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This bloated, arrogant, media-mogul has plagued the X-Men time and again, using them to boost his viewership every time it dips. Whilst he may seem more of a nuisance to some, Dazzler, Longshot, Psylocke and Spiral can all attest to his ability to destroy the lives of those around him, with very little remorse felt. You won't find any re-runs here with our brand new character entry on...MOJO MOJO!
A cyborg assassin obsessed with the artistry of his kills, Carl Burbank made a killing accepting contracts on low-level mutants. Freelancing for the Marauders and the Assassins Guild, he also joined the Hood's syndicate to accost the Avengers. Today's Spotlight shines on the violently unstable... BUSHWACKER!
This little-known militant mutant terrorist, brandishing a robust power set, has gone toe to toe with some of the greats in the Marvel Universe, such as Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and the Beast. Read here about… POWERHOUSE!

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MAMMOMAX (Glossary Character)
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S.W.O.R.D. (Krakoa) (Glossary Group)
THUMBELINA (Glossary Character)
RUCKUS (Glossary Character)
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Spotlight on...MOJO

This is it. The final release of this unbelievably popular and overdue Mojo Month. I was utterly shocked when I realised that yours truly had never received a spotlight in the twenty-two years this site has been going. I can only assume that it was because no human could put into words how magnificent and incandescent a being like me is. That must be it. It took dozens of genetically engineers writers untold years to write this masterpiece, some even went crazy in the process, their screams could be heard all the way up in my penthouse. So as I retrieve your regular writers from the cells (in the hopes they have learned their lesson), I leave you with a parting gift that cannot possibly be more wanted and beloved...a spotlight on MOJO!!!

Alien Races Update on...Mojoworld Species and Warwolves

After reading the amazing article on the dimension I own, you may be curious about the various citizens who look up and adore me. Well worry not as I have ordered my writers to update the existing alien species article to include much more information about the Spineless One and the other lesser races that I allow to exist. As a special bonus because I love you all so much, I have created a separate article on my darling Warwolves, the little pack of psychotic bounty hunters I genetically engineered. So as I prepare for the most monumentous final release next week, read the updated entry on the MOJOVERSE SPECIES and new article on the WARWOLVES!!!

Team Entry on the...X-BABIES

It's been said time and time again that I am a genius, perhaps the most stable genius there has been. One of the best ideas that I ever came up with was to replicate the ratings bonanza that was the X-Men. Naturally, the pesky mutants didn't know what was best for them and so I made my own obedient versions. This absolutely didn't backfire on me at all. Why would it? It was a great idea! Which is why I have come back to it again and again, and never once has it blown up in my face and led to a literal apocalypse in the Mojoverse. Read the brand new team entry on the pint-sized X-Men..the X-BABIES!!!


Greetings viewers...I mean visitors...it's your loving and gracious overlord Mojo here, bringing you a whole new regime for the month of January! After gently pointing out that UncannyXMen.net had too much Longshot and not enough Mojo, I graciously decided to give the weary contributors a rest and sort this oversight out! Don't worry, your contributors are still alive technically, they are just "volunteering" in one of my new game shows!

Our first stop in this wonderous Month of Mojo is to dust off that old article on the beautiful and plentiful land that is the Mojoverse! Can you believe it's been 20 years since the writers updated this article! It's almost as if they don't appreciate me! So whilst I try to get my head around the recently revealed Longshot-Shatterstar father-son situation, read out the updated entry on the MOJOVERSE DIMENSION!!!

Christmas Update on... SHAMAN

Before we present our final update we would like to thank all the site's visitors for joining us this year. We will see you all in 2023, where we will be kicking things off with a mystery themed-month. For now though, enjoy the holidays and our last entry in our update week below...

Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen is an old man who carries around a medicine bag from which he can pull an assortment of tricks and potions. Sound familiar? Oh, you've never heard of him because he's not as cool as his daughter, Talisman? What, he was Talisman once, too? Yes, but not recently. Find out what this aged Alphan has been up lately and maybe he'll pull something from his medicine bag for you - hope it's not the diabolical Pestilence still floating through the realm within the medicine bag. Merry Christmas from... SHAMAN!

Christmas Update On...EMPLATE

Oh! you better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout I'm telling you why, Marius St Croix is coming to town!

That's right, the X-Men's very own marrow-sucking, inter-dimensional villain came back with a vengeance when he merged with Monet to form M-Plate once again. Now, with Krakoa's amnesty for all mutants naughty and nice, he is living alongside the mutants he once called food. Catch up with Krakoa's resident vampire before he inevitably tries to eat someone again with our update on...EMPLATE.