doesn't want to be friends and as soon as she has enough money she'll leave and get her own flat before slamming the door.
Later, Jubilee is on the set dressed in a revealing outfit and tells Kristoff that she would like to talk with him. He asks the makeup assistant to leave so that they can be alone. Jubilee tells him that she is uncomfortable with the role, but he dismisses it and tells her that it'll help her in the long run. She questions whether its displaying the right image and he tells her that all she is providing is what people want as he kisses her on the neck. Jubilee instantly yells at him to get away and unleashes with her mutant power She tells him that he is using her before blasting him over the set of a bar into hundreds of bottles. She runs away in tears until she eventually arrives back at the flat. The light isn't working and she can't find her key so knocks on the door hoping to find Angelo. He opens the door and she tells him what's happened and that he was right. He wishes he wasn't, but had to tell her she was being taken advantage of. They have been teammates for too long to not look out for each other, before hugging her.

Second Story :

Emma Frost has gone to Monte Carlo, to relax amongst the rich. Not long after arriving she hooks up with a rich businessman who can treat her in a style she is accustomed to. The gentleman, Bruce Gotham, takes her one evening out to the balcony where he gives her a large diamond necklace as a present for the last few days of joy that he has had. It is obvious she has used her powers to convince him that he is having a wonderful time when suddenly Emma sees her sister Adrienne sitting on the balcony laughing at her for having to use her powers to get a man.
Emma confronts her and suddenly he is in her old Generation X outfit. She attempts to use her power but Adrienne is immune to it. Adrienne tells her she has unfinished business with her as she pulls one of the Generation X students (unrecognizable, apparently Skin but miscolored) over the balcony and holds a gun to his head. Adrienne wonders why she didn't try a simpler method of getting at her sister by just shooting them instead of coming up with huge plots, before firing the gun.
Suddenly Emma is back on the balcony in her evening dress just with Bruce. It was all a dream. Bruce wonders who she was talking to, so she tries to blank his mind but it fails. She is shocked but tries again and this time it works. She convinces him that she can have his suite while he is gone. As she walks into the suite she goes up to a dresser and opens a box with a gun in it. It’s the same gun that Adrienne was holding, in fact it was the gun that Emma used to kill her. She never got rid of it. She is scared to touch it as it brings her nightmares. However she decides to change this, and after taking a swig of her drink, picks up the gun.
Suddenly she is back at the academy, the day of the riot, everyone is wearing their uniforms, however she questions this as no-one actually was on that day. She is punched in the face by Adrienne and then kicked to the floor. It feels as real as it did that day and she wonders why her own mind can't give her a break. She tries to run to save Everett by knocking Adrienne out of the way but its no use the bomb goes off again and she sees everyone around Synch‘s lifeless body. Adrienne laughs and Emma turns the gun on her, and suddenly she realizes that the reason she has been having these dreams and the reason the Generation X kids are in uniform is because Adrienne killed her first group of mutants the Hellions. She allowed it to happen by poor judgement, and she let Adrienne get close enough again to kill one of her second group of students. She isn't sorry she killed her sister, just sorry she didn't do it sooner. She fires the gun.
The shot brings her back to reality and she realizes that she has shot a hole in a pane of glass. She throws the gun out of the hole, puts on her makeup and decides to leave before the hotel security arrives. She realizes that she has relied on her psychic powers to long and made her soft, but now she will be as hard as diamonds.

Third story :

At the Docks in Hong Kong a group of men are beating up locals who work on the dock, telling them that Chung Sheng Ho is out and they are to be paid for protection. Behind them a figure stands and tells them that the men are protected and they should leave. It‘s Shiro Yoshida. The thugs turn around and pull guns out firing at him, knocking him to the floor. Shiro gets up as he shows them the bullets that have melted on him. He burns as bright as a star blinding them all, before walking away.
In a tower Shiro is talking to Chung Sheng Ho, who congratulates him for a job well done and he should work for him but Shiro tells him that he doesn't work for him. Chung replies that he does as he is repaying his cousin‘s debt, before he gets one of his guards to take him to see his cousin. They arrive in a shantytown and he finds his cousin, Yoshi, barely alive. Shiro hugs him and Yoshi asks for help, but not from Shiro, form the guard who throws him a packet of heroin. Shiro is disappointed and on the drive back the guard tells him that Chung has one last job for him to pay of the debt. He wants him to kill a rival.
Shiro tells him that he isn't an assassin but thinks of aunt who begged for his help in finding Yoshi, so he decides to do it. He flies to the rival, Ming Yam Li's place and on arrival is attacked by several guards, who get burned. He finds Ming and tells her to leave Hong Kong. As he talks a guard attempts to attack him from behind, but Shiro blasts him. He tells Li that if attacked he will defend himself and hopes that she will leave peacefully, he has a debt of honor and she is the price.
Sunfire returns to pick up his cousin and finds Chung there. He tells him he still owes him, Shiro tells him that Ming will leave, but it turns out that Yoshi has bought more Heroin and that debt has to be paid. He picks up his cousin and starts to fly into the sky. He tells Yoshi that he is going home as he flies higher and higher until eventually Yoshi dies.
Twelve hours later, the news report about Sheng Ho’s death as he was in one of the burned buildings. Shiro arrives at his aunt‘s house who is hoping to see her son, however Shiro gives her an urn with Yoshi‘s ashes in. As she weeps over her son‘s death, Shiro apologizes that this was the only way that he would allow him to return him.

Characters Involved: 

First story :


Angelo Espinosa / Skin

Kristoff, Jubilee’s agent

various unnamed Film Crew
Second story :

Emma Frost

Bruce Gotham, millionaire / playboy
Third story :


Yoshi, Sunfire’s cousin

Yoshi’s mother

Chung Sheng Ho, crimelord

Ming Yam Li, rivaling crimelord

Story Notes: 

Also in the issue is a Pin-Up of the New X-Men by Mike Deodato jr. and colors from Brian Haberlin and Avalon Studios. It shows Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost and Professor Charles Xavier
When Generation X disbanded in the series‘ final issue, Jubilee and Skin decided to go back to LA together. Sometime after this story, Jubilee gets to join Banshee’s X-Corps (as can be seen in Uncanny X-Men #403-406). It is unknown if Skin received a similar offer but refused it, or if Banshee did not even contact him about his new organization.
The story of Emma Frost is also set shortly after the disbanding of Generation X. In #75 she was already experiencing nightmares because of her killing her sister Adrienne, and in the end she received a mysterious phone call from Professor Xavier who wanted to talk to her. This story apparently takes place shortly afterwards, but before Emma starts tutoring a class of telepaths in Genosha (as was seen in New X-Men #115).
Obviously Bruce Gotham is a homage to Bruce Wayne, aka Batman of DC Comics, who lives in Gotham City.
The riot at the Massachusetts Academy, during which Adrienne tried to kill the students with bombs and instead was shot by Emma, happened in Generation X #70. Synch died while trying to disarm one of the bombs.
Years ago, when Emma Frost was still an active member of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle as their White Queen, she was responsible for recruiting and training the Hellions, a young group of mutant similar to Xavier's New Mutants.
Adrienne tried once before to kill Generation X, as she placed them in the Danger Room and ran a program (without safety protocols) with the kids in the roles of the Hellions on their last day. (Generation X #55-56) Emma apparently takes this as a clue for Adrienne’s involvement in the Hellions‘ death. However they died at the hands of the Sentinels and Trevor Fitzroy in Uncanny X-Men #281-282. Either Emma doesn’t know about this, or she realizes some unrevealed connection between Fitzroy and Adrienne (who wasn’t even invented back then). Maybe this unknown connection was also the reason for Fitzroy’s unexplained hatred for Emma ?

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