Cable (1st series) #100

Issue Date: 
February 2002
Story Title: 
"C" (1st story)<BR>All Good Things (2nd story)

First Story :
David Tischman (writer), Igor Kordey (artist), Chris Sotomayor (colors), RS and Comicraft's Saida! (letters), Andrew Lis (assistant Editor), Hicks and Powers (Editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)
Second Story :
David Tischman (story), Igor Kordey (story, artist), Avalon Studios (Colors), RS and Comicraft's Saida! (letters), Andrew Lis (Assistant Editor), Mark Powers (Editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

First Story :

Cable is still in a clinch with Inza as Ernesto walks in, he shatters Inza's eardrum and telekinetically slams Ernesto against a wall. Dani Simpson reports on the tide of support for the Shining path buying the countries debt, whilst the women of the shining path watch at the safe house. They find a note from cable telling them they are next. Ernesto and Inza catch the reporter off guard and deliver a message saying they aren't going to interfere with the government, and throws her a tape. However it was only Cable psing as them through mental disguises, while the Inza and Ernesto are tied up in his car. The remaining Shining Path girls try to rob a bank but Cable stops them. They are taken to the police., During an interrogation, Gomez, the policeman kills his fellow officer, Kaval, whilst questioning Carla. He then shoots her blaming her for Kaval's death. Two men attempt to take over the old shining path camp, but are stopped by Phillipe and the other children, who are wearing phoenix emblems and using Askani teaching to push them back. Reuben Goldberg follows a lady to the toilets on a plane headed for athens. Cable visits Inza in Jail and tells her he will look after Phillipe. He checks out of his hotel and goes for a walk.
Second story :

Cable meditates on a beach probing his body for the techno-organic virus. The Virus flares up and cable is inside a lab. He is attacked by robotic monsters, but is able to defeat them. We return to the beach and we see parts of Cable's history, but the virus flares again. Suddenly he spews up the virus and he realises he is free of it. He tries his powers but is knocked out by the force of them. When he awakes he throws the virus into the sea, before being crapped on by a seagull.

Full Summary: 

First Story :

Phillipe is practicing Askani meditation before joining the other children from the Shining Path to play.
Cable and Inza are locked in an embrace, and Ernesto interrupts. He lifts Ernesto off his feet and blasts Inza in the ear, which draws blood. She collapses, and Cable leaves to make some preparations.
Dani Simpson reports live from Peru about the international response to the Shining Path's economic takeover being enthusiastic. Locals are also seen celebrating in the streets. The other women from the Shining Path are watching the report on TV, and wondering where their leaders are. They notice a note that has been left, which reads ' I'm turning the lights out, You're Next '. They realize that Cable has captured Inza and Ernesto. Maria loses her temper, blasting a hole in the roof of their safehouse.
Ernesto and Inza pay a visit to Dani Simpson, who is currently otherwise 'engaged'. They report they won't take advantage of their new power over the Peruvian government, and will allow a more democratic resolution to the current situation. Dani and her cameraman have problems getting the camera from their bed. Ernesto offers them a video version of his announcement. He also says that any other action by the Shining Path is without his authorization. Out in the parking lot, Ernesto is breathless, he opens the trunk to his car and we see Ernesto and Inza are tied up. Then the breathless Ernesto transforms into Cable, and the Inza that was with him disappears as it was a mental projection.
Back at the Shining Path's camp, Phillipe is teaching the Askani meditation to the other children, whilst two men are spying on them from the bushes. They decide to wait until night falls to kill them and steal the kids‘ food.
Meanwhile, the two officers who were on guard when Juana was killed are talking about mutants, and the fact the government should hire them since they're less likely to be killed. His friend Kaval dismisses his talk and goes home. He tells him that when Gomez runs the jail he can hire whoever he wants.
The remaining women of the disbanded Shining Path, Carla, Maria, and Teresa, are robbing a bank for money. A customer is murdered and they move for the vault, but they don't get far as Cable arrives and stops them, having known what they were likely to do.
It's now night, and the two men attempt to enter the old Shining Path camp. However the children, who are armed and wearing Phoenix emblems on their clothes, stop them in their tracks. They tell the men to leave now, while they can still walk, the camp is theirs.
The next day at the Police station, Gomez and Kaval are interrogating Carla when Gomez asks her if she's knows what happened to Juana, she tells him that she doesn’t care as she has been raped before. Gomez pulls a gun and kills Kaval, and then telling Carla that he will blame her for the murder, he shoots her too.
An older white man, Reuben Goldberg, and a black woman are on a flight bound for Athens and talk about the "mile high club". When the lady goes to the bathroom telling him she is bored, Reuben follows, warning a fellow passenger not to "wait up."
At the maximum-security prison where Inza is now incarcerated, Cable has brought Phillipe to visit her. She thanks him and asks him to watch over her son, which he promises to do. He tells her that he has paid the guards to go easy on her. She tells him that when he shattered her eardrum, she lost her ability to teleport. He tells her the vertigo will subside with exercise. She asks him if things could have been different but he just says goodbye.
Cable checks out his hotel, notices how nice a day it is and decides to go for a walk.

Second story :

Cable is alone on a beach, meditating. he starts to explore his body telekinetically, and whilst this happens a computer keeps track of his progress - it reads 99%. Suddenly the techno-organic virus flares and looks like it is ripping him apart.
Cable appears in a lab, and is now dressed. He sees his reflection on the wall and happily notices all traces of the virus have gone. His arm, leg and face are back to normal. the computer from the beach is still with him but the readout is now 200%. Out of the floor, walls, and equipment appear hideous techno-organic monsters, which attack. One of them throws a net on him, which he gets out of and fights back. One by one he defeats them until only one is left. This monster throws him down an elevator shaft. When it looks to see Cable's body, Cable, who has been holding onto the cables grabs it and they both fall to the bottom of the shaft. Cable uses the monster to break his fall and climbs out of the shaft.
Back on the beach, meditating again, Cable is looking the way he always has. The readout is now at 51%. A telekinetic flare burns the sand beneath him turning it into glass, but he continues to meditate. We see him at various points in his life; infected with the virus, being brought into the future, training with the Askani, returning to the present. Another flare-up, and suddenly his computer goes from reading 13% to completely exploding and the glass beneath him shatters as well. Exhausted, Nathan vomits up the techno-virus and stands up. He uses his telekenisis pushing the see back easily. He realizes he is even more powerful but is knocked out by sheer strength of the blast.. When he awakens, he's upset to learn that although he's gotten rid of the virus, he's still part metal. He scoops up the virus, turns it into a ball and throws it into the ocean. As he smiles to himself, a seagull craps on his head.

Characters Involved: 


Carla, Inza, Maria, Ernesto Sanz, Theresa (all Shining Path)

Pedro, Philipe and Sela, kids in the Shing Path camp

Reuben Goldberg

Gomez and Kaval (police officers)

Dani Simpson, news woman

Story Notes: 

The second story was part of the ‘Nuff Said month from Marvel comics, where no speech, thought bubble or sound effects are used.
Cable is now free of the techno-organic Virus which he has had since infected by Apocalypse as a baby, however he still has his bionic eye and arm.
The issue also contains a 2-page poster and a copy of the original proposal that David Tischman sent to Marvel, with early design sketches by Igor Kordey.

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