Publication Date: 25th Sep 2011
Alternate Versions


In the Days of Future Now, Frenzy was shown as a member of the terrorist group called the Gene Nation. Little was revealed about his team. Apparently they were founded by Marrow. After she died the team wore necklaces to remember their fallen leader. The team had clashed with Wolverine's team of X-Men but set aside these differences to attend a major coalition meeting of all free mutants.

In the alternate world of Earth-2149, Earth had been overrun by a virus that turned its denizens and the majority of its superhumans into flesh-eating zombies. Cargill was one of a handful of uninfected superhumans. Along with a handful of Acolytes, Joanna fled to Asteroid M where they were safely out of reach of the ravenous zombified populace of Earth. The group would make raids to the surface for supplies and picked up some unexpected allies along the way such as the Black Panther and Forge. Eventually, they founded an uninfected colony on the surface called New Wakanda. Joanna settled down, married one of her fellow Acolytes and spent several peaceful decades raising a family in an effort to repopulate. After 40 years, the zombies returned and it is unclear whether Frenzy survived their renewed attack.
This incarnation of Cargill possessed razor sharp, metallic claws on each finger. It is unknown whether these were a part of her mutation or a prosthetic enhancement of some sort.

Frenzy earned herself a place among the X-Men in the alternate future depicted in X-Men: The End. She appeared as part of a team led by the Genoshan rebel called Hub. This squad of X-Men were called in to fend off a multi-point attack by many of the X-Men's greatest adversaries. Frenzy battled Genesis and was saved from certain death by Wither, who broke his vow to never kill in order to save her.