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Feeling tainted after he was manipulated by demons during Inferno, Longshot left the X-Men to figure out more about himself and his past. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #258]

After emerging from the Siege Perilous, Psylocke was discovered by operatives of the Hand. They made a deal with Spiral, and turned both her and a comatose prime assassin, Kwannon, over to her Body Shoppe, to gain the ultimate assassin with both a superior mind and well-trained body. Spiral placed Psylocke's mind in Kwannon's body and vice-versa, but some fractions of their minds remained in the original bodies so that both were mentally almost identical. [X-Men (2nd series) #31] Soon the new Asian Psylocke was met by Wolverine and he helped her leave the Hand. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #256-258] Much later Kwannon, in the British body, awoke and came seeking revenge against Psylocke and the X-Men.

Shatterstar arrived in the Danger Room of the destroyed X-mansion, followed by several fighters from the Mojoverse. X-Force helped him and afterwards he revealed that he was from 100 years in the Mojoverse’s future. He wanted to recruit the help of the X-Men in overthrowing Mojo V, and so Cable offered him to join his team in exchange for his help. [New Mutants (1st series) #99-100]


With another rebellion starting in the Mojoverse, Spiral hunted Longshot on Earth in an attempt to eliminate him from the equation. He reached Lila Cheney’s house, where his former lover Dazzler was also residing. When Spiral caught up with them, Lila attempted to teleport them to safety, but she ended up bringing them to the Mojoverse by accident. The three of them joined up with the resistance but they were not enough to topple Mojo’s regime, as the tyrant decimated the rebel forces and captured Longshot and Lila. [X-Men (2nd series) #5-7]

Capitalizing on the civil unrest aimed at Mojo, a rival station began airing documentaries, quickly becoming a strong contender against Mojo’s programming. Mojo tried to keep up with a documentary about the X-Men's daily life but, due to his mishandling of the camera, he only filmed himself. Despite his mistake, the Mojo Face Show became a huge hit. [Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #89]

In their rebel base, Quark and Arize came under attack from Mojo’s forces, with Quark being captured whilst Arize escaped to Earth. Without Spiral to stabilize the trip, Arize lost most of his memories and wandered aimlessly around. Mojo sent Gog, a resurrected Magog, a brainwashed Quark and some other soldiers after Arize, but he was saved by the “blue team” of the X-Men. He was brought back to the mansion, where the gold team took over, but a group that worked for a pirate station tried to retrieve Arize. Bishop defeated the group, but Arize was hit by an energy-blast, which caused his memory to return. [X-Men (2nd series) Annual #1, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) Annual #16]

Arize left the X-mansion and tried to cure the insanity of his people by sending television programs into the Mojoverse, showing the best side of mankind. Making a grave error, the broadcast signals actually went back in time and ironically cause the insanity which he was trying to cure. Mojo sent Spiral to capture Arize, but she was defeated by X-Factor. Spiral explained to X-Factor how she was really Ricochet Rita from another timeline, having been captured after Longshot was mindwiped by Mojo. Spiral informed Arize that Longshot will always fail, but that there is someone who could change the Mojoverse: Shatterstar. [X-Factor (1st series) Annual #7]

In one of his stranger schemes, Mojo decided to stop the eventual end of the universe so that the Mojoverse would exist for all time. Travelling to the end of time, Mojo somehow managed to halt the end of existence, but in doing so started a chain reaction across time and space that threatened everything. Breaking away from her master, Spiral enlisted the aid of Mystique and Wolverine in stopping his plan and restoring the universe’s natural cycle of destruction and rebirth. Faced with opposition, Mojo used wraiths and an alternate-future version of Jubilee to slow the heroes down, but he was eventually stopped by an anti-matter bomb set off by Wolverine. [Wolverine (2nd series) #51-53]

With the rebellion on Mojoworld still raging on, Dazzler and a teleporter called Meek travelled to the X-mansion to enlist the X-Men’s help. Meek turned out to be a traitor and he teleported all of them back to the Mojoverse, where Mojo enslaved the X-Men, except Dazzler who was seemingly shot and killed. The brainwashed X-Men were forced to act alongside Longshot in Mojo’s own version of the Wizard of Oz, whilst Professor X remained a prisoner of the psychotic ruler. Dazzler was saved by Mojo II: the Sequel, a Spineless One who wore one of Arize’s artificial spines and had his eyes on Mojo’s media empire. With the help of Professor X, the rest of the X-Men broke free of their brainwashing and joined forces with Dazzler and Mojo II. After years of prophesies, Longshot finally stabbed Mojo with a sword, apparently killing the media tycoon. Dazzler soon discovered she was pregnant with Longshot’s child and decided to retire from the rebellion, as she was going to be a mother. Mojo II stepped up as ruler of the Mojoverse, however the original Mojo was later revealed to still be alive and plotting his great comeback [X-Men (2nd series) #10-11]

Mojo II turned out to be just as bad as Mojo and ordered the death of everyone who worked for his predecessor. Gog and Magog were sent after the X-babies but, with the help of the X-Men, they were saved, and afterwards they went to live with Dazzler and Longshot. During the incident, Jean Grey realized that Dazzler was no longer pregnant and, without any evidence of a baby, everyone assumed the worst had happened. In fact, Dazzler had given birth much earlier than expected and had been found by a time-travelling Shatterstar and Rictor. When Shatterstar appeared on Mojoworld years before, Arize had modified his DNA to create Longshot. However, in a strange turn of events, Longshot and Dazzler’s baby turned out to be Shatterstar himself, and the man ended up delivering himself. Since he was raised 100 years in Mojoworld’s future, he knew he had to keep the timeline intact, despite the trauma it would cause everyone. Using a device, Shatterstar wiped Dazzler’s memories of giving birth and took his infant self into the future. Dazzler now believed her unborn baby had perished, with only Rictor and Shatterstar knowing the real truth. [X-Men (2nd series) #47, X-Factor (1st series) #259]

Major Domo was ordered for execution, but Longshot and his friends were able to save him and he aided them against Mojo II. [Marvel Fanfare (2nd series) #4-5]


Mojo revealed he had survived Longshot’s attempt to kill him and dethroned Mojo II, bringing back Gog and Magog as his personal lackies.

Shatterstar has had strange memories of his life as a human named Benjamin Russell. Also, he found a police record with Benjamin’s name but a photo resembling Shatterstar. Rictor rejoined X-Force after earlier problems with Cable's increased use of telepathy to help Shatterstar.


Having taken over him media empire again, Mojo received video-images from the future in which he was killed by Shatterstar. Determined to change that future, he sent Gog and Magog the kidnap Shatterstar, but they also kidnapped Cable as well, bringing both men to the Mojoverse. With the help of Longshot, X-Force travelled to the Mojoverse, where they found Cable and Shatterstar being tortured. Shatterstar was lethally injured, resulting in Spiral, Longshot, Dazzler and X-Force taking his body to Earth. Once there, they placed his spirit in the comatose body of Benjamin Russel, where he subsequently awoke and told them all he finally felt whole. Spiral’s ultimate motives remained unclear, and she left Shatterstar even more confused about her role in his and Benjamin’s fates.  [X-Force (1st series) #59-61]

Longshot decided to leave the Mojoverse in search for his lost innocence. He was transported to Earth where he defeated a demon and made some friends, afterwards travelling from Kansas to New York. [Longshot One-Shot]

With Dazzler and Longshot dealing with their own issues, the X-Babies travelled into the wilds of Mojoworld and set up home with a group of imp-like creatures called the Pix. Mojo was still well-aware of their location and continued to secretly record and air their adventures on TV. Wanting to capitalize on their popularity, he captured them and brought them to his TV studios, where they were forced to take part in a deadly gameshow. The X-Babies managed to defeat Mojo and went back home. [X-Babies: Murderama]

Not long after, the X-Babies member Psychilde was seriously injured and her body began to break down into the neoplasm out of which Mojo had made them. Travelling across Mojoworld, the X-Babies sought a cure, contacting Dazzler in the hopes she might know how to save Psychilde. Meanwhile, Mojo wanted to create a new batch of X-Babies based on Earth’s villains, and he ordered Spiral to bring the children in so he could use them to create his new X-Babies. Spiral managed to get hold of Psychilde and added her neoplasm to Mojo’s giant vat, but the young girl was reborn in a brand-new body. The X-Babies defeated Mojo and Spiral, but the crazed man revealed he had still managed to create dozens of new villainous X-Babies. [X-Babies Reborn]


After attempting to film an Age of Apocalypse series with his X-Baby villains, Mojo lost control of them and they laid waste to Mojoworld. Dazzler escaped back to Earth, believing that Longshot had been killed in the chaos. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #393]


Mojo interrupted the dimension-hopping Exiles' mission and brought them to the Mojoverse. Almost all Exiles' members recognize Mojo, having apparently fought him at one time or another. Mojo told them that there was only one Mojoverse in the entire omniverse and he didn’t have any alternate reality counterparts: they had all fought him personally. Whilst most of the Exiles managed to escape, Morph and Nocturne were captured.

Mojo revealed to Morph that his adventures were one of Mojoworld’s most popular shows and he tortured Nocturne until the man agreed to act in even more shows. Despite Nocturne escaping her cell and freeing Morph, Mojo got the jump on the two and recaptured them. Meanwhile, the other Exiles sought out Longshot in a local prison and reignited his passion to defeat Mojo once and for all.  The Exiles and Longshot broke into Mojo’s studios, freeing their teammates and defeating Mojo. Morph intended to permanently end the threat Mojo posed, but the Time-broker appeared and took the Exiles with him, warning Mojo not to mess with the time-continuum again. [Exiles (1st series) #18-19]


Longshot was sent back to prison.

The Juggernaut, Nocturne and the Brotherhood of Mutants were teleported to the Mojoverse by Xorn, where they were at the mercy of Mojo. [X-Men (2nd series) #164]

Mojo allowed Juggernaut and Nocturne to escape back to Earth as part of a trap to capture the X-Men. After trying to de-age the X-Men again, he and Spiral were stopped and sent to prison on Earth. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #460-461]


Heather Hudson of the Exiles contacted Mojo, looking to make a deal. She needed Longshot’s help and offered Mojo permission to record whatever he wanted in any of the alternate realities to which the Exiles had access. Mojo gladly accepted as he could be rid of Longshot and get an unlimited amount of new programming, with minimal effort. [Exiles (1st series #73-74)


The Scarlet Witch depowered mutants across the omniverse in an event that became known as M-day. On Earth 616, there were only around 200 mutants left, which caused the X-Men to look into how to reverse her actions. Beast contacted many heroes and villains, Mojo included, in the hopes ones of them might have the answer. Mojo sent Spiral to meet with him, where she informed him that he must look towards the mystical side of things if he had any hopes of solving the problem. [X-Men: Endangered Species]


When his writers went on strike, Mojo coerced Sunspot and Cannonball of the New Mutants to write for him instead. Travelling to Mojoworld, the two men did their best to create new shows for Mojo, impressing him so much that he asked them to help with his love life. [Astonishing Tales (2nd series) #1-6]

Not long after, Mojo’s production company was taken over by Mr. Veech, who imprisoned Mojo and created his own versions of the X-Babies. The original X-Babies fought back against Mr. Veech and eventually defeated him and the cheap, knock-off versions. [X-Babies #1-4]

Taking back his empire, Mojo kidnapped Wolverine a few times, even pairing him up with Spider-Man to get some killer ratings. [Wolverine: Development Hell, Spider-Man and Wolverine #1-6]

Mojo went on an enforced leave of absence due to stress, and so Major Domo created a robotic Mojo to take his place. When this version tried to make Groot and Rocket Raccoon stars, it was destroyed by the cosmic duo. [Annihilators: Earthfall #1-4]

Mojo lost control of his production company to the board of directors, who issued him with a deadly threat that, unless he improved programming, he would be terminated. Mojo kidnapped and brainwashed a number of Earth’s supernatural heroes, as well as the Avengers Unity Squad. Naturally, his plans fell apart and he was beaten, leaving his fate to the mercy of the board. [Uncanny Avengers (1st series) Annual #1]


With no place in his company for him, Mojo travelled to Earth and used his surveillance equipment to record all the mutants on Earth and sell the data to the highest bidder. X-Force tracked him down and put a stop to his plans, keeping him as their prisoner for a while. Mojo was either released or he escaped back to Mojoworld soon after. [X-Force (4th series) #7-13]

After working with he Exiles for a while, Longshot returned to Earth, free of Mojo’s influence. He eventually joined X-Factor Investigations, going his own way when the team disbanded. [X-Factor (3rd series)


Resuming his rightful place in his company again, Mojo kidnapped Spider-Man and some X-Students, forcing them to act in his shows. [Spider-Man and the X-Men #2-3]

Mojo returned to Earth shortly after and set up a secret base on the planet. Wanting to keep a domineering presence on his home planet, Mojo used state-of-the-art holograms that he could control from Earth, giving the impression he still lived and work on Mojoworld. Mojo wanted to take over Earth and so used a number of spires that enveloped the surrounding area in holographic scenarios, trapping numerous X-Men within. Broadcasting the events to the whole of the Earth and the Mojoverse, Mojo assaulted the X-Men with deadly events from their past. When Longshot intervened and teleported a team of X-Men to safety, they found themselves on Mojoworld. Taking the fight to Mojo’s offices, they fought his holographic replacement, whilst the real Mojo remained safely hidden on Earth. Magneto destroyed much of Mojo’s broadcasting infrastructure on Mojoworld with an EM pulse, forcing Mojo to give up his plan of taking over Earth. [Mojo Worldwide crossover]

Mojo eventually travelled back to Mojoworld and resumed his rule there, even going as far as bringing Spiral back to his side. Kidnapping Gambit and Rogue, Mojo intended to use the pair in a series of programs for his network but, when Rogue kept on accidentally killing Gambit, he had to change his plans. Sending Spiral to investigate, she betrayed Mojo and kidnapped the two X-Men for herself. Whilst she attempted to heal Rogue of her haywire powers, she sent Gambit across Mojoworld in search of a mysterious item belonging to Mojo. Gambit retrieved it and returned to Spiral, just as Mojo and his guards found them all. During the fight Spiral, revealed the item was a part of her soul that Mojo had stolen years before. Now that she was whole again, she fought against her slaver and the trio defeated him. [Mr. and Mrs. X #7-10]

Longshot, having stayed on Earth, came down with a mysterious illness that altered how his luck functioned. Atlas Bear, a woman who could see the future, foresaw that Longshot’s power troubles would be abused by Mojo, which would lead to the annihilation of Earth by the media tyrant. Wanting to kill Longshot, she was stopped by Domino, who sought a better way. Taking Longshot to planet Orphan in the Mojoverse, they broke into a high-tech hospital and cured his illness before anyone could take advantage of it. [Domino (3rd series) #9-10


The mutants of Earth set up home on the island of Krakoa, having mastered the ability to resurrect any fallen mutant. Using specially grown plants, mutants could travel through biological portals, travelling anywhere across the universe. A portal was set up on Mojoworld, allowing quick access to the planet, but only for mutants. [Powers of X #5]


The Mojoverse went through a rather drastic change in how the population viewed their broadcasting content. With the rise of mobile devices and apps, Mojo was forced to diversify into streaming content as anyone could now create their own broadcasts. Taking control of the networks, Mojo held on to his monopoly on the planet’s entertainment by letting the top streamers have access to his networks, for a price. Spiral, Shatterstar and Arize all became streaming icons, each offering a different type of content for their dedicated viewers. Whilst Arize and Spiral delighted in their freedom from Mojo, Shatterstar seemed to be in service to him, despite denying such allegations in front of the cameras.

Even getting on to Mojoworld now was difficult, as any visitor had to prove their broadcasting potential, with those deemed unworthy being turned away. Wind Dancer, a former student of the X-Men, made her way to Mojoworld and quickly became a streaming icon due to her association with the X-Men. Teaming up with Spiral’s streaming service, Wind Dancer became very successful but quickly regretted her association with Mojo as she realized she was now a prisoner. Unable to break her contract, she heard about Krakoa’s resurrection protocols and committed suicide in front of the cameras. Shatterstar heard about the situation and contacted X-Factor, who now operated out of Krakoa. The team travelled to Mojoworld, where they discovered a very different planet than when they saw it last. Discovering the Wind Dancer’s body was to be autopsied on livestream, X-Factor stole her body back and promised Shatterstar they would return to free him. [X-Factor (4th series) #2-3]

Just as she had hoped, Wind Dancer was resurrected on Krakoa, freeing herself from Mojo’s domination. X-Factor made good on their promise, and returned to Mojoworld a short time later, threatening Mojo if he ever messed with the mutants again. The team took Shatterstar back to Krakoa, where he assisted in freeing Siryn from a demonic spirit. [X-Factor (4th series) #6, 9]