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Powered by Cobalt-60 armor, Ralph Roberts' exoskeletal suit turned him into a radioactive walking C-Bomb. If his recoil beams don't get you, the countdown to critical mass will always signify the threat of... the COBALT MAN!
Brought into this world by the Phoenix Force, this scrappy time traveler trained from birth to be the warrior messiah for her people. Commanding the powers of any nearby mutant, Hope doesn't need special abilities to kick butt. Today's spotlight shines on the hope for the mutant race... HOPE SUMMERS!
Recruited by Cyclops for his mutant revolution, Eva Bell's mastery over time has saved mutantkind from disaster on more than one occasion but it's also caused her immense heartbreak. Spend some time reading all about the mutant known called... TEMPUS!

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Spotlight on... COBALT MAN!

An armored rival for Iron Man that Tony Stark has maybe even heard of, Ralph Roberts' original vendetta against Stark Industries was waylaid by his radiation poisoning. Reimagining himself as a crusading hero against the dangers of nuclear power, the Cobalt Man battled a strange sequence of heroes including the X-Men, Hulk and the Defenders. Believed dead for many years, Roberts was apparently well remembered by numerous imposters and copycat armored villains. In recent years, though, the original Cobalt Man has returned and may finally get around to proving which ferromagnetic element is better: Iron or Cobalt?

Spotlight on... HOPE SUMMERS!

The power of the Five is truly miraculous, and their resurrections are only possible thanks to the unique, synergistic interaction of their abilities. This communion is accomplished through the power of the Omega-class mutant messiah, Hope Summers. Forced into existence by the Phoenix Force as a counter-measure against the Decimation spell, the birth of Hope helped reignite the mutant race in its darkest hours. Hope was raised to new adulthood in the far future, returning to the present for her powers to fully manifest mere months after her birth. Hope and the Phoenix finally merged to end the Decimation, but she also retained a unique connection to the mutant race as a whole, able to enhance and integrate the Five's abilities to achieve their wonderous feats.

Spotlight on... TEMPUS!

Eva Bell's mastery over time is necessary to bring mutant husks to their appropriate age but she didn't always have such control over her powers. Recruited by Cyclops for his mutant revolution, the young Australian learned about her unique "time bubbles" on the fly while fighting against sentinels and demons. But she didn't learn quick enough and after accidentally trapping herself in an alternate future, Eva returned to the X-Men with loss, secrets, and harsh lessons learned. Spend some time reading all about the mutant known called TEMPUS.

Spotlight on... ELIXIR!

Josh Foley wields Omega-class bio-kinesis for the Five. Mister Sinister's storehouse of genetic samples for any and all mutants is crucial to the Five's efforts. However, it is Elixir's power that bonds a particular mutant's genetic material to an egg, growing it into a proto-husk virtually indistinguishable from the original. The golden child of the Academy X era, Josh has always dreamed big. The yin and yang of his powers drew him equally towards life and death, though, forcing him to find a balance. Now that he's largely responsible for bringing life to an entire civilization of deceased mutants, one can only hope he has discovered an outlet for the other aspect of his powers as well.

Spotlight Update on... PROTEUS!

One of three Omega-class mutants on the Five, Kevin MacTaggert has the power to alter reality itself, changing Fabio's balls from inert genetic material into viable eggs. The son of the X-Men's ally Moira MacTaggert, Proteus was unstable for much of his life due to his awesome power burning through his original body and a series of hosts. Thanks to Krakoan bio-technology, the Five maintain a proto-husk in reserve for Kevin at all times, allowing him the physical security and continuity of form he has always dreamed of having. Now a stalwart ally of the X-Men, Proteus is sure his mother would be proud of him, if only she were still here.

Spotlight on... GOLDBALLS!

Welcome to Resurrection Five Month! No foolin'! Thanks to the synergistic bio-technology of five very special mutants, mutant citizens of Krakoa no longer need to fear death. The Krakoan Resurrection Protocols wouldn't be possible without the man with the golden balls, Fabio Medina. Possessing the somewhat silly ability to spontaneously create bouncing balls of golden matter, Goldballs' life changed when it was discovered these balls were actually eggs. Through a combination of mutant science and mutant powers, Fabio's eggs became the keystone for growing new bodies for deceased mutants able to house a Cerebro-backup of their minds, restoring the dead. Go Goldballs!