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Florida sea captain turned fearless extradimensional explorer. Her penchant for mutant alpha-male types often brought her in the thick of the action. Grounded and level-headed, she always held her own, even amidst demons and aliens. Be amazed by FORRESTER, LEE!
Born to the Clan Akkaba, Uriel and Eimin were destined to control the fate of mutantkind. Kidnapped at birth and raised in cruelty by Kang, they will stop at nothing to save mutantkind and gain vengeance on the Conqueror. They are the children of Archangel, but better known as the... APOCALYPSE TWINS!
As far as sibling rivalries go, there is no love lost between the Frost sisters. Adrienne and Emma in particular were at odds as teenagers and adults, culminating in Adrienne manipulating her way into the Massachusetts Academy, where she pushed Emma to the brink - and then had the nerve to call herself...the White Queen! What? FROST, ADRIENNE!

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WHITE QUEEN II (Glossary Character)
DEATH (FIRST) (Glossary Character)
PESTILENCE (FIRST) (Glossary Character)
FAMINE (FIRST) (Glossary Character)
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SUMMONER (Glossary Character)
POGG UR-POGG (Glossary Character)
Swordbearers of Arakko (Glossary Group)
REDROOT (Glossary Character)
BEI THE BLOOD MOON (Glossary Character)

Spotlight on... LEE FORRESTER!

Reluctant to get drawn into the crazy world of superheroes, she nevertheless crossed paths with Belasco and D'Spayre twice and lived to tell the story, kissed three of the most prominent mutant men in existence (Cyclops, Magneto, Cable) and proved as competent and courageous as any superpowered hero. Not bad for a human woman who once dreamed of roaming the seas but ended up travelling across the cosmos. This is the story of LEE FORRESTER!

Spotlight on... APOCALYPSE TWINS!

When he was taken over by the Deathseed, Archangel ensured the legacy of the Clan Akkaba by conceiving children with Pestilence of the Final Horsemen. The twins Uriel and Eimin were destined to become major players and constantly thwart the schemes of Kang the Conqueror to overcome the mutant race. Consequently, Kang instead kidnapped the twins at birth and raised them as pawns in his master plan of conquest. Believing they were cunning enough to outwit the Conqueror, the Apocalypse Twins discovered too late why Kang is one of the greatest villains of any timeline.

Spotlight on... ADRIENNE FROST!

Emma may be the most well-known member of the powerful Frost family, but she alone isn't the most diabolical - her older sister, Adrienne, can share that claim. From shady business deals, manipulating children, inciting hate riots and self-styling herself as the White Queen, Adrienne has caused a lot of trouble for her sister. How did Emma deal with those troubles? Find out in this spotlight on Adrienne Frost!


Updating the Death Chart on Halloween has become a semi-annual tradition for us. But death isn't as spooky n' scary for the X-Men as it has been in years past. Thanks to the innovations on Krakoa with the Resurrection Five, mutantkind no longer needs to fear death. And so, many X-Men have died in the past few years, only to be reborn again. Progress? Perhaps. Only time will tell...

Spotlight on...MENTALLO!

Not all mutants come with earth-shattering power -- Marvin Flumm is a very minor psi-talent which just happens to be from an X-Gene. As Mentallo, he has forged a criminal career using technology or just simple guile to stretch his limited abilities to be as profitable as possible. Thief, mercenary, terrorist-for-hire, Mentallo has fought Avengers and X-Men alike while serving A.I.M., Hydra or his own selfish ends with his partner, the Fixer. Currently on Krakoa, Mentallo is one mutant to watch out for, as the ones with the most to prove can be the most dangerous. 

Spotlight on... FATALE

Not much is known about this ruthless, shapeshifting mutant, save that she was the Dark Beast's loyal henchwoman for years. Her unrevealed backstory, vaguely defined personality and super-stylish looks and posturing are a testament to her early 1990s roots. Lately, her traumatic power loss has humanized her. No longer a walking plot device, she is now a survivor, fighting on behalf of her depowered peers. Remember FATALE.