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Publication Date: 19th Dec 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Ruth and Monolith.


Jean remained in the White Hot Room for many years after that. She occasionally reached out to the living world when the Phoenix took another human host, briefly speaking to Hope when she reversed the Decimation. [Avengers vs. X-Men #12] In time, a younger version of Jean paradoxically emerged from the past and began living in the present. Young Jean sensed the Phoenix Force was coming for her, and tried to prepare. Jean was able to will her spirit back to the physical plane and make contact with her younger self. As a voice in Jean's head, Jean slowly gained prominence until a séance with Doctor Strange allowed her to fully manifest her astral form, although only young Jean could see her. [Jean Grey #6]

The two faces of Jean quarreled over how best to prepare for the coming of the Phoenix. Jean possessed her younger self's body and led her into Emma Frost's mind. Jean & Jean retrieved a small sliver of Phoenix power Emma had kept hidden away. Jean hoped this "inoculation" could give Jean the strength and experience in wielding the Phoenix Force to maintain in control. They were too late, however, as the Phoenix Force arrived with its full fiery fury. Unexpectedly, the Phoenix Force deliberately burnt out and killed young Jean, removing her from the playing field as it intended to resurrect adult Jean, its one true host. [Jean Grey #7-10]

Expecting Jean to fight it, the Phoenix brought her to the plateau in New Mexico where it had first made love to Cyclops and cocooned her in a Phoenix "egg" to prepare her. Jean was placed into a strange fantasy reality between life and death, populated by people who had died before her. The Phoenix took the form of Annie Richardson, alive in this world as Jean's adult best friend, to coax her towards accepting the power of a goddess once more. The subconscious struggle between Jean and the Phoenix carried over into the real world, alerting the X-Men to her return.

The X-Men entered the Phoenix egg and tried to make contact with Jean. The Phoenix fully resurrected Jean Grey, turning her into a host for its power once more. This time, however, Jean tried to reject the Phoenix and its gift. The Phoenix Force continued pressing Jean, offering to use its power to resurrect Scott, her parents and everyone she had ever cared about who died. It offered to alter her memories, allowing her to live in different points in her life when she was happier. Jean refused these gifts, however, and told the Phoenix it was trying to protect her from life itself. Life has pain. Life ends in death. These were universal truths and it wasn't up to the Phoenix Force to deny them for her. Jean asked the Phoenix to withdraw its power and move on without her. Ultimately, the entity relented and let Jean go, leaving Jean alive and with her natural mutant powers, no more and no less. [Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1-5]

In the aftermath of her resurrection, Jean worked to reconnect with the world that had passed her by. She mourned Scott's death but gave forgiveness to Black Bolt. She reunited with Rachel, touched base with the young Jean (who also convinced the Phoenix to resurrect her and leave her alone) and got to know X-23 because of her ties to Logan. Jean was bemused by the "Jean Grey School" and appreciated that the Institute was now out in the open in Central Park. [X-Men: Red Annual #1]

Jean was determined to make an impact on the world to which she had returned. With the assistance of Namor of Atlantis and the Black Panther of Wakanda, she arranged to be heard before the United Nations. Jean declared the existence of a mutant nation, recognized by member states Atlantis and Wakanda, and her intent to act as ambassador to the nations of the world about their treatment of mutants as fellow human beings. Her message of hope was drowned out by what followed, however. The UK ambassador confronted Jean outside the United Nations building and revealed she was under the influence of a telepathic force. That force caused the ambassador's head to explode, making it appear to the cameras nearby that Jean Grey did it as a result of their argument.

Jean was forced to flee the United States and seek sanctuary in Wakanda along with the nucleus of her new X-Men team: Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Honey Badger. Human-mutant relations worldwide began to collapse as a result of this encounter. Working with Namor and T'Challa, Jean secured an underwater X-Lantis base and Searebro unit to provide sanctuary for all mutants targeted by the climate of hate. It was only after the X-Men rescued a technopathic mutant named Trinary from India that they learned the scope of the problem. Trinary revealed social media and news feeds were corrupted with stories intent of turning humans against mutants. People were also being infected with a new form of nano-Sentinel called a Sentinite, giving normal people the ability to detect mutants and an irresistible impulse to kill them on sight. Storm was the first mutant infected with a Sentinite, and she joined Jean's unit after Jean and Trinary managed to remove the Sentinite from her brain. [X-Men: Red #2-4]

Jean worked with Trinary to create special suits to protect her squad from Sentinite infection. While part of the team worked to recover the United Kingdom ambassador's phone for data that would exonerate Jean, Jean herself used Searebro to reach out and find the source of the hatred. She was surprised to touch the mind of Cassandra Nova, who launched a Sentinite-driven attack on Atlantis in response. Atlantis was saved and the phone recovered, allowing Jean to stem the tide of hatred by revealing publicly that people were being manipulated into turning against mutants. [X-Men: Red #5-7]

Cassandra continued striking out against Jean. First, she unleashed a Sentinite swarm over the entire planet, but Jean and Trinary were able to deactivate the nanotech. Next, Cassandra seized the mind of Jean's daughter Rachel "Prestige" Grey as an assassin. Still, Jean defeated Cassandra and freed Rachel from her control. In her final maneuver, Cassandra Nova kidnapped a dozen passenger jets of hostages and a South Korean Helicarrier to defend her on Genosha, using a digital image to frame Jean again for these events. Jean Grey and the X-Men had had enough, and joined forces with the Avengers and the army of Atlantis to rescue the hostages. There was no loss of life and they even forced Cassandra to experience empathy for mutants by loading a reprogrammed Sentinite into her own head. Jean was cleared of all charges and made a second speech before the United Nations, re-committing to the idea of peaceful co-existence between man and mutant. [X-Men: Red #8-11]

The time finally came when young Jean and the original five X-Men had to return to the past. Jean Grey and Searebro's X-Men got involved in the struggle between Ahab (trying to kill a young X-Man and cause a paradox) and "Kid Cable" (trying to send the young X-Men back by any means necessary). Ahab used a pair of brainwashed psychic mutants to reprogram X-Men into his Hounds, turning their numbers against them. In the end, young Jean learned how to undo the Hounds' programming, then sealed away her own memories and those of the original five X-Men like a "message in a bottle" inside their minds. They returned to the past, closing the time loop, but their memories re-emerged on a years-long time delay in their adult selves moments after the original five returned to the past. The adult Jean Grey thereby gained her younger counterpart's knowledge, and undid the brainwashing the other X-Men experienced at Ahab's hands. [Extermination #1-5]

Jean's separate X-Men team was soon reabsorbed back into the Xavier Institute unit. She continued to serve as a field leader for the team, but remained concerned by the failings of peaceful co-existence. One day she was approached in a coffee shop by a mysterious woman who gave voice to many of Jean's private thoughts and concerns about the world. Jean agreed with the woman's assessment that the world was in dire straits, but intended to voice her continued hope for the future. Before she could, however, the coffee shop was assaulted by what appeared to be a sudden outbreak of super-powers in the other patrons. Jean found the woman dead in the aftermath of the attack. [Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #1]

A number of bizarre worldwide phenomena began to occur after that, drawing the X-Men's attention. With Kitty Pryde kidnapped by an unknown force, Jean Grey stepped up the lead the X-Men in investigating some strange behavior by Madrox the Multiple Man. It was discovered that Multiple Man was possessed by the many personalities of Legion, who in turn was trying to stop the rise of Nathaniel Grey, the X-Man. It was Nathaniel who spoke to Jean in the coffee shop, using the old woman's form. He intended to force changes on humanity for the better of the world, beginning with his Horsemen of Salvation: Magneto, Blob, Angel and Omega Red. Kitty Pryde and Apocalypse were his prisoners, while the Horsemen attacked and (regrettfully) destroyed the Xavier Institute with the X-Men inside.

Jean Grey and the X-Men tracked X-Man to Quadra Island in British Colombia. Jean tried to appeal to Nathaniel as his friend and "mother", but the X-Man had come to reject personal relationships in his quest for a better world, believing they clouded the issue. Legion tried to stop him, but Nathaniel merged with David Haller to become a double-Omega Mutant, and nearly all powerful. To deal with this threat, Jean sent out a psychic call to all X-Men, bringing virtually the entire historic roster together for one last fight. Nathaniel, unable to carry on even with the power of Legion and the Celestial Lifeseed on his side, drew the X-Men into a new reality created by his powers. [Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #1-10]

In this new reality, Jean and the X-Men served under false memories, believing an alternate history where many of their absent friends had died, but a peaceful world was ultimately achieved. Nathaniel Grey's view of perfection was a world with no familial or romantic attachments, where children were born artificially as mutants, and a secret police edited the memories of anyone who stepped out of line. Jean and the others eventually learned the lie of the land, and chose to return to their home reality. The X-Man was left behind in his new reality to safeguard the lives he had created there. [Age of X-Man crossover] Back in the real world, Jean Grey and the X-Men rejoined the rag-tag membership they had left behind, led by the recently resurrected Cyclops and Wolverine. Jean and Scott were fully reunited for the first time since both of their returns, and they prepared to lead the X-Men together into a new future. [Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #22]