Publication Date: 
27th May 2005
Written By: 
Vital Statistics


Over their career as super-heroes and mutant rights crusaders, the X-Men have faced many foes. However, while many have managed to hand the X-Men their share of defeat, none have done so on the scale as the entity calling herself Cassandra Nova.

Over the course of but a few weeks, Cassandra massacred half of the mutant population of the world, laid waste to a galactic empire, exposed the X-Men’s true identities to the world and came within a hairsbreadth of destroying the X-Men themselves.

Still, the X-Men were not only able to prevail but to turn Cassandra’s plot around, making it a positive for both the X-Men and mutants around the world. Literally born out of the opposite of Xavier, Cassandra handed the X-Men a new purpose and direction... and even hope.

But has the threat ended? And from whence did it come? Very early on, before the X-Men knew of her true origins, they recognized Cassandra Nova as being something new, something that has never existed before. The truth would shock them all.