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A soul vampire who valued her own youth and beauty over the lives of others, this evil woman preyed on the innocent for centuries. Read the full history of the deadly predator known as... SAPPHIRE STYX!
As the seven-billionth soul on Earth and the offspring of a mutant and a god, this young boys life was always going to eventful. No-one could have guessed he would become the main target in a fight between all the Lords of Hell though. Read the tragically short story of X-Factor's...TIER SINCLAIR TIER SINCLAIR!
From anarchist to government agent, the mysterious Nemesis has caused trouble for Canada's premiere super heroes on more than one occasion - so why would she eventually join them? Learn more in the Spotlight on... NEMESIS III!

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Spotlight on... SAPPHIRE STYX

Sapphire Styx was a minor villain from Madripoor who tempted and tussled with Wolverine during his time on the island as Patch. Nearly lost to obscurity, she was recently revived to deal with a long-dangling plot thread. Through her interaction with Psylocke, Sapphire Styx was inadvertently responsible for Betsy Braddock being restored to her original British body. Read today's Spotlight on Sapphire Styx to see how this complicated plot came to a close.

UXN Turns 19!: Update on... ICEMAN

The long nightmare is over! The Original Five X-Men have returned to the past and closed the loop in the temporal paradox teased by their activities in the present. In order to wrap up the complexity and complications involved in their Spotlights, we went through the effort of updating all five of the O5 X-Men articles at once. In celebration of UXN's anniversary (19 Years!!), we begin by releasing largest update of the original X-Men's Spotlights... ICEMAN! And, once a month for the rest of the calendar year, we will be releasing the updated Spotlights on Cyclops, Jean Grey, Archangel and Beast as well! Stay tuned to UXN!"

Children of the Vault

There have been many groups who claim they are the next step in the human evolution but none of them have ever matched up to Homo Sapien Superior. One of he many teams who tried to take on the mutants ended up being cast adrift in another dimension for their sins. Read now the rise and fall of one of the many contenders for the mutant's throne...the Children of the Vault!

Update on... THRENODY

Missing in action for nearly twenty years, Threnody recently resurfaced and was still the proud mother of a horrific, undead baby. Her unhinged efforts to preserve her child's un-life brought her in conflict with Deadpool and the Assassins Guild. Today's release brings us up to date on the recent actions of Melody Jacobs, a.k.a. Threnody!


As the child of a mutant and an Asgardian god, this young boy was alway destined for something special, but no-one could have foreseen exactly how important his life...and death...were to be. As the target in an otherworldly contest between the various Hell Lords, his life was cut short by someone he considered a friend. Read the heartbreaking story of Wolfsbane's son...Tier Sinclair


The woman called Nemesis had many interactions with Alpha Flight before eventually joining their ranks. But what led a scared young girl to become a fierce anarchist, hell-bent on vengeance? Who was her father? And would she ever find true that eluded her for so long? Piece together the life of Nemesis in our brand-new spotlight on one of Alpha Flight's most intriguing members...Nemesis!