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18th September 2014

Thunderbird III

Real Name: Neal Shaara
Former Aliases: none
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Brown
First appearance: X-Men (2nd series) #100
Joined the X-Men in: X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #27
Known Relatives: Mr. Shaara (father),
Mrs. Shaara (mother),
Sanjit Shaara (brother, deceased)
Profession: none
Group Affiliation: formerly X-Corporation, X-Men
Powers: • transform the molecules of his body into solar plasma, enabling him to convert portions of himself into thermodynamic energy furnaces that release luminescent radiance, pyrotechnic displays, concentrated plasma beams, shaped plasma charges that can deflect solid matter or displace volumes of air on impact for a heatless release of concussive force, and explosive thrust from his legs for flight