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The purpose of this page is to keep track of the Exiles‘ many missions in the alternate realities they visit. The Tallus allows the team to remain in contact with their mission control in the Crystal Palace, while the Exiles do their best to restore the timeline to what it should be. Along the way, personal relationships between the members are formed and some facts of their homeworlds are revealed. This information is displayed in blue letters, while the basic mission text is in black.



Mission Issues Events
set-up Exiles #1 Exiles are plucked out of their timelines, Timebroker introduces himself, explains the team’s purpose and hands Blink the Tallus.
Starting line-up is Blink, Nocturne, Morph, Thunderbird, Mimic and Magnus. Each member’s native reality is briefly addressed with a few flashback panels.
mission 1 Exiles #1-2 A reality where all super-beings are thought dangerous and are locked away in high security prisons. The Exiles have to "find the one who would lead you." Assuming it is Professor Xavier, the Exiles break him out of prison but it turns out he is evil and he tries to destroy the human race. The Exiles split up, with one half defeating Xavier and his allies and the others liberating the intended target, Magneto, and many other super-beings.
Magnus sacrifices his life so that Magneto and the others survive a nuclear explosion. Sunfire (Mariko) is sent as replacement.
mission 2 Exiles #3-4, 16 The Exiles mission is to insure that Phoenix dies before becoming Dark Phoenix and has to take the places of the Shi’Ar Imperial Guard during the Trial of Phoenix. The hitch is that, in this reality, Phoenix is actually Jean Grey and not a cosmic entity that has taken her place. The Exiles succeed, though various X-Men are killed during the battle. [based on Uncanny X-Men #137]
Blink becomes team leader. Nocturne’s full powers are explained. Her parents are revealed as Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch. Nocturne and Thunderbird are attracted to each other.
mission 3 Exiles #5-6, 16 The Hulk has gone mad and is on a rampage through Canada. The Exiles must prevent the members of Alpha Flight from being killed by the green goliath. In the end, it is Thunderbird who goes into some kind of berserker mood and defeats him. The Exiles are being spied on by another team with a Tallus – Weapon X.
Blink and Mimic start a relationship. Thunderbird meets a different version of himself. This John Proudstar has been trained by the original Shaman and took his place among Alpha Flight when he retired. Nocturne and Thunderbird share a kiss.
break Exiles #7 The Exiles spend a night in a motel.
Dreams and nightmares give insight to the individual members‘ inner hopes and fears.
mission 4 Exiles #8, 16 The Exiles visit the Savage Land, one that spans over two continents.
Nocturne and Thunderbird have a big argument.
mission 5 Exiles #8, 16 The team serves as bodyguards of US president, Tony Stark, until he is assassinated.
Nocturne and Thunderbird make up and start a relationship.
mission 6 Exiles #8 The Exiles perform a mission in a reality where incredibly high gamma radiation mutated all of humanity.
mission 7 Exiles #8 The Spider Demon’s rule over an entire city is put to an end by Morph.
mission 8 Exiles #8 The team encounters the X-babies
mission 9 Exiles #8 The Exiles are bored by spending a week with some Antelope Men.
break Exiles #8, 11, 41-42 After thwarting a bank robbery, the Exiles are granted some downtime and get to spend a week at a perfect beach.
Sunfire reveals that she is gay and Nocturne tells Blink about the X-Men of her reality.
mission 10 Exiles #8-10 The team finds themselves on an Earth that has been ruled by Skrulls for over a century. Earth’s superheroes have to perform in gladiator duels and most of the Exiles are captured and have to fight in this arena as well. The real reason for the Exiles‘ presence becomes apparent when Galactus arrives to devour the planet. The Skrulls flee in panic and the Exiles lead Earth’s heroes into battle against the cosmic being. Eventually, Galactus is driven off by the detonation of an anti-matter.
Nocturne announces that she is pregnant with Thunderbird’s baby. The encounter with Galactus leaves Thunderbird comatose and brain-dead. He is left behind and new member Sasquatch fills the void.
mission 11 mentioned in Exiles #12 A non-violent, almost diplomatic mission involving Captain America and SHIELD.
mission 12 Exiles #12-13 Arriving on an Earth ruled by Sentinels, the Exiles meet Weapon X, who, led by Sabretooth from the AoA, too are jumping around realities to correct them. This time, both groups are needed to perform a mission, namely rescue little David Richards from a concentration camp. However, having finished this job, the two teams learn that David might grow up to become a madman and needs to die. A fight erupts as the Exiles and Sabretooth would prefer another solution, while the rest of Weapon X wants to perform the job and go on to their next mission. Finally, Sabretooth stays behind to personally raise the boy and the teams move on. [loosely based on the Days of Future Past timeline]
Nocturne says that she had a miscarriage during their last mission. Sasquatch turns out to be an Afro-American Heather Hudson.
mission 13 Exiles #14-15 The Exiles are in a reality where Namor the Sub-Mariner has declared war on the surface of Earth and already forms a beachhead in Latveria. Despite their negative feelings towards Latveria’s emperor, the team has to assist Dr. Doom to stop Namor from gaining a foothold on the surface world. The battle is fought on two fronts, as the Atlantean army attacks and, elsewhere, Atlantean scientists try to make the atmosphere unbreathable for humans.
Mimic’s home reality is seen in many flashbacks. He thinks that he might not really love Blink, but only seeks refuge. Mimic kills for the first time.
break Exiles #16 The Exiles spend the night in a hotel.
Nocturne remembers her relationship with Thunderbird.
mission 14 Exiles #17 The Exiles are on an Earth where Dr. Curtis Connors not only transformed himself into the Lizard, but also his wife and his neighbors. Soon, the entire West Coast was overwhelmed by a race of human/lizard hybrids. Feeling guilty, Connors intends to create a nuclear explosion to get rid of them, but that would result in millions of human deaths, so the Exiles have to stop him.
mission 15 Exiles #18 The Exiles successfully defeat Callisto, Mistress of Mysticism.
detour Exiles #18-19 The Exiles are abducted by Mojo, who, by torturing Nocturne, forces Morph to become the star in his TV shows. The rest of the Exiles free Longshot from prison and restart the rebellion. However, once they have freed their teammates, they are robbed of their revenge, as the Timebroker doesn’t allow them to further screw up the timestream.
mission 16 Exiles #20-22 The Exiles have to deal with a reality where the Legacy Virus interacted with Warlock’s transmode virus, creating a new, violent, techno-organic species. In the end, a serum derived of the healing factor of the Aesir cures all infected.
Mimic realizes that he truly loves Blink, however she has finished her tasks and is sent to her homeworld. Magik joins the team.
mission 17 Exiles #26-27 In a reality where Moses Magnum is about to kill all of Japan, the Avengers were supposed to oppose him at an earlier point and be killed, but this did not happen. The Exiles’ job is it to make sure the Avengers die, but the team refuses to let themselves become killers. Only Magik thinks otherwise and, while the others are busy helping the Japanese people, she finishes the murderous task with her sword.
Magik decides to kill a version of her brother, Colossus. Sunfire sees a dead version of herself.
mission 18 Exiles #28-30 The Exiles visit the main Marvel Universe, because Havok is taken over by the mind of his counterpart from the Mutant X universe, who intends to kill two mutant boys. Magik tries to go with the easy option – killing, but is knocked out by Archangel. The other Exiles try to find another solution, but their job becomes more difficult with Maximus Lobo and his Werewolves attacking the X-Men. In the end, Nocturne uses her possession power to drive the evil Havok’s mind out of his body.
Morph learns that he can survive being dismembered and puts himself back together. Nocturne gets to spend some quality time with a Nightcrawler version very similar to her father.
mission 19 Exiles #31-32 In a reality where the Avengers have become vampires, the Exiles need to stop them from enchanting and enslaving an entire city. They recruit the Union Jack to help them but, as they kill the Avengers, it turns out that the Union Jack is the next in line to become the Vampire Lord. Sunfire fries him with her flame powers but, right before he dies, the Union Jack casts a spell that disrupts the Exiles’ departure.
detour Exiles #33-34, mentioned in Exiles #35-36 Their teleportation screwed, the Exiles find themselves stuck in several other dimensions for different amounts of time. Magik is dumped in an ocean for about ten minutes. Sasquatch and Morph spend several hours encountering a feral Wolverine, who has just escaped from the Weapon X compound. Sunfire and Nocturne find themselves back on the Vi-Locks planet for six weeks, during which they join the Avengers. Mimic is trapped for four years on an Earth overrun by the Brood and is infected with a Brood egg.
Heather recalls her history; she was married to Wolverine, but had to kill him when he went berserk and some years later married James Hudson. Sunfire starts a relationship with Spider-Woman, but their happiness ends when she is teleported away to the next mission.
mission 20 Exiles #35-37 The Exiles witness the fateful spaceflight that gave the Fantastic Four their powers, only the Thing goes on a rampage. The Exiles have to make sure that nobody is killed, their task getting much harder when the Brood hatchling with Mimic takes control of his body. While the Exiles are busy fighting each other, Reed Richards comes up with ways to snap the Thing out of his rage and to stabilize Mimic’s immune system.
Sunfire dies while fighting the Mimic, Blink returns.
mission 21 Exiles #43-45 The Exiles arrive on a world that has been conquered by Hyperion and other members of their rival team Weapon X. Finally fed up with Weapon X’s behavior, the Timebroker has the two teams kill each other until only six people remain to move on. With teamwork and a little bit of luck, the Exiles manage to emerge victorious.
Magik betrays her team and sides with Weapon X’s Hyperion, who kills her. Morph has the chance to go home but prefers to stay with the Exiles.
mission 22 Exiles #46-48 Finding themselves in the main Marvel Universe again, the Tallus only reveals that the Exiles have to “Drop your possessions and earn your wings”. Following a confrontation with Namor and the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards figures out the riddle – Nocturne has to quit the team, while they gain a new member in the Beak.
Namora, a blue-skinned, female version of Namor joins the team. In her world, anti-mutant hysteria led to a war during which she was forced to kill all established superheroes. Beak becomes unhinged in time and has to join the Exiles even though it means abandoning his lover Angel and their children. Nocturne stays behind in the main Marvel Universe.
mission 23 Exiles #49 In another reality, the Controller tried to use one of his mind controlling disks on a near omnipotent Impossible Man, which caused him to go berserk. Transforming anyone opposing him into paper dolls, status, animals or worse, the Exiles find themselves no better. Soon only Morph remains, but he manages to use humor and jokes on the alien until the neural control disk overloads and burns out.
mission 24 Exiles #50-51 The Exiles’ arrival in the next dimension is predicted by Destiny of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and in a clever plan Mystique takes Blink’s place, making the Exiles help them bust the Brotherhood’s leader, the “Big M”, out of prison. When the real Blink comes around, she learned from the Tallus that the Exiles are actually supposed to stop that break-out. She heads to the prison as well, where it becomes clear that the Big M is this reality’s version of the Mimic. During a fight between the two Mimics, the Big M telepathically probes his counterpart’s mind, and inspired by this different version of his life, he decides to change for the better as well.
Mimic meets a counterpart of himself who remained a villain and became leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
mission 25 Exiles #52-53 On an Earth infected by Ego, the Living Planet, the Exiles have to aid the Fantastic Four in reasoning with Earth-Ego’s mind to convince him not to attack humanity and to shake off Ego’s influence, who wants Earth-Ego to join him in his attack on the Celestials. Strangely, the Celestials warn Blink to “Beware the Timebreaker. He is not what he seems.”
mission 26 Exiles #54 A rather simple mission for the Exiles awaits them, as they only have to buy the last Cheese Danish from a certain bakery. They are unaware that this act sets an entire chain of events in motion, ultimately avoiding this Earth being invaded by an alien army.
mission 27 Exiles #54-57 In one reality, Kulan Gath was successful with his masterspell that transformed Earth back to the Hyborian Age. However he made a grave mistake when he chose to magically bring forth the inner evil of his lackeys, as in the Ghost Rider’s case this was the demon Zarathos, who wrested control over this changed reality from Kulan Gath. The Exiles have to team up with some of the few unaffected heroes of this place, Magik and Spiderman, in order to end Zarathos’ rule. They even ally up with Kulan Gath for that goal, though in the end it’s Selene who benefits from the other two sorcerers defeating each other, her becoming the new ruler of this Earth.
A flashback shows how Heather Hudson became Sasquatch. Due to the magical energies in this reality, Tanaraq gains dominance over Sasquatch’s body – it’s now male, and orange-furred.
mission 28 Exiles #58 On the next stop, the Exiles have to perform a rather simple mission, namely to make sure that a group of scientists doesn’t accidentally ignite Earth’s atmosphere. Tanaraq’s rather drastic solution – namely to kill them – causes the Exiles to fight the evil member among their group, and eventually they can purge the Great Beast from Heather Hudson’s body with the help of this reality’s Shaman.
Heather is purged of Tanaraq; although she now has control over her body again, she no longer has her powers as Sasquatch.
mission 29 Exiles #59 The Exiles return to the Earth where Sabretooth had remained behind to raise young David Richards. About fifteen years have passed since then, and in that time, David did become evil despite Creed’s tutoring. Also it’s revealed what happened to Blink when she was sent to during the time she was absent from the Exiles. When the Tallus tells her that the next mission is to kill the Mimic, she openly rebels and declares to quit the team. As Sabretooth too refuses the Timebroker’s orders to perform the kill, the Exiles are sent away to receive a punishment.
Heather is not teleported along the rest of the Exiles, apparently Sabretooth is supposed to be her replacement.
mission 30 Exiles #60-61 The Exiles materialize in the Age of Apocalypse reality which, rather surprising, has not been erased. The Timebroker orders them to kill the X-Men, the former teammates of Blink and Sabretooth, but the Exiles no longer obey his commands. Instead, they use the Tallus in combination with the M’Kraan Crystal to teleport to the other-dimensional location where the Tallus’ transmissions are coming from.
Beak is not teleported along the rest of the Exiles, the Timebroker sends Holocaust as his replacement.
detour Exiles #62-65 The team arrives in the Panoptichron, the crystal palace outside space and time, and they learn the truth about the Timebreakers. They also discover the former members of Weapon X and the Exiles stuck in a crystal wall, all but the evil Hyperion who has taken over the palace. Battle ensues, and Hyperion is winning until Beak saves the day by recruiting two Hyperions from other realities.
Holocaust and Namora are killed by Hyperion, Beak is released from the crystal wall.
interlude Exiles #66 The Exiles lick their wounds and mourn their dead. Afterwards the ponder the idea to all return home, but decide that they can’t ignore their responsibilities, so they take over the Panoptichron and continue repairing damaged timelines.
Heather is released from the crystal wall. Sunfire is given a decent burial.
mission 31 Exiles #66-68 In need of a regenerative serum to cure the Mimic’s injuries, the Exiles visit an alternate reality where Dr. Connors healing serum worked and did not turn him into a giant lizard. Unfortunately they interrupt a fight between Fing Fan Foom and Krakoa, but eventually they are given the serum after helping to end the conflict. Back at the crystal palace, however, Heather finds herself face to face with Weapon X’s reanimated Deadpool.
Mimic absorbs Deadpool’s healing factor but also his ugly looks.
detour Exiles #69-71 Mimic is unsure whether to take the serum, not knowing how it will interact with Deadpool’s healing factor he absorbed. So, the Exiles to return the Beak home, only to stumble right into the House of M. Searching the changed world for Beak’s wife, Angel, they also run into Proteus who possessed her. Somehow reaching into the Tallus, Proteus learns of the numerous other realities out there and escapes after possessing the Mimic. Her lover gone, Blink uses the serum to heal Angel.
Beak is returned home, Mimic is possessed by Proteus and escapes into the multiverse.
detour Exiles #72-74 The Exiles track Proteus/Mimic down to an alternate version of the New Universe. Although they work together with the D.P.7, Star Brand and Nightmask, the team is unable to stop Proteus neither from taking over Justice as his new host, nor from escaping yet again. Heather Hudson bargains with Mojo, hoping that Longshot’s luck power will give the team an advantage.
Mimic’s body dies as Proteus drains away all of his life-force. Longshot joins.
detour Exiles #75-76 In an alternate version of the 2099 future timeline, Proteus ditches Justice after wearing him out, and instead possesses the strongest being known in this reality - the Hulk, before moving on to another reality. The Exiles can’t do much, other than follow his trail of destruction and pick up a new member along the way.
Spider-Man (Miguel O’Hara) joins.
detour Exiles #77-78 Making his way to Earth 712, Proteus/Hulk cleverly pits the Squadron Supreme against the Exiles who arrive shortly after him. the home of the Squadron Supreme. By the time they have proved their good intentions in a trial, along the way also exposing the dark machinations of this Earth’s Global Directorate, Proteus is long gone.
Power Princess joins.
detour Exiles #79-80 On the Future Imperfect Earth, Proteus tries to repeat his idea of possessing the strongest person known in this reality - another version of the Hulk, who is known to his subjects as the Maestro. The Exiles try to warn the y Maestro, but they are too late to stop the battle between the two green goliaths. With the Maestro getting severely injured, Proteus picks someone else to possess instead.
Proteus possesses Morph and discovers that he is exactly what he was looking for, as Morph’s body doesn’t drain away.
detour Exiles #81-82 Trying to return home to Earth 6161, Proteus/Morph accidentally ends up on Counter-Earth instead. His machinations have caused the multiverse serious harm, and manifestations of Chaos and Order decide that Proteus needs to be stopped once and for all, even at the cost of sacrificing the entire planet. Fortunately, the Exiles come up with a different plan.
With a behavior-modifier, Proteus is programmed into believing that he is Morph, at least temporarily ending the threat he posed.
interlude Exiles #83-84 Everyone is still wary around “Morph”, due to Proteus being buried somewhere in his mind. While the Exiles clear out the crystal wall, they also get to know their new members better. After some members visit their homeworlds, the Exiles are tricked into taking a mission in Heather’s reality and with the entire team absent from the Palace the Timebreakers seize control. Their first order of business is to fire the Exiles.
The native realities of Magnus, Magik and Namora are briefly shown when their bodies are being sent back home to be properly buried. Blink pays Mimic’s homeworld a personal visit to explain to his teammates how he died and is offered membership to the team. Upon Spider-Man’s visit home he discovers Alchemax is trying to hunt him down and his family members are now celebrities. Sabretooth heads back to the AoA and meets with Magneto and Rogue only to learn that his surrogate son, Wild Child, has gone missing.
mission 32 Exiles #85-86 The next Exile’s roster consists entirely of Wolverines. Upon realizing they don’t stand a chance against an armada of brainwashed Wolverines two of them make their way to the Crystal Palace. There they learn of the original team of Exiles and convince the Timebreakers to let them come back. After doing so they are able to defeat Brother Mutant and all surviving Wolverines are sent home.
The Exiles are offered membership into the Alpha Flight program on Earth #3470.
mission 33 Exiles #87-88 The Exiles are tasked with protecting Galactus from his psychotic herald, the Silver Surfer. The Surfer tears through everything thrown at him, including the Superguardians, up until Sabretooth is bestowed with the power cosmic. They battle one on one and Sabretooth proves the victor.
Galactus possesses and augments Blink’s powers to extraordinary levels.Sabretooth temporarily receives the power cosmic and becomes the “Golden Sabretooth”.
detour Exiles Annual #1 The Exiles discovere another team calling themselves Exiles with their original lineup and decide to investigate. They are captured and learn it was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the Grandmaster of the very first reality they ever "fixed." He seeks revenge on them because their interference cost him a bet. Eventually teamed up with the “other Exiles”, and with some help from that reality's Elders of the Universe, defeat the Grandmaster.
Except for Blink all of the Exiles are killed and resurrected.
mission 34 Exiles #89 A slew of realities are headed for disaster, pushing the Exiles to the brink as they are running back to back missions for weeks. Many of them happen off panel; but one of the first missions takes place at Coney Island and the Exiles are tasked with saving J. Jonah Jameson from the Sinister Six.
mission 35 Exiles #89 A battle with the Serpent Society does not go very well, but Morph manages to save the day.
mission 36 Exiles #89 The Hellfire Club is the Exiles’ final mission of the domino effect. During their fight, the White Queen senses Proteus’ mind trapped within Morph and almost unlocks it. Morph is left dazed and the team unsure of his status.
interlude Exiles #89 After getting a much needed rest, the team discusses placing Morph in the stasis wall to prevent Proteus from gaining dominance. The Exiles also learn that Thunderbird is showing signs of brain activity while in the stasis wall.
While in the stasis wall Thunderbird continually has nightmares about his former master, Apocalypse, including ones that involved a pregnant Nocturne as his captive. Eventually though, the dream changes, and after Apocalypse is being defeated, Thunderbird lives happily ever after with Nocturne and their child.
mission 37 Exiles #90-94 On an Earth under control of Madama Hydra, Sue Storm, half of the Exiles are brainwashed before the team has a chance to meet with Reed Richards in hopes of trying to avoid the imminent destruction of the entire dimension. To rob Madama Hydra of her victory, Mr. Fantastic causes Earth to be erased from existence for several months, before recreating and re-populating the planet.
Evil Hyperion is still trapped on his Earth. Power Princess quits, returning home. Roma arranges for Psylocke of Earth 616 to join.
interlude Exiles #95 Believing the Exiles dead, Heather and the Timebreakers leave the Panoptichron. Several months later, the Exiles return and continue with their missions.
Heather is pregnant and decides to stay in her native reality.