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This is a list of all the recorded manifestations of Wanda’s power over the years, in all its different forms. Special thanks to the Marvel Chronology Project for the majority of the issue listings.

When her powers first manifested, Wanda's hex power only induced random probabilities - casting a hex could literally cause anything improbable to happen around her target, and she had no control over what that happenstance was, or even over if it would benefit or hurt her cause. She also suffered from several subconscious limitations on her ability. Wanda could only cast one or two hexes in rapid succession before she depleted her current energies. Attempting to cast a third hex in a short span of time would leave her exhausted, and might have caused Wanda to pass out before completing her hex. Also, her hex casting was tightly bound to her ability to gesture with both hands - a hex cast with only one hand would be only half as powerful.
"Strange is this mutant ability of the Scarlet Witch - strange and not a little unpredictable! All she can be certain of when she joins her hands together is that something will happen. The rest is up to her strength of will - and luck!” [narration box in Avengers (1st series) #126]

Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch • disrupts several forms of magic with a single hex blast
Avengers (1st series) #234 • snaps a tree branch with her hex power
Avengers (1st series) #182 • levitates a carriage for an extended period of time
Avengers (1st series) #234 • causes a cottage to catch on fire with an uncontrolled hex
X-Men (1st series) #4 • causes a pitcher of drink to tip over on Mastermind’s lap
• hexes the ceiling so that it collapses on top of Angel


X-Men (1st series) #5 • makes a bystander’s suitcase pop open, spilling the contents in Beast’s path to upset his footing
• short-circuits Magneto’s control panel
X-Men (1st series) #6 • creates a power surge that unleashes a burst of high-voltage electricity from nearby machinery
X-Men (1st series) #7 • induces a stack of boxes and barrels to topple onto her pursuers
• hexes the X-Men so that they accidentally collided with one another, giving Quicksilver time to break free of them
X-Men (1st series) #11 • knocks the Beast off-balance with her hex power
• then collapses the ceiling down on top of him
Marvel Heroes & Legends '97 • casts a hex that causes an avalanche to miraculously miss Pietro and her
• causes Avengers Mansion’s sprinklers to come on simultaneously
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (1st series) #8 • causes Hawkeye’s bowstring to snap
Thunderbolts (1st series) #9 • causes a fire hydrant to burst open
• casts a hex that throws an armored foe through a wall
• seems to cause a foe’s armor to fill with smoke
• causes the Radioactive man’s energies to shut down, rendering him unconscious
Avengers (1st series) #17 • uses her hex power to make a robot trip up, and tumble to the ground
• causes the Minotaur’s horns to stick firmly in a rock wall he head-butted
• casts aside a grouping of rocks which had fallen in the Avengers’ path
• makes the Mole Man’s machine explode from the inside out
Journey Into Mystery (1st series) #120 • gestures at a nearby glass, causing it to shatter
Avengers (1st series) #18 • jams the attacking soldiers’ guns
• makes a concealing drape combust, burning away
• destroys the machinery controlling the Commissar
Avengers (1st series) #19 • fires a hex beam that strikes the Swordsman so that his blade slips from his grasp, but also continue in its path to make Quicksilver lose his footing as well
• hexes a panel of machines behind Swordsman so they explode outwards at him
Avengers (1st series) #20 • as Captain America falls to his doom, she causes the holding rivets on a girder to fly out, dropping the metal beam beneath Cap to halt his fall
• causes Swordsman’s spinning blade to accidentally strike against a girder, temporarily stunning him with the vibrations
• creates an undeniable compulsion in the Swordsman, forcing him to run into a wall instead of the open door he was aiming for
• triggers the mansion’s automated sprinklers to dose a fire
Avengers (1st series) #21 • zaps Hawkeye with a hex bolt, flipping him off his feet
• strikes a building with her hex power, so that it collapses on a monster
Avengers (1st series) #22 • tangles the Clown’s feet in a rope
• causes a hose to douse Princess Python in a spray of water
• animates a set of drapes so they tangled up Power Man
Avengers (1st series) #23 • shatters the cage holding her prisoner
Avengers (1st series) #24 • collapses the ceiling on some of Kang’s troops
• casts her hex power against Kang’s troops, to unknown effect
Avengers (1st series) #25 • turns off the television with a wave of her hand
• shatters the lock of the Avengers’ cell
• assaults Doom’s plastithene dome, to no avail
• fires a hex at Doom, but he nullifies it
• sabotages Doom’s disintegrator so that it fails to operate
• zaps the control panel so the dome could not be re-closed
Avengers (1st series) #26 • causes a regiment of Attuma’s men to crash into each other
• burst the barrels of their guns, making them useless
• heats up Attuma’s sword, forcing him to drop it
• sends a pillar collapsing down on top of Attuma
Avengers (1st series) #27 • smashes open the floodgates with her hex power
• shattered a glass window in Attuma’s sub
• zaps Captain America free of his manacles
• immobilizes an Atlantean, making him unable to move
Avengers (1st series) #28 • causes the castle ceiling to collapse on the Beetle
• apparently clears a pile of rock behind the scenes to free the Avengers
• snaps the straps restraining Goliath
• shatters the vial holding the Wasp prisoner
Avengers (1st series) #37 • reduces Ixar’s speed of movement briefly with a hex bolt
• protects herself from Ixar’s power bolt by countering it with a hex
• overloads her opponent’s components, short-circuiting him
Avengers (1st series) #38 • blasts some machinery so that it breaks apart and explodes
Avengers (1st series) #39 • explodes some machines on the wall near her opponent
• fires again at her opponent, but a hex overload planned by the • Thinker causes a backlash, exploding a bank of machinery behind her
Avengers (1st series) #41 • forced Dragon Man’s tail to straighten, freeing Hawkeye

Avengers (1st series) #44 • brings a concrete wall down on her attackers
Avengers Annual #1 • opens up the ground beneath her opponents’ feet

• causes the structures around Enchantress to collapse on her
• hexes the flying projectiles sent her way, making them fly around her without striking
• causes additional structural damage to the city while battling the Enchantress
• casts an offensive hex in battle, to unknown effect

Avengers (1st series) #45 • causes a tree to topple over onto the Super-Adaptoid
• makes that same tree disintegrate as the Adaptoid lifts it as a weapon
Avengers (1st series) #47 • causes a chandelier to fall upon Magneto’s minion
Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #128 • casts a hex sphere around the Hulk, causing the helicopter he was holding to catch fire


Avengers (1st series) #77 • helps bring down a building by crumbling key cornerstones
• causes her attacker’s gun to disassemble itself in his hands
Avengers (1st series) #79 • collapses part of the ceiling on Swordsman’s head
Avengers (1st series) #81 • casts a hex sphere which causes van Lunt’s helicopter to explode and the dam it was on to begin cracking
Avengers (1st series) #83 • collapses a nearby tree on her opponent
• materializes a hex sphere around the Enchantress, reflecting her magical assault back upon her
Avengers (1st series) #84 • casts a hex sphere which is blocked by the Enchantress
Avengers (1st series) #85 • when the Avengers arrive from another dimension out of sync with space and time, she casts a hex that completes their journey,
• making them solid and in the right time (but the wrong Earth)
• strikes down Lady Lark with a hex sphere that reflects her hypersonic cry back on her
Avengers (1st series) #86 • prevents a rocket’s engines from properly firing
Avengers (1st series) #89 • fires a hex at Annihilus, but it proves totally ineffectual
Avengers (1st series) #90 • calls down the ceiling on top of a Kree Sentry
Avengers (1st series) #91 • forms a hex sphere around a Sentry’s head and a shattering rock thrown at it, causing the rock fragments to magnetize to each other and hold firmly around the android’s head
Avengers (1st series) #92 • fires at an anti-Avengers sign, causing it to disintegrate violently
Avengers (1st series) #93 • causes a water pipe to burst near the Skrullian Human Torch
Avengers (1st series) #94 • collapses a set of boulders onto her bestial attacker
Avengers (1st series) #97 • blasts a Skrull’s weapon with her hex, causing it to dismantle itself
Avengers (1st series) #98 • holds back a mesmerized mob with her hex bolts
• casts a hex sphere which captures Thor’s hammer aloft in midair
Avengers (1st series) #99 • dazzles an Olympian demi-god with flashes around his eyes
Avengers (1st series) #100 • fires a hex bolt at Ares’ henchmen
Avengers (1st series) #101 • casts a hex sphere around Leonard Tippit, causing his growing energies to feedback on him

Avengers (1st series) #104 • casts an aura around Number Two’s hands to prevent his firing his atomizer rays
Avengers (1st series) #105 • temporarily restores the blind giant Gaza’s sight
Avengers (1st series) #106 • uses a hex sphere to weaken the force of Iron Man’s repulsor rays
Avengers (1st series) #108 • fires a hex bolt to unknown but apparently useless effect
Avengers (1st series) #109 • casts a hex which topples the rocky terrain down on Champion’s henchmen
• triggers a landslide to uproot her opponents
Avengers (1st series) #111 • causes a large oak table to tear itself in two
• hexes the ceiling so that it caves in on Daredevil
Avengers (1st series) #112 • makes the sidewalk tear up underneath the rallyers’ feet
• knocks the Lion God back against the wall with a hex blast
Avengers (1st series) #113 • guides the explosion of the Living Bomb straight up, preventing it from doing any further harm
• casts a hex on a nearby wall, magnetizing it to draw the Living Bombs’ guns to it

Avengers (1st series) #114 • hex blasts a construction worker, knocking him into a hot dog stand
Avengers (1st series) #115 • weakens a force field with her hex sphere, but fails to break through it
Avengers (1st series) #118 • unleashes a hex bolt to “blast herself” safely over a pool of quicksand
• causes probabilities to go wild around the struggling Dormammu and Loki, triggering the Evil Eye to absorb the essence of Dormammu and his living energy, then release that energy at Loki, restoring his lost sight while driving him insane
Avengers (1st series) #119 • brushes off some overeager fans with an offensive hex blast
Avengers (1st series) #121 • destroys the Zodiac’s massive Star Blazer weapon
• collapses part of a warehouse on top of Zodiac members
Avengers (1st series) #122 • causes some wooden crates to burst, pummeling Zodiac
• forms a hex sphere into Taurus’ force field, allowing Iron Man to pass through the field unmolested
Avengers (1st series) #125 • uses her hex power to form a temporary gap in the Kree force field
• causes a balcony to collapse, disabling opponents on and below it
Avengers (1st series) #126 • revives a man’s health before he succumbed to a fatal solar blast [Note: This man was a disguised Klaw, and was never truly injured, so the actual effect of Wanda's hex is unclear.]
• attempts to disrupt Klaw’s solid sound bubble, but fails
Giant-Size Avengers #1 • fires a hex bolt at the Whizzer, and misses
• produces a hex sphere around Nuklo which drains him of his radioactive power

After training some with Agatha Harkness, Wanda learned some basic magical skills which also helped bolster her hex power considerably. Her previous limitations were now gone, and Wanda gained the ability to influence the outcome of her hexes to cause specific unlikely events to occur. This required concentration, however, and the more improbable an event the more time and focus she required to cast that specialized hex. Wanda could still cast off wild hexes to cause total random events, either intentionally or by accident if she was interrupted while casting a specialized hex before it was properly formed.

"Controlled instinctively, the way she learned growing up, the powers of the Scarlet Witch burst forth as raw spheres of probability alteration! But controlled consciously as the Witch of Whisper Hill taught her - her powers align themselves with the natural forces known to magick since the dawn of time!" [narration box in Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #10]

Avengers (1st series) #128 • causes the bed sheets to animate and attack Necrodamus
• dismantles a fireplace with her hex power, sending the bricks to strike her foe
• sends a picture frame flying off the wall and into Necrodamus
• shatters the soul-stealing box that Necrodamus wielded
Avengers (1st series) #129 • turns a hex sphere on one of Kang’s adaptive macrobots, making the effect to backlash and causing a hail of bricks to break loose from a nearby wall, knocking her, Mantis, and Agatha Harkness unconscious
Giant-Size Avengers #2 • draws molten lava up from beneath the street under her opponent
• summons a passing meteor from beyond Earth’s atmosphere to
• suddenly change direction and crash to the planet’s surface on top of her opponent
Avengers (1st series) #133 • animates a wooden chair into a walking automation

Avengers (1st series) #134 • uses her newfound witchcraft skills to sense Moondragon’s mental probe, avoid it, then assault the priestess with chunks of wood bursting forth from the floor and a curtain animated to wrap around and contain her
Giant-Size Avengers #4 • causes a nearby pool of molten lava to rise up and strike at the Vision
• shakes loose an enormous boulder to fall on her opponent
• taps into the Vision’s solar jewel, forcing it to expel all its energies, leaving him near lifeless
• frees Agatha Harkness from her mystical imprisonment
• causes molten lava to cool and condense into solid rock
Avengers (1st series) #140 • slows Yellowjacket’s out-of-control growth
Avengers (1st series) #141 • causes the ground beneath Lady Lark to burst, knocking her down
Avengers (1st series) #144 • partially collapses the metal columns holding up the walkway the Avengers are standing on, letting them “dodge” a guided missile
Avengers (1st series) #147 • causes Doctor Spectrum’s power prism to reflect its energy back at him
• triggers an explosion at the Vision’s feet
Avengers (1st series) #149 • causes an explosion that collapses a wall on RoXXon’s equipment
Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #41 • unleashes her hex power to splinter a solid wooden door
• blasts off an energy bolt which flies from Latveria to New York,
• tracks down Spider-Man, and teleports him on contact to her side
• fires a hex bolt which blasts a hole in the floor at Spider-Man’s feet
• shatters the castle’s ceiling so that it caves in on Spider-Man
Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #42 • casts a hex which summons a swarm of locusts to assail her attacker
• causes a wooden platform to collapse beneath her opponents
Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #43 • hexes a mystical tiger so that it reverts back to a regular housecat
• casts a plume of energy which temporarily holds the Dark Rider restrained
Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #44 • summons Moondragon through time and space from New York in the present to 1692 Massachusetts
• stuns the Dark Rider with an offensive hex bolt

Avengers (1st series) #152 • casts aside the bystanders blocking the sidewalk with a sudden hurricane force wind
• employs her magical skill to track the original location of dirt found in a crate
• feels a mystical barrier blocking her senses, then pinpoints a man involved in the ritual she felt from the dirt
• casts smoke and flame in order to spook a voodoo practitioner
• causes nearby vines and branches to snare her attackers
• proves immune to Black Talon’s incapacitating spell
• sends random pieces of wood flying at the Talon to stun him
Avengers (1st series) #153 • transfigures earth into water to cushion her fall
• triggers a seismic shockwave, flattening her opponents
Avengers Annual #6 • casts a hex sphere to blast her way through a wall
Avengers (1st series) #154 • shatters Tyrak’s exo-skeleton disguise
• animates a couch to hurl itself at the Atlantean
Avengers (1st series) #155 • causes debris to fly up and strike Tamara in the face
• deftly manipulates air currents to carry Cap’s shield across the room to him
Avengers (1st series) #156 • Collapses some machinery onto Atlantean barbarians
Avengers (1st series) #157 • creates a small upheaval in the street, knocking pedestrians out of the way of a speeding bus
Avengers (1st series) #158 • fired a hex at Graviton, which he blocks
Avengers (1st series) #160 • causes the pipe Grim Reaper is standing on to explode under pressure
Captain Marvel (1st series) #50 • casts a hex sphere to pummel the Super-Adaptoid with large amounts of debris
Avengers (1st series) #161 • short-circuits all of Ultron’s components at once
• collapses a wall on the robot’s head, and then the floor beneath his feet
Avengers (1st series) #164 • bursts a water main, causing it to spray over the Living Laser on the street above
• fires an offensive hex to knock the Lethal Legion off their feet
• sends a park bench flying through the air into Whirlwind
Avengers (1st series) #165 • causes a massive chunk of rock to break up from the ground and hurtle towards Count Nefaria
• brings an avalanche of debris uselessly down on top of Nefaria
• blasts a hole in the ground for the Avengers to hide in, avoiding a collapsing building
• sends a building crashing down on top of Nefaria
Avengers (1st series) #166 • creates a sudden flaring of pain in Nefaria’s body
Super-Villain Team-Up #14 • uses a hex bolt to tear up the floor of the Avengers’ meeting room
Avengers Annual #7 • uses her power offensively to blast one of Thanos’s alien minions
• destroys another alien’s ray weapon with a hex blast
Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 • fires another offensive hex blast at an alien foe
Avengers (1st series) #168 • launches a fallen chair between Iron Man and Captain America to break up a fight
Ms. Marvel (1st series) #18 • deflects an energy blast from the Centurion armor
Avengers (1st series) #170 • animates a tree branch to wrap around and restrain Jocasta


Avengers (1st series) #171 • hexes Ultron and his mechanics, causing massive short-circuits and disrupting his molecular rearranger, causing his adamantium casing to crack
Avengers (1st series) #172 • causes Tyrak to experience a burst of nausea and vertigo
Avengers Annual #8 • sends a pile of wooden barrels flying towards the Whizzer
Avengers (1st series) #179 • casts furniture at high speeds to strike Bloodhawk
Avengers (1st series) #185 • blasts one of the High Evolutionary’s drones with her hexes, causing it to explode
Avengers (1st series) #186


• exploits her hex power to undo Modred’s binding spelluses hex • blasts to deflect Modred’s mystical bolts
• reconfigures her hex into a sphere for further protection against his attacks
• while under the possession of Chthon, she exhibits thought casting power, the ability to summon lightning bolts, animate wood and trees to attack, fire mystical force bolts, and create a massive storm casting down torrential rain, hailstones, and more lightning bolts on her victims
Avengers (1st series) #187 • still under Chthon’s control, casts mystical force bolts and creates sheaths of energy which immobilize the Avengers and move them about under her direction
• once free, she topples a large portion of Wundagore Mountain down onto Chthon’s physical host
Avengers (1st series) #188 • triggers sudden and random convulsions in the Beast’s body
• reverses the flow of chlorine gas long enough for the Avengers to retreat
• fired an offensive hex blast which knocks a group of Russian soldiers to the ground
• casts a hex to levitate the Falcon into the air
Avengers Annual #9 • casts a hex which staggers the robot called Arsenal and forces it to drop Captain America
Avengers (1st series) #190 • activates the Grey Gargoyle’s armored rocket pack, sending him careening into the waiting fists of Vision and Iron Man
Avengers (1st series) #191 • reversed the Grey Gargoyle’s power, turning him back into flesh and blood
Marvel Two-in-One #66 • fires a hex blast that dispersed an ectoplasmic opponent created by the Serpent Crown
Avengers (1st series) #200 • causes a charging knight’s lance to coil like a snake and wrap around his helmet
Avengers (1st series) #204 • reverses the flight of two explosive projectiles, causing them to destroy her robot attacker instead
Avengers (1st series) #205 • causes a stalactite to shake loose and fall on Compressor
• projects a hex sphere to protect the Avengers from an explosion and cave-in
Avengers (1st series) #206 • produces a series of waterspouts by upsetting water mains underneath the building
Avengers (1st series) #207 • causes a pair of animated flying boulders to crash into each other instead of an Avenger
• fires a hex blast to topple a marble pillar
Avengers (1st series) #208 • seals a fresh grave by collapsing the earth in on it
• collapses a pair of support columns onto the Berserker
Avengers (1st series) #209 • summons a freak lightning bolt out of the sky
• collapses the ground underneath Devlunn’s zombie horde
• spontaneously combusts the Skrull’s blaster rifle
Avengers Annual #10 • causes a gas main to explode under her opponents’ feet
• fires off a rapid stream of hexes which combine to ultimately transform a giant fire creature under Pyro’s command into inanimate stone
• uses a hex sphere to free Beast from a window opening he was lodged in
• transmutes rock and earth debris into loose dust and powder

Avengers (1st series) #210 • diverts two twisters into one another, dispersing both
• casts an offensive hex against the Weatherman
Defenders (1st series) #112 • alters the trajectory of Bruce Banner’s fall, sending him into Gargoyle’s arms
Defenders (1st series) #113 • fired an offensive hex bolt that barreled over Arcanna
Defenders (1st series) #114 • combined her power with Dr. Strange, Arcanna, and a telepathic entity in order to form an impervious mystical barrier
Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7 • fires a hex bolt at a teleporting alien, but misses him
Marvel Two-in-One #96 • seen from a distance firing a small bolt at Screaming Mimi, apparently stunning her
Vision & Scarlet Witch (1st series) #1 • raises the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of their house from the ground with a single gesture and levitates it into the garbage
• summons a hex to protect herself from a druidic barrage of locusts and lizards
• casts a hex which has no effect on Samhain
• uses mutant power and magic in combination to cast the Druid Tome into a nearby fireplace
Vision & Scarlet Witch (1st series) #2 • casts a pair of hexes that rupture power cables that were siphoning energy from her “brother” Nuklo into Isbisa’s power suit
• causes Isbisa’s power suit to burst open
Vision & Scarlet Witch (1st series) #4 • transforms a magnetized barrier composed of metal shards into a field made of harmless flowers
• casts a hex at Magneto that causes him physical pain

Marvel Team-Up Annual #5 • strikes Quasar with hex bolts that knocks him backwards, possibly by causing his quantum bands to backlash against him in some way
• constructs a hex sphere which shielded her against Quasar’s quantum blasts
Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #125 • makes a nearby water tower burst open and spill over a creature on the street below
• causes a nearby broken billboard to suddenly be caught by a strong wind and fly in-between Doctor Strange and a creature at just the right moment to shield him from a fiery blast
• causes bushes of flowers to either materialize or grow into place on Strange’s rear patio
Marvel Fanfare (1st series) #6 • fires hex bolt at Xandu’s mystic projection with no effect
• while possessed by Xandu, she fires a hex bolt that staggers Spider-Man, forces the water under Spider-Man to rise in a forceful wave, casts a hex that disintegrates Spider-Man’s webbing and animates vines to animate to strangle Spider-Man
Marvel Fanfare (1st series) #58 • creates a hex-like glow around her hands to illuminate her way
• casts a hex that calls forth a strong wind and bends flames to encircle a demonic serpent
Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #130 • fires an ineffective hex blast against an illusion cast by Necrodamus
• traces Necrodamus’ mystical energy through magic, not her hex power
• projects a hex bolt which burst a water main under the street right at her opponent’s feet, blasting water and concrete over them
• causes a piece of debris to suddenly fly off the ground and strike her target in the face
• casts a hex bolt intending to permanently disable the internal systems of a possessed Vision, but mentally checks herself at the last moment so that her husband’s body survives and his “soul” becomes strong enough to cast out his mystical possessor
Avengers Annual #12 • deflecty earth and rock directed at her by Crystal
Defenders (1st series) #123 • fires a hex bolt which makes Iceman’s ice slide unstable, causing it to crack in half
• casts a stream of “seething mystical energies” which turn Cloud back into her human state and render her unconscious
Power Man & Iron Fist (1st series) #102 • casts a spell of concealment which slightly alters her appearance
• fires a hex bolt which drops her opponent to the floor
• deflects a mystical attack
• stuns a foe into unconsciousness
• forms a hex which allows her to carry two talisman without touching them
Avengers (1st series) #233 • casts a hex against the null barrier, to no effect
Avengers (1st series) #234 • sends She-Hulk flying with a hex blast
Avengers (1st series) #235 • causes feedback through the energy field the Wizard is affecting her with, triggering an electrical discharge from his control panel
• disrupts the Wizard’s anti-gravity disk, causing him to lose control in mid-air and crash
Avengers (1st series) #237 • confronted by an electrified Darkforce barrier created by Electro and Blackout, she casts a hex sphere which dissolves the Darkforce while reflecting the electrical charge back at Electro
• hexes Electro so that the carbon dioxide in the room gathers around his head, temporarily cutting off his oxygen to make him pass out
Avengers (1st series) #238 • triggers the automated sprinkler system over a man’s head
• causes a solid Darkforce barrier to dissolve into running tar-like matter
Avengers (1st series) #241 • shatters the mystical tendrils produced by Morgan le Fey
• knocks Morgan off of her feet
• triggers seismic disruptions in Morgan’s inanimately formed body
Avengers (1st series) #243 • casts a sustained hex sphere to pull all the oxygen out of a burning building, keeping it from maintaining combustion
Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #300 • explodes a set of water mains and electrical cables underneath the street Hulk was standing on, electrocuting him
Avengers (1st series) #244 • causes a thrown bomb to veer up at a right angle and explode harmlessly in the air
• creates a hex sphere which reverts four Dire Wraiths to their true form
Avengers (1st series) #245 • blasts a reinforced metal door into a room with great force
• starts a series of seismic tremors that rock a Wraith off its feet
Avengers (1st series) #248 • works a hex to lower the Uni-Mind to the ground while simultaneously breaking it up into the individual Eternals again
• triggers an earthquake raging directly under Maelstrom
• makes Maelstrom’s knees buckle out from under him
Avengers (1st series) #249 • casts a rapid series of hexes against the invaders, robbing them of oxygen, causing shockwaves to knock them off their feet, and making their armor twist and turn against them
Thor (1st series) #353 • casts a hex to hold back the demon hordes
Avengers (1st series) #250 • creates a zone of calm air to oppose Helio’s wind powers
• attempts to disrupt one of Maelstrom’s force fields, to no avail
• summons a hex sphere which exponentially increased the power of the machines feeding Maelstorm energy, ultimately overloading him and the machines
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #191 • while her powers are enhanced by Kulan Gath, she conjures the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to bind Colossus, holds Wasp and Starfox in a spellbound state and casts a spell that transforms multiple foes into stone
Avengers (1st series) #252 • causes an electrical cable to snap and pump raw energy into one of the Blood Brothers
• collapses the ceiling to cut off the Brothers’ escape
• banishes all oxygen from the vicinity of a Blood Brother, almost causing him to pass out
Avengers (1st series) #253 • clears the rubble she had caused earlier to block the military base’s exit
Avengers (1st series) #254 • uses a hex to unlock and open a door with a gesture
• reverses the flow of energy in a machine’s systems
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #1 • casts a hex that opens a fortified door with high level access codes required to  unlock it
• knocks a guard off his feet.
• casts a series of hexes that cause cameras and other equipment to spontaneously explode
• causes the Guardsman armor to overload its systems
• casts a hex that causes a door composed of omnium steel to rust and collapse in upon itself in a matter of seconds
• delivers an electric shock to a zombie
• a minor hex that loosens the bindings on her fingers
• casts a hex that throws Nekra against a wall
• several more hexes appear to strike with what appears to be an electrical impact
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #2 • moves a Quinjet seat to block a rupture in the hole and reinforces it to withstand the pressure
• casts a hex that allows the Vision to phase his arm inside Ultron’s shielded chest
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #3 • causes Reptilla to get tangled in her own snake-like arms
• blocks Thornn’s spikes, causing them to explode in midair
• casts a hex that turns Hydron’s water spout into flames
• a stray hex that was disrupted before being released causes a tremors as she falls to the ground
• uses her hex power combined with magical disciplines to harness the mystic energy of Salem’s Seven, channeling it to become “pregnant” [Note: This pregnancy was later revealed to be a manifestation of her reality-warping abilities, using the shattered soul of Mephisto to provide a lifeforce for the twin boys she created with her power.]
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #4 • throws her attackers away from her and then levitates them into nearby trees
• casts a hex that bends the branches of a tree to the ground so those trapped in them can exit safely
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #5 • casts a hex to strengthen her communication with Agatha Harkness who resides in the realm of the dead, and to open a portal between the earthly realm and the afterlife
• drives back the hungry spirits of Salem’s Seven and other “ghosts” present with several hexes
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #8 • casts several hexes that physically repel the inter-dimensional beings hounding her
• transforms a normal snowstorm into a hurricane
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #9 • summons a person from a crowded street who had seen the Vision pass
• causes the river to surge into a wave and splash the Enchantress
• casts a hex that blocks the Enchantress’ spells and drives her back
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #10 • aligns her hex powers with natural forces to enter Crystal’s subconscious mindscape
• uses her hex powers to bolster Crystal’s spirit allowing her to overcome the accumulated toxin in her system that caused a deep state of catatonia
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #11 • turns her staircase into a slide
• casts a hex that partially disable the Toad’s armor
Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #12 • gives birth to her “children”, William and Thomas
Marvel Super-Heroes (3rd series) #10 • hex energy creates an aura of awe that causes onlookers to examine their beliefs and connect with their sense of innate decency
• causes walking dead to disintegrate with hex bolts
• a display of hex energies causes a distant tree branch to fall off, blocking the movement of an angry crowd
• creates a wind that sweeps away angry spirits and transforms into a whirlwind that gathers them in one spot to be dealt with
West Coast Avengers Annual #1 • creates a holographic ruby with images of her infant sons
Solo Avengers #5 • conjures a threatening hex but does not unleash it
• stops machine gun fire in midair
• causes the gun to backfire
• creates a large explosion of hex energy
Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #60 • causes a lit cigarette to flare into a full flame
• causes a bouquet of flowers to appear out of thin air

Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #61 • while trapped in the body of a distant ancestor, she unleashes a surge of hex energy
Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #62 • causes a foe to burst into flame
• draws water up from an underground river and causes it to erupt in large geisers to douse a fire
Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #63 • casts various hexes while in a “spirit form” that causes a telephone and other small objects to explode and a book to catch fire
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #34 • casts hex bubbles which cause a giant insect to collapse, crushing the smaller attacking insects underneath
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #35 • weakens the structure of a wall and aids the Vision in crashing through it
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #36 • prepares to cast a hex but is disrupted in her attempt by a gas attack
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #37 • a hex blast is diverted and strikes the Vision causing him to fall from sky
• renders the villain called the Voice incapable of speaking
West Coast Avengers Annual #3 • hexes one Sensor’s noxious, masking cloud to flow off of them and fall upon another, blinding and disorienting them
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #39 • casts hex bubbles that allow her to hover in midair
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #40 • casts a single hex that causes gravity to alter, allowing Hawkeye to float safely to the ground while forcing his airborne opponent, Gypsy Moth, to plummet to the ground with enhanced gravitational force
• uses a hex sphere to try and disrupt the Brothers Grimm’s “magic beans” with no effect
• causes the Brothers Grimm’s magic straw to animate and grapple them

"She is a nexus - one of those rare beings or objects that belong equally to all possible timelines - all potential realities! Her mutant hex power, I long ago realized, would enable me to protect and control the centuries under my dominion." [Immortus in Avengers West Coast #62]

For a period of time, Immortus took advantage of Wanda's status as the Nexus being of the main reality, Earth 616, and began storing large amounts of  extra-dimensional energy within her. This slowly mutated Wanda's power, altering her hexes so that they now caused a retroactive transformation in the timeline in order to make their changes. This greatly enhanced her power and range, destroying entire buildings, collapsing cliffsides, etc.

West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #42 • causes Hawkeye’s arrow to lose all momentum and fall harmlessly to the ground
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #43 • casts a hex that causes all of the bullets in a machine gun to turn out to be duds
Avengers West Coast #56 • hex power causes a pre-tested and flawless titanium steel bar to shatter; when comparing the diagnostics of the bar with those taken prior to the hex, Doctor Pym surmises that Wanda’s power created a retroactive flaw that even affected his recordings of the bar taken earlier indicating that Wanda’s power had reached back in time to create the flaw necessary to shatter the bar
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #44 • casts a single hex that causes every material in a large building to reach its point of maximum fatigue simultaneously, resulting in the complete collapse of the building
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #45 • causes an entire cliffside to crumble atop Wonder Man with a single gesture

Avengers West Coast #48 • collapses a damaged wall with sufficient force to knock both Captain America and the She-Hulk unconscious
Avengers West Coast #50 • re-ignites the dormant form of the original Human Torch after years of inactivity
Avengers West Coast #51 • casts a hex that drives Master Pandemonium back
• causes a thick door to crumble under its own weight
Avengers West Coast #52 • uses generic hex bolts in battle against Pandemonium
Marvel Super-Heroes (3rd series) #9 • casts a hex to stop Cupid’s arrow and fails
• Conjures a hex combined with magic that causes Cupid’s bow and arrows to twist in his hands and bind him
• causes an Olympian weapon to crumple in its wielder’s hands
• creates a hex field that holds an approaching contingent of
• Olympian soldiers at bay momentarily
Avengers Annual #18 • hex blasts a pair of Atlantean sky-craft, apparently forcing them to crash into one another
• causes a sky-craft’s metal hull to buckle and bend in the center
Avengers West Coast Annual #4 • forced to enable Set’s resurrection by making an inadequate source of life-energy fed into a spell miraculously become adequate for the job
Avengers West Coast #53 • casts a hex on a fiery explosion that causes all of the atoms that support combustion to exit, dousing the flames, as such causing the U-Foe Vapor (the source of the blaze) to revert to human form
Avengers (1st series) #312 • collapses the ground underneath Avalanche’s feet
• causes the ground to shake and manhole covers to explode upwards around her opponent
Avengers West Coast #56 • holds Wonder Man, Wasp, USAgent and Agatha Harkness immobile and floating a few inches off the ground
• claims that Wonder Man died in an explosion in space but to have reshaped reality to undo these events and craft a reality in which they did not occur
• with her hand encircled by hex energies, Wanda rakes her nails down Wonder Man’s chest, enabling her to scratch his impenetrable skin
Avengers West Coast #57 • causes system failure in all of Iron Man’s automatic systems• casts a hex that instantaneously deactivates the android Human Torch
Avengers West Coast #60 • collapses the floor beneath Quicksilver

After Immortus’ schemes were revealed and Wanda expunged herself of the built up Nexus energy, she was left powerless for a short while, until her abilities returned, reverted to what they were before Immortus manipulated her.




Avengers West Coast #67 • casts a hex that breaks Ultron’s mental control over Quicksilver, Tigra and Hawkeye
Avengers West Coast #68 • causes a huge apparatus to topple over
• casts a hex that causes a robot to topple over
Excalibur (1st series) #38 • uses her hex power to close inter-dimensional portals
• drives back a group of demons
• uses her magic to detect several other inter-dimensional portals
• deflects a demon’s arcane energy blast
• casts a hex that causes a demon’s elastic body to snap like a rubber band
Excalibur (1st series) #39 • causes a demon mimicking Spider-Man to misfire his webs onto his allies
Infinity Gauntlet #4 • futilely casts her hex power against Thanos, to no effect
Avengers West Coast #70 • makes the ground under a foe become suddenly slippery
Avengers West Coast #73 • causes several guns to simultaneously fall apart in their owners’ hands
• prepares a hex to try to repair damage done to Dr. Demonicus’ under sea base but is subdued before it can be cast
Avengers West Coast #74 • shuts down Demonicus’ power backup device
• causes an opponent to lose their footing and slip
• casts a hex that negates an energy field projected by a foe
Avengers West Coast Annual #6 • causes a pit to open up in the cave floor beneath her opponent
• turns an energy field into brittle crystal so that the Avengers can shatter it
Avengers West Coast #75 • casts a hex that causes Mr. Fantastic’s arm to fall limply to the ground
• immobilizes two advancing soldiers
Wonder Man (1st series) #2 • casts a hex which splits a falling branch in two, causing it to avoid hitting her
• brings Wonder Man’s magically repressed personality to the fore
Avengers West Coast #77 • casts a hex intended to disrupt a warphole that misses its target and causes a movie set to collapse instead
Avengers West Coast #79 • changes the way in which Tatterdamallion’s enchanted scarf and Gypsy Moth’s powers interact causing them to cancel each other out
• summons Dr. Strange from a distant dimension
• uses her hex power to bolster Dr. Strange’s spell which retrieves the Night Shift’s stolen souls and returns them to their proper hosts
Avengers West Coast #80 • enables Iron Man to hit a weak spot in the Kree Sentry’s armored shell
• casts a hex that aids in tripping the Sentry as it advances on the Avengers
Thor (1st series) 446 • causes an enemy’s weapon to malfunction and explode
Avengers West Coast #82 • causes the Imperial Guardsmen Titan to shrink down from giant-size to well past his normal height to only a few inches tall
Infinity War #3 • works with a group of mystics to transport Earth’s heroes across the galaxy to specific coordinates
Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #46 • employs a non-hex based magic burst to repel demons
Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #47 • aids Shaman and Dr. Druid in holding a group of demons in a containment sphere, presumably with magic
Avengers West Coast #85 • causes the floor to cave in beneath a foe
Avengers West Coast #86 • disrupts Antro’s “trap-door” teleportation devices causing the members of Deathweb to materialize at a point of her choosing
Avengers West Coast Annual #7 • alters the odds of a series of projectiles losing their momentum in mid-flight
• hex blasts the skeet projector so it explodes
• causes a pair of guided missiles to veer off course and miss her
• accidentally opens a view portal into a parallel reality
• hex blasts the assembly line carrying the Iron Monger armor, tearing it apart
• fires a hex bolt that explodes a pair of Mandroid Mek-Men
Avengers West Coast #87 • casts a focused hex to create a powerful electromagnetic charge in a specified area of a lake causing USAgent’s unconscious form which is bound by heavy metal coils to rise to the surface
Avengers West Coast #88 • casts a hex which neutralizes the mental powers of the Russian superhuman called Mikula
• causes a powerful crystal with cold-generating properties to cease functioning
Avengers West Coast #90 • causes one of Ultron’s robots to spontaneously disassemble
Avengers West Coast #94 • casts an unseen hex that somehow takes down Cybertooth
• cancels out Irezumi’s power to neutralize the powers of those acting directly against him
Avengers West Coast #95 • causes Goliath to shrink from giant-size to ant-size

Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sin #7 • bursts an ectoplasmic fighter plane into loose glop
• splatters another plane, but this time accidentally enables it to reform into a creature from Chthon’s demonic dimension
Secret Defenders #6 • causes a lightning bolt to strike and shatter a tree just before Captain America would have smashed into it
• makes a tree branch collapse on some crazed inmates
• switches to mystical spell-casting upon finding that her non-magical hex bolts cause her demon opponents to multiply
Secret Defenders #7 • casts a few generic spells as offensive blasts
Avengers West Coast #96 • triggers Goliath’s growing power and renders him incapable of controlling it
• levitates a man and tosses him into a swimming pool
Infinity Crusade #5 • hexes a tree to topple over onto Iceman
Avengers West Coast #99 • causes a door to crumple in on itself and then fall on an unsuspecting foe
• causes a rope around Hawkeye’s neck to suddenly snap
Avengers West Coast #100

• casts a spell from a spellbook of Agatha Harkness’ that transports the team to Satannish’s realm
• opens a portal between Satannish’s realm and Mephisto’s
• casts a hex enabling her to find Agatha’s spellbook which is lost between demonic realms
• casts a hex-aided spell that returns the Avengers to Earth

X-Men (2nd series) #26 • fires a hex bolt, apparently causing a small explosion as a result
Avengers West Coast #101 • causes a gas main to explode, separating two mobs
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #307 • uses a hex bolt to reflect Jean Grey’s psychic probe back at her, creating a painful feedback
• fires a hex that Quicksilver harmlessly blocks with his body
Scarlet Witch (1st series) #1 • triggers a crystal ball allowing direct communication with her mentor, Agatha Harkness
• surrounds her fist in hex energy which allows her to punch through a thick piece of wood with a single strike
• transmutes War Machine’s armor into pure iron• casts a hex around her hand to provide illumination
Scarlet Witch (1st series) #2 • casts beams of hex energy that sear through demon flesh
• causes a bookcase to topple over onto her foe
• ignites the air around her hand into a cold flame
• causes candles to spontaneously light themselves
Scarlet Witch (1st series) #3 • surrounds her fist with hex energy to increase the strength of her blows
• causes several oak seedlings to spontaneously grow to the size they might be in hundreds of year resulting in each bursting through the ground with explosive force
• casts a hex that causes falling debris to miss her entirely while striking her pursuer
• calls up roots to animate and trip her pursuers
• causes Spider-Woman’s webs to entangle her
• casts a hex bolt that strikes with pure force
Scarlet Witch (1st series) #4 • negates the impossibility of two “nexus beings” physically coexisting on the same plane of existence and grants a physical form to her foe
• encircles her fists in hex energy as she fights
• unleashes a huge burst of hex energy that frees spirits ensorcelled by Lore’s necromancy
• blocks Lore’s mystic attacks
Force Works #1 • causes dozens of Kree soldiers’ power-packs to spontaneously combust
Force Works #2 • casts a hex bolt that physically knocks back the Scatter attacking her and causes its chest to erupt with arcing energy
• aids in cutting a path through the crowd of Scatter attacking the Force Works team.
Force Works #3 • uses her hex powers to interact with dataflow from Force Works’ “Chaos Computer” to exponentially increase its ability to predict where trouble will strike next
• casts a hex bolt at a foe that appears to hit with physical force
• overrides the navigation system in the Scatter’s spacecraft and sends them to an alternate destination
Force Works #4 • casts hexes during a training sequence that appear to be bolts of pure energy or force
• uses her hex powers to interact with dataflow from Force Works’ “Chaos Computer”
• creates a barricade out of debris to shield her from attack
Force Works #5 • creates a field of hex energy around her teammate, Century that interacts with his teleportational powers to track where a mystical foe has fled to
Force Works #6 • casts hex spheres around her hands that allow her to slow her fall from a great height in order to land unharmed
• casts an unfocused hex that somehow subdues her elemental foe, Deluge
Force Works #7 • slows her fall as she crashes through a skylight
• causes a “blitz-storm” of flagstones from the building they are in to forcefully fall upon the Mandarin
• counters the Mandarin’s beam of white light with an explosion of local darkness
• sheathes herself in a hex-field that detonates the Mandarin’s impact-beam pulses before they can harm her
• casts a powerful wave of hex energy that causes the Mandarin’s rings to fire upon their master
Iron Man (1st series) #312 • encases an opponent in binding strands, either materialized or culled from the surroundings
Midnight Sons Unlimited #8 • performs a “hex dance” which gathers her energy and releases it to dismantle and shred the surrounding machinery of her location
• fires a hex bolt which knocks her opponent off his feet
Force Works #9 • casts a hex that strikes as a focused attack of what appears to be electricity
• casts a hex which strikes as a “hammer blow of raw energy”
Force Works #12 • casts a hex bolt that appears to strike as pure energy
Force Works #14 • causes a Kree blaster rifle to misfirecasts a specific and focused hex that causes the Recorder’s body to rapidly break down as if it had endured five thousand years of “wear and tear” over a period of a mere five seconds
Avengers: Crossing • blasts a Crossing trooper with a hex bolt to “immobilize” him
Force Works #20 • causes some solid holographic projections to temporarily discorporate
• scrambles the Force Works HQ’s computer systems and resets them
Avengers (1st series) #398 • fires a hex at a rogue Vision to “keep his mainframe occupied”, but the actual result is unclear
Avengers (1st series) #400 • causes the Black Knight to suffer vertigo, toppling him from his winged horse
• directs a hex against animated adamantium statues, hoping to disintegrate them but instead liquefies them into a still advancing wave
• continues to direct hex energy against the adamantium wave, turning it back upon Loki himself with the help of her teammates, immobilizing him in an adamantium shell
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #335 • triggers a series of shockwaves through the ground which knocks Bishop off his feet
Avengers (1st series) #401 • causes a geyser of water to blast up through a pier, separating Joseph and Pietro
Avengers (1st series) #402 • redirects the path of an object in flight to carry it to her
• blasts Post with an offensive hex blast
• shoots Holocaust with an offensive hex blast
Onslaught: Marvel Universe • subconsciously casts a hex which allows her to enter Onslaught’s vulnerable psionic form without providing the villain with more energy, as other mutants would have

After being used as a conduit for tremendous amounts of magical energy, Wanda was given a new explanation for her powers, this time couched in the idea that she could naturally manipulate a certain kind of mystical energy called "chaos magic". This natural magical power was the result of Chthon's influence at her birth -- otherwise, she would have been born as a more traditional energy-manipulating mutant. Her hex bolts were therefore a form of chaos "grenades". As Agatha Harkness explained it, chaos magic was a form of natural magic, giving Wanda a connection to the natural order of things and energy fields of an elemental or electromagnetic nature. Her powers also became a natural counter against other forms of magic, and could be used easily to restore the natural order of things: fighting spells, undoing mind control, reducing synthetic materals to natural elements, etc.

”What you did not know, however, is that but for Chthon, you would have been merely an energy-wielding mutant, like your father. Instead, though, you were linked to Chthon’s power - to the volatile chaos-magick that lies at his essence. It was this energy - this mystic energy - that you wielded… Probability ruptures, temporal shifts, sudden gusts of physical force - your “hexes” brought disasters on your foes.“ [Agatha Harkness in Avengers (3rd series) #10]

Avengers (3rd series) #1 • casts an offensive hex against a flying troll
• cancels out Morgan le Fey’s wind spell, calming the air
• is used as a living conduit, allowing le Fey to wield Asgardian power with her Celtic magicks
Avengers (3rd series) #2 • produces a psychic prod for Avengers to Assemble, shaking free Captain America from Morgan’s hold and reanimating the deceased energy being, Wonder Man
Avengers (3rd series) #3 • strikes out at Morgan with hex blasts woven with the sorceress’s own magicks
• summons Wonder Man
• feeds Wonder Man additional power to combat Morgan by drawing strength from the union of her fellow Avengers
Thunderbolts (1st series) #12 • shuts down MACH-1’s armor
• scrambles the robotic Techno’s electronic "brain"
Quicksilver #4 • knocks Quicksilver down with a mild hex
Quicksilver #5 • casts a hex sphere to protect herself and Lockjaw from debris
• redirects some of that same debris to knock out a crazed Medusa
Quicksilver #6 • forms a hex sphere which absorbs the full destructive power of Black Bolt’s scream into itself
Captain America (3rd series) #5 • casts a hex that apparently gathers and contains a large collection of Hydra agents inside an energy field
Captain America (3rd series) #7 • creates a lightshow of fireworks with her hex power, scaring off a mob
Thor (2nd series) #1 • forms a protective aura around the Avengers and the civilians being led to safety, shielding them from attack
• casts a second aura to shield those present from the massive storm Thor summons against the Destroyer
Thor (2nd series) #2 • preserves a small portion of Thor’s life essence on Earth, preventing Hela from fully claiming his soul and allowing him to be resuscitated
Avengers (3rd series) #5 • works a hex in order to keep a floundering jet from sinking any further
• deflects Moonglow’s mystical assaults
• summons Wonder Man
• disrupts the mechanisms of Skylark’s wings to make her fall
Avengers (3rd series) #6 • summons Wonder Man
• deflects Moonglow’s magical firepower
• senses the “corruption” power controlling the Squadron and disrupts it, bringing them out of their subverted state
Quicksilver #10 • casts a hex sphere to protect Hawkeye, Lockjaw, and herself, deflecting Kree weapon fire before it reaches them
• summons Wonder Man
• sustains atmosphere inside the moon base after a hole is blown in it
Avengers (3rd series) #7 • subconsciously summons Wonder Man
• blasts ineffectually at the Kree “cone of invulnerability”
Avengers Annual '98 • casts a hex disk as a protective shield in front of her
• summons Wonder Man
Avengers (3rd series) #8 • induces technological malfunctions in the armor of Moses Magnum’s goons
• subconsciously summons Wonder Man
Avengers (3rd series) #9 • uses a hex to blow out the enemy’s communication system
• blocks a pair of armored merc’s blasts back at them
• strips Moses Magnum of his power by blocking his connection to natural earth energies
• “summons” Wonder Man while unconscious
Iron Man (3rd series) #10 • summoned Wonder Man
Avengers (3rd series) #11 • frees the unliving Avengers from the Reaper’s control
• frays the ropes holding her to a chair, allowing her to break free
• forces her love for Wonder Man in order to bring him fully back to life
Avengers (3rd series) #12 • uses her power to detect natural phenomena to hone in on an underground river
Avengers Annual '99 • protects a group of civilians by altering the probability that all the falling debris would miss them
Avengers (3rd series) #13 • practices self-levitation in the lotus positioncauses Lord
• Templar’s own power to feedback on him, causing tremendous pain
Avengers (3rd series) #14 • tosses a few “chaos-grenades” at Pagan, to no effect
• senses an energy field around Pagan
Avengers (3rd series) #15 • attempts to drain Pagan of chaos-magick in his system
Thunderbolts (1st series) #25 • uses her hex power to try and detect mystic energies in an unnatural storm
Black Panther (3rd series) #8 • casts a hex that causes the ionized gas in Iron Man’s bootjets to reverse polarity somehow causing the support beams in the subway underneath them to buckle
Avengers (3rd series) #16 • gathers her energies to prevent the Wrecking Crew from teleporting away, but accidentally casts them across dimensions to Polemachus
Avengers (3rd series) #0 Wizard Special • directs her hex power against Firebrand, attempting to suborn and turn his energies against him
Avengers (3rd series) #19 • turns Alkema-2’s own molecular rearranger against her, twisting around her mechanical insides to cause intense pain and incapacitation
Avengers (3rd series) #20 • assaults the Ultron horde’s rearrangers, causing them to meltdown and explode from the inside out
Avengers (3rd series) #22 • casts a poorly controlled hex against Ultron, accidentally boosting his power levels beyond maximum capacity to make him dramatically more powerful instead of harming him as she intended
Incredible Hulk (3rd series) #7 • senses the presence of ambient psychic radiation produced by a plant collective
• fires an offensive hex blast that seems to explode against the Hulk’s skin
• accidentally causes a monstrous giant plant to uproot itself beneath the Hulk and begin moving towards human settlements
• projects hex beams which part the plant’s loose mass to allow the Avengers access to the other side
Galactus: The Devourer #1 • disables a gas leak in a collapsing building
Galactus: The Devourer #3 • utilizes her hex power to funnel Galactus’ dissipating energies out into space and away from Earth
• reflects the power from Galactus’ energy siphons back at his ship
Galactus: The Devourer #6 • probes Galactus’ force field to pinpoint and heighten a weak spot in it
• formed a “zone of vulnerability” in Galactus’ defenses
Avengers / Fantastic Four: Domination Factor #1.2 • unsnares Captain America from a slew of animated wooden tendrils
Avengers / Fantastic Four: Domination Factor #4.8 • uses Thor’s helmet as a conduit for his astral essence, summoning him back from temporary death by placing his consciousness in a wooden construct
Thor (2nd series) #18 • taps into the residual magical essence of a being that previously inhabited Mjolnir, using it to visualize the being’s location and guide Thor to him
Thor (2nd series) #19 • apparently follows the same energy trail after Thor, teleporting herself to him
• employs a sustained hex effect to protect herself from knee-deep acid, as well as Thor and Odin
• magically transports herself, Thor, Odin, and their three opponents to three separate locations for one-on-one combats
• hexes the ground beneath her opponent, causing him to sink into it and become immobilized
• reunites the various combatants following their individual battles
Avengers (3rd series) #24 • casts a series of hexes to deflect falling debris from civilians
Avengers (3rd series) #25 • fires an offensive hex blast at Conquest, stunning her
Avengers (3rd series) #28 • weaves a hex around a building the Avengers are demolishing, so that it collapses inwards to prevent dangerous debris or fallout
• detects Kulan Gath’s mystical field
Avengers (3rd series) #29 • summons a whirlwind to catch her and slow her descent to the ground
• detects an upsurge in mystical energy
• employs sympathetic magic with Iron Man’s comm circuits to bind the Avengers to the present day, protecting them from Kulan Gath’s era-altering mystical field
Avengers (3rd series) #30 • casts a hex sphere around the Avengers to shield them from Kulan Gath’s magical blasts
Thunderbolts Annual 2000 • imbues some of Hawkeye’s arrows with “chaos-magic”; one such arrow pierces a demon’s mystic disguise, another combined with the anguished emotions of Hell’s unfortunate denizens is fired into Mephisto’s heart, causing his physical manifestation to disperse albeit temporarily
Magneto: Dark Seduction #3 • causes a cliffside under the Acolyte Cargill to collapse
Magneto: Dark Seduction #4 • casts a hex against a power-enhancing device with no apparent effect
Avengers Annual 2000 • focuses her magic on a set of flying metal spheres, redirecting them to fly at a specific point
• exorcises serpent-demons from Hellcat and Hedy Wolfe
• protects herself from Thornn’s explosive spikes by detonating them prematurely
Avengers (3rd series) #31 • destroys a half-dozen Dreadnoughts by disrupting their internal mechanical workings
Hulk Annual 2000 • casts a focused bolt of “chaos energy” that causes the Hulk to revert to Bruce Banner
Avengers (3rd series) #32 • causes the ground beneath the Steelskulls to burst, creating underground explosions that blast them off their feet
Avengers (3rd series) #33 • directs her hex power offensively against Wonder Man
Avengers (3rd series) #34 • casts a hex sphere around a group of civilians to protect them from falling debris
• attempts to usurp control over Nefaria’s ionic energies and render him powerless, succeeds in only temporarily weakening him
Maximum Security #2 • triggers a water spout to unbalance her opponent
Maximum Security #3 • harnesses earth energy with her chaos magick in an attempt to make the planet reject the infestation of Ego
Avengers (3rd series) #37 • strengthens the Bloodwraith’s connection to the souls of Slorenia he had fed upon, containing him within the country’s boundaries indefinitely
Avengers (3rd series) #38 • hexes two groups of goons, knocking them off their feet
Avengers (3rd series) #39 • attempts to lock onto Diablo’s Hulks with chaos-magic and reverse their transformations, but fails
Avengers (3rd series) #40 • uses chaos-magic to distract and slow the gestalt Greek Hulk
• weaves a hex bolt which allows Bruce Banner to merge with the gestalt Hulk, imposing his control onto the gamma radiation involved to free the victims of their “Hulkdom”
• creates a hex wave to lessen the pull of gravity, safely lowering the falling Grecians to the ground
Avengers: Celestial Quest #1 • produces a hex which Thanos blocks with an energy shield
Avengers: Celestial Quest #3 • uses her hexes as a concussive effect, knocking two space ships into one another
Avengers: Celestial Quest #4 • cause the ground to open up beneath Thor’s feet, swallowing him
• conjures up a whirlwind to spin him about
• makes a pool of water spout up and strike Thor in the face
Avengers: Celestial Quest #5 • produces a hex shield to block the Cotati Swordsman’s strike
• casts an aura around his sword to remove it from his grasp
Avengers: Celestial Quest #6 • fires an offensive hex at Silverclaw
Avengers: Celestial Quest #7 • fuses Reptyl’s legs together into a single mass
Avengers: Celestial Quest #8 • casts her hex power against the Rot, to little effect
Avengers: Ultron Imperative • manipulates the bedrock beneath her feet, safely opening up a collapsed entrance to a sub-basement chamber
Avengers (3rd series) #48 • taps into a force field’s energy patterns with her chaos magic, but is unable to affect a change within it
Avengers (3rd series) #51 • routinely supports the life functions of injured prisoners in the camp until a doctor can treat them
• overrides the suppression collar which blocks Wonder Man’s powers
• disables the hover mechanisms of the guards’ flying platforms
• short-circuits a guard’s armor to incapacitate him
• casts a delayed hex which renders Wonder Man invisible at an opportune moment
The Order (1st series) #3 • casts a hex bolt at Dr. Strange which causes him intense pain
• awakens the Eye of Agamotto and frees it from Strange’s control
The Order (1st series) #5 • uses her mystical senses to try and trace where Dr. Strange last used magical energies
The Order (1st series) #6 • levitates with her hands aglow with hex energy
Avengers (3rd series) #57 • triggers the spontaneous combustion of the gasoline Mister Hyde covered himself in
Avengers (3rd series) #59 • inherent link to chaos magic allows her to sense the schism in the In-Betweener, track down his Order half, and makes her ripe for possession by his Chaos half
Avengers (3rd series) #60 • collapses a pair of trees on top of Order
• uses Order’s link to his “brother” to teleport the Avengers to Scorpio’s realm
• releases surges of energy to separate a group of rioters
• forcibly rejoins Chaos and Order into the In-Betweener
Alias #28 • uses her hex power to float above the ground
Avengers (3rd series) #65 • taps into the random air flow pattern guiding the Red Zone gas, redirecting it for the time being
Avengers (3rd series) #66 • casts aside a layer of trees and growth in order to uncover a hidden complex entrance
Avengers (3rd series) #70 • casts a multi-elemental wall miles high in order to hold off the spread of the Red Zone gas
Avengers (3rd series) #72 • clears up an officer’s sinuses
• extinguishes a stove fire by robbing it of oxygen
• causes a roof beam to collapse in front of Jen Walters, blocking her exit
Avengers (3rd series) #73 • attempts to revert She-Hulk to normal by accelerating the decay of her gamma radiation
• collapses an electrical tower onto She-Hulk
Avengers (3rd series) #75 • transmutes ice and snow into steam
Avengers (3rd series) #78 • heals Captain America’s broken jaw
Avengers (3rd series) #80 • supercharges germs in the Wrecking Crew’s bodies, incapacitating them with sickness
Avengers (3rd series) #81 • hexes a closing dimension portal to keep it open
• fights off Morgan’s minions with an offensive hex bolt

”Listen to me. This chaos magic - the source of her new ‘reality-altering powers’… I am the Master of the Mystic Arts - and I am telling you… there’s no such thing as chaos magic.“ [Dr. Strange in Avengers (1st series) #503, possibly not the real deal but a magical construct of Wanda]

At the time of Avengers Disassembled, Wanda received a phenomenal power boost. She no longer recognized her power as a form of probability manipulation, temporal distortion, or magical force. Unrestricted, her power could alter the building blocks of reality at a fundamental level. However, unable to fully comprehend this amount of power, her psyche shattered and began working on both conscious and unconscious levels to warp reality. At the time, this was believed to be the true, secret nature of her powers. Later stories would reveal, however, that she was channeling an outside power called the Life Force.

Young Avengers Special • erases the physical injuries Billy Kaplan had suffered
Avengers (1st series) #500 • "resurrects" Jack of Hearts and sends him to Avengers Mansion where he explodes and destroys the mansion
• creates an inebriated state in Tony Stark (though he had consumed no alcohol) prompting a very public drunken tirade
• takes control of the Vision's synthezoid mind and forces him to crash a Quinjet into Avengers Mansion
• forces the Vision to recite a warning message to the Avengers before melting his artifical body which releases tiny metallic pods which grow into an army of Ultrons
• enhances the She-Hulk's emotional anguish driving her into an enraged and unreasoning "Hulk out" state
Avengers (1st series) #502 • creates several fake Avengers to respond to the crisis at the mansion, among them Quicksilver
• creates a Kree armada to attack the gathered Avengers
• sends a false image of Dr. Strange's astral form to confront the Avengers
Avengers (1st series) #503 • has ended the illusion of a living, breathing Agatha Harkness
• crafts illusions of her "children" and those she loves most to placate herself
• creates a duplicate of the Red Skull and a contingent of Nazi soldiers to battle Captain America
• hovers in mid-air
• sends duplicates of Rogue, Spider-Man, the Hulk and Ultron to battle her teammates
• forces some Avengers to attack each other (perhaps those she created copies of early to respond to the crisis at the Mansion)
• creates a doppelganger of Dormammu to battle "Dr. Strange”
Avengers (1st series) #503, Excalibur (2nd series) #9 • apparently calls out to her father psychically to rescue her, and restores his powers to tremendously magnified levels, enabling him to open a "wormhole" to retrieve her
House of M (1st series) #1 • creates a pocket reality in her room where she was married and birthing children
• uses Quicksilver and Xavier as conduits to reconstruct reality into the House of M, based largely on her father's dream of mutant supremacy, and to a lesser degree on the hopes and dreams of the Avengers and X-Men present
House of M (1st series) #6 • creates a construct body of herself to appear at a gathering in her place
House of M (1st series) #7 • deconstructs a wall to look outside, and then reassembles it
• materializes animated cubes of reality to project the recent past
• deconstructs an arrow in her chest and heals the injury instantly
• erases Hawkeye from reality
• levitates herself on air
• paralyzes her father and seals his mouth so that he can not speak
• instantly repairs her brothers' fatal injuries
• utters the words “No More Mutants”, restoring reality to what it was before but depowering 90-95% of Earth’s mutant population

After a period of amnesia that put her powers in a state of dormancy, the Scarlet Witch regained her memories and with them the might of the Life Force. Madness and chaos went hand-in-hand, though, and Wanda was somewhat limited now that her sanity had returned. Caution of the potential consequences of letting her power run wild kept Wanda from using it to its full potential. The power of the Life Force left her and eventully returned to its point of origin. Despite this, Wanda's power still remained bound up in the Decimation spell she cast with the Life Force, making her uniquely attuned to the Decimation, Hope Summers, and the Phoenix Force trying to end the Decimation.

"Since Wanda is a Nexus being -- a living focal point for Earth's mystical energies -- we were able to combine our magicks to access and capture the Life Force itself...the only power that could give her back her sons. But we were naive to think the Life Force could be so easily contained and manipulated. It possessed Wanda and transformed her into an entity with the reality-shaping abilities of a god." [Doctor Doom, in Avengers: The Children's Crusade #7]

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #5 • transport through time
• Levitation
Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #6 • Recreating the scene for Disassembled
• Read Billy’s soul to confirm he was her child
Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #7 • Put the X-Men and Avengers to sleep
• Teleported to Latveria
• Prepared a spell to remove the Life Force
Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #8 • Opened a portal to return the Life Force
Avengers vs. X-Men #0 • Caused M.O.D.O.K.’s equipment to misfire
• Redirected laser fire
• Explosive malfunction in A.I.M. weapon
Avengers vs. X-Men #6 • Teleportation
• Repulsed the Phoenix power in Cyclops
Avengers vs. X-Men #7 • Deflected and countered Magik’s Phoenix
• Teleported Namor back to Utopia
Avengers vs. X-Men #8 • Battled Namor’s Phoenix power
Avengers vs. X-Men #10 • Ineffective hex bolt against the Phoenix-Cyclops
Avengers vs. X-Men #11 • Levitation
• Anti-Phoenix zap against Cyclops
Avengers vs. X-Men #12 • Levitation
• Anti-Phoenix blasts against Hope or Cyclops
• Harnessed the Phoenix with Hope to undo the Decimation spell
AvX: Vs #6 • Probability-shifted away from Hope’s attack
• Force eruptions at Hope
• Deconstructive teleportation effect

After the Decimation and the Life Force were put behind her, Wanda's abilities reverted to their capabilities and explanation from before Disassembled. She was once again a mutant, touched by the supernatural, able to naturally wield chaos magic. Which exists.

"You lack the imagination to wield my abilities. After Mount Wundagore, I am not merely an elemental mutant as I was born -- I am a catalyst for the elements of chaos magic! And it takes a witch to control magic." [Wanda, Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #2]

Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #2 • Elemental force blast
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #3 • Burst a fire hydrant
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #4 • Chaos wave holding back Thor’s charge
• Transmogrify lightning into butterflies
• Launched a semi-cab at Thor
• Chaos eruption from the earth propels Thor to near-orbit
All-New X-Men (1st series) #12 • Collapsed the ground underneath Jean Grey
A+X #10 • Levitation through air current manipulation
• Remote boost to Domino’s luck powers
• Block the probability fields of a Celestial drone
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #9 • Protection hex
• Detonated throwing bomb prematurely
• Destabilized Goblin Glider’s engine
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #11 • Offensive hex
Cable and X-Force #14 • Levitation spell
• Containment block
Avengers Assemble #20 • Altered the probability of the Quinjet landing instead of crashing
• Boosted Wasp’s shrinking ability to microverse level, guiding her towards the specific location of a lost group of people
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #14 • Cast her Rapture hex to bring the mutant population of Earth into the Apocalypse Twins’ space-ark
S.H.I.E.L.D. (3rd series) #5 • caused a gun to backfire
• Diverted the flow of liquid fire
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) Annual #1 • Conjured extra-dimensional bindings
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #21 • Levitation
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #22 • Reversed Rogue’s ability to return power to the people she absorbed
All-New X-Factor #14 • Accelerated the fire burning on a torch
• Evacuated the oxygen being consumed in a fire
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #23 • Failed to extract Simon’s ionic energy from Rogue
• Levitation
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #24 • Incapacitated Mzee
Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #25 • Levitation
• Deflected the living wind
• Broke free from Magneto’s metal bonds
AXIS #1 • Levitation
• Began altering reality to the Reich Eternal the Red Onslaught desired
AXIS #3 • Inversion spell flipped the cosmic axis of everyone present
AXIS #4 • Zapped Jarvis with a stunning hex
AXIS #5 • Levitation
AXIS #6 • Destructive hexes
• Levitation
Avengers World #15 • Destructive hexes
• Conjured quasi-substantial robot drone army
Avengers World #16 • Zap bolts
• Disassembled Valeria’s Doom armor
Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #3 • Altered the probability of Iron Man guessing Spectrum’s exact electromagnetic frequency
AXIS #7 • Levitation
• Bloodline-targeted curse
• Elemental flame attack
• Deconstructing Castle Doom
• Explosive chaos strike
AXIS #9 • Reversed the Inversion spell
Avengers: Millennium #1 • Detected unnatural currents of a buried alien dragon egg
Avengers: Millennium #3 • Deflected attack drone at its controller
• Vivisected Hydra goons by disrupting their space jump tech
Avengers: Millennium #4 • Caused Hydra space jumper to transport dragon egg with him
Uncanny Avengers (2nd series) #1 • Curved pavement up as a wall in front of runner
Uncanny Avengers (2nd series) #3 • Zap bolt
• Paralyzing miasma
• Summon dark mist
Uncanny Avengers (2nd series) #4 • Force backlash against robot
Uncanny Avengers (2nd series) #5 • Zap bolts

After learning her "mutant powers" were not the result of an X-Gene, but artificially induced in her by the High Evolutionry in childhood, Wanda embraced her mystical side more fully. The average human witch or magician does not have "super powers" -- they have undergone training to tap into existing magical forces in the environment and use that magical energy as fuel for casting spells. Some other species, like Asgardians or demons, are inherently magical creatures and can therefore tap into their own naturally-generated magic for spells instead of relying on environmental magical forces. Wanda now resembles one of those beings, tapping into her personal well of chaos magic not for hex bolts or "chaos grenades", but as fuel for more traditional spells and witchcraft.

"My power -- the ability I got at birth -- allows me to break the laws of physics and scientific absolutes. Levitation, transformation, teleportation and such. I've often heard the spells I cast referred to as chaos magic...but in actual fact they're far from "chaotic" -- their power and intensity are linked to the energy of the Earth and womankind -- revered by ancient pagan faiths -- fear by men. It's name is witchcraft." [Wanda's perspective on her powers, Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #1]

Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #1 • “Witch’s sight” perceives auras of good and evil
• Illusion imagery to convey her tale
• Exorcism of the Sonneilon
• Celtic banishment spell
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #2 • “Witch’s sight” spotted the invisible Minotaur and determined how he was enchanted
• Caused the ground to erupt at her foe
• Purged the enchantment affecting Man-Bull
• Protective shield
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #3 • Healing hex to purge a mystical plague from Ireland
• Protective shield
• Opened doorway to the Witches’ Road
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #4 • Reversed Declan Dane’s aging spell from her to him, and cast an illusion hiding her work
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #5 • Opened a door
• Bound and dispersed angry spirits
• Summoned rain to cleanse a fire
• Cast magical shields and blades to fight angry spirits
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #6 • Heka spell of sleep and depowering
• Summoning spell to commune with Adele Racine
• Fast-forming ice spell
Civil War II #1 • Contributed to a group spell of dimensional reversal
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #7 • Translation hex
• Transport to a mansion harbored in a pocket dimension
• Zap bolts and shields
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #8 • Teleportation portals
• Detection and resistance to hypnosis
• Illusion hexes
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #9 • Zap bolts
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #10 • Shiro Maho spell to purify water and cast out evil Oni spirit
• Damage wooden bridge to cast demon into said water
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #11 • Forcibly deconstructed the building she was in
• Reassembled the building back to its original configuration
• Cast an image representing her mother
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #12 • Exorcism spell
• Opened the door to the Witches’ Road
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #13 • Zap bolts and shields
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #14 • Levitation
• Zap bolts
• Spells of order
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #15 • Witches’ Sight allowed her to see demon possessing a boy
• Exorcism spell
• Astral projection
• Observed the past through boy’s bloodline
• Protective hex to prevent further possession
Secret Empire #3 • Extracted knowledge from a resistant mind
Secret Empire #4 • Explosive blast
• Levitation
Secret Empire United #1 • Sensed Magik entering Hydra’s lands
• Ended Magik’s spell of invisibility
• Elemental lightning
• Magical healing spell
Avengers (6th series) #10 • Zap bolts
Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #27 • Levitation
• Zap bolts
Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #28 • Summoned the Cyttora with Brother Voodoo to repair Avengers Mansion
Jean Grey #7 • Deconstructed subway patrons and reassembled them at a new terminal
• Levitation
• Disassemble and reform ceiling to pass through it
Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #29 • Hex blast
• Banishing spell for Cyttora
Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #30 • Remote viewing

After Chthon's latest attempt at gaining access to Earth's dimension, the Scarlet Witch found a way to prevent further incursions by the Elder God. Chthon always incorporated a portion of his essence into his creations, making him vulnerable to their destruction in ways that direct damage to him could not accomplish. With the True Darkhold, the flesh-bound scrolls originally left behind on Earth by Chthon as he fled the Demogorge, Wanda found the strongest remote concentration of Chthon's power. She absorb the Darkhold into herself, making her body a vessel and a cage for Chthon, adding his power to hers. The full ramifications of her having all of the Darkhold's power and spells at her fingertips have not been explored.

Avengers (1st series) #675 • Levitation
• Helped divert a tidal wave
Avengers (1st series) #677 • Removed Grandmaster’s time freeze affecting Vision, accidentally transferring it to Quicksilver
Avengers (1st series) #681 • Elemental sandstorm
Avengers (1st series) #682 • Zap bolts
• Eldritch shield
Avengers (1st series) #685 • Time froze Voodoo to release Vision
Avengers (1st series) #687 • Contained Voyager to keep her from teleporting
Avengers (1st series) #688 • Boosted Quicksilver’s speed
Avengers (1st series) #689 • Sympathetic magic turned the emotional meaning of “Avengers Assemble!” into raw power to increase the team’s strength
Quicksilver: No Surrender #3 • Weakened the dimensional creatures
• Moved Pietro’s turtle into hypertime to keep him company
Quicksilver: No Surrender #4 • Moved into Pietro’s hypertime and momentarily froze his assailants
Avengers: No Way Home #1 • Summoned her costume
Avengers: No Way Home #4 • Force hex
Avengers: No Way Home #5 • Dissolved Nyx’s field of night
• Hex bolt
Avengers: No Way Home #6 • Levitation bolt
• Hex bolt
• Illusion imagery
• Summon desert wind to blind guards with sand
• Translation enchantment
• Deflective hex
Avengers: No Way Home #7 • Stunning hex
Avengers: No Way Home #9 • Amplified Spectrum’s power
Star #1 • Freeze time
Star #3 • Reversed the compulsion Star placed on Jessica Jones
Star #5 • Cast repulsive barrier
Empyre: Avengers #1 • Thoth’s Gaze to spot beings non-native to the land
• Hex bolt
Empyre: Avengers #2 • Astral projection
Empyre: Avengers #3 • Retrieved Ka-Zar’s soul from the Ebony Blade
Empyre: X-Men #1 • Cast a spell to resurrect the mutants of Genosha, instead creating an island of zombies
Darkhold Alpha • Deflection spell
• Opened a supernatural volcanic vent under Victorious
• Summoned imagery of Chthon's arrival
• Seeking spell conducted through Power Cosmic to summon avatars representing the Darkhold Defenders
Darkhold Omega • Force field
• Bands of Belasco to restrain her foes
• Unified spell casting with Doom against Chthon
• Pyrotechnic eruption
• Physically absorbed the flesh-bound true Darkhold, contain it and Chthon within herself
• Removed the Darkhold's influence on the Defenders
• Deconstructed a Doombot
• Levitation
X-Men: Trial of Magneto #3 • Subconsciously summoned three chaos kaiju
X-Men: Trial of Magneto #5 • Created the Eldritch Orchard, a pocket dimension for mutant souls outside of time and space
• Cast glamours to create the illusion of a scuffle
• Forged enchanted iron to bind her