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24th August 2010

At the end of the Event, it was only appropriate that we let Magneto close it out, just as he had presided over it since the beginning.

With the exception of my beneficent rule, all good things must come to an end. It is with this heavy heart that I must close the doors on this blessed Month of an Event, dedicated to me.

While you will not be greeted daily with more features & articled dedicated to me, thus no doubt depriving you of the high point of your day, be aware that all of these features are still on the site, so that you can enjoy them again and again. Unfortunately, they are among lesser articles dedicated to other individuals and events not related to me, but as they are dedicated to my brother and sister mutants, it is not unacceptable.

I will now take the briefest of moments to congratulate those inferior humans I conscripted to fulfill this task: Binaryan, Daytripper, Dean Clayton, Douglas Mangum, Fantomex, Homer Jay, Monolith, Peter Luzifer, Redguard & Ruth. You may now return to your families in peace, as from the audience’s reaction they approved of your exaltation of me and, as such, you have earned the right to continue your petty existence, such as it is.

For the rest of you reading this, you are to be commended for your attendance and wisdom of heeding the mandatory summons to do so. I have taken special note of those that did not and shall be visiting each in short order to make sure that this does not happen again.





emcee superior

As fun as putting these events together can be, though not as great as enjoying the reaction from our fans, month-long productions were to be a thing of the past. Weeks before the Event’s release, it was agreed upon by the Contributors that this would be the last Event Month. Plans for another, the Technology Month, were eventually released as smaller events. One was the May 2007 Phalanx Week, used on occasion of the release of our 3500th issue summary and another was our April 2008 Sentinel Event Fortnight, celebrating our 4000th summary.

However, far before these mini-events, the following was released the day after the Magneto Event Month ended.

Event Month no more ?

All of us here at the UXN hope that you have enjoyed the Magneto Event Month over the last four weeks. A lot of work went into it, as well as a lot of time. The amount of time… well, that’s where the bad news comes in. This Event Month took much, much more time than we ever anticipated and, as such, it might indeed have been our last Event MONTH.

Repeatedly we tell people that we cannot tell them when features are going to be released, because that would be setting a deadline and we never make a deadline. We started seriously talking about this Event Month in January of last year. The original idea was to have it be released around the time of the third X-Men movie. However, there were delays. We talked about of 6th birthday in August 2006, but there were delays. We even set for our 7th birthday (last month) and, even a year later, we did not make it.

Honestly, at times it got to the point where it was a joke amongst us as to when it would be released. Only during this summer were all of the remaining feature finished and ready for release.

Previously, we had stated that there were at least two other Event Months planned, one based on Technology and another for Wolverine. Eagle-eyed regulars of the site might have noticed that for our 3500 summary-mark we released the Phalanx Covenant Crossover, as well as the Spotlight On for Warlock. Both of these were features being held for the Technology Event Month, but instead were part of an Event Week.

Since it was apparent that the Magneto Month was dragging on and on, we agreed to begin to split up the items for the Technology Month. After all, if we were having trouble with one, why continue to hold items for future months? As a result, the items being held for the Technology Month will be released off and on at different stages, over the next year or two. Some might be at benchmarks, like a summary milestone or perhaps on the site’s birthday. Others just because they are ready. Most, we hope, will be part of Event Weeks and will keep the flavor of the missing Month.

As to whether we will still have a Wolverine Event Month or break up those features as well, that's a decision for another day. So, while the bad news is that there will not be a Technology Event Month, the good news is that we will have more frequent Event Weeks. Oh, and the collective blood pressure and stress of us here at the UXN will be greatly reduced. That too.