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6th Nov 2015
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Real Name

Marius St. Croix

Other Aliases





156 lbs.

Hair color




First appearance

Generation X #1

Known Relatives

Louis (grandfather), Cartier (father),
Jamila (mother, deceased),
Monet / M II (sister),
Claudette (sister), Nicole (sister)



Group Affiliation

Hellions II


• Dimensional-shifter able to move fully or
partially into an exotic dimensional plane,
allowing him to travel through Earth
space-time at an angle, making him
invisible and undetectable, able to
pass through Earthly walls or barriers,
or shift entirely into his dimension and
re-enter Earth at a different vector,
teleporting from one location to another
• Unstable dimensionality requires him to feed on other mutants to stabilize his footprint on reality, using parasitic maws on his palms to latch onto mutants, siphoning out their genetically-enhanced bone marrow as an energy signature he can then metabolize, stabilizing his dimensional powers and allowing him to duplicate his victim's abilities as well
• Additional predatory elements of his mutation allow him to perceive psychic and mutagenic auras visually, identifying mutants and their relative power levels on sight and extracting "knowledge at a glance" from their auras, the power to harmlessly absorb (but not sup upon) mutant energy effects or bio-blasts, rechanneling that energy for his own use, and temporarily or permanently transform his victims into marrow vampires as well, subject to his influence


The eldest son of the Moroccan ambassador Carter St. Croix, Marius lived a life of luxury alongside his sisters, Monet, Nicole and Claudette. Marius never got on particularly well with any of them, though, especially Monet who would taunt him at every available opportunity. Growing up, their father never made any effort to disguise the fact that Monet was the favorite of his children. When Marius was a teenager, his mutant powers manifested one day when all the family, bar his mother, were out of the house. Doubling over in pain, he didn’t have any clue what was happening to him and his mother rushed over to help. He developed a new mouth on the palm of each hand and was suddenly overcome by an unquenchable hunger. Unable, or unwilling, to stop himself, he killed his mother and fed off the marrow in her bones. When Carter came home, he was disgusted by what he found and so he kicked Marius out. What Marius soon realized was that if he did not feed on bone marrow then he would become unhinged from the Earthly dimension.

Marius travelled far and wide across the dimensions his powers gave him access to, and the long journey affected him in many ways. Returning to Earth a changed man, he discovered Monet had also developed mutant abilities and he decided to enlist her help in gaining more power. Unfortunately, Monet scoffed at his proposal of joining forces and mocked him for giving himself over to the darker forces in the world. Having had enough of her arrogance, he punished her in the worst way he could see fit, by using conjurings he picked up on his travels. He turned her into a mute creature with red, razor sharp skin. The transformation was so extreme that not even his younger twin sisters recognized Monet when they walked in. Outraged by his presence, Nicole yelled at Marius, but the autistic Claudette used her own strange mutant power to open a portal up. It sucked Marius into it but, before it closed, he called to Monet that only he could turn her back. She reluctantly jumped in after him and the twin girls were left to believe their sister was dead. Believing that their father would be devastated that his favorite daughter had died, the twins merged together into a form to mimic Monet. [Generation X #40, 58]

Travelling between dimensions wasn’t easy for Emplate, as it took a huge toll on him both mentally and physically. His skin was torn to shreds, with layer and layer of scar tissue building up until he was barely recognizable as human anymore. More seriously though was the fact that his lungs were so damaged that he needed a respirator permanently attached to his face to allow him to breathe clearly. Thankfully, his food source was sorted out, as he chained the transfigured Monet up in a dungeon and fed off her bone marrow regularly. Along the way, Emplate acquired a short creature called D.O.A. who acted as his minion. Despite the pain it caused him, Emplate still travelled to Earth to feast on mutant marrow and that’s when he first ran afoul of Generation X, a training squad of young mutants.

Tracking a young man named Jonathon Starsmore to an airport in the U.S., Emplate waited for his prey to appear. Emplate had discovered he could slightly phase out of this dimension, making it so he could watch everything that was happening but not be seen, heard, or touched by anyone else. Emplate struck when he spotted Jonathon and began using his vampiric touch to siphon off energy from the powerful young mutant. He was caught off-guard though by some of Generation X who had come to the airport to fetch Starsmore. Still, he proved to be a powerful opponent and fought off the team, but was surprised when even more of them showed up, including his sister “Monet”, now codenamed M. Deciding to quit while he was ahead, Emplate phased out of dimensional synch again, but not before leaving the team a chilling warning that he was going to eat them no matter where they ran to. Making it back to his other-worldly base, Emplate was drained from the fight but, when he went to feed on Monet, he discovered she was missing from her cell. Unbeknownst to him, the portal-creating mutant Gateway had teleported her to Generation X’s school so she could be with her sisters, who were still disguised as Monet. The real Monet was nicknamed "Penance" by the students, as that was the single word Gateway spoke when he dropped her off. [Generation X #1] 

Emplate wasn’t going to let his meal ticket just leave him, though. After finding out where she was, he decided to get her back. He reached out to some other villains and created his own team, one powerful enough to take on Generation X. He even met with the human Gayle Edgerton, an ex-girlfriend of Chamber’s whom he had accidentally paralyzed when his powers manifested. [X-Men Prime] Gayle agreed to help him but, given that she was human, she wasn’t going to be much use in a fight. Emplate displayed another power by converting Gayle into a marrow vampire like himself. With his team complete, Emplate set about capturing the various members of Generation X and tying them up in some woods near their school. He confronted "Monet" and she tried to tell him what happened to their mother wasn’t really his fault. Marius revealed his guilt over her death but still seemed to lack remorse for his current actions.

Emplate was about to feed on Chamber but Gayle angrily stopped him because it wasn’t part of their deal. During the confrontation, M escaped her confinement and so Emplate sent his lackeys after her. He then turned his attention back to the other Generation X members, but he had inadvertently clued in Jubilee to the fact he developed part of a mutant’s power when he feasted on them. Jubilee tried her best to get him to feed on her first and, after being as obnoxious as possible, she succeeded. Emplate was unprepared for how volatile and out of control her power was, and he accidentally created a huge explosion, freeing the students and stunning himself for a few minutes.

Knowing that the tables had suddenly turned, he grabbed Penance and phased through dimensions again. He quickly jumped back so he could take revenge on M, but he got a shock when he discovered she had called the X-Man Bishop for support. Bishop, whose future timeline was overrun with vampiric creatures created by Emplate, immediately attacked him. Already weakened from the explosion, Emplate was struggling to maintain his presence in this reality and so he tried to feed on Bishop. He was stopped by Penance, who had finally found the courage (and willpower) to stand up to Emplate and stop his gruesome feeding. With very little energy left, Emplate reluctantly left Penance behind and went back to his dimension, but not before giving the team another cryptic warning relating to their teammate, Synch. [X-Men Prime, Generation X #10-14]

It turns out Emplate had used his powers on Synch and made the student just like him. Synch struggled to contain the vampiric urges as well as Emplate’s influence, and it was only thanks to Monet that he was saved and the changes were purged from his system. [Generation X #14-15]

Sometime later, Emplate visited Monet and begged her to help him break free of the dimension to which he was forced to retreat all the time. She refused to help and so he showed her images of thousands of hands tearing at his soul.

She was shocked to see how much pain he was truly in and he begged her to find someone to replace him and go to the dimension in his stead. Unable to stay in Earth's reality any longer he faded away, leaving Monet to wonder what he meant. [Generation X #24]

When the Generation X students went missing, Emplate sent D.O.A to meet with their teachers, Emma Frost and Banshee, to offer a deal. He knew where Monet was at all times and as such he could tell them that location. In return for his help, he wanted Penance back. Banshee was against the idea but Emma used her telepathy to knock him out and arrange a meeting with Emplate. They met up and Emplate was in a visibly weakened state, due to not feeding on any mutants for a long time. Before Emma could hand Penance over, though, Banshee showed up and put a stop to things. Emplate only just managed to phase out before Banshee unleashed a sonic scream at him. [Generation X #29-31]

Emplate returned to his home dimension and contemplated his next move, but the arrival of a surprise guest would turn the tides in his favor. A door magically appeared in his otherworldly lighthouse base and, when he opened it, the dimension-hopping Chimera fell out. She explained she had the technology to open up portals, or warp gates as she called them, to any other dimension. Emplate immediately struck up a partnership with her and his first stop was to the Massachusetts Academy. Thanks to Chimera and her plasma wraith minions, the students were easily overpowered but Emplate got a shock when he saw his twin sisters there. 

Apparently, after being caught in an explosion, Monet had split apart into Nicole and Claudette again. Seeing their big brother back, they immediately joined together and, before Emplate could stop them, they merged with his body as well. The new entity, calling herself M-Plate, looked like a woman but had Emplate’s characteristic design. With aspects of both Emplate and the twins, she was initially confused as to whose side she should be on. She eventually decided to alter her initial plans, kidnapping Synch and escaping back to her dimension through another portal. [Generation X #33-35]

In his travels across the dimensions, Emplate had once come across the Citadel of the Ultimate Amalgamator. Inside was an alter which, when activated properly, would merge a being’s mind with the consciousness of every other mind in existence. Now that M-Plate was more powerful than ever before, she had a chance of fulfilling her desire and ruling over all of reality. The only thing that had been standing in her way before was a young girl called Gaia, whose power was the key to triggering the event.

Chimera, who didn’t like the sound of the plan, objected to it and was incinerated by M-Plate for her disobedience. Until now, Gaia had refused to cooperate but, with Synch in tow, M-Plate forced him to copy Gaia’s powers and start the event for himself. He was about to do so when the rest of Generation X found them and interrupted things. M-Plate easily stopped them in their tracks but a creature called Dirt Nap managed to swallow M-Plate whole, causing her to lose concentration and set the students free. Dirt Nap wasn’t able to contain M-Plate in his body and he exploded, erupting the contents of his stomach out. The violent process had managed to split up Emplate, Nicole and Claudette into their individual forms again. Generation X turned on Emplate but he managed to escape once more thanks to some technology left over from Chimera. [Generation X #36-39]

It was a few months before Emplate showed up again and, in that time, Monet had been set free from the Penance body whilst Nicole and Claudette took her place in it. Emplate himself was not fairing so well, as he was getting weaker and weaker from not feeding. He began stalking Generation X while waiting for the perfect time to strike and feed. When Synch accidentally copied his powers, his location was revealed and the students attacked him. They quickly realized, though, that a direct confrontation wasn’t Emplate's usual M.O. and he was merely acting as a distraction so D.O.A and some more minions could capture Penance. While some of the team went to save Penance, the rest fought Emplate, but he managed to brainwash them into fighting for him instead. Synch managed to make Jubilee angry enough to snap out of the conditioning and she decided to end the fight by setting off a huge explosion. Emplate was severely injured and he remained in the school infirmary until they could decide what to do with him.

Given the recent events, Carter St. Croix was called and he met with his son for the first time in years. Even though he was in a weakened state, Emplate still managed to delight in taunting his father and told him that Marius died a long time ago. Monet left the school for a while to be with her father again and presumably Emplate was taken into their care, as he wasn’t seen there again. [Generation X #57-58, Generation X Annual ‘99]

It would be many years before Emplate resurfaced and in that time Generation X had broken up and the world’s mutant population was severely reduced in numbers. Emplate had managed to make it back to his home dimension but now his food source was on the verge of extinction. Traveling to Westchester, he found the X-Men’s mansion in ruins with no one but construction workers around. He discovered that most of the world’s mutants now lived on an island called Utopia and so he phased onto it and began stalking his prey.

It wasn’t just mutants who lived there, though, as he was spotted by the robot Danger and was forced to reveal himself. He dismantled Danger and then began to feed on Madison Jeffries before he was confronted by a squad of X-Men. Since none of the X-Men had fought him directly before, he managed to catch them off guard and even grab a taste from Pixie. He phased out of the dimension again before they could regroup as he had finally managed to locate the perfect meal for himself. He phased his entire lighthouse onto the X-Men’s base and boldly grabbed the young girl Bling! before anyone could stop him. Bling!’s mutant power enabled her to shoot shards of rock-like mineral from her body, something which delighted Emplate. Phasing the lighthouse back into his own dimension, he proceeded to feast on her before locking her in the dungeon for later.  

The X-Men got to work quickly trying to build a device to pull the lighthouse back into their dimension. They got a break when another student, Trance, spotted the dimensional rift that Emplate left behind when he phased into the reality. Borrowing some of Trance’s astral projection powers, Rogue traveled into Emplate’s dimension and found his lighthouse. After defeating some creatures D.O.A. sent after her, Rogue set about finding Bling!. Upon learning of Rogue’s presence, Emplate decided to kill Bling! and move his lighthouse somewhere else for a while. Luckily, Rogue managed to stop him in time and, after confronting him, discovered she could absorb his power for herself. Emplate finally got a taste of his own medicine and things got worse when he discovered she had also tampered with his lighthouse.

Since it was on a floating lump of rock, he could fly it anywhere, but Rogue had caused it to crash into a glass moon that contained a deadly creature inside. Emplate was forced to phase the lighthouse out of the dimension and on to Utopia for fear of the giant creature’s wrath. Once he was corporeal, the X-Men used a device and forced him to stay that way while Bling! finally got revenge and knocked him out. The device holding him began to fail, though, and the X-Men reluctantly let him escape back to his dimension once more. As he cursed the X-Men and vowed vengeance, Emplate became more concerned with his immediate safety when he realized the creature he fled from was waiting for him. [X-Men Legacy Annual #1, X-Men Legacy (1st series) #228-230]

Emplate has proven to be a deadly and cunning enemy and it is only a matter of time before he comes back to torture and drain the life out of another helpless victim.

Alternate Versions

In the Age of Apocalypse, Emplate was a part of Apocalypse’s elite mutant force alongside his sisters, Nicole and Claudette. 

They were tasked with tracking down one of the human escapees from the slave pens, Christopher Summers. 

Following his trail through Manhattan, they eventually caught up with him but Christopher got the drop on them and shot Emplate point blank in the chest, killing him instantly. 

Apocalypse was eventually killed and a new overlord took over when Weapon X was empowered by the Celestials to become Weapon Omega. Using the power of a Death Seed, he decided to recruit some of the most powerful and loyal mutants he could and one of those was Emplate. Whilst Emplate had looked human during Apocalypse’s regime, he looked far more monstrous when he was brought back to life. He quickly proved his worth by spotting a spy in Dark Beast’s lab and apprehending her. Emplate was gravely injured by a team called the X-terminated, who were looking to rid the world of Weapon Omega. They succeeded in their quest and Emplate was forced to flee to Brazil, as all of Omega’s gang were being hunted and killed for their actions.

​Whilst Emplate was not explicitly stated to still be alive, in Bishop’s future hoards of Emplates, creatures created by the man himself, roamed the cities. They proved to be a deadly threat as there was very little anyone could do to cure them of the vampiric infliction. When Bishop travelled to the present day, he tried to kill Emplate to prevent the future carnage but he failed in his mission.