Publication Date: 
17th Oct 2019
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Real name

Dr. Henry Phillip “Hank“ McCoy

Former aliases



5' 9" (human)
5' 11" (ape form)
5' 11" (cat form)


250 lbs. (human)
350 lbs. (ape form)
402 lbs. (cat form)

Fur color

Blue / Black



First appearance

X-Men (1st series) #1

Known relatives

Norton McCoy (father),
Edna McCoy (mother),
Sadie McCoy (grandmother),
Bob (great uncle)



Group affiliation

formerly X-Club, X-Terminators, X-Factor, Defenders, Avengers, Illuminati, SWORD, Rejects, HeX-Men


• De-evolutionary regressive mutation gives him enormous physical mass, superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, dexterity and intelligence, enhanced vision, hearing and sense of smell, accelerated healing abilities, thick blue fur, razor sharp fangs and claws on his fingers and toes
• Formerly possessed a human appearance with enlarged hands and feet, a less-powerful simian form, and at one time possessed strength that increased when necessary by feeding off his intellect, augmenting his physical power while reducing his mind
• Mystical knowledge and connection to the Orb of Zarjul allowed him to harness supernatural forces for feats such as divination, teleportation and time travel, while occasionally causing him to morph into a demonic bestial form when accessing his abilities
• Formerly employed stealth cyber gear from 2099, a neural-cybernetic implant which allowed him to remotely access mechanical systems, control their operations, and scan computer files or for electromagnetic signals and transmissions