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20th December 2004

How often do you visit the site?
I was personally surprised by the results of this question. The fact that the majority of our visitors visit the site on a daily basis and sometimes more means either
a) were doing something right, or
b) you forget you have visited recently.
To be serious, for a brief minute I'm really pleased this result occured because it does mean you like us.

What are you looking for when you do?
This question was a lead in to the favorite section questions, to see which sections you actually read over and what was your favorite. As expected the majority of answers were you telling us you were looking for updates to a particular section. Although sections that came top in what's your favorite sections were mentioned it was nice to see every section of the site mentioned a few times. Below is a selection of some of the answers.

I look at whatever is updated. I love the Spotlights the most. But when I'm confused, I come here. - When I'm confused I see my therapist, perhaps we should charge by the hour?

Information about different X-Men comics which I can use to determine if the title is worth buying. - ... :)

I'm usually looking for spotlights. I love that section. I love the X-Men, but their story is so huge, there is no way to contain it all, at least not while being financially responsible. So I look at what you have here to get my fix. - It's that guy with the addiction again, isn't it?

I love the issue summaries and I ALWAYS check out the custom figures section. - He likes the customs, doesn't he?

Comic book summaries mostly. I live in tragically limited crappy town, and this website is my main source of all things X-Men. I don't know how many times I've recommended this site to my friends. I like the spotlight section and the character glossary. I've also read a most everything under Merging Minds, also. I like look at your cover gallery, since I have an odd hobby of edit the background out of pics. Such a thriving social life I have - Sounds like one of our contributers?!

Updates, baby! - Didn't know Austin Powers visited? Yeah, baby, groovy.

I am an X-Men Nerd. I am looking for daily validation of my mutant obsession. I want to be Gambit when I grow up. I am so serious, too. Gambit is the shiznit. - Peter Luzifer, is that you?

How has the UXN been a resource to you? What sections have you used?
Again trying to delve a little deeper and see how we've helped you. On the whole what amazed me was that the majority of answers mentioned visiting the entire site at some time or other. Here's a selection of what you posted.

The summaries are an invaluable resource when I go to buy back issues, as is the crossovers section. - Glad we can assist...

I run lots of X-Men fansites and fanlistings and regularly use the spotlights and the cover galleries to help - Glad we can assist...

I've used all the sections as it's been essential to my fanfic writing - Glad we can assist...

I have used most of your sections but mostly the issue summaries and the spotlights. Since I am living in Rome now I am unable to purchase or read any of the the modern comics, therefore I am relying on you fellows to keep me posted on current event - Glad we can assist...

OMG, I have used all of the sections tons of times, I roleplay with my friends (me as the DM, go DandD) and I use the site for info because its an X-Men series. - Glad we can assist...

Pretty much all sections. This place is like a freaking library for all things X-Men. Logically laid out, with a wealth of info. I have the upmost respect for you guys, you truly embody the true spirit of the internet. - Glad we can assist...

UXN has helped me with a lot of questions I had ... In the Netherlands the X-Men is published but totally not complete so we miss a lot ... now I only read the American comics about them and read the UXN.Net. I search at every section I can. - Glad we can assist...

I have been to every single thing on this site... lol probably sounds like I have no life, but it's a great way to break from studying and papers... merging minds is my favorite, but I also love the issue summaries, family trees and spotlights. - Glad we can assist...

What are your Favorite Sections?
I guess you could say that the overal favorite section was going to be pretty obvious from the start, and getting a over half the votes for first favorite section didn't hinder the Spotlight on.. section either. Coming in second is the Issue Summaries, followed in third by the Character Glossary. Filling in the slots behind these were the News, Previews, Current Title Information, Forum, Crossovers and Merging minds sections. Surpirisingly, well at least to me, the section with the least number of votes was the Movies section, which didn't even get a single vote. However as the section is very small and its been sometime since the last movie was released, I can understand the lack of votes. I would be very interested to see if we did this again whilst the movie was in the cinema whether it would make a difference. To the right is a breakdown of percentages for each vote cast, whilst below is a graphical presentation of those votes.

8. How often do you visit the forum?
I must admit that this question had some interesting answers. Just over a third of you visit the forums But over half of you either don't visit or have no idea about the forum. This may be in part to the forum being hosted by ezboard, away from the site itself (talk about reasons why is in the next section) so its not as integrated as the other sections, but if you get the chance - try it out.


Well, so much from me guys. Thank you for your time. Now I hand the mike over to my co-host, Peter Luzifer.