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This mysterious woman debuted as a member of Gamma Flight, Alpha Flight's replacement team. When her true demonic nature was revealed she transformed Department H into her own Hell, before setting her sights on conquering Limbo! Learn all about the demonic... WITCHFIRE!
As a relict of an ancient race this robotic being was tasked with bringing universal peace to other planets...whether they wanted it or not. Read our enlightening character article on the overly polite and manipulative... UNIT!

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Character spotlight on.. WITCHFIRE

Our newest character article spotlights a character from Alpha Flight who, after years in comic book limbo, made a surprise return when she tried to take the dimension Limbo as her own... The mysterious Witchfire!

Spotlight On.. UNIT!

The X-Men have faced more than their fair share of killer robots over the years but none were quite as sadistic and manipulative as this one. With an inquisitive mind and powerful persuasive abilities he proved to be more than the team could manage. Delve into the methods and machinations of the ancient robot Unit!

Publication History X: 2011

A year of very significant events which saw the popular Age of X crossover released, Alpha Flight return during the Chaos War, Fear Itself struck the x-titles, the X-Force team murdered a child and a Schism saw the X-Men divided like never before, This was 2011!

Spotlight On.. KIDEN NIXON!

Not all mutants become superheroes or villains, some just want to survive. Guided by the ghost of her father, upon discovering her ability to freeze time this young mutant became homeless, got tied up with gangs, and formed a life on the streets with a new "family" of mutant friends. Proving you don't need to be an X-Man to lead an abnormal life read now our character spotlight on...Kiden Nixon!

Spotlight On.. VAL COOPER!

Our X-Factor theme comes to an end with the release of a Spotlight on one of the most important human characters in mutantkind's history. Instrumental in the formation of the All-New, All-Different X-Factor and longtime friend to many of its members - learn about the triumphs and tragedies of Val Cooper

Team entry on... All New X-Factor

At Serval Industries we see ourselves not as a multinational business conglomerate but as members of the global family. As world leaders in entrepreneurial philanthropy we are now embarking on an exciting new journey into corporate superheroics. We he have developed a team dedicated to serving the desires of a company whose main business is helping others. Join us now in this bold new synergism between corporate interests and superheroism by reading our bio on Serval Industries' All-New X-Factor!