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The villainous Mojo is responsible for some of the X-Men’s most bizarre adventures but, when he de-aged the team into infants, even he could not have foreseen the crazy consequences. Whilst the X-Men were returned to their correct ages, the concept refused to die and a newly-created batch of X-Babies was born. They became a ratings hit in the media-obsessed Mojoworld and, like the real X-Men, they turned on Mojo and fought against his tyranny.


On Mojoworld, the ruler Mojo had his scientist create a race of slaves, among them being Longshot. Led by Longshot, the slaves rebelled against Mojo but were quelled, with Longshot being mindwiped. He found his way to Earth, where he met the stuntwoman Ricochet Rita and the two fought against Mojo. [Longshot #1-6] Longshot and Rita were later captured by Mojo once again.

Psylocke was blinded by the Slaymaster in Captain Britain (2nd series) #13. Later on, she was kidnapped by Mojo and given bionic eyes that acted as cameras (unbeknownst to her) by Spiral. She was eventually saved by the New Mutants and returned to the X-Mansion, where she would go on to join the X-Men. [New Mutants (1st series) Annual #2]

Thanks to the cameras in Psylocke’s eyes, Mojo had been broadcasting the X-Men’s adventures to the citizens of Mojoworld. Deciding he wanted the X-Men to perform on Mojoworld, he teleported the amnesic Longshot into the X-Mansion, where the young man joined the team. Mojo also managed to de-age all the X-Men, turning them into infants and kidnapping them. They were soon freed by the New Mutants and their rightful ages restored. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #10]

The X-Men later sacrificed their lives to stop the Adversary, with Psylocke’s bionic eyes being destroyed in the process. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #225-227]

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
First Roster: Colossusus/Colossus, Dazzler, Havok, Longshot, Psychilde/Psylocke, Shower/Storm, Sugah/Rogue, Wolvie/Wolverine


With the X-Men seemingly dead, Mojo had lost his biggest stars on Mojo TV and his ratings were beginning to fall. He soon came up with the genius idea to get a replacement team, and so he had his scientists create a number of different creations for him to show test audiences. He went through team after team but none had the pazazz to be the next big thing. That was, until he debuted the X-Babies. Resembling the X-Men from the time Mojo de-aged the real team, the audiences immediately loved them and begged for more. Mojo wasn’t thrilled at the concept of pint-sized X-Men, given that it didn’t work out well for him last time. However, the numbers didn’t lie and he begrudgingly allowed them to live, although he did try and get rid of the little Longshot out of spite. Proving to be just as troublesome as the real X-Men, the X-Babies fled and boarded Mojo’s flying ship, where they freed the captive Ricochet Rita. [Uncanny X-Men Annual (1st series) #12]

Rita led the X-Babies into the depths of Mojoworld, as Mojo’s forces hunted them down. Finding refuge in a strange building, the team jumped through a portal to escape their hunters, but Rita was seemingly lost in transit. The X-Babies found themselves on Earth, where they found Shadowcat, who was working as part of Excalibur. Meanwhile, Mojo wasn’t happy that his stars had escaped and he decided to lock them into contracts to prevent them from fleeing again. The mysterious Agent was dispatched to find the X-Babies and get them to sign supernatural contracts that would literally bind their souls to Mojo. With the ability to alter their appearance, the Agent managed to trick little Psylocke into signing a piece of paper, which was really a contract for Mojo. Now having claim over her soul, the Agent absorbed Psylocke into themself and attacked the rest of the X-Babies.

Shadowcat managed to bundle the children into a car and fled, but they soon became lost and had to stop to get help. Havok was the next to be caught when he signed an autograph for a waitress, who was really the Agent in disguise. Dazzler, Rogue and Colossus were quickly captured too, leaving just a few X-Babies in Shadowcat’s care. The timely arrival of Excalibur saved the day as they fought against the Agent and caused the villain to drop all the signed contracts. Shadowcat used her phasing powers to remove the X-Babies’ signatures and the captured children were freed. With the Agent restrained, Rachel Grey used her powers to reveal it was actually a mind-wiped Rita who had been hunting them down. Mojo appeared and declared that the X-Babies could go free but Rita was to remain as his slave.

The X-Babies wouldn’t stand for that and offered to go with Mojo in return for Rita’s freedom, to which the villain readily accepted. The X-Babies were teleported away but, when Rita regained her mind again, she rushed through the portal to be with them. [Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem]


The X-Babies performed for Mojo in numerous shows, but eventually the tyrannical ruler was overthrown by Mojo II and seemingly killed by Dazzler and Longshot. [X-Men (2nd series) #10-11] 

Second Roster: Archangel, Bishop, Cyke/Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Shower/Storm, Sugah/Rogue

Chronology Continued

With the fall of Mojo and a new regime change in place, the X-Babies quickly fell out of favor and they were scheduled for “termination” by the TV company. Being hunted by the vicious Gog and MaGog, the X-Babies fled to Earth to get help from the grown-up X-Men. The group split up, with some of the team finding the adult Bishop and Gambit, whilst the other found Iceman and Jean Grey. Gog and MaGog were hot on their heels and they made short work of Gambit and Bishop, before the X-Babies stepped in and saved the day. The arrival of Iceman and Phoenix helped subdue the hunters, but they were still hellbent on killing the X-Babies. The children’s lives were saved when Dazzler appeared and ordered Gog and MaGog to stop their pursuit of the X-Babies.

Dazzler explained that, with the TV stations having less political power, the X-Babies were seen a relic of the old regime and many forces wanted them destroyed. She offered for the X-Babies to live with herself and Longshot, so they could be under her protection at all times. [X-Men (2nd series) #46-47]


Mojo eventually returned to life but, by that point, the Mojoworld was tearing apart due to constant wars. Dazzler and Longshot were too consumed with the fighting and so the X-Babies set up base in a relatively quiet part of the world, alongside a race of small creatures called the Pix

Third Roster: Boyo/Banshee, Colossusus/Colossus, Creepy Crawler/Nightcrawler, Cyke/Cyclops, Prof/Professor X, Shower/Storm, Wolvie/Wolverine

Chronology Continued

After the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies attacked the Pix, the X-Babies arrived and saved the day, scaring the naughty children away. Unbeknownst to them, Mojo had been secretly recording all the X-Babies adventures and televising them. Wanting to capitalize on their rising popularity again, he teamed up with Arcade to come up with a brand-new TV show for them to star in. The X-Babies were soon attacked in their home by the robotic Centennials and taken to Mojo’s TV studios. There they discovered that they were now part of a gameshow hosted by Arcade, and their rival team was the Brotherhood.

After losing the first question round, Cyke and Wolvie were forced to escape from a booby-trapped castle. On the way, Cyke seemingly fell to his death, with Wolvie finding the exit and making his way back to the team. The X-Babies failed to beat the Brotherhood at the second round of questions, meaning Colossusus and Creepy Crawler had to navigate a giant playroom with deadly contraptions. Losing the third round as well, Shower and Boyo found themselves being attacked by zombies in a graveyard. After locating the exit, they were joined by the rest of the team, but were quickly ambushed by a strange specter that preyed on their worst fears. They were saved by the arrival of Cyke, who had been saved from his fall by Locksteed.

Making their way back to Arcade, they threatened to walk out but Arcade offered them an ultimatum: either they return for another episode, or the Brotherhood would be dissolved into the neoplasm that created them. Not wanting anyone to die, the X-Babies reluctantly agreed to come back, but they were interrupted by the arrival of Prof and all the allies he could find. After destroying the TV set, the X-Babies escaped back home, leaving Mojo to punish Arcade, who turned out to be the child-like Funhouse. [X-Babies: Murderama]

Fourth Roster: Colossusus/Colossus, Creepy Crawler/Nightcrawler, Prof/Professor X, Psychilde/Psylocke, Shadowkitty/Shadowcat, Shower/Storm, Sugah/Rogue, Wolvie/Wolverine

Chronology Continued

During a training session in the Danger Playpen, Sugah accidentally touched Psychilde’s skin, causing her to have a very bad reaction. Her cells began to break down into neoplasm, the substance that all the X-Babies were made from. The Prof estimated she only had weeks left to live, and so the X-Babies set off across Mojoworld in the hopes they could find a cure for her.  With Sugah carrying the dissolving Psychilde in a stasis tube, the group encountered many strange people on their travels, and they finally made it back to the place they were created. Before they could find help, the group was ambushed by Spiral, who tried to steal Psychilde’s tube. The X-Babies escaped from her and, not knowing what to do next, sought help from Dazzler. Their former guardian pointed them towards a library, where they sought information on neoplasm. Mojo, having learned of the X-Babies return, sent his newest creations, the Mitey ‘Vengers, after them. A fight broke out between the two pint-sized groups, with Psychilde’s tube being stolen by Spiral in the middle of it.

Frustrated, Sugah switched tactics and stole one of Mojo’s many cameras that was recording them and set off to find the man himself. She walked in on him angrily lashing out at Iron Ace and broadcasted his outburst for all to see. Mojo then ordered Spiral to empty out Psychilde’s tube into the neoplasm baby creator, showing all the other X-Babies what he was capable of. The Mitey ‘Vengers turned on Mojo after his outburst and attacked the villain, but it was too late as Psychilde was mixed into the neoplasm, seemingly gone forever. Sugah and Iron Ace overloaded the baby-creating machine and it blew up, destroying it completely.

As Sugah lay trapped under the debris, she was helped out by Psychilde, who had reformed her body, only with a new Asian look. Mojo attempted to wipe out all the children he had created, but he was stopped by Shadowkitty, who shorted out his weapons when she phased through them. Afterwards, the X-Babies parted ways with the Mitey ‘Vengers, who had vowed to stand up to Mojo’s tyrannical rule. Meanwhile, Mojo had managed to salvage some of his new creations, comprised of infant versions of Earth’s meanest villains. [X-Babies Reborn]


Mojo’s foray into villain-based TV backfired on him spectacularly. Deciding to create a TV show based on the Age of Apocalypse, the child versions of the villains involved became uncontrollable. The only account of the carnage they created came from a traumatized Dazzler, who made it back to Earth after Longshot was seemingly killed by them. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #393]

Fifth Roster: Colossusus/Colossus, Creepy Crawler/Nightcrawler, Cyke/Cyclops, Shadowkitty/Shadowcat, Shower/Storm, Sugah/Rogue, Wolvie/Wolverine

Chronology Continued

After the chaos that the villainous babies caused, Mojo regained control and reinstated the X-Babies’ TV show. Once again, they were a ratings hit and the team had many adventures based on the real X-Men’s goings-on. Unbeknownst to the team, Mojo had been forcibly deposed as head of the TV station by a man named Mr. Veech. The new boss secretly had the X-Babies perform their adventures in the Danger Playpen, whilst he created a new TV show with even younger versions of the X-Babies in it. In one mission in the Playpen, Shadowkitty accidentally phased through the walls and discovered they were being deceived. Seeing they had been replaced by even younger versions, they set off to find Mojo and get an answer. They didn’t make it far before they were attacked by Spiral and thrown through a portal.

The X-Babies found themselves on an alien planet, where they were confronted by adorable looking aliens and their leader, Terry. Realizing they were in another new TV show, the X-Babies attacked Terry and flew off in his spaceship. Breaking out of the TV studios, the team crash landed in Mojoworld but were quickly confronted by more juvenile characters from Mr. Veech’s new TV shows. The team split in two, with one half going to rescue more imprisoned creations of Mojo, whilst the other half went to confront Mr. Veech in his office. When the team found Mr. Veech, they were attacked by the infant versions of themselves and were caught off-guard by their strength. They were saved by the arrival of the other team, who had gathered up all of the other actors Mr. Veech had imprisoned. An enormous battle ensued, which was ended when Sugah managed to touch Spiral and gain her teleportation power. Opening up a huge portal, all the rip-off X-Babies were sucked inside of it, leaving the real -X-Babies to deal with Mr. Veech. Opening up a second portal, Mr. Veech was thrown through it, and afterwards the X-Babies decided to take control of the TV station for themselves. Only, running a TV station became very boring and so they had Spiral open up a portal so they could go and have real adventures for themselves. [X-Babies #1-4]

Mojo once again took control of the TV station and the X-Babies returned to Mojoworld. Mirroring events going on with the real X-Men at the time, Wolvie and Cyke had differing views on the direction the team should go in. Cyke operated one team consisting of Magik, Magneto and Emma Frost, whilst Wolvie had another with Sugah, Shower and Iceman. Wolvie’s team briefly came to the aid of Spider-Man and a group of X-Students who were being attacked by Mojo. [Spider-Man and the X-Men #3]

Once again, the X-Babies fell out of favor with the TV audiences of Mojoworld and so Mojo tried to find a way to reinvigorate their image. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur had unknowingly become a huge hit across Mojoworld and so, when Devil Dinosaur disappeared, Mojo kidnapped Moon Girl in the hopes she would take on the X-Babies as her new sidekicks. Overwhelmed by the offer, Moon Girl quickly escaped Mojo’s clutches, leaving the X-Babies pondering their future once more. [Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (1st series) #24]


The term “X-Babies” has been thrown around to refer to both the general group of de-aged mutants, as well as the specific team who operate in a similar way to the X-Men. The roster of the core group fluctuated over the years and often reflected the line-ups on the main X-Men team at any given time. Members would appear and disappear between appearances with no explanation as to what happened. Certain characters’ codenames changed over the years, going from the pre-established names their adult counterpart had, to more informal nicknames that acted as a codename.

The following list focuses on the core group of children who took an active part on the X-Babies adventures.


First Appearance: X-Men (2nd series) #46
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Men (2nd series) #46-47

Notes: His original appearance had him with blue skin and metal wings, but when he appeared on a splash page in X-Babies Murderama a few years later he was now white again with feathered wings. This was a reflection of the changes the adult Archangel went through with the X-Men.


First Appearance: X-Men (2nd series) #46
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Men (2nd series) #46-47


First Appearance: X-Babies: Murderama
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Babies: Murderama


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn, X-Babies #1-4, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (1st series) #24

Creepy Crawler/Nightcrawler

First Appearance: X-Babies: Murderama
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn, X-Babies #1-4, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (1st series) #24


First Appearance: X-Men (2nd series) #46
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Men (2nd series) #46-47, X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn, X-Babies #1-4, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (1st series) #24

Notes: Cyke was notable for his lisp, with Wolvie especially making fun of him for it. In X-Babies Murderama, Cyke spoke without a lisp at the end, as he revealed Wolvie’s teasing made him determined to speak properly.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem


First Appearance: X-Men (2nd series) #46
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Men (2nd series) #46-47


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem


First Appearance: X-Men (2nd series) #46
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Men (2nd series) #46-47, Spider-Man and the X-Men #3


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem

Note: Mojo turned Longshot into a photograph for most of his appearances, although he was eventually restored at some point afterwards

Prof/Professor X

First Appearance: X-Babies: Murderama
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn

Note: Described as the X-Babies’ big brother


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, X-Babies Reborn

Note: Much like her adult counterpart, Psychilde’s original Caucasian body was destroyed and she was reborn in a new Japanese body in X-Babies Reborn.


First Appearance: X-Babies: Murderama
All X-Babies Appearances: X-Babies Reborn, X-Babies #1-4

Note: Whilst Shadowkitty appeared in X-Babies Murderama, it was only as a group shot on a splash page. Her first active time as part of the core X-Babies group was in X-Babies Reborn.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, X-Men (2nd series) #46-47, X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn, X-Babies #1-4, Spider-Man and the X-Men #3, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (1st series) #24


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, X-Men (2nd series) #46-47, X-Babies Reborn, X-Babies #1-4, Spider-Man and the X-Men #3, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (1st series) #24


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12
All X-Babies Appearances: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn, X-Babies #1-4, Spider-Man and the X-Men #3, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (1st series) #24

Many other X-Babies have been seen in the background or on splash pages of fight scenes. These additional characters are listed below.

As seen on the splash page in X-Babies: Murderama, the Prof gathered as many X-Baby allies as he could and they included; Beast, Captain Britain, Cannonball, Jean Grey, Karma, Locksteed/Lockheed, Magik, Magma, Meggan, Mirage, Phoenix II, Sunfire, Sunspot, Thunderbird, Warlock, Widget and Wolfsbane.

Also featuring in X-Babies: Murderama as the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies were Juggernut/Juggernaut, Magneato/Magneto, Mysti Q/Mystique, Phyro/Pyro, Snaggletooth/Sabretooth, Slob/Blob and Toadpole/Toad. Funhouse/Arcade also featured in the issue.

Mojo later created a team called the Mitey ‘Vengers, based on the Avengers. Featuring in X-Babies Reborn the team consisted of Big Boy (Giant Man), Captain Amerikid (Captain America), Hawkey (Hawkeye), Iron Ace (Iron Man), Thunderson (Thor) and Wisp (Wasp).

At the end of X-Babies Reborn, Mojo revealed his new batch of X-Babies based on villains from across the Marvel Universe. Whilst many were obscured, those that could be identified were based on the following characters; Apocalypse, the Brood, Bullseye, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Electro, Green Goblin, Kingpin, Klaw, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, Mister Sinister, Mole Man, Molecule Man, Red Skull, Thanos, Ultron, Venom and the Vulture.

In Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #393, Jean Grey telepathically linked with Dazzler to see what had caused her to flee back to Earth. In Dazzler’s mind she saw baby versions of Age of Apocalypse characters, including Apocalypse himself, as well as Dark Beast, Holocaust and Sugarman.

In Spider-Man and the X-Men #3, Cyke appears at the very end, with the rest of his team consisting of Emma Frost, Magik and Magneto.

Other versions of the X-Babies have appeared across the multiverse. In one such reality, the main universe Avengers vs X-Men event was used as inspiration for the events seen in A-Babies vs X-Babies #1. This reality was seemingly followed up on during the Secret Wars event a few years later, in the title Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX #1-4.