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Publication Date: 12th Jul 2017
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Monolith and Gremlin.
Image Work: Gremlin and Peter Luzifer.


Kitty and Piotr ended up working alongside S.W.O.R.D. again when Agent Brand had need of their previous experience in dealing with the Brood. A S.W.O.R.D. space station had become overrun with the alien parasites and the team led a rescue mission to save the crew on board. However, 

much like the first time they fought the Brood, Colossus became infected, only this time he began to transform into one of the aliens. Even though he was changing into a Brood, Piotr still managed to keep hold of enough of his senses to aid Kitty into stopping an all-out invasion. Afterwards, SWORD managed to purge the Brood DNA from his system and Piotr was left to continue his task of finding a way to make Kitty tangible again. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #38, 40, 42]

Help came from an unexpected source when Warlord Kruun, the Breakworld leader that Colossus had defeated weeks before, came to Earth looking for help. After declaring himself leader of Breakworld and then promptly abandoning his post, Colossus had left the planet to fall into civil unrest. The X-Men reluctantly let Kruun and a group of Breakworld refugees stay on Utopia until they came up with a better plan. Colossus felt somewhat responsible for their plight and tried his best to listen to them but the aggressive, war-like nature of the species made it difficult. Kruun soon revealed an ulterior motive for coming to Earth, as he had secretly developed a way to suppress mutant powers and ambushed the X-Men as they slept. Kruun depowered Colossus before taking Kitty hostage, forcing Colossus to fight him one-on-one. Piotr fought valiantly, even though he had no powers, but he eventually fell to Kruun’s superior fighting skills. As he lay on the floor bleeding to death, Kitty was forced to improvise to save his life. The whole ordeal managed to cure her phasing problem and she was able to alert the other X-Men to the events and put an end to Kruun’s schemes. Colossus’s life was saved and he was overjoyed to see that Kitty could touch and talk to him again. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #535-538]

Things got back to normal again when Utopia was attacked by Dracula’s son Xarus, who was looking to turn the mutants into vampires. His impenetrable skin gave Colossus a distinct advantage over the blood-suckers, as they were unable to bite him in his metal form. He, along with a select group of other sturdy X-Men, found themselves in the middle of the fighting, as the other mutants figured out ways to stop the onslaught. [Curse of the Mutants crossover]

Colossus’ cycle of happiness followed by heartbreak was once again underway as events began to unfold that would not only damage his relationship with Kitty but alter the one with his sister too. When the ancient Asgardian god known as the Serpent sent a number of powerful weapons to Earth, the X-Men’s foe Juggernaut claimed one and was transformed into the mighty Kuurth: Breaker of Stone. Kuurth made his way to San Francisco looking for revenge against the X-Men and, no matter what the mutants did, they could not put an end to his unstoppable rampage. As Kuurth was mystical in nature, the team turned to Illyana, still locked up in the X-Men’s brig, to provide help. She came up with a plan which involved her, Colossus and Kitty travelling to the Crimson Cosmos, the dimension that housed the being that gave Juggernaut his original powers. They informed the demon-lord Cyttorak that Juggernaut had betrayed him by taking on another god’s power. The plan worked and Cyttorak stripped his influence from Juggernaut, but Illyana surprised Piotr by offering herself to the demonic being as his new avatar. Piotr was shocked she would do such a thing and offered himself to Cyttorak instead. Kitty pleaded with him to stop but he ignored her request, telling her that saving people was what they did. With that, he touched the crimson Gem of Cyttorak and was transformed into the new Juggernaut.

The effect was immediate and he changed in both body and mind, finally understanding after so many years why Cain Marko had originally craved the power so much. Illyana teleported the trio back to Earth and the empowered Piotr easily beat down Kuurth, saving both the X-Men and San Francisco. Afterwards, Piotr chastised Cyclops for allowing his sister to put herself at risk but Cyclops turned the argument around on Colossus for risking himself instead. The bad feelings didn’t end there, as Kitty was equally as angry with Piotr for allowing himself to be demonically possessed. Just as their relationship was restarting, she put an end to it again, telling Piotr that she appreciated his willingness to die for those he loved, but she needed to be with someone who was willing to live as well. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #540-543]

Things grew worse between Piotr and Kitty when the X-Men went through a schism and Wolverine took most of the team and students away from Utopia to restart the school in Westchester. Colossus chose not to go with him, as he felt he should be far away from the students, given that Cyttorak’s influence had left him volatile and unpredictable. Kitty, on the other hand, had had enough of Cyclops’ rule and decided to follow Wolverine so she could help him run the new school. Piotr remained on Utopia where he acted as part of the island’s security team, which combated threats such as the sale of Sentinels on the black market and a conflict with a small group of vampires. It became obvious to those around him that Piotr was struggling to contain his temper and the changes Cyttorak had made to him were much more than skin deep. He chose not to revert back to flesh, instead opting to stay in his organic steel form, as he was afraid that once he became more human again Cyttorak’s urges would completely overwhelm him.  [X-Men: Regenesis #1, X-Men (3rd series) #20-29, Uncanny X-Men (2nd series) #11]

As well as working on the security team, Colossus also numbered amongst Cyclops’ inner circle and was part of the more visible “Extinction” team. Illyana was also on the team and had taken a noticeable interest in her brother’s wellbeing, something which pleased him, yet also left him somewhat uneasy. Whilst his operations with the security team merely protected threats to the island, the Extinction team’s goals were to help out all of mutantkind. One of the first incidents to require their attention was the re-emergence of Mister Sinister, who had attacked the Dreaming Celestial, a cosmic being that had taken up residence in San Francisco. Colossus was all too eager to fight Sinister and his forces and could barely contain his temper with those around him when they prevented him from doing so. [Uncanny X-Men (2nd series) #1-3]

When evidence of an ancient sub-species of mutants surfaced, Storm took Colossus and the security team away from Utopia so that they could deal with the situation alone. She did not trust Cyclops’ judgment on the matter and kept the mission a secret, something which Colossus objected to. The two butted heads and Colossus took great offense to Storm speaking down to him as if he were just a student. Things became personal for Piotr when he realized the remains of the dead race were being exhumed, resurrected and then killed again in the name of science. Bringing back feelings from his ordeal with Ord, he realized Storm’s stance on secrecy was the correct choice and apologized to his friend. He soon had cause to take his apology back though, when he realized Storm had continued to keep him in the dark and he realized she was treating him like a human tank. After being seriously injured on a mission, he let his anger take over and told Storm he was through with her and the team. [X-Men (3rd series) #30-37]

Despite the bad blood between them, Colossus and Storm still had to operate together on the Extinction team. However, when they were called upon to investigate the mysterious appearance of the ecosystem Tabula Rasa, Piotr immediately paired up with his sister. Illyana took the opportunity to try and get through to Piotr, as she had felt he was losing touch with the more human sides of his personality. Just as they let their guard down, though, they were ambushed by a group of animals and Illyana was dragged into an underground cave system. Worried for the fate of his sister, Piotr immediately let the Juggernaut take over and he rampaged through the caves, brutally slaughtering the creatures that took her. He let Cyttorak’s influence change him so much that he grew to enormous proportions and demonic spikes emerged from his body. It was only by the power of his sister, who managed to use some of her magic, that his mind was brought back again to rationality. The ordeal shook Colossus enough to make him realize he was a true danger to those around him. He decided to join his sister in the brig, as he felt it was only a matter of time before he hurt someone. [Uncanny X-Men (2nd series) #5-10]