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10th September 2001

The informed reader knows that the X-Men were originally cancelled in March 1970 with their 66th issue. The issues that followed were actually reprints of previous issues, whereas for next few years, the X-Men would occasionally guest-star in some other comics. Eventually, the team was reinvented in 1975 with Giant-Size X-Men #1, and the adventures of these all-new, all-different X-Men were continued in X-Men (1st series) #94 onwards. This page will keep track of all the team's appearances and flashback scenes set in the gap during between X-Men (1st series) #66 and Giant Size X-Men #1.

Issue Date Description
UXM #66 03 / 1970 Original series ends, X-Men battle the Hulk.
Fantastic Four, the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine #3-4 04 / 2001 - 05 / 2001 The Fantastic Four are led on a wild goose chase as a mysterious villain (Dr. Doom) steals powerful devices and artifacts. During one of these occasions two Sentinels stored at Xavier’s mansion are involved, but Doom only uses the robots as a distraction. Together the hero teams can defeat them. Afterwards Xavier offers to aid the Fantastic Four if they should need any more help. (All seven X-Men are seen)
XM #94
11 / 1999 Professor Xavier tests the team and creates mental images to fight them. (30 hours after Professor Xavier returned in UXM #65)
XMHY #1 12 / 1999 Iceman quits, he feels betrayed by Xavier’s secrets. Xavier is filled in on the events between UXM 42 and 65, the time he was "dead". He sends Angel, Marvel Girl, Beast and Cyclops to the Savage Land to search the crashed building for Magneto’s dead body(UXM 63). The plane runs into heavy turbulence and crashes down, Jean cushions the fall but is injured. The rest of the team is retrieved by Savage Land natives, later they are told that Jean "passed over to the land of the dead". (3 days after UXM #66)
XMHY #2 01 / 2000 Angel, Cyclops and Beast learn that in this section of the Savage Land nobody dies, the sick and old are put in boats and sail to "the land of the dead" within the mountains. Searching for Jean, Beast and Cyclops embark on one of those boats and land in a strange city. Angel tries to fly over the mountains but turbulences smash him to the ground.
In New York Bobby picks up a mental call from Xavier. It was directed to Havok and Lorna. Xavier tells them that he lost contact with the team and he wants them to investigate. Iceman decides to help too.
XMHY #3 02 / 2000 In a small outpost in the mountains Angel is nursed by some natives. They explain that there is magic in the rocks, that heals all illness and overcomes even death. Generations ago natives settled and built a city there and slowly those people were changed by the magic. They evolved into winged creatures called Nhu’Ghari, that exploid the other regions of the Savage Land. The old and ill people that are sent to the city are used as slaves. Some of the Nhu’Ghari realized the wrongness and created this outpost, among them is an even more mutated female named Avia. In the city Beast and Cyclops learn pretty much the same, in the main building they discover a big aircraft with gasfilled balloons. Jean awakes in a prison cell, she faces an astral projection of Magneto.
Havok and Lorna arrive in the Savage Land in a small shuttle and meet Ka-Zar.
XMHY #4 03 / 2000 Magneto explains to Jean how he survived in UXM #63 : Beneath the crushed building there was an underground river in which he fell into, he was swept away till he emerged in the Nhu’Gari city. There he used his limited telepathic capabilities to project his astral form, while his body is hidden in a cave to heal. The "magic" is nothing more than radiation from deep within the earth that comes to the surface with vulcanic activity. Now another eruption is near so he orders Amphibius to fetch his body from that cave. Magneto merges back into his own body. Scott and Hank make their way to the prison cell, free Jean and together they defeat and capture Magneto. Angel and Avia arrive just in time to witness the start of earthquakes and vulcanic eruptions. Scott creates a pathway into the mountains to ensure that the natives get away, but he is rendered unconscious.The team chooses to use the ballooned aircraft to escape.
In Argentina Bobby tries to get a charter plane to fly him to the Savage Land but the weather is too bad.
XMHY #5 04 / 2000 A giant storm stretches from South America to Antarctica and Africa. Lightning hits the aircraft and many baloons break away. Magneto is tied up, but he jumps out of the craft anyway, refusing the X-Men’s help. Avia wants to rescue him and follows. As the ship falls apart, the X-Men tie themselves to the remaining ballons, one for Hank, one for Angel and two tied together for Jean and the still unconscious Cyclop. The balloons drift apart, after hours Beast‘ balloon leaks and he falls down in a jungle in Kenia, where he is discovered by Ororo.
Alex, Lorna and Ka-Zar see vulcano smoke from within the mountains
Bobby decides to travel 700 miles across the ocean to antarctica in his ice-tunnels.
Candy Southern comes to the school and tries to enter, but the mansion defenses capture her.
XMHY #6 05 / 2000 Jean and Scott too landed in the kenyan jungle, but a few hundred feet apart. Scott is still out cold and approached by a new villain called Deluge. He is curious about the visor and opens it to discover the eye beams. Not far away Beast and Ororo introduced themselves. Ororo admited that the bad weather was originally her doing but Deluge wrested control from her and the storm expanded. Suddenly Beast recognizes Scotts power signature and he and Ororo head into the jungle. Together with Jean they attack Deluge, but he defeats all of them with his vast elemental forces. The four mutants are tied to posts in a dry water reservoir, then Deluge creates rain and a flood filling the reservoir.
Alex, Lorna and Ka-Zar finds the remains of the Nhu-Gari city in a vast sea of molten lava. In the mountains they plan to interrogate the native survivors about the X-Men’s whereabouts.
Bobby is washed ashore unconscious on a primitive island near the Savage Land. There he is discovered by Karl Lykos.
Candy reveals to Xavier that Warren told her everything about the X-Men.
In the heavy storms on the open sea, a freighter rescues the unconscious Angel and Avia from drowning in the waves.
XMHY #7 06 / 2000 The water rises over Jean, Beast, Ororo and the still unconscious Cyclops. Jean telepatically takes control of Scott’s mind and uses his power to destroy the dam, the water flows away. Beast tears the ropes apart and frees his friends. Ororo starts to fight Deluge for control over the bad weather and learns his origin, he is native african like herself. Beast comes up with a plan to overcome the mutant with powerful abilities. Jean connects the minds of Beast and Ororo, who then shapes the water in her rain clouds in a certain way. Jean then makes Scott use his eye beam once more, which is focused through the water lenses. Deluge attempts to absorb the beam, but it is to strong for him - he explodes. All the tampering with Scott’s mind causes him to wake up. The three X-Men return home, but as they enter the masion, they are attacked by the Fantastic Four (with Crystal in the Invisible Girl’s place).
Alex, Lorna and Ka-Zar learn from the survivors about the destroyed Nhu-Gari city.
Bobby wakes up in the hut of Karl Lykos, he is amnesiac.
The sailors tie up and gag Angel and Avia, they decide to make some money out of the freaks.
XMHY #8 07 / 2000 The Fantastic Four explain that their instruments discovered that the minds of all humanity were linked for an instant a few days before. Professor Xavier explains that this was needed to fight an alien race called Z’Nox (UXM #65 – nine days ago). Mr. Fantastic brings up the question where the Z’Nox are now, and the X-Men realize that even though they rescued earth, they did not stop the aliens from attacking other planets. Together with the FF. Jean, Cyclops and Beast board a spaceship and discover the Z’Nox’s mobile planet in another starsystem. Immediatly they attack. Jean feels like she is being watched by a powerful presence.
Alex, Lorna and Ka-Zar fly back, suddenly the plane’s sensors pick up Iceman’s mutagenic signature.
Candy comes to the mansion with disturbing news for Warren.
The sailors meet with another ship, they sell Angel and Avia to a man named Krueger.
Three pages retell events from UXM #59, Beast, Jean and Cyclops irritated the Sentinels, because they dressed up as Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Toad. (4 weeks ago)
XMHY #9 08 / 2000 The Phoenix Force scans Jean. In her mind it performs a simulation of empowering Jean and defeating the other superheroes. As the force leaves, Jean’s memory fades away, only a strange feeling remains. The fight against the aliens goes on. Mr. Fantastic comes up with a plan and they land the ship. Jean, Cyclops, Crystal and the Human Torch deal with a huge guardian, the rest head to the Z’Nox planet‘s gravity drive. There Mr. Fantastic, Beast and the Thing use a tunnel to the planet’s core, where they plant a device that sends the Z’nox planet to the Negative Zone. They make it back to their spaceship just in time to see the aliens vanish away.
Karl Lykos is glad that Iceman has amnesia, because the X-Men believe him dead (UXM #61), and he doesn’t want them to know he is still alive.
Candy talks to the Prof about the nature of the message, she asks him if he read Hamlet.
10-year-old Ashley Martin plays near her parents house in Dunfee, Illinois. Suddenly a Sentinel loomes over her.
XMHY #10 09 / 2000 The Professor has Moira McTaggert check out Jean after her memory lapse in space. He orders Jean to keep the existence of Moira’s mutant research center secret. Afterwards he leaves with the Beast to Dunfee, Illinois where Cerebro registered a mutant presence. They arrive at the Martin’s house as young Ashley comes back from school. Suddenly the Sentinel, which was hidden in the barn registers the signatures of Hank and Xavier and attacks.
In their aircraft Lorna and Alex discuss why Iceman might have followed them to the Savage Land, below Karl Lykos thinks about how he survived the fall in UXM #61 and deliberatly isolated himself on this island to keep his Sauron personality in check.
Using Cerebro Scott and Jean track down Angel’s mutant signature. As they prepare to leave they run into his girlfriend Candy Southern. She reveals to know their secret identities from Warren and demands to tag along since she has important news for her lover. Candy dresses in one of Marvel Girl’s spare costumes to hide her identity. Following the signature they discover a ship full of ugly freaks, but they don’t seem to have superpowers.
Amphibius rescues Magneto from drowning in the ocean and takes him to a nearby and very familiar island.
XMHY #11 10 / 2000 Three pages retell events from UXM #58-59, Larry Trask programmed the Sentinels to destroy all mutants. In the aftermath of that story some of the damaged Sentinels parts assembled into one half-functional robot that wanted tro carry out it’s mission and reacted to Ashley Martin. Yet because it’s repair sequence was still incomplete it could not terminate the young girl, but fell under the control of her mutant power.
During the battle Beast and Xavier discover that young Ashley has some control over the Sentinel. While it attacks Xavier and Beast it stops when the girl tells him so. As Ashley’s mother enters the scene the Sentinel registers a human signature and remembers his programming to destroy all mutants. Ashley realizes that her toy has become a threat and dissects the robot with her psychokinetic power; but can a 10-year-old girl handle such vast power ?
Scott, Jean and Candy are able to locate the captured Avia on the ship, but not the Angel. The leader of the freaks approaches them, he is called Krueger and with his negating powers he cancels the X-Men’s abilities. All three are rendered unconscios. Then he contacts the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Blob, Ununs, Mastermind) that he has three more X-Men to sell (, by costume he mistakes Candy for a mutant too).
Amphibius and Magneto discover that they are not alone on the island. From afar they spy on Lycos and amnesiac Bobby.
XMHY #12 11 / 2000 The mind of littlle Ashley comes to some strange conclusions. Before Xavier and the Beast showed up her world was fine and the robot followed her command; now her world is shattered. In her anger she directs her powers against Xavier.
Krueger sells Cyclops, Jean and Candy to the Brotherhood who pay with illusionary money (Mastermind’s doing). The Angel is also seen in a prison cell in their place.
Magneto and Amphibius built a device that allows Magneto to access the geothermal energys of the island. Fully powered he attacks Bobby and Karl Lycos, who drain some mutant energys of Bobby and starts to fight back as Sauron. Meanwhile Havok and Lorna approach the island but their craft is hit by a stray blast and they crashland. Seeing familiar faces Iceman comes out of the amnesia. The three X-Men wonder what to do as suddenly Sauron hypnotit´zes Havok into helping him to fight Magneto. Iceman discover the power enhancing device nearby and destroys it. Magneto now almost powerless falls into a volcano. While they are distracted Sauron hypnotizes the three X-Men and makes them forget the whole fight. (Necessary – since in UXM 114 the X-Men will be surprised to see Sauron alive)
XMHY #13 12 / 2000 Xavier is forced to mentally sever Ashley’s conscious mind with the area that controls her mutation since she can’t cope her mutant powers at her young age.
Blob orders Mastermind to make Marvel Girl think he was Cyclops, because he wants to get intimate with her, but telepathically she senses the illusion. Nearby Angel, Candy and Cyclops find themselves under attack in a circus show. After a while they discover some of their attackers to be illusions and guess Mastermind's involvement.
Iceman, Havok and Lorna repair the aircraft and fly back home. They are surprised to find the mansion empty. Cerebro locates a new mutant signature in the himalayas.
Only a short while after her husband’s death Kathryn Worthington prepares her wedding with Burtram, her brother in law.
XMHY #14 01 / 2001 Xavier stays with the Martins to watch over Ashley‘s recovery and deal with the authorities while Hank returns home to Westchester.
Cyclops and Angel now easily see through the fake attacks. The Brotherhood tries to escape but they are stopped by Krueger who angrily demands real payment. The X-Men defeat all of them and they are put into custody (even though Cyclops points out, that the policemen could be illusions too). Then they rescue the injured Avia from the ship and convince the uugly freks to find a real life. (All of them will reappear in Alpha Flight #22 as a criminal circus crew)
Candy now has finally the chance to tell her important message. She alerts Warren that his mother is about to marry his uncle Burt, aka the supervillain called the Dazzler, who also murdered his father. (It happened in Ka-Zar #2-3 and Marvel Tales #30) During that battle Burt also learned the secret identity of Warren.
Avia is put in the medilab and Alex and Lorna have to stay at home, while the original five depart to the Worthington estate.
XMHY #15 02 / 2001 The X-Men do not know hot to prevent the wedding. Dr. Stuart, a friend of the family, tells Warren that the knoledge of him being a mutant would surely kill his mother who already has a weak heart. Later though the Beast discovers that Kathryn Worthington is purposely poisoned by Burt working together Dr. Stuart, who revelas himself as a mutant-hater. Even though the team takes down the Dazzler and his accomplice they are to late to do Kathryn any good. As she is dying of the poison Warren takes her in his arms and flies her through the clouds.
Lorna Dane goes shopping into Salem Center in disguise. Yet she is recognized by Tad Carter, an telepatic and telekinetic mutant from Amazing Adult Fantasies #14 (released in 1962 !, reprinted in X-Men Rarities). He makes her topple and puts her under mental control. Nine hours later she returns to the mansion with no memory of the incident.
Annoyed that they were left behind by th the senior members, Alex and Lorna decide to investigate the mutant signature in the Himalayas on their own.
XMHY #16 03 / 2001 Angry that the untrained Havok and Lorna departed on their own, Cyclops, Jean Iceman and Beast follow them to the Himalayas. Once there they discover the fate of the First Line, Marvel’s Lost Generation of Heroes. Most of them died defending the earth against a Skrull attack, Yeti went insane and Pixie found a new home among the Inhumans‘s great refuge. They thought it better not to alert the media of the hewroes‘ demise to prevent a mass panic. The signal cerebro reacted too actually was the big Inhumans‘ city.
Angel and Candy deal with the authorities and oversee that the villains are put into custody. Thanks to Jean a telepathic inhibitor prevents Dr. Stuart and the Dazzler from revealing Warren as the mutant Angel.
Xavier and Mrs. Teri Martin are glad to see that Ashley has no side-effects of her mental surgery.
While the X-Men are away Kraven breaks into the mansion and easily defeats Avia in the medilab. Upon the team‘s return he dares one of them to a duel.
XMHY #17 04 / 2001 Kraven has given Avia a slow poison and will only give the X-Men the antidote, if the Beast agrees to a fight one-on-one. Kraven sees in him the ultimate opponent of both man and aninal at once, through fighting him Kraven wants to sharpen his skills. The battle is held on the whole Xavier estate and as Hank has to discover, Kraven has laid many traps. He is hit by some drugged darts to slow his reflexes, but unexpectedly they also cause the Beast to loose his intellect and morals. Hank almost falls into a berserker rage and easily defeats the Hunter almost killing him, if not for his teammates. Kraven reveals the antidote for Avia.
Tad Carter is seen with a group of people led by a telepath called Mr. Messenger. They talk about some slowaging effect and their plans for Lorna Dane. The others accuse Tad of being too intrested in the x-woman. Right in the middle of the Beasts battle with Kraven, they telepathically take control Lorna and make her use her magnetic powers to fly (which she never has been able to do before). Havok can only watch helplessly as she floats away.
Xavier is till with the Martins in Illinois and welcomes his old friend FBI agent Duncan, who helps to clear the area of the Sentinel‘s remains. It seems that some romantic tension builds between the professor and Teri Martin.
XMHY #18 05 / 2001 The Angel comes back from his home, where everything regarding his mother’s death has been taken care of. Suddenly in mid-air he passes the flying Lorna dane, who doesn’t respond to him. He watches her enter a house and calls the X-Men. Inside Lorna is introduced to the Promise, the group of mutants assembled around Messenger. They know that a war between mutants and humans is inevitable and they want to lead the world after that war, so they put themselves in cryogenic sleep and check the status of sociaty every 10 years. During these occasions they recruit more members and now it’s Lorna’s turn. Meanwhile the other X-Men have arrived, but as they try to enter the house they face a barrier. Then one of the promise uses illusion powers on the team and they unknowingly fight each other till they are all unconscious. The promise decides to take both Havok and Lorna, since they aren’t as much indoctrinated by Xavier as the rest of the X-Men; also a female member wants to have the Angel along for his beauty. All three are put into cryogenic sleep.
Teri Martin tells Xavier how she had to raise Ashley alone, since shortly before she was born, her father died while working for the navy on a nuclear submarine. Although she now has more problems considering that her daughter is a mutant, she is glad to have met Xavier.
XMHY #19 06 / 2001 Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Beast find themselves in a strange chamber with prehistoric vegetation. Suddenly they receive a telepathic message from Messenger, who explains them how he assembled his group over decades and that they will shape the future of both humanity and mutantkind, once when they emerge from hibernation. He then bids them farewell and activates the cryochambers. Left alone the four mutants examine their prison, which seems to be miles below the surface, and discover a strange tunnel. It leads to a giant vertical shaft, but once they try to reach the centerpiece, they are sucked up by a big air fan. Cyclops has to destroy the device, which results in the team falling down the vent. Jean cushions the long fall, but most are rendered unconsious anyway. The Mole Man, who had been watching for quite some time, stuns the Beast, the only one still awake.
Meanwhile one of the cryopods opens again. It is the blonde female of the Promise. She frees the Angel, but says that they can’t rescue Alex and Lorna from their tubes without killing them.
Xavier feels that something happened to his X-Men, he can’t maintain telepathic contact.
Epilogue of XMHY #12 11 / 2000 A few days after the main story of XMHY 12, Magneto blasts himself out of the volcano. This takes a lot out of him and he passes out. Later he is discovered by Namor who undersea felt the shockwaves of the fight and investigates. (Scene taken from Fantastic Four #102, re-drawn by Byrne, uses same dialogue)
Fantastic Four #102 09 / 1970 Namor investigates a mysterious shockwave in Antarctica. He pinpoints the origin as a primitive island. There he fights his way through some flying reptiles and finds the unconscious Magneto in the aftermath of an explosion. Not much later the Fantastic Four find themselves under attack. In Namor’s ship, Magneto uses the equipment to increase his faded powers. He then talks to Namor about pooling their ressources against the human race, as both mutants and atlanteans are outcasts. The Fantastic Four trace the source of the attack to Atlantis, Reed launches a sonic probe, but as Magneto from afar uses his powers once more to turn the Baxter Building‘s security devices against the team, the Thing presses a button that launches a missile against Atlantis. Namor is able to intercept the missile, but is now convinced that even the Fantastic Four attack him without reason. Magneto is satisfied to see that his plan works. On a long range radar scan, the Fantastic Four discover that Atlantis‘ fleet is preparing for war.
XMHY #20 07 / 2001 Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Iceman are carried to the Mole Man’s palace by many subterans. Inside they wake up and try to fight their captor, but the Mole Man predicts and avoids their attacks due to his keen senses. He uses his Valley of Diamonds to blind the mutants, but Iceman creates an icewall keeps the brilliant light away. The mole man then decides to open the floor from which various underground monsters rise to battle the X-Men.
Meanwhile Angel takes Lucy, the female Promise member, to the Blackbird. They depart to Lucy’s former home, which she left thirty years ago. She tries to make up with her son for having abandoned the family. However he is not to happy to see her and can’t accept the fact to have a mutant, younger than himself mother and Lucy and Warren leave again. During the flight back Lucy reveals to have some „persuasive“ power that she used on the Angel to take her to her family instead of searching for his missing teammates, yet she could not bring herself to force her son into accepting her.
In Atlantis Magneto suggests Namor to join forces against humanity. (Scene taken from Fantastic Four #102, re-drawn by Byrne, uses same dialogue)
Charles Xavier still tries to establish telepathic contact with his students as Teri austin interrupts him to alert him to the news on TV. Mr. Fantastic explains that the Fantastic Four were attacked by a magnetic wave originating from Atlantis, that a missile was fired against the undersea kingdom and that now an armada of warships is on the way. Xavier thinks that Magneto might be involved and sends his astral self towards the fleet, where he indeed finds his archenemy on Namor’s flagship. Magneto is surprised to discover the professor alive (the Changeling died in his stead in UXM #42), and the former friends again argue about their different philosophies.
Fantastic Four #103 10 / 1970 The atlantean fleet goes into battle formation against New York, and Namor makes it clear that he will not allow Magneto to order him around. Meanwhile the Fantastic Four alert the Pentagon and the White House of the imminent attack, and they are allowed to try to deal with the threat themselves before the military gets involved. Reed tells Sue to bring little Franklin to Agatha Harkness, and Crystal is ordered to stay at the Baxter Building for communications, while the males board the FantastiCar. As they come within range of the atlantean flagship, Magneto secretly launches a missile against them, but Namor doesn’t want to be the one to strike first and flies after it. The heroes consider this an attack and open fire on the Submariner. With Namor busy, Magneto easily seizes control of the flagship. Somewhat later he becomes aware of the Invisible Girl returning from Whisper Hill, and uses his magnetic powers to disable her small craft. He lets it glide down to the ocean, and takes the unconscious Sue Richards hostage. Namor and the rest of the Fantastic Four are still fighting, till the atlantean prince finally realizes that his ship is gone. Again after much fighting he and the team understand that Magneto plotted them against each other, but it is too late. Magneto calls them on a video screen, presenting both Sue and Lady Dorma as his captives, and demanding that neither Namor nor the Fantastic Four will oppose him.
XMHY #21 08 / 2001 Hank, Jean, Scott and Bobby fight all the Mole Man’s monsters and seem to be winning, but he presses another button and a trap door opens. The mutants fall into an echo chamber that amplifies the slightest sound into physical blows; all four X-Men lie unconscious on the ground.
Xavier‘s astral self disputes with Magneto in Namor’s flagship, right as he discovers the Invisible Woman in her small aircraft. Helplessly Xavier watches as the master of magnetism plucks the craft from midair and takes it’s uncoscious passenger hostage. (Scene taken from Fantastic Four #103, re-drawn by Byrne, uses same dialogue, Xavier is drawn in a spot of the ship that was not seen in the FF issue)
Xavier makes contact with the Angel and Lucy, who attempt to get Havok and Lorna out of the hibernation pods, by acceleration of the chronmeters. They try it with Alex first, but unexpectedly his powers cause an explosion, since he doesn’t wear his energy containing suit. Havok is alright, but the explosion damaged the equipment and the bio-readings of Lorna are dropping fast. Thinking about Magneto, Xavier demands that his students head to New York, while Lucy will work on Lorna, but Alex wants to stay at Lorna’s side, though he leaves after one of Lucy’s „suggestions“.
Angel on the other hand prefers to search for his missing teammates, he enters the ancient tunnel system and suddenly is hit by a cloud of dust. Warren has been turned to stone by Pixie. She and Ikaris transport Warren near the Mole Man’s base, which he alone probably wouldn’t have found. The two Eternals then leave, wanting to avoid detection by the general population.
Havok makes his way to New York, where he is supposed to join the other heroes. In the streets he runs into a patrol of atlantean soldiers and easily defeats them; yet many human bystanders start an anti-mutant hysteria and beat Alex up, thinking him to be in league with the Submariner or Magneto.
Xavier’s astral self floats to Battery Park, where Magneto has set up base. His two hostages are held in glas cylinders, Namor demands their release. (Scene taken from Fantastic Four #104, re-drawn by Byrne, uses same dialogue)
Fantastic Four #104 11 / 1970 The Fantastic Four and the Submariner discuss what to do. Mr. Fantastic thinks it’s best that Namor plays along with Magneto to not endanger the two hostages, while the team will find a way to defeat him. Reluctantly Namor agress and returns to his flagship, now under Magneto’s control. Once there he is ordered to lead his atlantean soldiers as they take over New York. The Human Torch, the Thing and Mr. Fantastic return to their headquarters and meet with Crystal. They call the White House and again are allowed to proceed with their plans despite their failures so far. Magneto sets up base in Battery Park and places the Invisible Girl and Lady Dorma in glas cyclinders; Namor arrives and demands their release, but Magneto says that he will only comply if both he and the Fantastic Four swear alliance to him. He then orders the atlanteans to attack the Baxter Building. The Torch deals with attackers on the roof, the Thing tries to stop the forces that come up in the elevators, and Crystal acts as last defense for Reed to build one of his gizmos. Finally it is finshed and the team flies to Battery Park. Crystal calls up a lightning, and in the distraction Mr. Fantastic streches himself high above Magneto, as the mutant uses his magnetic powers they are redirected throgh Reed’s apparatus and trap Magneto in a cone of energy fueled by his own magnetism. After the two ladies are freed Namor and the atlanteans return to the sea.
XMHY #22 03 / 2001 Beast, Iceman, Cyclops and Marvel Girl wake up in chains, but the Mole Man underestimated Hank‘s strength, who is able to break his bonds. He also frees his teammates, but the Mole Man causes a big cave-in to cover his escape. Cyclops uses his optic beam to hold back the boulders, for at least the others to escape. Nearby the Angel regains consciousness and becoming aware of the situation, he flies in and grabs Scott before he is hit by the avalanche. Completely cut off from the Mole Man the team decides to head back for the surface, on the way Bobby explains that he has finally understood that Xavier did not deliberatly fake his death (UXM #42, 65), though he is not yet ready to fully return to the X-Men yet. Finally they see daylight and find themselves on Monster Island.
The Baxter Building is attacked by atlanteans. The Human Torch, the Thing and Crystal try to provide Reed with enough time to finish a weapon against Magneto, but he is hours away from finishing his task, right as Xavier‘s astral self appears. The professor is able to provide Reed with the needed knowledge and quickly the electro-magnetic converter is finished. The team departs to Battery Park, where after Crystal‘s distraction, Mr. Fantastic stretches himself to a spot over magneto to hold the weapon at the right position. As Magneto uses his powers, he gets trapped into a cone of energy, fueled by his own magnetism. The Invisible Girl and Lady Dorma are freed, the atlanteans return to the sea. (Various scenes taken from Fantastic Four #104, re-drawn by Byrne, uses same dialogue, Xavier is fitted in between)
With the crisis over, Xavier checks on Havok, who has been able to outrun the angry mob. Alex returns to the Promise’s base, where Lucy has been able to release Lorna nd the other people from the stasis tubes. Only messenger himself has died. The Promise members decide to go separate ways, Lucy thinks about using her powers to fight the prejudices against mutants. As she leaves she thinks about how she killed Messenger by „suggesting“ him to die.
Xavier‘s astral self returns to his body at the matin house in Illionois. He says that it’s time to return to his school and says goodbye to Teri Martin, who had hoped to start a relationship with him.
A week later, Angel and Beast return from the Savage Land. They brought Avia back home. In the Danger Room awaits them a surprise. The others have prepared a birthday party for hank, who turns twenty.
Amazing Spider-Man #92 01 / 1971 Iceman is tricked by attorney Sam Bullit into fighting Spider-Man. Apparently Bobby has not yet rejoined the team, as he makes a comment about it having been some time since he had this kind of action with the X-Men. (Byrne already said that this issue would have become a second intersection point, like FFR #102-104 and XMHY #12, 20-22. That was before the cancellation was announced.)
Flashback in Hulk #150 See below In a fight over Lorna, Havok looses control and accidentally hurts Bobby. Ashamed he leaves the X-Men.
Flashback in Hulk #150 See below Months later Professor Xavier sends Lorna to the dessert of New Mexico to ask Havok to rejoin the team.
Hulk #150 04 / 1972 Lorna Dane arrives at Havok’s place, he refuses to come back to the X-Men. Suddenly the Hulk appears, he mistakes the green-haired Lorna for Jarella,a former lover. Havok helps Lorna and prooves himself in the battle against the Hulk. The couple decides to return to the X-Men.
Flashback in Captain America #173 See below Lorna and Alex never make it back, they are kidnapped by the Secret Empire. Professor X believes that Lorna and Alex decided to retire from superheroing and does not search for them.
Flashback in Am. Adv. #11 See below Beast leaves the X-Men to go work for the Brand Corporation. Iceman, Professor X, Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Angel say goodbye.
Amazing Adventures #11 03 / 1972 In his labs Hank McCoy discovers certain mutation factors and extracts a serum. Battling agents from the Secret Empire he has to use the serum on himself, causing him to further mutate into a true greyfurred beast.
Amazing Adventures #12-13 05 / 1972 - 07 / 1972 The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Blob, Unus and Mastermind) observe a fight between Iron Man and the recently mutated Beast. Mastermind places the illusion of killing Iron Man in Hank's mind. Feeling guilty the Beast is easy manipulated into thinking of himself as a criminal and joining the Brotherhood. In the end, after the theft of a jewel, suddenly he remembers and defeats the trio single-handed.
Flashback in Thunderbolts #33 12 / 1999 Unus, Blob and Mastermind meet with the Vanisher to form a Factor Three revival team. They leave the Ogre behind to watch the base, where he later learned about their fates through the news.
Flashback in UXM #100 08 / 1976 The Vanisher is seen as a prisoner in Stephen Lang’s Sentinel base. No clues about when or how he was captured.
Amazing Adventures #14 09 / 1972 The Beast fights Quasimodo.
Marvel Team-Up #4 09 / 1972 Spider-Man is accused by the newspapers for a rash of murders actually performed by Morbius. Professor X sends Angel, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Cyclops (all in civilian clothes), but the Beast refuses to aid them, because he doesn’t want them to see his fur. Ultimately, the X-Men aid Spider-Man in defeating Morbius, and he is brought to the X-Mansion for confinement.
Avengers #103-104 10 / 1972 11 / 1972 The Sentinels return, and Larry Trask sacrifices his life to stop them.
Amazing Adventures #15 11 / 1972 Angel is concerned that the team hasn’t heard from Hank for a while, he pays a visit and helps the Beast to fight Griffin. Of course is the Angel surprised to see Hank in his new furry form.
Avengers #105 12 / 1972 The Avengers battle the Savage Land Mutates (Barbarus, Gaza, Amphibius, Brainchild, Lupo, Equilibrius and Lorelei), who are now called "the Beast-Brood".
Amazing Adventures #16 01 / 1973 The Beast battles Juggernaut on Halloween, and the Juggernaut seemingly dies.
Amazing Adventures #17 03 / 1973 Beast tells his girlfriend his origin (mostly reprint material).
Hulk #161 03 / 1973 Vera Cantor and the Beast arrive in Canada to help cure Mimic, who is now Vera's lover, but the Mimic seems to sacrifice his life while fighting off the Hulk.
Flashback in Captain America #173 See below The Beast is captured by agents of the Secret Empire.
Avengers #110-111 04 / 1973 - 05 / 1973 Magneto ambushes Xavier’s mansion and renders all X-Men unconscious. He makes a video tape of the destroyed mansion and helpless Xavier which he sends to the Avengers. Magneto hides the Angel in another room, and dresses up as him, using fake wings. As the Avengers arrive they take all lifeless bodies into their ship. There Magneto reveals himself and is able to surprise attack this superteam as well; all he wanted was the Scarlet Witch. But with the help of Daredevil and the Black Widow the rest of the Avengers gain the upper hand on Magneto and defeat him. In the aftermath of the battle the Angel is nowhere to be found.
Flashback in Captain America #174 See below The Angel, when he awoke in the empty mansion, started searching for his teammates, but was captured by agents of the Secret Empire as well.
Shanna the She-Devil #5 08 / 1973 Professor X and Fred Duncan warn Shanna about the capture of Beast and Angel. This is the final appearance of Fred Duncan, who has since been referenced as having died.
Flashback in Captain America #173 See below Prof X recognizes that many mutants are attacked or missing. He sends the remainig X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Iceman) to check on various friends and enemies, a task from which Bobby never returns.
Flashback in Adventure Into Fear #20 02 / 1973 Professor X and Cyclops witness Morbius' escape from the X-Mansion.
Hulk 172 02 / 1974 Juggernaut returns from another dimension and battles the Hulk, but is defeated by Professor X, Cyclops and Marvel Girl.
Captain America #172-175 04 / 1974 - 07 / 1974 Following a trail of a mysterious group Captain America and the Falcon run into Banshee, who believes that this is an attack. Apparently he is on the run from someone, he quickly escapes. The pair then stumble over Prof X, Marvel Girl and Cyclops. They discover that they are fighting the same foe : the Secret Empire. Together the quintett defeats their leaders and frees all captive mutants, besides the missing X-Men there are Mesmero, Blob, Unus and Mastermind.
Marvel Team-Up #23 07 / 1974 Iceman and Human Torch fight (Torch mistook Iceman for a gangster who robbed a jewel store), and then team up against Equinox. The X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel - all in school uniforms) appear and they ask why Bobby rushed off, just before Prof X explained a secret mission to them. Iceman still wants to help pursue the real robber and is given time to do so till dawn. Then Iceman, Angel, Cyclops and Marvel Girl leave on a "secret mission."
Defenders #15-16 09 / 1974 - 10 / 1974 Prof X enlists the helps of the Defenders to deal with Magneto's Brotherhood, the X-Men are mentioned to be on that special mission of MTU #23.
Flashback in Giant Size X-Men #1 03 / 1975 Professor X sends the team (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, Havok and Lorna Dane) to the island of Krakoa to examine a mutant signature, only Cyclops returns.

Unplaceable :

Flashback in Marvel Fanfare #50 04 / 1990 Angel receives an invitation from an old friend named Cressidia. He attends her wedding with a scientist named Derek. (About 6 month before GS XM #1)