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Publication Date: 18th May 2018
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.

BIOGRAPHY - page 18

The rogue Avengers Unity Division finally had their confrontation with the Red Skull when he telepathically used Quicksilver to capture most of the team. Deadpool's weird brain and Rogue's psychic defenses from Charles Xavier kept them safe for a time, but the rest of the team was out. Rogue planned a final strike on the Skull, but dispatched Wade first to concoct a back-up plan. Sure enough, the Red Skull finally overcame Rogue's mental defenses and turned her, Wasp, Synapse, Voodoo, Quicksilver and Human Torch into his puppets.

Deadpool managed to round up Spider-Man and Wong for support, fighting the brainwashed Avengers as he attempted to reach the Skull himself. Rogue served as the Red Skull's personal protection, however, and she brutally beat Deadpool to a degree even his healing factor had trouble keeping up with. Red Skull made the mistake of letting Deadpool talk before killing him, however, and Wade took the opportunity to retrieve Magneto's psychic-proof helmet from his bag. By planting the helmet on Rogue's head before she finished him off, now Wade's team leader was completely impervious to the Skull's influence. Rogue overcame the Skull and took him to Hank McCoy, where Xavier's telepathic brain was removed from the Red Skull's mind, ending that threat and letting Xavier rest in peace. [Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #18-21]

As the Unity Division celebrated their success at the Schaefer, Wade excused himself. He was still weak from his beating, and had to use a cane. Rogue followed after and apologized for hurting him, but Wade absolved her of any responsibility. Still, Rogue wanted to thank him and swooped Deadpool up into the sky before planting an amazing kiss on him. The two of them had grown much closer as they fought to keep the Unity Division together, and that night was the culmination of their relationship. Rogue's powers allowed her to see inside Wade's head, still dwelling on that night in North Korea with Carmelita, and she came to understand him even more. Unfortunately for Wade, their make out session was interrupted by Rogue's body spontaneously producing a dude: Wonder Man, whose ionic essence had been dormant inside Rogue for months. Deadpool had to awkwardly explain to Wonder Man how he'd been swindling money from Simon for a while to fund the Avengers since the Mercs for Money business dried up. [Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #22-23]

Deadpool still sought the means to permanently kill Madcap when the time came. He decided to travel out into space, looking for alien tech that could complete the work for him. After his past few months, space travel was actually something of a vacation for Wade and he got in a lot of fun, gratuitous fights. He couldn't find the weapon he was looking for, but stumbled onto a different solution. The Elder of the Universe known as the Collector was interested in acquiring the "unkillable clown" that Deadpool described Madcap as. He offered Wade the means to contact him when he located Madcap, and the Collector would imprison Madcap indefinitely in his cosmic zoo. [Deadpool (5th series) #30]

Deadpool's faith in Steve Rogers was tested when Rogers informed him Agent Phil Coulson had gone rogue and needed to be sanctioned with extreme prejudice. Wade knew Phil to be a loyal agent and a heckuva punster, but he allowed his sense of duty to Rogers to overcome his concerns. Deadpool convinced Preston to tell him about Coulson's safe house and tracked down the agent. Coulson held off Deadpool as long as he could and tried to tell him Rogers was compromised, but Wade wouldn't listen. He believed in Captain America and he shot Phil Coulson dead in his private bunker. [Deadpool (5th series) #31]

Not long after that, Steve Rogers made his move as Hydra's Supreme Leader. Much of S.H.I.E.L.D. was taken over by Doctor Faustus and his hypnotic talents. Preston's LMD body was immune to the effect, and she attempted to fight back. Deadpool joined up with Preston as she went looking for Phil Coulson, only for Preston to discover the truth. Angry and betrayed, Preston attacked Deadpool, who tried to defend his actions, claiming the orders came from Cap himself and Coulson wouldn't be the first corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D. agent they knew. In the end, though, Deadpool had to fight back and he disabled Preston, ripping out her neural network and leaving her broken, disabled robot body inert. [Deadpool (5th series) #33-34]

In the new order that arose under Steve Rogers' Hydra, Deadpool remained an active member of the Avengers who served America under the banner of Hydra. He joined the equally unsettled Odinson with the brainwashed Vision and Scarlet Witch along with Rogers' allies and mercenaries like Taskmaster, Black Ant and the Superior Octopus. These Avengers defended America and her interests with brutal efficiency, while basking in the light of Hydra's constant propaganda machine coloring their exploits for the approval of the masses. [Secret Empire #1, Avengers (6th series) #10]

Deadpool moved to Washington D.C., the new home base of the Avengers after Rogers used Blackout to encase Manhattan in a Darkforce dome, trapping most of the Unity Division and New York's other heroes behind an impenetrable barrier. Deadpool took Ellie into his custody, leaving Terry Preston with no explanation  why or what had happened to his wife. Wade knew he had been misled by "Stevil Rogers" now, but what's done was done. Now his only priority was Ellie, whose dormant X-gene made her a target in the new America. Most of the mutant population had been isolated in the New Tian colony forged on the west coast, and mutants were not welcome in the new order. Deadpool continued to serve Hydra to ensure his daughter's safety, but he wasn't blind. He remained an active mercenary and bounty hunter in addition to his Avengers duties, hunting down unruly agitators and defiant heroes opposing the new Hydra order. Still, Deadpool limited himself to small fry, not the leaders of the resistance. He even found Hawkeye and Quicksilver's underground headquarters at the Mount, but refused to turn over that information.

Deadpool worked out a plan to find Blackout, who was being held in a particular cell in order to keep him safe and preserve the Darkforce dome. He then lured out Maria Hill, one of Hydra's most wanted. Under the guise of hunting her, Wade isolated Maria Hill then provided her the intel on Blackout's whereabouts to help bring down the dome. Deadpool wanted to switch sides and end Stevil's reign of oppression on America, but Hill wasn't willing to trust him. She left Deadpool buried in an exploding building and took out Blackout herself. By the time Wade dug himself free, the REAL heroes had saved the day, overthrown Stevil Rogers, resurrected the real Steve Rogers, and now Wade (and all Hydra's collaborators) were the ones being hunted. [Deadpool (5th series) #32-35]

Wade did what he could to wrap up the tattered remains of his life. He got together what money he could and brought it to Terry Preston. Ellie had found her own way back to the Prestons when Wade was buried, and she would be relatively safe with Terry. Despite his screams, though, Deadpool refused to tell Terry what he had done to his wife. Wade said good-bye to Eleanor, proud of how strong she was and how little she respected her father. It was only right. He then set fire to the Prestons' house as they left town, covering their tracks. He set fire to the Schaefer Theatre, burning down his connection to the Mercs for Money (who never lasted with their new roster anyway) and the Avengers Unity Division (who were now hunting him as a Hydra agent). Wade Wilson's life was over.

Now there was only... the Despicable Deadpool.

Stryfe came to Deadpool with the first name on his kill list: Cable. Even as low as he'd fallen, Wade wasn't willing to murder Nate. So Stryfe passed the phone to Ellie. In a happier time from last Christmas, Stryfe was posing as Cable and went to visit Eleanor at the Prestons' house. Understanding that Stryfe could strike at Ellie from anywhere in time, Deadpool prepared himself to carry out Stryfe's bidding. [Deadpool (5th series) #36]

Deadpool hunted down Cable and was nearly successful. He severed Cable's bionic arm and came within millimeters of decapitating Nate when he was frozen by the Time Variance Authority. They had received a tip that Cable was destined to become the time-terrorist known as Stryfe and took him into custody. Deadpool was forced to remove his own arm and attach Cable's bionics in its place, using an anti-Ultron virus from the Avengers to override Cable's A.I. and gain control of the time travel circuitry. Wade realized this was all Stryfe's doing, getting a "freebie" from Wade by forcing him to cut through the TVA to fulfill his mission to kill Cable. This time, Nate got the upper hand (literally) by reassuming control over his bionic arm and beating Wade with his own fist.

Cable and Deadpool compared notes finally in an active volcano, and Nate decided to help Wade get out from under Stryfe's thumb. Their first attempt to trap Stryfe led to a disasterous timeline, however, and so Cable changed tactics. Stryfe wanted Deadpool to bring him Cable's heart, and so they traveled to the heat death of the universe to meet "Omega Cable", an ancient version of Nate operating as a coordinator for all his past lives. Deadpool killed this version of Cable to fulfill his promise to Stryfe without hurting his Cable or damaging the timelines.

Deadpool brought Cable's heart to Stryfe at his mobile base, allowing Cable to find Stryfe and strike at him. As Cable and Deadpool fought against Stryfe, though, Wade received a phone call. It was from Stryfe in the past at Ellie's bedside. Stryfe escaped their current fight, and was going to kill Ellie unless Wade switched sides. Deadpool was forced to turn on Cable and claimed he planted a bomb that would kill Hope while he had access to Cable's time machine. Nate was forced to leave Stryfe and make sure his daughter was okay, promising Wade that they were finished with each other after this. Stryfe made sure Deadpool knew his remaining kills would all have to be from THIS time period before kicking him out. [Despicable Deadpool #287-291]

Stryfe's next target was Irene Merryweather, Cable's old chronicler and Deadpool's foil from his Providence and Agency X days. Irene didn't expect anything more than comedy and antics when Wade showed up at the Daily Bugle, allowing him to easily murder someone he once considered a friend. When Stryfe named Genesis as his next target, though, Deadpool violently rejected the idea of killing Evan, and shot Stryfe's screen to by himself some time. [Despicable Deadpool #292]

Wade knew his life couldn't continue this way, and he started making plans to end it. In the meantime, he compiled a bucket list of things that needed to be done before he moved on. First and foremost was a chat with Hydra Steve. Deadpool and Bob found Rogers' doppelganger in prison and Wade paid him a visit, promising to return on a regular basis to torment the man he blamed (in part) for ruining his life. He also had a fight with Rogue, who tried to bring him to face justice peacefully. Wade was still holding a torch for Anna Marie, but it was clear anything between them had been destroyed when he killed Phil Coulson. He made sure Rogue remembered her promise to look after Eleanor and retreated. Deadpool finally tracked down Madcap, whose body had fully regenerated in the meantime. Using his summoning device, Wade brought the Collector to Earth to collect his "indestructible clown". Unfortunately, his revenge turned sour as Madcap was actually happy with the circumstances. He had never been to space before, and had grown tired of his feud with Wade. And, as Madcap pointed out, he could never have destroyed Deadpool's life as thoroughly as Wade managed on his own. With a dramatic thank you for the new adventure, Madcap vanished with the Collector, leaving Deadpool without even a hollow sense of victory at defeating his nemesis. [Despicable Deadpool #292-294]

Stryfe finally ran out of patience and insisted Deadpool complete his murders. Despite everything, Wade still couldn't bring himself to murder Evan. Instead, he harvested an X-Gene suppressing serum from Butler's clinics to neutralize Genesis's powers. Knowing Stryfe relied upon an X-Gene tracker at his base to locate potential mutant threats, Wade gambled the serum would cause Genesis to disappear from the tracker's screen, providing "proof" of his death. The plan worked but, even knowing Ellie was the reason, this betrayal severed Wade's friendship with Evan and the X-Men. Finally, Stryfe sent Deadpool to kill a middle-aged civilian woman named Marietta Nelson. He gave no explanation as to why, leaving Wade with a lingering dread about the consequences of this woman's death. Deadpool poisoned her in her sleep, allowing her to die as painlessly as possible. [Despicable Deadpool #295]

Deadpool finally faced Captain America, the REAL Captain America, when Rogers tracked him down to bring him in. Wade hated himself for being led astray by Stevil Rogers, but he hated the real Rogers as well for inspiring him in the first place, only to let him down. These two friends furiously fought with one another as Wade lashed out for being used like a weapon, a trigger to be pulled, and not a true hero. Finally, Deadpool guided the fight with Cap to his flophouse, where he had been keeping the dismantled LMD body of Emily Preston. Using a dead man's switch and explosives to keep Captain America at bay, Deadpool begged Cap to undo just one of his crimes and find someone to fix Preston. He promised that once Preston was okay, he would surrender to her, and ONLY to her. [Despicable Deadpool #296]

Keeping several plans going in the meantime, Deadpool pissed off the criminal underworld by stealing from one of their floating casinos, then took out a $20 million bounty on his own head. Hoping someone would actually kill him and put him out of his misery, Wade nevertheless fought back against his attackers as he struggled with his choices. He defeated numerous contenders like Juggernaut and the Rhino, but it was the tag-team of Taskmaster and Bullseye who came closest to punching Wade's ticket. They even had a death trap involving a wood chipper and a tank of pirahnas that might have actually killed Deadpool for good. When Wade let it slip that he took out the bounty on himself, though, his frenemies refused to go through with it. Bullseye thought Deadpool had some angle he couldn't see, but Taskmaster saw it as a genuine cry for help and told Wade he needed to work things out for himself. [Despicable Deadpool #297-298]

With the villains unable to kill him and the heroes unable to bring him in, Deadpool decided to implement his final back-up plan. At Butler's medical clinic was still enough Tabula Rasa to wipe his mind completely, removing all the memories of his last few years that were causing so much pain. On his way to the clinic, Wade was intercepted by Captain America, who had succeeded in bringing the Presbot back on line. Deadpool was genuinely thrilled to see Emily alive again, and was almost giddy with delight as he finished racing them to the clinic. When Cap and Preston broke down the doors, they found Wade hooked up to a drip of Tabula Rasa, washing away his own mind rather than having to deal with the failures and losses he had suffered.

Little more than a vegetable by this point, Deadpool was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial for the murder of Coulson and his other crimes. Instead, Captain America and the judge arranged for him to be housed in a psychiatric hospital until such time as he experienced a change of circumstance. A bedridden Wade Wilson remained at the sanitarium until one day when a Deadpool impersonator was brought into the ward. Seeing the discarded costume reawakened Wade's mind, but he apparently couldn't remember anything since Deadpool (3rd series) #60, true believer! Feeling like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders and not caring for one second why, Deadpool reclaimed his costume and strolled out into the big wide world, ready to make some new and wonderful memories. [Despicable Deadpool #299-300]