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While he lives, terror dies! This hard-boiled, gun-totting counter-terrorist uses his teleporting ability to get the drop on the enemy. Over the years, his fixation on terrorism hasn't stopped James Bourne from hiring out his services as a mercenary too. Read today's Spotlight on the One Man War on Terror... SOLO!
From runaways to protectors of the night, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen won't rest until the children of the streets are safe from drugs, sexual trafficking, and other predators. They are... CLOAK & DAGGER!
After the horrific way his mutant powers activated, this young mutant became a member of Beta Flight during some of Alpha Flight's craziest adventures, before soon discovering that he might actually be a comic book character - What The -?! Read all about the unique... MANIKIN!

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Team Entry... PROTECTORATE (EARTH-253)

Prolific writer Warren Ellis briefly heralded the X-Line in the very early 00s. Interestingly, he wrote some of the smaller satellite titles instead of the flagships. One of these series was X-Man, which featured the reality-hopping mutant Nate Grey. Under Ellis' pen, Grey encountered an ill-fated team of heroes who fell in combat against the beautiful world destroyer Qabiri. The group, clearly inspired by one of Ellis' most well known creations, the Authority, were simply outmatched by their godlike foe. However, had one of their number been aware of her true identity at the time, she could have saved them... Read here about the late and mighty Protectorate.

Spotlight On... SOLO

In the running for "The Most 90's Character Ever!", Solo was first introduced as a Spider-Man supporting character. A grim vigilante with a mysterious past, an anti-hero's attitude towards killing, and guns, guns, GUNS, James Bourne (re: James Bond / Jason Bourne) was certainly emblematic for the era. Over time, his war on terror dwindled and he began serving as a more traditional mercenary. Solo crossed into the X-Men's world several times as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Six Pack or Deadpool's Mercs for Money. Nowadays a freelance counter-terrorist who takes merc jobs to fund his crusade and support his infant daughter, Solo may have found some balance as a character.

Logan (movie summary)

After nine X-Men films distributed by 20th Century Fox, Logan was quite a departure from the usual formula, and especially contrasted with the brightly colorful X-Men: Apocalypse, which had been released the previous year. Director James Mangold and actors Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were given free rein to shape this movie, and the result was hugely praised for being completely outside the norm. Logan is a dystopian, futuristic, neo-Western which deconstructs the superhero genre by proving that popular and beloved characters can indeed permanently die. Loosely based on the hugely successful "Old Man Logan" comic book storyline, but with a few unexpected twists, Logan both darkly satirizes superhero comics, and also celebrates the hope that fanciful stories like those in comics provide. Read now the summary of a film which both complements and challenges X-Men film lore, the tragically hopeful story of an aging Wolverine learning to be a father figure for X-23 and an entire younger generation of mutant survivors.

Update on... CLOAK & DAGGER!

Since we last checked in with Cloak and Dagger, the Darklight Duo have gone through a number of changes. They've starred in a couple of digital first limited series, joined the latest Savage Avengers, and perhaps even finally, for real, actually found love together. Joining the Avengers brings them to mightyavengers.net for the first time, and yet another retcon suggesting they still have "latent mutant genes" keeps them relevant to UXN. Read today's Spotlight Update On... CLOAK & DAGGER!


Today the uncannyxmen.net & mightyavengers.net are happy to unveil a completely revamped version of a neglected part of our websites - our Cover Gallery page. This is not just a fresh coat of paint, but a completely overhauled interface with many new features. The changes are so big... that they're still ongoing and will be for some time. Welcome now to the ground floor of our all-new, all-different cover gallery!

Series Disambiguation (Alpha Flight)

Alpha Flight. They are their nation's only heroes and, sometimes, the world's only hope. And now... they are back! As part of the X-Men's FALL OF X event, a new limited series has launched and, to celebrate, we are proud to bring you the first Disambiguation article here at UXN. Alpha Flight has a rich history, both within the Marvel Universe and behind the scenes. This article explores the writers and artists of Alpha Flight, the decisions they made regarding the series' beloved characters and the evolution of the Alpha Flight comic across many years and volumes. From John Byrne to Jim Lee and Bill Mantlo to Scott Lobdell, an impressive array of creators have dedicated their time to Alpha Flight, and now we honour them all. We hope you enjoy this article as much as we enjoyed working on it. Vive Alpha Flight!