Captain Britain (2nd series) #6

Issue Date: 
June 1985
Story Title: 
A Long Way from Home

first story
Jamie delano & Alan Davis (co-creators), Annie Halfacree (letters), Ian Rimmer (editor)

Brief Description: 

Captain Britain has been kidnapped to his doppelganger’s world, thanks to a woman whom he believes to be Saturnyne. They spend a night of passion together. However, when he learns that Sar-yr-nin is actually a sadistic dictator, he searches for the Technet and explains they made a mistake. Together they try to fight their way out, which finally works, thanks to the Technet’s secret weapon Pandora which kills any of their foes present save for Sat-yr-nin. Meanwhile on Earth 616, Kaptain Briton tries to rape Betsy, but in self defense she uses her mental powers to literally fry his brain.

Full Summary: 

Before he opens his eyes, he knows that he is not where he should be. He sweeps the curtains of perfumed sleep from his mind and memory illuminates him. He had lost the fight at the manor. His double had beaten him. He is confused. Where have they brought him? The air is not like the air at home. It smells of hot brass. He draws aside the curtain to see a mix of classic and fascist-style buildings outside. He is a long way from England. A long way from home.

He recalls how he was beaten. He had been too confident, standing over the impostor. With a grin, his double quickly attached a device to his neck. Captain Britain fell. Pressing a switch on his wrist, the impostor had exchanged the look of their costumes. Captain Britain had allowed his consciousness to slip away. And now, since he is here, the enemy who has stolen his identity must be in his family home, with Betsy…

At Braddock Manor, Betsy pleads with the man she believes to be her brother as he is trying to force himself upon her. What’s wrong with him? She’s his sister. With a leer, he tells her his name isn’t really Brian…

Betsy? an amused blonde in a tight slinky dark dress asks, as she steps from behind the curtain. Brian identifies her as Saturnye. “Hello,” she greets him as she steps closer and puts her fingers on his lips. It was cruel of him to go. Did he really think she would ever let him leave her?

Brian is confused. Undeterred, she continues that she wants him her. She holds a cup with incense in front of his face. Nor running around on some inferior world, chasing after Betsies. But Betsy is his sister, he protests weakly as he sinks back and succumbs to her charms.

Back at Braddock Manor, the false Captain brutally pushes Betsy down to the bed. Why is he doing this? she cries.

Elsewhere, Brian is awakened by an alien looking servant. Where is Saturnyne? he asks, confused. The servant informs him that the Mastrex Opul Lun Sat-yr-nin is in the Chamber of the World, attending to the business of the empire. He is to join her in the drome when he is dressed, there are to be great celebrations and kombats. Celebrations? Brian repeats confused, covering his nudity with the blanket. But he must leave…

Leave? Oh no, Sir, the servant tells him. That is not the Mastrex’s wish. The celebrations honor his return. There will be many deaths to his glory. He has brought his robes and insignia.

These are not his clothes, Brian replies, critically looking at the costume. He should be somewhere else. Why is he here?

Back at Braddock Manor:

Why? Betsy shouts between despair and rage and reaches out to her attacker with her telepathic power.

Elsewhere, Sat-yr-nin commends Gatecrasher on her group’s efficiency. They have fulfilled the Kontrakt. Present the token she gives them to the treasurer and they will be paid. Yes, well, charmed she’s sure, Gatecrasher replies showing just as much politeness as necessary. Of course, they will be welcome at the celebrations, the Mastrex adds. At least a thousand submen will die. And is this really her child, she asks, referring to Yap. Gatecrasher hisses and Yap pleads with her to stay calm.

Pulling herself together, Gatecrasher declines politely. While her profession sometimes includes carnage that might even astound Sat-yr-nin, Gatecrasher does not crave it. Come children, trot, trot, she orders her group.

Captain Britain is led to Sat-yr-nin’s side and he follows her to the dais, still somewhat helpless. Last night… it was good to see her, but he really shouldn’t be here…

They are cheered by a huge crowd as they step out. Sat-yr-nin orders him to salute. He is her konsort after all. No! he cries.

No! Betsy Braddock cries as she plunges into the sadistic memories and fantasies displayed in Kaptain Briton’s mind, the many injured, raped and dead…

As the crowds raise their left arms in salute, so does Sat-yr-nin. Addressing the people of the empire of true Briton, she shouts this is a day of great glory. Not only have their warwomen been victorious in the Antarctic strife zone, but also Kaptain Briton, hero of the empire, has returned from a mission on far-off worlds to bring honor to this glittering day. Let the slaughter commence!

And below them, gladiators begin the carnage. Addressing Cap as Byron Bra-dhok, she tells him that she still favors him. This once she shall forgive him his desertion.

Suddenly, he understands. If this is the impostor’s Earth, this is also his Saturnyne. She’s not Opal Luna Saturnyne, omniversal majestrix? he nevertheless asks. She is Opul Lun Sat-yr-nin, mastrex of Briton, come the reply.

Disgusted, he runs. Saturnyne was selfish and ruthless. But she was not a sadist. Anger and shame squirm into life. He must run.

At Braddock Manor, Betsy shouts get away from me, you scum! She unleashes her mental powers on her would-be-rapist in disgust.

In the other world, Cap catches up with Gatecrasher and her disgruntled crew. He wants to talk to them, he shouts. Gatecrasher tells him no hard feelings please. No sour grapes. It was but a job, they did it for the money… Cap interrupts her list of platitudes, explaining the double tricked them again! They must get him back! The doppelganger is in his home with his sister!

Gatecrasher orders him to step back. His proximity is offensive. Two questions: What where the first word she ever spoke to him? And if the take him back, can he pay them?

As he ,remembers she told him he should feel honoured to be their prisoner and why should he pay when they are at fault?

Be that as it may, costs are to be met, comes the reply. And sadly it looks as if there is going to be violence as well, as a group of female warriors storms towards them.

On Earth, Betsy swears enraged, calling him vile disgusting filth.

Well, no matter, Gatecrasher sighs. They will arrange credit. Can he fight? In this suit, he is not at his best, Cap points out, but if there were a reduction in cost? Gatecrasher harumphes. As she recalls even his best is less than showstopping…

Sat-yr-nin orders her warrior troops to drag the submen troops down and kill them all!

Still, that’s business, Gatecrasher sighs. “Okay, kids, hit it!” And the alien mercs go to work.

On Earth, Betsy’ psychic energy unleashed devastates the entire room (not to mention her foe).

More troops swarm in, while Gatecrasher comments on Cap’s fighting style. Nice movements, classic almost, but this is getting messy… Surrounded by Sat-yr-nin’s troops, Gatecrasher with a sigh orders Yap to release Pandora, but keep her under control, she warns him. Yap addresses the flying sphere as Pandora.

At Braddock Manor, Betsy’s released energy literally fries Kaptain Briton.

Pandora, sentient slime-mold, is released and sucks the life out of their foes. Mentally bonded to her, Yap purrs satisfied, until Gatecrasher gets them all to clean up.

On Earth, Betsy realizes it’s over.

Time passes. The only sound is the sucking of the pumps as the stolen life of the city is swallowed and squeezed into tight, tight darkness. Yap warns Gatecrasher of something alive, something unhappy. A hissing Sat-yr-nin has survived by climbing up on top of her unfortunate subjects. One feels that one should have something glib to say in times of horror, Gatecrasher remarks.

Gatecrasher prods the hesitating Captain to go, while the desperate Sat-yr-nin, calling him Byron, orders, then pleads with him to stay. He turns his back and walks away from the chamber of the world. Her words pursue him like frantic birds. He thinks of England, of Betsy, of home, where he should be.

Shocked and traumatized, Betsy asks Brian… where are you?

Characters Involved: 

Captain Britain

Betsy Braddock
Opul Lun Sat-yr-nin

Gatecrasher, Elmo, Fascination, Pandora, Thug, Yap and others (all Technet)
Kaptain Briton

Story Notes: 

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PARTS vs. Zarts by Dave Harper and Barry Kitson

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