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Overview of the stories that feature Saturnyne, Captain UK (Linda McQuillan) or any other Captain Britain version


Marvel Super Heroes (UK) #380-383, 386 [Dec 1981 - Mar 1982, Jun 1982] Opal Luna Saturnyne first appears, working for the Dimensional Development Court. As she explains the progress of all Earths is linked. Therefore she travels to the most primitive Earth of all (later it will be named "238") in order to give it "The Push". By artificially progressing this Earth with her evolving fluids, she hoped to hasten all the Earths' progress. The sudden accidental arrival of Captain Britain "616" endangered her plans though. The super-hero drew unwanted attention, and many of her crewmen were killed by local authorities. However, Saturnyne succeeded in releasing the enhancing fluid into London's water systems. Even though the Push was successful and the Earth started to evolve, suddenly a reality warping villain called Mad Jim Jaspers destroyed all the progress. Jaspers was an X-element preventing Earth-238's progress in the first place, and he didn't take kindly to being thwarted.

Marvel Super Heroes (UK) #387-388 [Jul - Aug 1982] The government on Earth-238 blamed Saturnyne and Captain Britain and released the Fury, a powerful ever-learning robot. Saturnyne and her remaining crewmen, the Avant Guarde, escaped and left Captain Britain behind. Captain Britain learned that the Fury was responsible for killing all this Earth's super-beings. The only ones still alive were Jim Jaspers, who as a politician ordered the robot to be built ,and Captain UK, who vanished some time ago. Captain Britain was unable to defeat the robot and iwa eventually killed by it. Later, Brian was resurrected by Merlyn, who intended this encounter as a test run, because Captain Britain soon would have to face the entity again. A universe away, a frightened woman is seen, and somehow she felt Captain Britain's death.

Daredevils #2 [Feb 1983] Again Linda McQuillan is seen overwhelmed by fear, she is Captain UK, the only being that escaped the Fury and she knows that it never gives up to find it's prey.

Daredevils #6-8 [Jun - Aug 1983] Captain Britain is captured by the Special Executive, employed by Saturnyne, to witness in a trial in her favor. Upon arrival he is escorted by Captain England (the Captain Britain version of the world where the court is set - in Excalibur (1st series) #24 this reality is called "The Hub") and Captain Albion. First they bring him to Saturnyne's holding cell. She tells him that she is accused of failing to give that retarded Earth the “Push“ and demands from Captain Britain to testify that the Push succeeded, but the reality warping villain Mad Jim Jaspers caused more chaos than before. However, the problem is that if she is found guilty, Mandragon, the judge of the trial, will inherit Saturnyne's position as Omniversal Majestrix and head of the Dimensional Development Court and therefore has no interest to believe Saturnyne or decide in her favor at all.

Right in the beginning of the trial, Mandragon declares the reality warp far too dangerous and destroys the whole 238 universe with a simple turn of a crystal key. With this universe gone there are no clues, proofs or witnesses left that could confirm Saturnyne's story, besides Captain Britain. (In fact one thing did survive - the ever-evolving robot Fury is seen floating through the empty non-universe) During the hearing, Mandragon accuses Captain Britain of having an affair with Saturnyne and so declares his testimony as not admissible. Brian lashes out with his bad temper and is restrained by his counterparts Captains England and Albion. Mandragon then sentences Saturnyne to death. Upon hearing this Captain Britain breaks free and he, Saturnyne and the Special Executive start to fight the overwhelming forces. Using the Special Executive's craft all of them escape back to the 616 Earth and Brian has to allow the exiled Saturnyne and her minions to stay at Braddock Manor for the time being.

Meanwhile, in her apartment on Earth 616, Linda McQuillan, the escaped Captain UK of Earth 238, remembers the time she and most other superheroes fought the Fury. One by one she saw her friends slaughtered, in the last instant Linda's husband Rick put her into a dimensional transporter. As she dematerialized she saw the Fury shooting Rick too. The next morning Linda is shocked to read the newspaper: this Earth has a politician James Jaspers too! Jaspers demands a superhero legislation, that is exactly how the events started on her own world. Linda decides that she can no longer keep quiet. She travels to Braddock Manor, introduces herself as Captain UK and alerts Brian to the danger of James Jaspers.

Daredevils #9 [Sep 1983] Linda McQuillan explains how superhero legislation led to concentration camps and the creation of the Fury on her world (238). All people currently living at Braddock Manor hear the story but they don’t believe that this could be happening on this Earth too. Right then, on the TV news, James Jaspers holds an anti-mutant speech, word by word the same one his counterpart held years ago on Linda's world. Brian still can't believe that the future will turn out so bad, but he offers to fight side-by side with Linda. Hearing that she is expected to fight as a superhero, again Linda panics and runs away from Braddock Manor - directly into the arms of the Fury who just made the dimensional jump to this world!

Daredevils #10-11 [Oct - Nov 1983] Inside the mansion the assembled superbeings hear Linda's scream from outside and rush to help her. Though Captain Britain failed to defeat this robot before, he thinks he might have a chance this time, now that he has some help. In the end he and the Special Executive succeed in pushing the robot into the caves beneath Braddock Manor and cause a cave-in, but the battle took a lot out of the heroes. Many of the Special Executive are injured or dead and they leave, only Saturnyne stays behind with Captain Britain and his friends. To see the Fury again caused a major shock for Linda, she peed on herself, is paralyzed by fear, and can't stop crying.

Mighty World of Marvel (2nd series) #7-12 [Dec 1983 - May 1984] Only a short time later, James Jaspers discovered his reality warping powers and changes Great-Britain with a reality warping wave into his vision. In this altered reality, super-beings are incarcerated in concentration camps, forcing Brian and his friends to go undercover. Not before long they are discovered and some like Betsy (later known as Psylocke) are put into the camps; only Captain Britain, Saturnyne and the apathic Linda escape. While Captain Britain tries to face Jaspers alone, Saturnyne is able get a reaction out of Linda: after insulting her to be a coward and blaming her for her husband's death, Linda hits back with her strength as Captain UK. Saturnyne makes Linda re-adopt her costume and her superhero identity to help Brian against the overwhelming odds.

In the meantime the ever-evolving robot Fury digs itself out of the cave beneath Braddock Manor and relocates his prey Captain Britain. He interrupts the battle between Jaspers and Brian; when the near-omnipotent Jaspers arouses its curiosity. This man is similar to it's creator Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth 238, but he is not the same and as such he has to be exterminated too. Jaspers and the Fury fight and are almost evenly matched but in the end the Fury wins as he takes the battle to the destroyed non-existent universe of Earth 238, where Jaspers has no reality that he could warp. Jaspers dies and the Fury now faces Captain Britain again, but it is weakened. Still Captain Britain is about to be defeated again as Saturnyne and Captain UK arrive. Linda lashes out against the Fury with all the anger and fear she stored for years and falls into a berserker rage ripping the robot apart. She continues to beat it and tear it apart, and Brian only manages to make her stop ten minutes after the creature was already destroyed beyond repair.

Mighty World of Marvel (2nd series) #13 [Jun 1984] While the 616-reality is slowly healing from Jaspers' tampering, Roma transports Captain Britain, Captain UK and Saturnyne to Otherworld to take part in the funeral of Merlin. Brian is introduced to some other Captain version, such as Captain Airstrip One, Captain Commonwealth, Captain Angleterre or Kommandant Englander. Roma reveals that there are only one Merlin and one Roma, but for each Captain version they appeared in another disguise. Roma continues that she has no intent to be as manipulative as her father was with the Captains and she sends Linda and Brian back to 616-Earth, where they decide to go separate ways.

Saturnyne, however, cleverly collects some cell samples of Jaspers and blackmails Mandragon into giving her back the position of Omniversal Majestrix by threatening to recreate the evil super-villain. Mandragon has no choice but to become her servant again.

Captain Britain (2nd series) #5-6 [May - Jun 1985] The alternate Brian Braddock of Earth-794, called Kaptain Briton, fleds to Earth. When Gatecrasher's Technet arrives to arrest him for some crimes, he hurries to Braddock Manor and engages Brian in a fight. He wins and secretly switches clothes with Brian, handing over the "criminal" to the Technet, who leave with him. During a brief battle, Betsy's telepathy had been blocked by one of the Technet, therefore she doesn’t note the exchange. Later that night, the imposter tries to rape Betsy, but during their struggle her telepathy returns and Betsy scans his mind. She learns that her attacker is Kaptain Briton from an alternate universe, one ruled by a cruel tyrant regime, with many people being tortured to death. Disgusted by his deeds she fries Briton's mind, killing him.

On Earth-794, where Brian has been brought, he meets a counterpart of Saturnyne, the evil Sat-yr-9. In this reality she is the dictator of Britain. After Brian is able to convince the Technet that they accidentally picked the wrong guy, they together fight Satyr-9's regime and then return to the 616 Earth.

Captain Britain (2nd series) #7-9 [Jul - Sep 1985] Over the course of a few months, Linda McQuillan built herself a new life as a photographer, but she finds herself approached by the agents Michael and Gabriel of R.C.X., the follow-up organization to S.T.R.I.K.E. (the British counterpart to S.H.I.E.L.D.)They tell her about the Warpie problem. Ever since Jim Jaspers‘ reality warp these mutated children are born as an after effect. The agents claim to have discovered that reality has not fully healed and these ruptures now cause more hatred among the population, but with Captains Britain and UK as prominent figures in their cause they hope to provide the Warpies with the chance to be accepted. Linda finds the cause reasonable and leads them to Braddock Manor, but Brian refuses to join up with them. He thinks that every citizen still should make his/her own decisions and not be influenced by superheroes.

Unfortunately he stands alone with his statement, his sister Betsy invites the Linda and the R.C.X. to use Braddock Manor as their quarters and after a while Brian is so annoyed with hundreds of Warpies living in his home that he leaves together with his girlfriend Meggan for a series of adventures around the world.

Captain Britain (2nd series) #12-13 [Dec 1985 - Jan 1986] While Captain Britain is busy with his own adventures, the R.C.X. and Linda McQuillan talk Betsy into taking over the mantle of Captain Britain II, using the modified uniform of Kaptain Briton whom she had killed in self-defense. She is trained by Captain UK but after some time Betsy starts working alone since Linda wants to work as a photographer again. One day Betsy is lured into a trap by the Vixen and the Slaymaster and almost beaten to death. Slaymaster also stabs her eyes, blinding her forever. Captain Britain receives a mental distress call from his sister and rushes to the battleside as fast as possible. As he became aware of what had been done to Betsy he crushes the Slaymaster's head beneath a huge rock.

Captain Britain (2nd series) #14 [Feb 1986] Roma discovers that the continued presence of Linda McQuillan on Earth-616 is the anomaly that prevents reality from fully healing from Jaspers reality warp and declares that Linda has to depart to Otherworld immediately. Once there Roma asks her to serve as Captain UK on Earth-794, the reality of the killed Kaptain Briton, where the evil Sat-yr-9 continues to massacre her own people. That world is desperately in need for a hero and since Linda is a Captain without a world the solution is obvious. As reward for accepting the enormous task, Roma grants Linda her heart's desire - she plucks her dead husband Rick from the timestream, an instant before he was killed. Later Captain UK and her husband are seen defeating Sat-yr-9 and taking her into custody.

Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn [1987] Gatecrasher's Technet try to arrest Rachel Summers, who currently hosts the Phoenix Force. A holographic message proves that they were assigned to this task by Opal Luna Saturnyne who considers the Phoenix a threat to reality.

Excalibur (1st series) #1 [Oct 1988] Nightcrawler inspects the lighthouse and opening a door in the basement he stumbles into a ceremony that is held on Earth-148. Before that Earth's version of Captain Britain or anyone else can attack the intruder, Nightcrawler teleports away and is back in the 616-lighthouse.

Excalibur (1st series) #9-11 [Jun - Aug 1989] Widget accidentally creates a warpgate that exchanges an entire train and its passengers with that of Nazi-ruled Earth-597. Aboard the train were also Moira McTaggert and Callisto. Curious about there being a similar Earth to their own, the inhabitants of the 597 dimension send Hauptmann Englande and his Lightning Squad (equivalents of Excalibur) to 616 to investigate and bring back their people. In time the Lightning Squad are captured and put into custody. The Excalibur members are shocked to see these distorted Nazi versions of themselves.

Kitty witnesses a dimensional breach in the lighthouse as she suddenly is in the throne room of an animal ruled Britain. The Captain version she sees has a lion's face, but then everything changes back.

Later Excalibur settle for an exchange of prisoners with the 597 dimension and trade Hauptmann Englande and his lightning Squad for their friends. Right before the dimensional gate closes, the Nazis throw a nuclear grenade but Phoenix is able to contain the blast - with an unexpected side-effect. Widget reaches into Rachel's high energy levels and hypercharges the train and all people inside (Excalibur and Alistaire Stuart); they vanish and are teleported elsewhere into the Omniverse.

Excalibur (1st series) #12-13 [Sep - Oct 1989] The Cross-Time-Caper starts as Excalibur finds themselves transported to an alternate, more magical Earth. This world's Captain Marshall died years ago; his costume is handed over to Brian since he was without his own when he was transported. The Queen Mother of this magical realm is another counterpart (though somewhat older) of Saturnyne.

Excalibur (1st series) #14-15 [Nov 1989 bi-weekly] Excalibur travels to many other Earths, but mostly they don't get to meet these world's versions of Captain Britain. Only once on a world were superhuman wars escalated, many people died and the major cities are in ruins, Excalibur come face to face with a Meggan version who took over as Captain Britain after Brian Braddock was killed.

Excalibur (1st series) #16-17 [Dec 1989] On a fantastic world that has humanoid dragons and a race of pirate people resembling Nightcrawler, Excalibur decides that a hero is definitely needed and hold a tournament. In the end Kymri, the pirate princess, and humanoid version of Lockheed jointly take on the mantle as champion.

Excalibur (1st series) #21-22 [Apr - May 1990] On a world not too different from 616, Excalibur at first is fought by this world's Captain version Crusader X. Later though, the Shadow King is discovered as the true villain and Excalibur help Crusader X to drive him off.

Excalibur (1st series) #23 [Jun 1990] Excalibur arrives on an Earth were being a super-being is against the law. As the team is arrested, the Lord High Justicer (an alternate Brain Braddock) reveals to have super-powers too. He explains that after most super-heroes died in a war, he created the Justicers and their law to hunt down the criminals. (Apparently not Brian is this world’s Captain Britain version, but Justicer Bull, as she later made several Captain Britain Corps related appearances.)

Excalibur (1st series) #24 [Jul 1990] Since their transdimensional journeys have caused major disruptions to the continuum, the team is transported to the courtworld "Hub" by Saturnyne. As they arrive Rachel disguises herself as Shadowcat (who accidentally got home to 616 earlier) since Saturnyne still considers Phoenix a threat to reality. Captain Britain tries to see Saturnyne without having an appointment and has to fight his way through the alternate champions Lady London and Centurrion Britannus. His teammates face some other variants, such as Chevallier Bretagne and Captain Cymru. In the end Saturnyne re-adjusts Widget and decides to send the team back home to 616. As she obviously can’t have been fooled by Rachel’s disguise, Saturnyne evidently must have decided to leave her be.

Excalibur (1st series) #25 [Aug 1990] In the lighthouse's basement, Rachel and Alistaire Stuart briefly find themselves on a parallel world and see Excalibur as a band of animal-musicians.

Doctor Who Magazine #173 [May 1991] / Incomplete Death's Head #12 [Dec 1993] Captain U.K. and Captain Britain attended a party held in the time port of Maruthea, which was also attended by the Doctor (from Gallifrey).

Excalibur (1st series) #42 [Oct 1991] Finally Saturnyne cancels the warrant on Phoenix and sends Gatecrasher's Technet a holo-message about it.

Excalibur (1st series) #43-47 [Nov 1991 - Feb 1992] Captain Britain accuses Nightcrawler of having an affair with Meggan and starts a fight with him during which Kurt breaks a leg. This incident is considered a violation of the Captain Britain Corps' morality code and Brian is arrested by four Captain versions and taken to Otherworld to be put on trial. There Captain UK, Linda McQuillan, acts as his lawyer while Hauptmann Englande is the prosecuting council. The jury, which consists of other Captain version finds him guilty and Brian is sentenced to death. Immediately a fight starts, Linda siding with Brian against all other Captains – somewhat overwhelming odds.
Suddenly Saturnyne arrives, after having spent a night with Conan the Barbarian, and declares that Roma asks the Corp to clear Brian of his crime and stop the verdict. Brian wants to thank Saturnyne for her timely arrival, but she acts cold and snotty as she has no idea why he could be worth the effort. Later Roma reveals to Brian that Merlin had manipulated Brian's and Excalibur's life for a long time and a special purpose.

On Ee'rath (Earth-148) Kylun and Sat'neen fight Necrom. The sorcerer animates the dead corpses of this worlds Excalibur (along with its Captain version) which he himself had killed and now uses them to fight the pair. Sat’neen dies in the battle. When he follows Necrom into a tower, Kylun suddenly emerges in Excalibur's bathing room on Earth 616.

Excalibur (1st series) #49-50 [Apr - May 1992] The interdimensional pulses increase and more and more alternate realities pop up around the lighthouse. One has Cap'n Saxonia and her Caliburians fight Keng, another has a Skrull Captain, one a material artist Captain and yet another one is a man-eating cook Captain version.
After Merlin is revealed alive and having manipulated Excalibur for one single task - the fight against Necrom which costs Rachel her life (later she is re-created by the Phoenix Force), Meggan angrily implodes the lighthouse and closes the nexus place once and for all.

Excalibur (1st series) #51 [June 1992] On another Earth where the dominant lifeforms are reptiles, lizards and dinosaurs, there too is a version of Excalibur. led by Britanicus Rex. After battling the Fantastic Five, who were mindcontrolled by the High Evolutionary, they help to exchange five people (a museum guard and four tourists) with Earth 616. They accidentally were exchanged by Widget way back in Excalibur #9.

What if ... ? (2nd series) #46 [February 1993] On another Earth, Cable kills Professor X, causing an all-over struggle between the many X-teams and their different methods, eventually leading to all mutants being hunted down by Sentinels. One Captain Britain is seen working with an X-Men team, mentioning that Meggan was killed by the Mutant Liberation Front. Later Captain Britain himself is killed.

Excalibur (1st series) #67 [July 1993] Excalibur travel to Rachel’s alternate future timeline (Days of Future Past) to set it right. Meeting some of the local heroes, they learn that in this timeline, there too was a Captain Britain, but him, his wife Meggan and their children died when Braddock Manor was bombed by Sentinels.

Excalibur (1st series) #94 [Feb 1996] In a nightmare, Brian Braddock recalls one of many episodes he saw while he was trapped in the timestream. This one relates to the Days of Future Past future timeline, and shows Excalibur, led by Captain Britain and Meggan, making a final move against Black Air in the year 2013. Though they are discovered and surrounded in the end, it seems that Brian and Meggan escaped, for earlier reports mention for them and their children to have been killed at Braddock Manor.

Fantastic Four (3rd series) #7-9 [Jul - Sep 1998] Franklin Richards, the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, is considered a threat to the universe after he accidentally created a whole pocket-universe. Roma and Saturnyne send the Technet to bring in the child, but the Fantastic Four too are transported to Otherworld, where they have to fight the assembled might of the Captain Britain Corps. In the end the Human Torch succeeds in talking Roma to let the Fantastic Four keep the child and train him well in the use of his powers.
Shortly before the team leaves Otherworld, Johnny rescues a female slave from a pair of Captain versions and takes her with him to Earth. As he and Spider-Man get in a fight with Kraven, the woman transforms into Caledonia, another Captain version, and helps to fight the villain.

Excalibur (1st series) #125 [Oct 1998] Many Captain Versions attend the wedding of Brian Braddock and Meggan on Otherworld. Saturnyne is also there, she tries to seduce Brian one more time but he definitely chooses Meggan over her.

Fantastic Four (3rd series) #10-13 [Oct 1998 - Jan 1999] Caledonia watches over Franklin while the Fantastic Four are on a mission. After their return she trains with Johnny.

Fantastic Four (3rd series) #20-11 [Aug - Sep 1999] With the Fantastic Four gone out, Caledonia and some other friends and family members get abducted by the Bacchäe, a group of female warriors. They encounter the death gods Hades and Hela and manage to survive long enough till the Fantastic Four and Hercules come to the rescue.

Fantastic Four (3rd series) #23, Annual '99, #24 [Nov - Dec 1999] Caledonia continues to work as Franklin's nanny. Finally during a crisis that threatens to end the world, the Fantastic Four ask Caledonia to accompany Franklin into a small ship that takes them off the planet to a yet unrevealed destination. (Franklin was later returned, but Caledonia’s fate was never brought up again)

X-Men (2nd series) #104 [Sep 2000] The X-Men encounter Tullamore Voge. One of his hounds is Kymri. From absorbing her memories, Rogue learns that after Excalibur left in Excalibur (1st series) #17, her world was attacked and defeated by Tullamore Voge and slavers.

Excalibur (2nd series) #1-4 [Feb - May 2001] After honeymooning, Brian Braddock returns to scientific work since he no longer has his powers. Meggan and the Black Knight help him with his experiments and Psylocke is just visiting as Captain UK alerts them to a disaster on Otherworld. Apparently Roma has gone mad and battles the Captain Britain Corps. The team travels to Otherworld and finds only Crusader X still alive with the other Captains lying dead all over the place. Immediately the team helps Crusader X against Roma's army and learns that Roma wants to unite the two powerful artifacts Amulet of Right and Sword of Might. She already possesses the amulet since it returned to Otherworld when Brian lost his powers.

While the others continue to fight Roma's army, Brian embarks on a quest to find the Sword. He finally discovers it in a cave along with a holographic message from his father that Brian was destined to find it. As it turns out their foe is not Roma, but the computer Mastermind impersonating her. The machine has decided that the Captain Britain Corps were inefficient and wanted to rule itself. With Roma freed from her prison, the team is able to defeat Mastermind. Roma steps down as Omniversal Guardian claiming that her time is up and she to go elsewhere. Brian Braddock becomes King of Otherworld in her place. He and Meggan stay there and will possibly build a new Corps; Psylocke and the Black Knight return home.

Avengers (3rd series) #77-81 [Mar - Jun 2004] Fighting the Wrecking Crew in England, Captain America is rendered unconscious. After seeing her children to safety, one brave woman, Kelsey Leigh, grabs up Captain America’s shield and tries to protect him from Thunderball’s blows. Unfortunately she dies of the injuries received during the battle, and however between life and death, she is approached by Brian Braddock who offers her the same choice Merlin and Roma had offered him so long ago. Unlike him, Kelsey chooses the sword and, while still turning into the new Captain Britain, her fate becomes a different one: Brian warns her that, due to her choice, she may never reveal herself to children again, as they would die otherwise. The reluctant Kelsey helps the Avengers, to save Brian Braddock and Otherworld from an attack by Morgan LeFey, who was not prepared for a new Captain Britain. Afterwards she accepts to stay with the Avengers.

Avengers (3rd series) #82 [Jul 2004] As the Captain Britain, Kelsey takes part in her own funeral, unable to let her kids and her mother know that she survived and is standing right next to them.

Avengers (3rd series) #84, New Invaders #0 [Aug 2004] Kelsey takes part in a mission involving both the Avengers and the New Invaders.

Avengers (1st series) #500-501 [Sep - Oct 2004] Just like everyone else, Kelsey is taken by surprise when chaos ensues around Avengers mansion (subconsciously caused by a Scarlet Witch on the verge of insanity). Trying to keep a rampaging She-Hulk under control, Kelsey is critically injured and brought to a hospital.

Avengers Finale [Jan 2005] Fully recovered from her injuries, Kelsey participates in the final meeting of the Avengers before returning to England to start freshly over.

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #462-465 [Sep - Dec 2005] The insane omnipotent Scarlet Witch alters the reality of Earth-616, accidentally setting off a multidimensional tidal wave threatening not only Otherworld but the other parallel realities of the Multiverse as well. The situation is do dire that Roma and Saturnine ponder to erase that Earth entirely, but they give Brian and Meggan a 48 hours ultimatum to keep the wave from spreading. However, once they are on Earth the couples became part of the altered reality and believe themselves to be King and Queen of Great Britain. During sleep, Brian's subconscious remembers details of their mission, but their time has almost run out. Thanks to Roma sending Captain UK and Justicer Bull to help, the heroes manage to overcome the operatives of the House of M blocking their path to the hole in reality they need to fix. Unfortunately, it takes Meggan to sacrifice herself, to keep the chaotic energies from spreading into the void beyond, and from there into the other realities.

X-Men: Die by the Sword #1-5 [Dec 2007 - Feb 2008] Petty and vengeful after losing control of the Captain Britain Corps, Merlyn made an alliance with the resurrected Mad Jim Jaspers to attack his daughter. Jaspers had merged with the Fury, making him an even greater threat than ever before, as his powers could infect others and turn them into additional versions of the Fury (as he first does with Captain England). Justicer Bull rallied the Corps on behalf of Roma and Saturnyne, but they suffered tragic losses. Captain Britain-616 brought his Excalibur team plus the multi-dimensional Exiles as reinforcements, along with the prodigal Captain known as Albion. Roma was killed and Merlyn was driven off, infected with a fragment of the Fury. Saturnyne assumed control of the Corps, focused on rebuilding their ranks, as Justicer Bull and Captain UK are nearly all that's left.

Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #20-24 [Mar - Jun 2012] The Fury shard stucked the evil out of Merlyn (at last for the moment), and he made sacrifices to resurrect Roma and restore the structure of the Corps. How this was accomplished is unknown, but Merlyn partially worked with the reformed Jamie Braddock to restore the Corps with his reality manipulation powers. However, the Corps was still at a weak point as Merlyn and Roma went into stasis to recover. The Goat demon Horoma'ce stole the Orbs of Necromon and staged a major attack on the Starlight Citadel. Many Captains were killed, and the self-propogating demon reached the Tower Omniverse and began spreading to all universes. Elizabeth Braddock learned the Goat was a possessed future version of Jamie, and reluctantly used her telepathy to force Brian to kill the younger version of his brother, negating the Goat.

New Avengers (3rd series) #30 [Feb 2015] The Captain Britain Corps attempted to get involved in the Incursion crisis as the multiverse began to collapse. They captured a Mapmaker and studied it to uncover a hidden signal in its code. Unfortunately, this code was a trap designed to draw the Sidera Madris to them. The Starlight Citadel fell, with Saturnyne and the Captain Britain Corps falling in the process. Only Brian Braddock of Earth-616 survived, cast out of Otherworld by Saturnyne's sacrifice with the knowledge of the Omniverse in his possession.

Excalibur (4th series) #15 [Jan 2021] The Eighth Cosmos arose after the Incursion crisis, with reincarnated versions of many past realities. Saturnyne claimed control of the Starlight Citadel and Otherworld, with Merlyn and Roma only ruling independent kingdoms under her domain. The Captain Britain Corps was not restored with the new cosmos, and Saturnyne made plans to fix that. She did not approve of Elizabeth Braddock taking the Amulet of Right from Brian and becoming the sole active Captain Britain. She plotted to remove her from the position. Elizabeth was shattered during the Swordbearer tournament while in possession of Saturnyne's Starlight Sword. The glass-like fragments of Betsy were gathered by Saturnyne, who intended to use a form of mosaic magic to reform Captain Britain throughout the Omniverse. Much to Saturnyne's chagrin, her spell was successful but with Elizabeth Braddock as the new template for the Captain Britain Corps.