Exiles (2nd series)


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Exiles (2nd series)
Publication Date: 
June 2009 to November 2009
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Series relaunched by Jeff Paker. In this series, Blink and Morph of the original Exiles attempt to reform the team to carry out the original team's mission, but without knowledge of the Panoptichron or its limiations regarding manipulation of the memories of its agents.

Although it recaptured the tone of the original series better than New Exiles had, this series only lasted 6 issues.

Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
2001 to 2008 Exiles (1st series) #1-100 A team of mutants are recruited to right what has gone wrong in alternate realities
2008 to 2009 New Exiles #1-18 Chris Claremont series
2008 to 2009 Exiles (2nd series) #1-6 Jeff Parker series. Blink & Morph attempt to restart the Exiles.
2018 to 2019 Exiles (3rd series) #1-12 Saladin Ahmed series. Return to original concept with mostly new cast of characters.
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