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20th December 2004

As part of the festivities for reaching 2000 Issue Summaries we thought it would be an idea to let you tell us what you think about the site. For 2 weeks a special feedback poll was run on the site. After sorting through everything that you sent, and I mean everything, we thought we would bring you the results, in this very article you see before you.

First thing that we would like to say is thank you for everyone who submitted their feedback. We read everyone of them, no matter what was said. Although we took names and email addresses it was only for verification whilst submitting the feedback and they won't be used for any marketing or mass mailing, we hate spam just as much as the next person.

How old are you?
Ask a woman this question and you'll most likely get a slap in the face. As you can see the majority of you are in the 16-24 age bracket. so I'd like to take his oppurtunity to thank you all for putting me in a minority and making me feel old. Still at least I was in the second largest group unlike some staff members I could mention... Overall we were happy to see we have people from all ages visiting.

Where do you come from?
My mother always told me she found me under a bush, but you all seemed a bit more clued up. The majority of you are from America, which is what we expected, after all the X-Men are primarily known from American Comics. Again I was part of the second largest segment, across the pond in Europe. Apart from Africa (which recieved no votes) the rest was split evenly amongst the rest of the world.

Whats your First Language?
Well it's no suprise that English was the first language of most of our visitors, and as Europe was where the second largest group of site visitors came from it was obvious that the various European languages would feature prominetly in the results. However I never expected the amount of diversity the result gave us.

How many comics do you read a month?
I was hoping that the over 15 comics a month group would win, because then I could tell my wife that everyone else spends just as much as me, however it wasn't the case. Although it was a fairly even split across all choices the winner was the 1 to 5 comics a month group.

How and when did you find the UXN?
If i had answered this question myself I guess I would have simply said I started it over 4 years ago, but I didn't have to, you did. No fancy charts for this answer but the majority of you found us either via another comic site or a search engine, with Google getting the most mentions. As for how long ago you found the site, the majority appears to be within the last couple of years although there are alot that have been visiting for even longer. Its nice to know that you keep coming back. Here's a selection of some of the more unusual answers that you posted.

My Lord and Master Magneto informed me of this secret site - Yeah, he told me he sent you

I don't remember... it was a long time ago! - And i suppose it was in a galaxy far, far away...

I found it through my boyfriend, an avid reader of comics. He got me into comics and this site. I found this site about a year ago. - If you're boyfriend is listening - she/he is a keeper!

By accident. - Funny, that's what my mom said.

James told me - Thanks James!

I search Star Wars TCG Card and find this site... - Are you the guy from earlier again? I was joking about the galaxy far away thing.

About 2 years ago, I guess, and the site was recommended (?) in the dutch X-Men comic. - Any chance of a scan of the page?

I discovered Uncanny on Google accidentally, about a year ago, and I have been hooked on it like virtual crack since. - Glad we can feed you're addiction.