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27th June 2008

Since Selene remained alone after the Inner Circle of Hellfire Club III fell apart, she recruited new members, members that fit her ideas for a true HELLfire Club.


Membership: Selene, Blackheart, Hellstorm, Sunspot

First appearance: Fantastic Four Annual '99
Last appearance: Uncanny X-Men #452 [the Inner Circle broke up some time before]


  • Selene remained alone when the other members of Hellfire Club III quit one by one. She then tried to aquire a powerful Asgardian Rune staff, but was fought and defeated by X-Force's Dani Moonstar. [X-Force (1st series) #75]
  • Daimon Hellstorm was once a member of the Defenders as Son of Satan. There he met Hellcat Patsy Walker, loved and married her. Later on, Hellstorm's wife went mad and committed suicide, while he embraced his darker heritage and inherited his father's splinter realm of hell.
  • Blackheart was last seen ruling another Hell dimension, inherited from his father Mephisto, where he held the spirit of the villain Stryfe. [X-Force (1st series) #74]


Fantastic Four Annual '99: Fantastic Four ally Alyssa Moy did some research on the Hellfire Club and becomes the victim of a mystic attack. The Fantastic Four are totally out of their element and ask for help, but none of their mystic friends (Dr. Strange, Hellstorm, Agatha Harkness, Scarlet Witch) are available, so they ask Margali Szardos and also gain another ally in new character Mechamage. Infiltrating the Hellfire Club, they discover that Selene restarted the Inner Circle and she has her first new addition with Blackheart. Because of Margali‘s training the FF are able to hold their own against the mystic foes, and manage to free Selene’s captive Hellstorm. Together they imprison Blackheart in the Club's basement. Hellstorm becomes White King to ensure the Club's power balance.
Generation X #56: Adrienne Frost shows her true colors and tries to kill her sister and Generation X. She leaves claiming to be the new White Queen, but it seems that she only took the name to spite her sister -- she was never seen in the Club or allied with Selene. Adrienne was killed by her sister Emma in Generation X #70 (as can be seen in a flashback in #75).
X-Force (1st series) #94, 96-97: Selene approaches Sunspot in South America. She tells him that the Damocles Foundation plans to retrieve a celestial gatherer and wants to infect it with the remains of a Sunspot clone named Reignfire. Together they decide to prevent this but are captured. In their cell they meet X-Force who heard about the incident through other resources and tried to intervene as well. They join their efforts and defeat the Damocles Foundation. Selene wants the gatherer for herself, but Moonstar destroys it. Angrily Selene renders X-Force unconscious with a single blast.
X-Force (1st series) #98: Selene holds all members of X-Force at the Club, but she has a special offer for Sunspot. Since Blackheart is able to retrieve the soul of Julianna, his girlfriend, who died saving Sunspot, she demands of Bobby to join the Hellfire Club in return for a new chance at life for Julianna. Bobby accepts, and the amnesiac soul is planted into a girl, who just died. The rest of X-Force leave helplessly.
X-Force (1st series) #99-100: Sunspot officially joins the Club, on the street he runs into "Julianna".


  • The Hellfire Club IV broke apart behind the scenes, apparently due to a falling out between the members. One day, the Club was shut down and boarded up, and covered in blackbriar thorns. Selene found herself trapped inside the mansion, unable to leave. [Uncanny X-Men #452]
  • Sunspot became involved in financing the X-Corporation Los Angeles office, and hooked up with some of his old teammates in X-Force. [X-Treme X-Men #35, X-Force (2nd series) #2]


Selene - Black Queen

First appearance: New Mutants (1st series) #9
First Hellfire IV appearance: Fantastic Four Annual '99

All Hellfire IV appearances: Fantastic Four Annual '99, X-Force (1st series) #94, 96-99

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, endurance and reaction time, telekinetic powers allows her to create fire and manipulate the molecules of inanimate objects, induce a momentary hypnotic trance in the minds of others, and retains her youth and beauty for centuries by draining the life energy from others. A partial absorption gives her a level of hypnotic control over her victims.

Blackheart - Black King

First appearance: Daredevil (1st series) #270
First Hellfire IV appearance: Fantastic Four Annual '99

All Hellfire IV appearances: Fantastic Four Annual '99, X-Force (1st series) #98

Powers: Spawn of Mephisto, possessing superhuman strength and resilience, able to fire magical energy bolts, transport between Earth and Hell, and cast a variety of mystical enchantments

Daimon Hellstorm – White King

First appearance: Ghost Rider (2nd series) #1
First Hellfire IV appearance: Fantastic Four Annual '99

All Hellfire IV appearances: Fantastic Four Annual '99

Powers: The Son of Satan, Hellstorm has superhuman strength, agility, and endurance. He can also channel soul-fire through his hands or through his netherandium trident as mystical pyrotechnics that burn the body and soul, or use the soul-fire to heal the bodies of others. He also possesses the ability to teleport across inter-dimensional barriers, and has a wide assortment of magical abilities drawn from his control of a corner of Hell.

Adrienne Frost – White Queen ? [unconfirmed]

First appearance: Generation X #49
First Hellfire IV appearance: none
Last appearance: Generation X #70 [shot by Emma Frost, revealed in Generation X #75]

All Hellfire IV appearances: none

Powers: Psychometric ability enables her to manipulate the mental imprint of another person after taking it from a solid object. This allows her to feel any thoughts or emotions that person had when previously in contact with the item, and allowing her to influence their mind from a distance after the initial contact.

Note: Adrienne was not seen with any club members and she has lied to her sister more than once. She might just have taken the name to annoy Emma. Her powers also do not fit Selene's wishes to create a HELLfire Club, and she is dead now anyway.

Sunspot (Roberto DaCosta) – Black Rook

First appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4
First Hellfire IV appearance: X-Force (1st series) #94

All Hellfire IV appearances: X-Force (1st series) #94, 96-100

Powers: Absorb sunlight and other sources of heat energy, re-channeling them into concentrated solar energy that he can direct as waves of intense heat, dark plasma blasts, and thermal updrafts that allow him to fly.

Sunspot originally metabolized solar energy into an energy charge that increase his strength, endurance, and resilience. He later learned how to focus this charge outwards as concussive blasts, energy shields, and thrust for flight. The many changes he has experienced at the hands of Cable, Reignfire, and the Damocles Foundation make it unclear as to if he can still access physical power enhancement.