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20th September 2007


Real Name: Wanda Maximoff
Former Aliases: Wanda Frank, Ana Maximoff,
XXXGypsy Witch


5‘ 7“
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair color: Auburn
Eyes: Blue

First appearance:

Uncanny X-Men #4
Joined the Avengers in: Avengers (1st series) #16
Currently in: Excalibur

Known Relatives:

Magnus / Magneto (father),
Magda (mother, presumed deceased),
Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver (twin brother),
Anya (sister, deceased),
Lorna Dane / Polaris (half sister),
Django Maximoff (adoptive father, deceased),
Marya Maximoff (adoptive mother, deceased),
Crystal (sister-in-law),
Luna Maximoff (niece),
Vision (ex-husband),
Thomas and William (twin sons, apparently non-existant)

Profession: none
Group Affiliation: formerly Avengers, Force Works, Seven Brides of Set, West Coast Avengers, Lady Liberators, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  • reality-warping ability allows her to shape existence to suit her desires, including feats of levitation, induced paralysis, deconstructing matter, resurrecting the dead, altering world history and individual memories retroactively, changing beings at a genetic level, and so on; due to its staggering scope, this power has been subconsciously limited by Wanda in various ways over the years
  • previously defined her power as "hex bolts", energy discharges which caused a sub-molecular disturbance in quantum reality in their target, altering probabilities so that unlikely events would occur; eventually learned to control the flow of probabilities and induce specific unlikely events
  • later defined her powers by "chaos magic", allegedly absorbed from her mystical birthplace Wundagore Mountain, giving her greater influence over the natural order of things, letting her detect and direct elemental forces, deflect and disperse magic, harmonize with and manipulate existing energy fields, cast stable hex enchantments on people or objects, etc.
  • briefly infused with large amounts of nexus energy by Immortus, transforming her power so that she could induce changes in people or objects by retroactively altering history up til that point
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