Publication Date: 14th Aug 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Monolith.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
Alternate Versions


In the reality depicted in What if (2nd series) #46-47, Cable assassinated Xavier, Jean Grey and Cyclops, taking out the X-Men’s heart and soul. Iceman joined a team of X-Men led by Wolverine that sought revenge. This resulted in a mutant civil war with major repercussions for mutants worldwide as humanity grew increasingly hostile. In these dark times, Magneto proved a rallying point for mutants. His forces grew and finally, his army attacked the White House. However, the president’s last act was to activate the Sentinels, one of which carried a nuclear warhead that detonated as soon as Magneto used his magnetic powers on the robot. Magneto and his forces were killed in the nuclear blast and the world’s remaining mutants were easy prey for the Sentinels. Iceman was one of the many remaining mutants who were rounded up and put in concentration camps. However, Wolverine later busted him and several others out and despite the incredible odds against them, they continued to fight for the mutant cause as the new X-Men.

In the Age of Apocalypse, it was not Xavier but Magneto who founded and trained the X-Men, Bobby being among the first mutants he located. Magneto pushed the boy much harder than Xavier would have,  making the youngster drop his humorous attitude and tap into his full potential. Iceman could alter his shape while in his frozen form, and merge with any body of water, moisture or ice, and re-emerge from it at some other points even miles away, within the matter of seconds. When Bobby’s ice-form was damaged or shattered, he could easily pull himself back together. On top of that, he was able to take people along by a process referred to as moisture molecular inversion, but it was rather unpleasant for the passenger. However, as he seemed to become less human and more and more unstable, his teammates somewhat retreated from Bobby.

Iceman's ability to reform himself wasn't perfect and his teammates believed him dead for a time, even erecting a tombstone in his honor. Drake eventually resurfaced but the world began to collapse around him. The mutants once again assumed control of America, under the leadership of a new Apocalypse. When the last surviving X-Men and a team from the 616-reality called X-Force confronted the threat at its citadel, Iceman abandoned his friends in the middle of battle. He fled to the 616-reality, and joined forces with the local Clan Akkaba to escape the hellhole his reality had become. The sinister Iceman's cyromorphing powers made him virtually invincible against the purely physical powers of X-Force. He only faltered when the Sunfire of his home dimension arrived and began incinerating his ice avatars. Drake fled with the Dark Beast and what remained of Clan Akkaba.

The Nightcrawler of Iceman's X-Men joined the X-Force of that dimension to hunt him down as a traitor. Kurt trapped Bobby in a foundry, deprived of moisture, and killed his former friend for his betrayal.

In the alternate reality depicted in What If? (2nd series) #77, Legion succeeded in his attempt to murder Magneto and pave the way for his father's dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans. Without Magneto, Xavier formed the X-Men but without Magneto as a counterpoint, they never honed their skills and instead became media celebrities in a world that adored them. Iceman’s life took a decidedly different turn as a result. He ended up a member of the Hellfire Club and the lover of Emma Frost. His was a pointless and ugly life without the X-Men to give him purpose. He watched in horror as the Hellfire Club was betrayed by their colleagues Candra and Gideon and decimated by Apocalypse’s forces. Watching Emma die at Candra’s hands, Iceman attacked but was seemingly evaporated by Pyro.

In the 616 reality, Loki’s tampering caused Iceman’s power to spin out of control but a special regulator belt helped Bobby to control his improved abilities. The version of Iceman in the Mutant X universe was not as lucky. He found himself stuck in his ice-form at sub-zero temperatures, forbidding him to ever touch another human being for it would have instantly killed them.

Still, Bob Drake (who didn’t like being called Bobby), kept his optimism and his sense of humor, and he was part of a team called The Six, that world’s equivalent to X-Factor, who had split off from the X-Men when the school was taken over by Magneto. Eventually, after having lived several years with boosted abilities, his friend and teammate Hank McCoy found a way to undo Loki’s changes, and Ice-Man was restored to his regular power level.

Bobby Drake of Earth X shared a somewhat similar fate, his power having mutated at one point and him being stuck in ice-form, though with a different result. Bobby had to remain in a cold environment, or else he would have melted, and he went north to the arctic regions where he created a wonderland of ice for himself and the Inuit living nearby. Only after Earth’s climate changed, due to the planet’s mass having been altered and Earth leaving its regular orbit, was he able to return to the United States. Once there, Iceman joined several other heroes in an attempt to overpower Mephisto’s followers, though unfortunately he perished in that battle.


In the Ultimate Universe, at the age of fifteen Bobby Drake was originally the youngest of the X-Men (most of whom were already in their late teens). When the Sentinels started attacking mutants, Bobby had run away from home as to not endanger his parents. The X-Men found him and gave him a home. For some time Bobby, while having awesome potential, was rather insecure and couldn’t quite carry his weight. After he was injured in the team’s battle with Proteus his parents withdrew him from the X-Men and threatened to sue Xavier. Opposing his parents’ wishes Iceman returned to the X-Men’s side during their darkest hour, when they were being hunted by the government and showing immense control of his powers helped save them. Iceman was eventually fully accepted as an X-Man and for a time, was happy with his teammates. During his tenure with the team, he was romantically involved with both Rogue and Kitty Pryde.

All this changed when Magneto unleashed the Ultimatum Wave, killing most of the X-Men and a massive number of humans. Bobby survived but the X-Men disbanded as mutantkind became hated and feared at an unprecedented level. His parents disowned him and he had nowhere to go, so Kitty suggested he move in with Peter Parker, who she had befriended and briefly dated. Assuming the identity of Bobby Parker, Iceman became part of Spidey's close circle of friends.

With Peter's death, however, things got worse for mutantkind again. Iceman began living underground with Kitty, Rogue, and Johnny Storm formerly of the Fantastic Four. They eventually traveled out west to free mutant concentration camps that had formed in the aftermath of the Ultimatum Wave. Bobby briefly formed a relationship with a girl named Husk, but she was a brainwashed sleeper agent who acted as a suicide bomber against the other mutants. It was a long time before Bobby recovered from Paige's actions.

The time-hopping team called the Exiles traveled to numerous alternate realities where they met slightly different incarnations of Bobby Drake. On the Legacy Planet where the techno-organic Vi-Locks had nearly consumed the planet, the Exiles teamed with that world's remaining heroes to fight the menace. Among them was Icegirl, who wielded the same ice powers and humor as Iceman. It was never revealed if she was a temporal counterpart, daughter or other relative to Bobby Drake.

In another reality, they battled the rogue King Hyperion from Weapon X who was attempting to slay all the mutants in an alternate reality and take control of their world. He was opposed by Magneto and his Brotherhood which included Iceman. This version of Iceman was a bulky giant of ice and was rather somber given the fate of his world. Iceman was eventually killed by Weapon X agents. The Hulk smashed his body into shards which were microwaved by Firestar.

A time-traveling experiment gone wrong created another divergent timeline, one in which present day heroes already emerged in the 17th century, the year 1602 to be precise. Mutants were referred to as “witchbreed” and, as such, feared and hunted. The counterpart of Iceman was called Robert Trefusis and, despite his young age, he showed a great control over his power. For example, he managed to encase an entire sailing ship in a block of ice and was able to turn rain into an ice-storm. Robert also claimed to have served as the cabin boy of the famous Sir Francis Drake, who happened to be his uncle.

In the House of M reality, Iceman served as one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. On loan from the House of Magnus, Drake worked under Apocalypse, who ruled North Africa from Cairo on behalf of Magneto. When T'Challa of Wakanda, one of the few human rulers left on Earth, began criticizing the House of M and encouraging others to do the same, Magneto sent Apocalypse and his Horsemen to eliminate the Black Panther. Iceman struck at Wakanda alongside the likes of Angel and Nightcrawler but T'Challa had allies of his own. Iceman was melted in battle with Lord Sunfire of Japan, and it is unknown if he survived.

The British-based team called New Excalibur encountered an alternate reality version of the original X-Men called Shadow-X. This darker, malevolent iteration of the X-Men was brought to Earth-616 by the Shadow King. After his latest resounding defeat, Amahl Farouk co-opted the Charles Xavier of an alternate dimension and turned his original X-Men into twisted, sadistic shadows of their true selves, including Iceman. The group made an attempt on the life of Alison Blaire aka The Dazzler which brought them into conflict with Excalibur. After numerous clashes, the heroes managed to defeat Shadow Xavier and his pawns. The group allied themselves with Scicluna of Black Air in the hopes of freeing their master. She broadened their resources by allying with Albion, another foe of Excalibur’s. This alliance proved counterproductive in the end as Albion’s thrall Lionheart ended up slaying Xavier when the Shadow King tried to possess her. Shadow-X soon formed an alliance with Excalibur against their common foes, Lionheart and Albion. Their motives were simple – kill Albion and his allies and find a means of returning to their own reality. Their plan was sound but Albion’s forces proved too much and one by one Iceman and his teammates in Shadow-X fell. When Albion unleashed a tidal wave on London, Iceman countered it by transforming into harmless snowflakes. Despite his malevolence, he relished this last stand and the chance at besting his opponent. He exhausted himself in the effort, withering away to a frozen skeleton in his zeal to defeat his enemy and without the will to live after his friends were killed.

During their many temporal adventures, the New Exiles visited Earth-80827, a world where England and France remained world powers into 20th century. World politics developed in a variety divergent ways, with England controlling the United States and in regularly conflict with the French. The British Crown had established Department X under the auspices of Dame Emma Frost. She had gathered together several young mutants to form Force-X. Among them was this world’s version of Iceman… only this was a young woman called Roberta ”Bobbi” Drake. Using the codename Aurion, Bobbi and Force-X joined forces with the New Exiles to save the Queen of England from the French.

In the alternate reality presented in X-Factor Forever, the original X-Men continued to work together as public mutant heroes, operating from their headquarters Ship that once served the cosmic Celestials. In this reality, Iceman's relationship with Opal Tanaka continued to blossom and he began to gain mastery over his heightened powers with help from Ship's technology. X-Factor found themselves in the center of Apocalypse's plans to ensure mutantkind's future dominance. The ancient mutant mastermind knew that mutantkind would soon be judged by the Celestials. Iceman and X-Factor opposed him but in the end helped to secure mutantkind's future by providing Cyclops' son as proof that mutantkind was advancing positively as a species.

Iceman was one of the last remaining mutants in the Age of X, holed up in Fortress X where he and his comrades fought off 1,000 days of human assaults. Bobby retained his sense of humor in this reality and was in a relationship with the British expatriate Betsy Braddock, alias Psylocke of the Force Warriors.

In an alternate version of the Original Five timeline, the X-Men never returned to the past. Young Iceman was killed by Ahab the Hound master, shattering the timeline. As temporal anomalies, the other original five X-Men remained in the present to navigate the shifting timestream as events collapsed, becoming harder and more brutal for a harder and more brutal future.

In a future where the Jean Grey School continued more than 25 Years Later, Bobby had truly evolved to become Sir Robert, the Icemaster. As one of the most respected X-Men, he had incredible control over his powers and could even grow a beard! However, his powers had depth that surprised even him when one of his more brutish ice avatars became an independent being. The "Ice Hulk" was seized by Xavier II and Raze to become part of their Brotherhood, and Sir Robert was unable to reclaim the avatar. After beginning a relationship with Daken that ultimately ended in betrayal, Icemaster came back in time to prevent Iceman from making his mistakes. After seeing Bobby's character growth, Icemaster became convinced Iceman had matured beyond what he remembered, leaving the future open for new decisions to be made.