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22nd Dec 2022
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Real Name

Marius St. Croix

Other Aliases





156 lbs.

Hair color




First appearance

Generation X (1st series) #1

Known Relatives

Louis (grandfather), Cartier (father),
Jamila (mother, deceased),
Monet / M II (sister),
Claudette (sister), Nicole (sister)



Group Affiliation

Hellions II


• Dimensional-shifter able to move fully or
partially into an exotic dimensional plane,
allowing him to travel through Earth
space-time at an angle, making him
invisible and undetectable, able to
pass through Earthly walls or barriers,
or shift entirely into his dimension and
re-enter Earth at a different vector,
teleporting from one location to another
• Unstable dimensionality requires him to feed on other mutants to stabilize his footprint on reality, using parasitic maws on his palms to latch onto mutants, siphoning out their genetically-enhanced bone marrow as an energy signature he can then metabolize, stabilizing his dimensional powers and allowing him to duplicate his victim's abilities as well
• Additional predatory elements of his mutation allow him to perceive psychic and mutagenic auras visually, identifying mutants and their relative power levels on sight and extracting "knowledge at a glance" from their auras, the power to harmlessly absorb (but not sup upon) mutant energy effects or bio-blasts, rechanneling that energy for his own use, and temporarily or permanently transform his victims into marrow vampires as well, subject to his influence