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24th August 2010

Since we all agreed that the arrogant greeting from Magneto was so much fun, it was decided that we’d have Magneto introduce each day’s feature. None of the feedback in our Forum seemed to complain, so we assume it went over quite well. Below is the text of each daily release, along with links to the feature released that day.

Event Month day 1

Aside from what deeds and actions it accomplishes as a unit, the true sign of a great family house, such as my House of M, is its majesty of size and grandeur. Truly, today’s article of the “Magneto Family Tree” will prove the scope and vitality of those I have sired. If only they could one day prove to rival my own greatness... Also released are two adventures of mine, chronicling my early life. They are a glimpse of my rise to power!
– Magneto, father of the future

Event Month day 2

Today brings a biographical piece on my only son, known best by his nom de guerre of Quicksilver. Overall, he has been a bit of a disappointment, lacking in my power and ruthlessness. Still, I am told he had some hand in assuring my rule and that of the House of M over the planet, though I do not see how. Still, enjoy this Spotlight On… Quicksilver.

– Magneto, father of the future

Event Month day 3

Yesterday, you met my son Pietro, so today you are directed to learn a little more about my daughter, the Scarlet Witch and her bizarre relationship with the android called the Vision. I do not approve, but at least he is not a human. Though not a son, the man called Joseph was of my genetic stock, so therefore he should be of interest to you as well.
– Magneto, daddy dearest

Event Month day 4

Did you see the special last week on the International Space Station? Well it is pathetic next to the orbital space station I constructed. Actually, I constructed it twice, so this feat is twice as impressive. I command you today to learn of Asteroid M!
– Magneto, architect to the stars

Event Month day 5

There were many stumbling blocks along my way to greatness, though it was my destiny to overcome them nonetheless. The biggest stumbling block, of course, was the ever incompetent Toad, who never failed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I lay the blame for all my early failures at his feet, for I am surely not at fault! Read today of my early conflicts against the infernal X-Men and their human counterparts, the Avengers, to see what I mean.
– Magneto, who overcomes the failures of others

[Note: this entry contained a link to a temporary section of the Issue Summary database which held links to the following summaries: Avengers (1st series) #47-49, X-Men (1st series) #43-45 & Avengers (1st series) #53]

Event Month day 6

It seems that today’s article is not about me specifically, which I do not approve. However, since I play a featured part in sections, I will allow it. Last week, you learned of two teams of do-gooders who opposed my will, even though they would ultimately prove unsuccessful. Today you will learn about the strange and varied relationship between the two teams of “heroes” called the Avengers and X-Men. Read the featured article on the X-Men/Avengers meetings.
– Magneto, obsession of heroes

Event Month day 7

You have already read a little of my daughter and her marriage to that walking toaster called the Vision. Now I present yet another chapter of their bizarre story, as Wanda attempts to build a life with her “husband” as an average - ugh - human family. In the suburbs, no less! Still, in this whole unseemly process, she did manage to give me not one grandson - but two! - thereby further expanding the family that will become the House of M. Read you the Vision & the Scarlet Witch (2nd series). Tomorrow, there may be holiday slides!
– Magneto, father-in-law reluctant

Event Month day 8 Ah! The story of my family continues to unfold. In another reality, my daughter did not betroth a machine, but a man of good mutant stock, Nightcrawler. Their union produced a daughter, whose story you must now hear. Behold, the indepth history of Nocturne.

Event Month day 9

When not doing so in my orbital fortress of Asteroid M, I like to plot world domination from one of my various hidden bases, each more elaborate than the next. While other, lazy, would-be despots choose a tropical jungle or remote areas of a desert, I always choose the most difficult locale, to prove to others that it can be done and spectacularly at that! Marvel you today at my multiple hidden fortresses in the frozen continent. Behold my Antarctic bases
– Magneto, engineer supreme

Event Month day 10

Your wait has been rewarded! At the end of the second week, I present unto you the first part of the epic story that is my House of M. Pay special attention to how well the trains run on time under my watch.
– Magneto, planetary monarch

Event Month day 11

It must have been torture to wait over the long weekend to learn more about me. However, your waiting is now over. It is with regal graciousness that I endow upon you the next chapter of my Houses story. I command you to enjoy second part of the House of M.
– Magneto, planetary monarch pt 2

Event Month day 12

Rocket science, nuclear engineering, quantum physics… all of these concepts are child’s play to me. However, even with my superior intellect, I found it difficult to fully grasp the complicated nature of the story of the one called Xorn. Still, after mastering it, I have explained it well enough in laymans terms for these creators to explain it to you, the mentally inferior humans. At least I hope.
– Magneto, explainer extraordinaire

Event Month day 13

Every action of mine is a life lesson to you, my lowly subjects. Today I offer two such selections. Both are tales that teach the message that power comes to those who grasp it with both hands. Your lesson tonight is to read and memorize the parable that is Magneto Dark Seduction and Magneto Rex.
– Magneto, role model superior

Event Month day 14

Unlike my son who can... run fast... and my other daughter, whose powers are basically a mirror of my own, my eldest daughter, known to the world as the Scarlet Witch, has a power that is beyond versatile and possibly more powerful than my own - though that might be a stretch. Today, I encourage you to examine for yourself the myriad uses the Scarlet Witch has wrought with her Hex Powers.
– Magneto, proud parent

Event Month day 15

You have seen how I have constructed multiple orbital fortresses that I named Asteroid M. However, sometimes you just really don’t want to start from scratch. In this spirit, as well as in the attempt to be “green” and “eco-friendly,” I decided once upon a time to recycle a derelict space station previously called “Graymalkin” into something worthy to call my home. Though it was from 1000 years in the future, I still had to bring it up to my standards. Once I had done so, I Christened it Avalon.
– Magneto, intergalactic recycler

Event Month day 16

Technically, it wasn’t I who created this Brotherhood… Well, it was, but that evidently changed and it turned out to be someone else. Oh, I don’t want to go over this again, really. At any rate, whether it was me or not, I started the first Brotherhood, which means that every new group, run by me or not, must pay royalties for the name. Therefore, I begrudgingly acknowledge the group most know as Xorn’s Brotherhood
– Magneto, "Brotherhood" copyright holder

Event Month day 17

Most of you will fondly remember important “firsts” of your life that I would find most pathetic and pedestrian: your first love, your first job or the first time you participated the outdated system of choosing a government called “voting.” Myself, I like to remember first moments which are far more extraordinary and grandiose, such as the first time the United Nations recognized me as the legitimate ruler of a nation. Behold the saga known by some as the Magneto War Crossover.
– Magneto, first among firsts

Event Month day 18

This article you have already seen - though much has happened since it was written. Therefore, I commanded it be updated, and my will was done. Hark and witness the updated article on Genosha.
– Magneto, beneficent ruler

Event Month day 19

I have two lessons today that will get you far in life. The first, in the no good deed goes unpunished category, I show you the period in my life where I foolishly renounced my quest of global domination. What were my thanks? Being put on trial for crimes against humanity! I charge you to study the folly of this endeavor in the story called X-Men vs. Avengers. Now, my son Quicksilver also had his flirtation with appeasing our genetic inferiors. However, like all other right-minded mutants, he eventually came around. In the second lesson today, you will be told the tale of how Quicksilver went from being a lowly, de-powered human, to regaining a semblance of his mutant might and spread this gift to the those mutant who had suffered the same fate of Decimation. In this heroic act, he earned the title of Son of M.
– Magneto, father of Son of M