Publication Date: 
5th May 2022
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Real name

Wanda Maximoff


Wanda Frank,
Ana Maximoff,
Gypsy Witch


5‘ 7“


130 lbs.





First appearance

X-Men (1st series) #4

Known relatives

Natalya Maximoff
(mother, deceased),
unnamed father,
Pietro Maximoff /
Quicksilver (twin brother),
Django (uncle, deceased),
Marya (aunt),
Crystal (ex-sister-in-law),
Luna Maximoff (niece),
Vision (ex-husband),
Thomas / Tommy Shepard (Speed, reincarnated son),
William / Billy Kaplan-Altman (Wiccan, reincarnated son),
Teddy Altman / Dorrek VIII (Hulkling, son-in-law)



Group affiliation

Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Avengers Unity Division, Force Works, Lady Liberators, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Seven Brides of Set, Strange Academy


• Genetically-engineered by the High Evolutionary and touched by Chthon, making her a conduit for "chaos magic", expressed in its raw form as "hex bolts" which cause a sub-molecular disturbance in quantum reality in their target, altering probabilities so that unlikely events would occur -- eventually learning to control the flow of probabilities and induce specific unlikely events -- and also harness chaos to manipulate natural elements or projected energy signatures, detect unnatural phenomena and restore systems to their natural state
• Sorceress training allows her to harness her chaos magic for spells and witchcraft, achieving uniquely mystical feats such as levitation, teleportation, astral projection, conjuring, molecular transmutation, cast force, shields, or illusions, and the "witch's sight" which expands her perception of the supernatural
• Formerly imbued with the Life Force that amplified her powers to reality-warping levels allowing her to shape existence to suit her desires, including feats like deconstructing matter, resurrecting the dead, altering world history and individual memories retroactively, changing beings at a genetic level, and so on
• Briefly infused with large amounts of nexus energy by Immortus, transforming her power so that she could induce changes in people or objects by retroactively altering history up until that point