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20th April 2001


Rachel Summers

Father : Scott Summers (Cyclops)

At least Rachel and everyone else believes him to be the father. Yet there are hints that Rachel may be Wolverine’s daughter. While Cyclops was turned into a hound he couldn’t locate her. Ahab thought that this was impossible considering a blood relative. Also it is clearly stated that even if she telepathically masqueraded her presence he should be able to locate her. (Uncanny X-Men Annual #14) Wolverine being her father would explain Rachel’s success as a hound due to latent tracking abilities inherited from Logan. Recently the villain Tullamore Voge added more oil to the flame as he attacked Jean and Logan on the astral plane. Both were shown in hound costumes as Tullamore made a comment of mixing their genes just right and the offspring having limitless potential. (Uncanny X-Men #384)

Mother : Jean Grey (Phoenix)

It is unknown if this is Phoenix II (the Phoenix Force impersonating Jean) or Phoenix IV (the original Jean). It was said in the “Days of Future Past“ timeline the X-Men never encountered the Phoenix Force, on the other hand Rachel mentioned that her mother saved the universe (like Phoenix II did). Does that mean that „plain“ Jean was able to save the universe, or does it mean that the Phoenix Force never lost control and was never discovered as having impersonated Jean ?
Anyway Rachel’s mother died when Mastermind unleashed a nuclear device in Pittsburgh. Rachel was still a little girl back then.

Powers : - telepathy (inherited from her mother)
- telekinesis (inherited from her mother)
- astral projection through time

Counterpart in the main Marvel Universe : None

Rachel’s fate : After arriving in the present Rachel became a member of the X-Men, but she was stabbed by her teammate Wolverine after she tried to kill the Hellfire Club’s Black Queen Selene. She then was kidnapped by Spiral and taken to the Mojoverse. After she escaped from there she became a founding member of the british team Excalibur. Years later she switched places with her teammate Captain Britain who was stuck in the timestream. Rachel washed up two-thousands years in the future Cable was raised in. There she founded the Askani Clan, grew old and died under the name Mother Askani. Since the Twelve crossover this particular timeline has been erased and Cable has rescued his sister from the timestream. Rachel wanted to readjust to life before letting anyone else know that she is back in the present, she even thinks of attending college.

Kate Pryde-Rasputin

Husband : Piotr Rasputin (Colossus)

Children : In Uncanny X-Men #141 Kate says that her babies were killed by Sentinels.

Powers : - phasing
- disrupting electricity as a side-effect

Counterpart in the main Marvel Universe : Kitty Pryde

Differences compared to the counterpart : As the DOFP portrays an alternate future, Kate is about 20-25 years older there. It is unknown if Kate there too was trained as a ninja or gained experience as a SHIELD operative.

Kate’s fate : Parts of Kate’s consciousness survived inside the merged being Widget. It took years till the little mechanical head could bring order into the chaos inside of it. After Widget evolved it found a way to communicate and finally Kate could talk to Rachel once more. (Excalibur #66-67)

Franklin “Scrapper“ Richards

Powers : - unknown, probably reality warping and other psionic abilities

Fact : - Franklin was trained in the use of his powers at Xavier’s school
- Franklin and Rachel were romantically involved

Counterpart in the main Marvel Universe : Franklin Richards, the little boy of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman

Differences compared to the counterpart : As the DOFP portrays an alternate future, Franklin is about 20-25 years older there.

Note : The Fantastic Four once visited another alternate future where Franklin and Rachel had a powerful child. This child became the foe Hyperstorm. (Fantastic Four (1st series) #408-409)


Powers / weapons : - Parts of Ahab are cybenetically enhanced
- one leg is replaced by a prothesis
- usually Ahab carries an energy harpoon with him

Fact : - Ahab is responsible for the labs that use the hound process on mutants. In this process mutants become hounds that track down other mutants. The hounds are willbound to their masters. It is unknown if Ahab invented the process or if he received it from elsewhere (both Tullamore Voge and the Shadow King have been seen using hounds too.)
- Ahab was attacked and scarred when Rachel overcame her hound programming

Counterpart in the main Marvel Universe : Dr. Rory Campbell

Differences compared to the counterpart : As the DOFP portrays an alternate future, Ahab is about 20-25 years older there.

Rory’s fate : Even though Rory knew from a future vision that he was the man destined to become Ahab he found no way to prevent it. During the psychological treatment of the Acolyte Spoor, Rory was manipulated into losing control and after hitting the villain the special chambers defensive systems (designed to counteract physical force) cut him off a leg. Later Rory sold Moira’s legacy data and gained an artificial leg in the deal (Excalibur #75,88-90,111).
During the Twelve storyline Rory appeared as Apocaylypse’s horseman Famine. How this came to be is unknown.

Ahab’s fate : Ahab escaped after Excalibur re-programmed the Sentinels core programming to protecting all life. His whereabouts are unknown.

Other Characters

Still alive in 2015 are:

Grace, Killpower, Tangerine, Dark Angel, Arthur (superhero team that helps Excalibur to change the Sentinel’s Prime Directive)

Last seen alive in 2013, fate unknown:

Captain Britain, Karma, Meggan, Psylocke, Wolfsbane, Pete Wisdom (Excalibur)
Jubilee, Leech, Synch (Generation X)
Charlotte Jones (X-Men ally)
Jams MacDonald Hudson
Amiko (Wolverine’s foster daughter)
Shinobi Shaw (Hellfire Club)
Emma Frost

Last seen alive, time unknown, fate unknown:

Siena Blaze, seen in a “Cattle Car“

Characters that died (on-panel):

Colossus, Nightcrawler, Professor Xavier, Storm, Wolverine (X-Men)
Magneto, Franklin Richards (X-Men allies)
Scarlet Witch
Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Breeze, Death's Head, Liger Motormouth, Ultra-Marine, Union Jack (Darkguard / Knights of Pendragon)

Mentioned dead characters / Gravestones:

Angel, Beast, Cannonball, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Polaris (X-Men)
Captain Britain, Meggan (Excalibur)
Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing (Fantastic Four)
Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Vision (Avengers)
Eric Masterson
Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spiderman (other Marvel Heroes)
Dr. Doom
Sebastian Shaw