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26th Mar 2015
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Real Name:

Lorna Sally Dane

Former Aliases

M-2, Magnetrix,
Pestilence V, Malice IV
(while possessed
by a psychic entity)


5‘ 7“


115 lbs

Hair Colour




First Appearrance

X-Men (1st series) #49

Known Relatives

Magnus / Magneto
(biological father),
Susanna (mother,
Arnold ("father",
Anya (half-sister,
Wanda Maximoff /
Scarlet Witch (alleged half-sister),
Pietro Maximoff /
Quicksilver (alleged half-brother),
Luna Maximoff, William Kaplan,
Thomas Shepherd (alleged niece and nephews),
Mr. Dane and Mrs. Dane (adoptive parents),
Zaladane (self-proclaimed sister, deceased),
Red Lucy (Ancestor, deceased)
Jakob Eisenhardt (paternal grandfather, deceased),
Edie Eisenhardt (paternal grandmother, deceased),
Erich Eisenhardt (paternal great-uncle, deceased),
Ruth Eisenhardt (paternal aunt, deceased)


Adventurer; formerly U.S. government operative, Terrorist, Freedom Fighter, geophysics graduate student

Group Affiliation

formerly Horsemen of Apocalypse, The Twelve, Genoshan Cabinet, Acolytes, Starjammers, X-Men, Marauders (while possessed by Malice)


-Influence over magnetic fields enables her to levitate, attract and repulse metals, disassemble or reshape metallic structures, focus magnetic energy into beams of force or protective barriers, manipulate her own bio-magnetic field in order to fly, absorb electrical energy to charge her powers, and perceive her surroundings in terms of magnetic fields
-As a Horseman, she was capable of assimilating pathogens into her body, incubating them so that they were relatively harmless to her, and modify or combine these pathogens to create an immensely dangerous meta-plague she could release at will
-Secondary mutation, when active, absorbed ambient negative emotion to trigger an augmented body, possessing increased height and muscle mass, superhuman strength, endurance and invulnerability, but inadvertently amplified the negative emotions in others it fed upon