Publication Date: 28th Sep 2020
Written By: Monolith, Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
Image Work: sixhoursoflucy.


Longshot is a sentient but artificial being, created in the dimension known as the Wildways, often referred to simply as the Mojoverse or Mojoworld after its frequent ruler. The indigenous people of the Wildways were known as the Spineless Ones, for obvious reasons. Due to a bizarre temporal loop, however, the Spineless Ones were all rendered quite mad at least a few decades ago, their minds being directly receptive to television transmissions being beamed through dimensional space to them from Earth. Because of the constant pain and insanity they felt due to these broadcasts, the Spineless Ones developed a mythology in their culture portraying humans as nightmarish devils, the "boogeymen" of their people. Only one member of their race remained immune to this insanity, a scientist named Arize.

Possessing a clarity that none of his fellows did, Arize dreamed of rising up his people by crafted artificial spines to give them the ability to walk upright. He even went so far as to create a "race" of Bipeds, spine-possessing humanoids who were "born" fully-formed as sentient adults, meant to be seen as an example for his fellow Spineless Ones to follow and undergo the same bionic "spine-giving" procedure he did. Instead, many Spineless Ones refused to change themselves and yet still came to despise the Bipeds, both for their resemblance to the devil-creatures of myth, and for having spines when they did not. As Mojo (one of the most insane and powerful of the Spineless Ones) rose to power, he built the society of the Spineless Ones around the television concepts they were forcibly receiving into their brains, setting himself up as dictator and sole producer of programming. Mojo forced Arize to continue producing the Bipeds as a race of slaves, catering to the every whim of the Spineless Ones and being forced to act in their movies and television programs.

Horrified by how his good intentioned work was being corrupted, Arize decided to do something about it. The solution virtually fell into his lap one day when Shatterstar, a time-travelling member of X-Factor, ended up stranded on Mojoworld. Intrigued by the new arrival, Arize took some of his DNA and performed modifications on it to make the perfect being. He then used cloning technology to create an adult version of his experiment and so Longshot was born. This new being was imprinted with the Messiah Imperative, a pre-programmed instinct to seek out freedom for himself and for others. Arize also arranged for this Biped to have a near-mystical luck whenever he acted out of pure motives, to help him rebel against the Spineless Ones. "The Lucky One" worked as both a stuntman and an actor in Mojo's various productions before the Imperative took root in his psyche. On pure instinct, he sought out his creator, Arize, who explained that he had created the Lucky One specifically to engineer a revolt among the Bipeds. He began gathering other Bipeds in a rebellion known as the Cadre Alliance, fighting for the right to live free. For a brief period, he fought alongside Shatterstar until his “father” was whisked away into the time stream again. [Longshot #5-6, X-Factor Annual #7, X-Force Annual (1st series) #1, X-Factor (1st series) #259]

They fought long and hard, but the rebellion was quelled and the Lucky One's mind was wiped clean by Mojo's technology. Even completely amnesiac, the Lucky One managed to escape from his captors and a freak portal transported him and his pursuers to Earth. Totally confused and oblivious to his past, he at first did not even realize he was from another dimension. Drawing a crowd when he suddenly materialized in upstate New York, the amnesiac Biped was befriended by a survivalist named Eliot, who first coined the name "Longshot" for the Lucky One. Longshot's mind was empty, but he still felt an inherent desire to do good, such as when he heard a baby had been stolen away from its mother. Tracking down the infant, he found that the trackers that had come through with him from his world were trying to sacrifice the innocent baby in order to construct a portal back home. Longshot interrupted their magicks, and returned the child to its mother. He also came across one of the trackers named Gog n’ MaGog, a nasty little critter who at that time was no larger than a dog. Calling him "Pup," Longshot's natural idealism kept him from seeing just how much contempt MaGog held for him.

Still, the two of them traveled together until Longshot accidentally stumbled onto a movie set. Demonstrating his incredible agility, he was offered a job as stuntman for the lead actor in the film, and accepted the position though he only had the loosest understanding of the need for money. It was on this set that he met his first real friend on Earth, a fellow stuntperson named Ricochet Rita. The two of them flirted quite a bit, but Longshot was still mostly hung up on his lost memories. To make matters worse, using his luck to make money was not a pure motive, and so it left him at a crucial moment during his stunt work. Badly injured, Longshot was dumped into the river by the panicking and unscrupulous director. Luckily, he healed fast and his hollow bones kept him floating on the surface until a man on the edge of suicide happened along and pulled him from the water. Longshot's innocence and naiveté got him into hot water when he attempted to play Robin Hood by stealing precious gems from the power company and accidentally caused a blackout across Manhattan in battle with his Wildways pursuers. [Longshot #1-3]

To make matters worse, Mojo himself traveled to Earth along with his time-dancer Spiral and kidnapped Ricochet Rita to find Longshot's whereabouts. The bloated bag of puss took a liking to Earth, and used his magicks to manipulate the population into building towers of worship in his honor, while his anti-lifeforce corrupted and withered all living things around him. In the meantime, Longshot was forced to deal with the returning "Pup," who had somehow become a magic-magnet and swelled to a giant, monstrous form by feeding off of the ambient energies on Earth. Longshot's innocence made MaGog's betrayal hurt even worse, and the thought of fighting against and possibly killing the only being who might have the answers of his past practically paralyzed Longshot with indecision. He even left a potential ally, the Wildways traveler known as Quark, to battle MaGog alone while he stumbled off in a funk.

Seeking out Rita for guidance, Longshot found her house decimated from Mojo's kidnapping, but he also found a friend in Doctor Strange, who had independently been tracking what he sensed as a great threat to the planet. With a friend by his side and a new, purer motive to save Rita, Longshot returned to fight and defeat Gog n’ MaGog and join with Quark in order to take down Mojo. They managed to recover Rita and, in a dramatic hang-glider bombing of Mojo's cathedral, destroyed his place of power in this dimension. Longshot's memories had been returning to him over the course of these events, and he once more understood his mission was to bring freedom to the Biped people enslaved on his homeworld. With Mojo and Spiral forced into retreat, Longshot, Quark and Ricochet Rita went after them to Mojoworld in order to gather the rebellion and free all the slaves once and for all. [Longshot #4-6]

However, this was not to be. Longshot was apparently a Fallen Messiah, somehow and for some reason destined to try and fail over and over again. His mind was wiped once again before being sent to Xavier's Mansion by Mojo as a Trojan Horse - his arrival was accompanied by a goop which covered all the X-Men present before vanishing entirely. The result was that Longshot and all the mutants exposed to the goop regressed in age to become the first X-Babies (later re-created several times by Mojo), at which point Mojo collected them and brainwashed the infants into serving him. Reversing the process, Longshot and the X-Men became more and more powerful and evil as they grew closer to their true age. Pitted against the New Mutants, the X-Men were fortunately able to reassert their true personalities before Mojo's enchantments became permanent, and cleanse themselves of his corruptive influence. [Uncanny X-Men Annual (1st series) #10]