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In the beginning, the Spineless Ones, the people of the Mojoverse, had no spines and could only crawl in the mud. Being able to receive television signals from Earth mentally, they were driven insane as the visions showed nightmarish demons and became the basis for many myths and horror stories on the planet. Eventually, Arize, a mutant amongst the race, was born. As well as possessing a brilliant intellect, he was unable to receive the TV signals from Earth, helping maintain his sanity. Arize used his abilities to create a number of inventions, chief of which was a mechanical spine that would allow his race to walk upright. Led by the psychotic Mojo, a number of Spineless Ones refused his artificial spines, yet somehow they become the rulers. [Longshot #5, X-Factor (1st series) Annual #7]

Upon Mojo’s orders, Arize began designing a race of creatures to be used as slaves across the planet. Despising Mojo and all that he stood for, Arize designed the slaves to look like the demons they saw in their nightmares. He also implanted a gene within them that would enhance the desire to rebel against Mojo’s rule. As luck would have it, Shatterstar, a man looking like one of the creatures from their nightmares, appeared on the planet and Arize quickly had an idea. Using this man’s DNA, Arize created a special slave, named Longshot, who would lead the rest of the slaves in revolt against Mojo. Longshot was “given” to Mojo, but the slave’s first word to his new owner was that nobody would own him. Mojo owned a TV production company and Longshot would go on to be a stuntman in many of his movies.

Around the same time, Arize was ordered by the Spineless Ones to create weaponry for them, but he refused and was exiled. Now that they had slaves, the Spineless Ones didn’t need to work anymore, and they quickly became television-addicts. Mojo's movies and television-programs were seen across the world and he became an icon to the population. Gaining political power from their worship, Mojo renamed the world “Mojoworld” and the entire dimension “Mojoverse.”  The TV networks became so powerful that the ruler of the world was the one with the highest ratings a viewership.

When Longshot's friend Jackson died during a movie, grief and anger consumed the man and he escaped to go search for his creator. Arize welcomed him and explained to him that he didn't mean for his creations to be slaves and that they should fight for their freedom. Longshot joined a group of rebels and, during a ritual, he gained his supernatural luck. Despite their luck powers, the rebellion failed as they realized their luck had a flipside: for all the good luck they created, someone else got bad luck. Having learned too much of freedom, Longshot was mindwiped by Mojo, but he regained some of his consciousness and escaped. Even though Longshot couldn’t remember who he was or what he had done, Mojo still saw him as a threat and sent his forces after him, led by the creature Gog. [Longshot #1-6, X-Factor (1st series) #259]

The amnesic Longshot fell through a portal and landed on Earth, and so Mojo sent some of his own forces through to retrieve him. After locating Longshot, the team wanted to sacrifice a baby as part of a ritual in the hopes of returning home. Longshot intervened and befriended Magog, the son of the team’s leader Gog. Together they saved the baby and Mojo’s men were forced to stay on Earth longer. Fortunately for him, Longshot began to sense that Magog was slowly becoming increasingly evil as time went on. When Longshot accidentally interrupted a movie being shot, he met the stuntwoman “Ricochet Rita” and she convinced her director to offer him a job. Longshot became an exceptional stuntman, though he soon learned his luck powers only worked when he had pure motives. After using them for selfish purposes, he lost his powers and nearly died in the process. He soon ran into Gog’s team, who were trying to steal diamonds from a power company, which they wanted to use in another ritual to return home. Longshot met with Magog again and discovered he has mutated, becoming more like his father in looks and personality. Gog’s team succeeded and they made it back to the Mojoverse, where they told their boss about Longshot and Earth. When Mojo learned that there was a world filled with slave-like creatures that were free, he knew that he couldn’t allow Longshot to return. This knowledge would inspire the slaves to rebel, so Mojo and one of Gog's helpers, a six-armed sorceress called Spiral, returned to Earth.

Spiral and Mojo found Ricochet Rita and tortured her in the hopes she would tell them where Longshot was. Rita resisted them but, in doing so, she was left in a catatonic state. The same time, Longshot confronted Magog, who had changed into a powerful, constantly mutating monster, due to his nature as a magical magnet. Magog defeated Longshot but, before he could be killed, a strange goat-headed man arrived. He also has the same luck-power as Longshot and he fought Magog, distracting him long enough for Longshot to escape.

Sensing the mystical disturbances, Doctor Strange located Longshot and the two managed to defeat Magog. Afterwards, the goat-headed creature, introduced himself as Quark, one of the rebels working to put an end to Mojo’s rule. Longshot went back to find Rita and, finding her in a mindless state, gave her to Doctor Strange to look after. After reading her memories, he discovered that Mojo was looking to take over Earth.  Doctor Strange managed to heal Rita’s mind, which allowed them to join forces with Longshot and Quark, who were battling against Mojo and Spiral. Their combined might was enough to destroy Mojo’s citadel on Earth, putting an end to his schemes and forcing him through a portal back home. Longshot and Quark jumped through the portal as well, intending on continuing their rebellion against Mojo’s rule. [Longshot #1-6]

Lonshot was captured by Mojo and forced to star in his films once again. Mojo even captured some X-Men to be cannon-fodder in a war film, but the mutants proved to be too resourceful and escaped home with the help of Spiral. [X-Men Legends (2nd series) #3-4]


Longshot‘s rebellion failed and Rita was captured. Mojo tied Rita to his airship, where she became the figurehead and navigator.

Spiral was sent to Earth, where she becomes a member of the government mutant team Freedom Force.

Rachel Summers developed a personal grudge against Selene and decided to finally kill her. She was hindered by her teammate Wolverine, who chose to pop his claws into her heart before she could become a killer. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #189, 207-209]

Betsy Braddock took her brother’s place as Captain Britain, but was savagely beaten by the Slaymaster, who cut her eyes out. [Captain Britain (2nd series) #13-14]


Though mortally injured, Rachel Summers survived and was saved by Spiral, who transported her to the Mojoverse. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #209]

Betsy Braddock, dubbed “Psylocke” by Spiral and Mojo, was abducted into the Mojoverse and received bionic eyes, which also served as transmitting cameras. Mojo and Spiral then created a TV animation with Psylocke being the star, and the series was aired worldwide, quickly becoming a hit. Enslaved to Mojo’s will, Betsy was forced to use her telepathy to lure more mutants into Mojo’s services. When some of the New Mutants were abducted, the rest of the team tracked them down, discovering they were at the mercy of Mojo. The sadistic man regressed them into children, before brainwashing and re-growing them back into loyal adults. In the end, Warlock and Cypher were able to break the link between Psylocke and Mojo, which allowed Betsy to free everyone from the mind control. The age modifications that Mojo inflicted on them were reversed and they returned to Earth again. Psylocke realized that the bionic eyes that Mojo gave her still worked and, despite some misgivings, decided not to remove them. Unbeknownst to her, Mojo now had a live video feed of everything that she saw from her eyes. [New Mutants (1st series) Annual #2]

Seeing how popular Psylocke’s video stream of the X-Men was, Mojo decided to bring the team to Mojoworld so they could star in his productions. He sent Longshot through a portal to Earth, along with a strange plasma which coated the X-Men. The plasma de-aged the team and turned them into children overnight, whilst also giving them a compulsion to seek Mojo out. Brainwashing the team, he aged them to adults again where they functioned as his slaves. The New Mutants tracked the X-men down and undid the mind control, stopping Mojo and Spiral in the process. Regardless of the defeat, Mojo filmed the whole adventure through Psylocke's eyes and broadcast it throughout the Mojoverse to great success. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #10]


Longshot and Psylocke were both accepted as members of the X-Men, with the team later dying in Dallas. They were subsequently restored to life by Roma but Psylocke's bionic eyes lost their function as cameras. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #227-228]

Spiral begins to act more and more unhinged and soon she eventually she turned her back on Freedom Force


Rachel Summers escaped from the Mojoverse, but Mojo sent his Warwolves to retrieve her. By coincidence, another group tried to hunt down Rachel, the interdimensional group of bounty hunters known as the Technet, who were working on Opal Luna Saturnyne’s orders. Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Meggan and Captain Britain were able to help Rachel and manipulate the pursuing teams into fighting each other. Together the five heroes formed Excalibur, and later tracked down and incarcerated the Warwolves. [Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn, Excalibur #1-2]

Without the X-Men, Mojo lost his greatest TV hit show and decided to audition replacement X-Men. Many different groups showed up, all based on gimmick X-Men variations such as animals, gender-swapped or even Transformers.  The winners were a group of infants calling themselves the X-Babies but they refused to work for Mojo and escaped into Mojoworld alongside Ricochet Rita. The X-Babies escaped to Earth, losing Rita in the process, infuriating Mojo enough that he sent the mysterious Agent to track them down. The X-Babies ran into Shadowcat from Excalibur and she helped them try and evade capture. The Agent proved to be too clever and apprehended many of the X-Babies, stealing their powers in the process. Thanks to the intervention by the rest of Excalibur, the X-Babies were saved and Rachel burnt the Agent‘s disguise away, revealing it to be a brainwashed Rita. The X-Babies offered to return if Mojo freed Rita, to which he agreed but Rita decided to stay with them anyway to be their guardian. The X-Babies proved to be a lot more demanding than Mojo’s other stars, making the media tycoon begin to regret his decision. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #12, Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem]