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20th April 2001


Key me – mentioned
fb - flashback
my - memory

Childhood Images of Rachel

Uncanny X-Men #199 fb - as a baby in her parents arms

Excalibur 52 fb - as a child, attack on Xavier's school, Rachel sole survivor, taken to labs, conditioned and brainwashed into a hound
[same scene is also in Uncanny X-Men #188 fb (attack on school, Kurt, Illyana, Amanda die)]
[same scene is also in New Mutants #18 fb (attack on school, Xavier dies)]
[same scene is also in Excalibur #22 fb (Rachel captured by the military)]

Various Memories of Rachel's time as a Hound

(chronological order not clear)
Excalibur #52 fb Uncanny X-Men #189 fb Uncanny X-Men #193 me Uncanny X-Men #199 fb Marvel Team-Up #150 me - all above show or mention Rachel as a hound serving the military or her master and hunting down mutants

Excalibur #75 fb - Rachel remembers the pens in which the hounds were held

NOTE Excalibur #35 Hallucination / False memory ! - D'Spayre creates an illusion/hallucination based on Rachel's time as a hound. She suddenly thinks she's back in the future hunting down Nightcrawler in Germany, but Kurt died earlier in the attack on Xavier's school

What a ride (unknown time)

Uncanny X-Men Annual #17 - Fitzroy transports a "Cattle Car" from the DOFP past shortly to the present to make Siena Blaze join the Upstarts. Siena sees herself as a prisoner among the car and accepts membership to shape her own future.

Fighting Back

Excalibur #52 fb - Rachel overcomes brainwashing, attacks Ahab and scarrs him, all attempts to re-programm her fail, Rachel is sent to the camp where the other X-Men are.

Wolverine DOFP #1-3
- Jubilee, Leech and Synch know that the X-Men are incarcerated but have to keep a low profile. Magneto asks their help to locate Logan, who had been left amnesiac after a telepathic attack by the Hellfire Club's Red Queen Psylocke. Jubilee and Magneto find him, his mind is restored by Emma Frost. Together they free the Scarlet Witch from a catalysmic engine she was chained to. The Hellfire Club used her power to alter probabilities around the world. During the rescue attempt Magneto’s legs are shattered by falling debris, but Logan pulls him out. Wanda dies in Magneto’s arms, he promises her to help the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men #141-142 – The X-Men come up with the plan to alter the timeline by changing the past. Rachel projects Kate’s consciousness into young Kitty’s body who alerts the X-Men to the imminent assasination of Senator Kelly. The other X-Men try to attack the main Sentinels base and are killed one by one. At least they provide Kate and Rachel with enough time to succed in their mission in the past.
[same scene is also in Excalibur 52 fb (Rachel sends Kate’s consciousness back in time)]
[same scene is also in Uncanny X-Men 188 fb (collage of X-Men dying against the Sentinels)]

Uncanny X-Men #188 fb - Only Rachel is still alive as Kate’s mind returns from the past.

NOTE Excalibur #94 Dream ! - Captain Britain had been stranded in the timestream and washed back and forth for quite some time. Since then he had some memories / dreams about the past and future which were very accurate. Here he dreams about Excalibur / England at 2013 (the same time as in Uncanny X-Men 141-142). The team consists of him, Meggan, Wisdom, Karma, Wolfsbane, Tangerine (who will appear two years later in Excalibur 66-67 with a different costume and hairdo, but similar powers) and Psylocke (inconsistency ? shortly before she was with the Hellfire Club). It seems that this is Excalibur’s last mission as they are in a no way out / surrounded situation just as the dream ends.

The Mistake and The Second Chance

Excalibur #52 fb – Even though Kate succeeded in the past the future is unchanged. Rachel projects her own consciousness back in time to check what went wrong. Floating over New York, Rachel discovers that she did not send Kate into her own past but cross-time into another past. As she was about to return to the future, Rachel arouses the curiousity of the Phoenix Force that was just passing by. Impressed by a creature similar to Jean Grey, the Force probes, learns of Rachel’s past life in pain and misery and decides to follow her into the timestream.
- Back in the future Rachel passes out from the strain of the journey. The Force reveals itself to Kate and the two make a deal. Kate and Rachel will undergo a suicide mission and right before a nuclear blast will go off, Kate will shout a post-hypnotic command that will be the sign for the Force to transport Rachel back in time physically and scramble her memory to give her a new chance at life. For Ahab it would look like as if Rachel died in the blast.

Uncanny X-Men #192 fb - The next day Kate and Rachel pose as Colonel carol danvers and a hound and gain access to Project Nimrod a new super-sentinel faculty. Inside they plant a nuclear device and right before it goes off Kate shouts “Dark Phoenix“, the post-hypnotic command. Rachel is tranported to the present physically and her memory is scrambled.
[same scene is also in Excalibur 52 fb (suicide run, “Dark Phoenix“)]

Hunt For Rachel - Final Showdown

Excalibur #66-67 - At the destruction site Kate is found by Ahab and put in a lab. Video cameras recorded the incident and Ahab sees that Rachel escapes through a temporal gate. He orders Sentinels to scan Kate for temporal wave residue. Right as the robot finds the right frequency, Kate’s powers kick in (she is dying from radiation poisoning) and interfere. Kate and Sentinel parts merge into Widget and land in the present.

Days of Future Present - Annual crossover [Fantastic Four Annual #23, X-Factor Annual #5, New Mutants Annual #6, Uncanny X-Men Annual #14]
- All of a sudden an adult Franklin Richards appears in New York. He is the mental self of the Franklin that died in Rachel’s timeline (Uncanny X-Men #141), who in the instant of his death wished himself to a time when he felt safe. This Franklin is tracked and followed by Ahab. It takes the combined might of X-Factor, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men , the New Mutants and Rachel to defeat the future hunter. He returns to the future, but now he definitely knows that Rachel is still alive, like he had always suspected. After he left Franklin, who subconsciously was feeding of Rachel’s Phoenix energy, has to accept his death or otherwise he would permanently injure Rachel and young Franklin. During the battle Ahab was able to turn Cyclops and the Invisible Woman into hounds for a short while.

Excalibur #66-67 - Rachel’s memory has been restored by the Phoenix Force. Rachel feels responsible for the her future timeline and wants to deal with Ahab’s crimes. Of course her teammates opt to help her and they make a time-jump to a point two years after Rachel had escaped. Together with a team of future super-beings, Excalibur manages to change the directives of the Sentinels of the era to preserve all life, thereby ending the genocide that had prevailed for years; only Ahab escapes.